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Videohive - Video Stock Bulk Preparation And Submission

Ozair Rao, Director.Producer.DOP.Editor.Nomad

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15 Videos (38m)
    • Videohive Bulk Stock Footage Course - Intro

    • Overview of Videohive

    • Files Required By Videhive

    • Accepted File Formats

    • Video Preview File Creation In Batches

    • Preview Image Preparation In Batches

    • Image Preview File Creation In Bulk

    • Thumbnail Image Creation In Bulk

    • Renaming Files In Bulk

    • Folder Creation - Organizing

    • Zipping Video Files SS

    • Overview Of Stock Submission Sheet

    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - Uploads

    • Final Submission of Files

    • Ending Statement


About This Class

This course will teach you how to prepare you files for uploads and submission to Videohive -  A site where you can submit video stocks. Videohive does not have the options of uploading content details through CSV and the process requires you to make a few different files per stock submission. Unlike sites like shutterstock, videoblocks, pond5 etc which accepts Bulk upload and submission of file details through CSV  and you just have to submit the original files.

This course includes the way to bulk prepare and upload files to Videohive - saving you time and making the whole process easier.

Template sheet and sample files along with links to softwares used for both Mac and Windows is shared as well.

Does your course have any prerequisites?

This course is catered towards anyone who loves to film and make videos and would like to make some extra earnings by selling their work as video stock footages on videhive.

Who is your target student?

Anyone who has a camera cabable of filming in 1080p and upwards

What will they learn? At the end of your course, students will be able to...

  • Prepare Video Stock Files For Uploads For Batch Upload
  • Organizing The Files
  • Submitting Files To Videohive For Review
  • File Conversion in Batches
  • Renaming Files in Batches
  • Making Money With Video Stocks






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Ozair Rao


I am Oz - A Director, Producer, DOP and Editor working my magic as I travel the world living a nomadic lifestyle. I have created over 600+ videos including travel, corporate, business, event promos, music, animated, documentary and non-profit organization videos.

I manage my video production company, The Paradox Studio, in Malaysia, Singapore and Pakistan , and also provides freelance complete video production service where ever I am http://www.ozairrao....

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