Video editing with Movavi for Beginners | Elena Eremeeva | Skillshare

Video editing with Movavi for Beginners

Elena Eremeeva

Video editing with Movavi for Beginners

Elena Eremeeva

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9 Lessons ()
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Program Overview

    • 3. Basic Tools

    • 4. Video Effects

    • 5. How to Add Audio

    • 6. Text in Video

    • 7. Basic Animation

    • 8. Green Screen or Chroma Key

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

This is my first Movavi editing class. I've started my first Youtube channel a year ago and faced with a number of diffuculties on film editing. I decided to share my own experience in basic and advanced video editing at Skillshare. Then I'm preparing the class on how to create your own video effects even if you don't have any experience in the film editing.

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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name is Elena. Welcome toe. My first class at skew share. I started my YouTube channel lesson a go as a new youtuber I waas faced with a chance of new information while those the most important things is be doing editing. And why did they choose? Move, Bobby, You can carry out basic and once video editing functions like these green screen fun is very easy to prepare. My wife is easy to navigate, not very expensive and a good start in video editing e I can teach you looking forward to seeing you all in my body license. 2. Program Overview: So let's start to be the program over you. You can see that the program interface is very easy. Is it to navigate? Easy to understand, you can choose anywhere in which there are more than 10 languages available into program. And this is a time line and you put your BDO Year. And here are some menu options. Severus First thing is toe your video for editing. You can do it by this, and this is how to save your ready video and very important that you can save directly to mutual Google dogs. Oh, you're ready to do so. What's tried to do some basics. We to you can split your radio and the delete unnecessary areas in your videos, which are not appropriate for the channel. For the first time with the program, just check different bottoms, check different options and see and see how does it work. So the program is very easy to understand. Oh, 3. Basic Tools: so at the beginning, the program gives us enough, but unity toe add video from the library like these. This can be a transition between our shirt reduce in our big so we can end toe dime wine at a very beginning between our reduce end. And they said one interesting. You can use a green screen farm on Mike and interview. Oh, you can use something like stars. Interest is a very important for your video and for your channel. Overall, my body gives us an opportunity to create a different intros in your own style, like thes I want. You can exit the name of your channel here. All right, these, which is also interesting and you can add your uterus, which is created different programs. Now let's check how to make changes and Mike Alum branded intro for Your for the Channel. - Okay , The next stop is backgrounds backgrounds for your video and backgrounds. For your voice, etcetera, you can use different pictures from the program all you can don't world your own picture and they last Gordon thing. Wesam is civilization. I don't commend to use three port during filming brought is, but anyway, you can use this function in the program to get you do visible 4. Video Effects: video effect helped tow Rezek. Punitive your door. Let's move on to my favorite video effects. So it starts to shelters. You can use a number of different futures in, and this is my very, very let's go through. The library is filters and try different and see what can be applied to. - If you finish Museo future ideas, you can make basic cover adjustments. There are out the adjustments in the program and the manual adjustments. Let's see, how can we adjust our redux? - What's more, one who is as important scene piece traditions what this transition transition is video effect between to reduce. Let's so the library is full of different Asian chicks to see what can be yours. - Okay , I like least one for Oh, okay, guys, let's move on to the next topic is tickers. You can add different stickers. To be honest, I don't like stickers on my radio. Sometimes you can use it. What's He was quiet, and the next one is my favorite topic reaches when you need to show some part of your middle in details, you can zoom in it, zoom out on the program gives us an opportunity to buy zoom in three different ways. Let's see, How can we outline this part off? We dio he's his own. I think it's fantastic. My daughter shows through a door in details and explaining how toe gravy. Sometimes you really need toe. Hide some part off your video and not the show. For example, maybe your face off some kind of brand. And as a people who doesn't want to be on your video so you can tensor Pete, Let's see how to do it. And finally, for this video, we can use different figures in our we do, which could be animated. I don't like to use these square and usually use it for text over in my day. 5. How to Add Audio: how you is also important part of the video. The program gives us a number of music we can use, and we won't have strike when you choose for these dregs. Let's see how music from sometimes in our video we did we need a short sound. There are some options into problem. - I it external music very often to my doors. And usually I don't hold them. Flown their YouTube free service. You can easily don't hold the music. And and that seems about how do you can add your voice to the reed. Oh, this is very important to say something. You do like me right now. I use microphone door toe end my voice. Let's see how to do it. 6. Text in Video: Okay, guys, the next topic. Listen, that is about text. Text and video can help you. This presentation broke. The program gives us a number of different text options to add to the widow. - Well , it's a A name off our I G account. Toe the video. - See you on the legs. 7. Basic Animation: Okay, guys, and the next topic is animation. Animation can diversify your video. The program gives us a basic information tools for the complex information we need. For example, after its let's see how we can animate objects in our we do. And the place is the basic library for the animation. You can see here basic directions for the object in your video. Let's try to my generation off the picture. - I don't like these basic information because it covers the picture. Carver's my faith, and I would like to do it out of my face. That's why I used at once. Information. I can sit points to have animation as I want. See how I did it, and you can try toe inmate objects in a well 8. Green Screen or Chroma Key: Okay, guys, you did the most part of the welcome. And today is my favorite section from a key. What is from a K a basic abilities for green screen. Also, I call it Green Screen Fund, and my daughter likes green screen fund very much. At one, Stools will be able available in the course on the about next month. You can see that with the green screen background changes the background toe, any picture off any your you move it for you, and that's a great advantage of a green screen background. He's ability toe to your redo. Any picture or any animation with the green screen background. Just check my future. You see, I just ended these share options some adjustments, so they dio we have it, and that's a very common option for you to do is to have subscript and like so you can add contradiction directly to your video with help off green screen background. And this is my daughter's favorite section to play hide and seek who is a green fabric. Just leave the details to be your guide from how to do these magic. Raise your kids. - I received the number of questions on how to double me on the video for fun we dio. So I prepared a detailed guy. How to w and the video. Without home, a kid leaves help off. Read your editing, Susan Guy, prepare your project and sharing on his arrest. 9. Conclusion: Okay, guys, Happy to see you all at the end of the Western. Thank you for your time. And I hope that the lesson waas very helpful for you. And now you can create your video, my grace, accrediting things and the ad animation, etcetera make you reduce. Make your projects and Sherry to is me under the lesson. Thank you and goodbye.