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Video campaigns: 90 second sales video template

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

Video campaigns: 90 second sales video template

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Video channels

    • 2. Video types

    • 3. Set up a video campaign

    • 4. The 60 seconds sales video template

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About This Class

The 5-Step Roadmap For Creating a 1-Minute Video That Turns Ice-Cold Prospects Into Buyers & Promoters of Your Business

A Secret Strategy for Maximizing the Value of Your Ads Using Video to Tell A Story...All In 60 Seconds

  • Use this proven, step-by-step plan to help you quickly roll out a 1-minute video that draws your viewers in using a powerful story and gets the click by leveraging a powerful combination of copywriting and video techniques
  • Let's face it: People don't like being sold to. So, it's important to wrap your sales message in something they love-stories. By wrapping your offer in a great story, you'll make it 100% more engaging.

Meet Your Teacher

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Krisztina Rudnay

Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs


I’m Krisztina Rudnay, and I’m originally from Hungary. I have spent the past 11 years as a marketer for small and medium sized businesses, and as an entrepreneur myself.

I took a job with a medium sized company to come to the United States and lead a new product launch. So I closed my own company in Hungary, came here for a client who now has the top-selling product in their industry, and stayed.

I was thinking about how I can help the most with my marketing experience, when I realized that most entrepreneurs and small business still don’t do a lot of marketing. For many, nobody ever taught them how to do it, and they think it’s something difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. 

In my courses, I cover different marketing tools from con... See full profile

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1. Video channels: Webinar, but to my Via remembers today I'm gonna talk about video campaigns and how to create sales video if you wanna. Ah, if you think about video campaigns and how to set up ah, successful video campaign because videos is ah, videos are very important in today's marketing. On their every platform. They are YouTube, instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even natural. Um, it has a very good r y and ah ah so click through rate, but you can use it for brand awareness. If this is your goal Ah, you can put videos in every stage off the customer journey and make them to take action So you can start ah, to do videos even with your soo smart for you don't need the expensive tools are equipments . Ah, anybody can do the ah correct video with the only a smartphone and maybe, ah, cheap microphone 2. Video types: first. What kind off with those are there You can create demo videos which usually show Oh, ah, your products are Ah, Softwares or whatever you are telling ah or ah unboxing a product and show Ah, test how it looks like. Ah, when people use it, you can create brand videos which is alot about your company, your mission and your message. It's good for Brenda awareness and for people to ah ah I want to know more about about your company. There are even videos if you have Ah, if you attend to a trade show or you have a known event or a conference Ah or ah table Ah, around up Ah, event Then you can create Ah, even videos. Oh, are specific interviews with someone who was speaking at the event or, uh ah behind the stage things about the event you can create expert interviews when you you don't stalk Ah, in the video. But you interview somebody from your fear them from your industry, especially who is very well known. And it can be your ah reputation to you can create how to videos which shows ah product or a survey in use. It to yourselves in Do to show how Teoh after all of the products or you can use it to them one straight to your customers Later. You can create create case studies as videos which are very powerful. People want to know how other people used your products successfully and what did they tell about? So if he you make videos with your top customers who are happy with the product and successful, use it. Then you can encourage our people toe. Think about buying your product. You can create live videos on different ah platforms. You can do live interviews, for example, or just ah, live Ah, news or, uh, some being fresh What you wanna do your customers alive? Even our ally videos Ah ah behind the stage Ah ah Showing your company how it works or you can create personalized messages as videos If there is a question or a customer Ah, I want to talk to you. Send You are an email. You can answer it in specialized. Ah, personalized video message. You who, um, have ah even a free softer to court yours off video are left up and maybe Ah, presentation where you show the solution off the problem to the customer. And this will be a very powerful a message instead of just just writing an email that everybody can, right? So think about this one. Uh huh. And you create videos. Then when you decide what type of videos you, Kate. 3. Set up a video campaign: Let's see how to ah, set up a video campaign. What are the things you have to do before you start to truth? Your videos. First of all, you have to know who is your Audi ends. Who do you wanna talk to with your videos? Maybe Pacific's segment off your whole all the answer off A whole interest. What is the goal with video? Is it brand awareness? Is it Ah ah to wake up Curial city, Is it Ah, to sell a product or a service? Is it to launch a new product? So eyes it too? Sell, even stick. It's what is the goal? What actuals. You want your prospect to take after your video? You have to know Ah, where very is the video going to life? Is it on Facebook live or you to life or is under ah landing page on your with your own software's on your own website? Um, you have to create a timeline when it's do. If you have a timeline, you can, ah, the remorse scientific And it has it needs friend equipments friend Ah ha jet. Based on your timeline, it's different if you are creating a video for three months or you just creating a video in two days just to showcase something. So first started the timeline. What's the budget? After the timeline, you can think about Homa much can you spend? And, ah, before you answered an ex question, What are the creative requirements? So what do you need? Ah, based on your budget and the need equipments, will you need third party companies? Maybe you need a vet side designers or, ah, somebody who creates pictures to your videos. What kind of videos you are. Let's take an animated be deals or just ah ah shoot footage and pull it together as a video . Also What? We're constitute success for the video. Ah, eso You have to put the milestones. Ah ah! What do you wanna as he with your video? 4. The 60 seconds sales video template: So this is how 62nd sales with the old template looks I Well, I'm gonna talk about engine eso. First. You have to really catch the attention at the beginning. Off the video, it's usually no more than 10 seconds. Uh, Facebook doesn't even count as video views. Uh, less than three seconds. So you have really literally a few seconds to catch the attention eso made this first and seconds. Ah, really good and powerful in your video. So we're gonna talk about the hook, what you make in the 1st 3 seconds, and then you ignite the pain and the pleasure in the next 12 seconds. Then describe your solution will be the biggest part of your C s video, and at the end, you're gonna take a call to actual Let's see each how they look like. And what is the ah, cool that up. Do I think different than ah than a video? What you used to usually start representing the speaker And who is Ah, who are they? And ah uh were they talking about so in yourself? Video. There is nothing about it. Forgot everything about it. You don't include an introduction for example. Oh, I am, uh, eso and so 19 years old and I'm making videos and I learned in ah ah ah Anywhere. So don't ah introduce yourself instead of this start with a story opener, you can start to the story like when I was five years old. I vets to the ah si Ah Virdon, Get at that by the Segal or, uh, I was 19 years old. My call of nowhere in Are you all You have to, uh, tell a story in the 1st 3 seconds? Just a short story. Ah ah ah When I waas something this and this happened which is a tie to your offer So start to catch the attention with a story opener The structure off the hook is open You open your story with a phrase When I waas then immediately with a short summary off What happened? So this is the structure of the 1st 3 seconds. Then in the next short period you ignite the pain and the pleasure Eso you will ah ah Talk about the pain and what they wanna animate in their life. You want to talk out the pleasure How were they life? Look like after they use the product or service. So is the before and after. Ah, picture off your customers or exciting the ah person in this section, the structure for the section looks like open. Been in the point of the story once you learn or how impotent you then transition to the problem. Stayed the problem clearly. So they know really know what's what you are talking about and what your solution is for and agitate, let them know you understand their pain and maybe turned Ah, knife. Ah, a little bit in there. Very stab that that this is the problem and this is a really serious. If you'll take action, it's gonna get worse. Eso you obtain the pain picture. For example, At 19 years old, I learned that things don't obey school like you plan and the lot off you might feel that way when it comes to marketing, you are running ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and other channels, and you hear a lot off success stories. You feel you like your ads working. What you are realizing is that a lot of competition on these that forms and it's hard, they're them. It looks to do things the right way. So this is how it started the conversation and ah ah, turn it. Ah two Ah, pain and how it agitated the pain and stock about the the cure and situation before stain of the custom Lar, the next step is ah, when you describe your solution, this is the biggest part of your self city. Also, you really talk about explain what your solution is. Explain how or why it works for who this works. Describe how it will change their lives. So talk about, uh, everything about as Euro offer earthier and how they how it will change your customers. I've and the last few skins is for the call to action. You can take hardcore to actions or soft call to action's typical hardcore directions are click below or enter below when you want to take a really action. Plus, it was soft. Core to actions is like I'm looking forwards to connecting with you, or I will send you more content. Describe how it will change their lives if if they think this Akram because you don't include an introduction introducing yourself at the very beginning off the video, maybe you can do it in the car to action. Ah, this is a call to action script. The very short car direction. My name is Ah, so and so I do what your business or served with your service or our business is, and I would be happy to name that you will have. You will give or action I want. So this is a short got to Eckel script. Let's see an example for the whole thing. So when I was 19 my car broke down in the middle of the known over New Mexico. This is the short story, how he start the video. My college roommates, 10 that I were heading to the Grand Canyon were small, began pouring out gold and then for activity the tickets to the Grand Canyon and learned that the hard way about the importance of a car inspection before a road trip. So this is the first few seconds for the Hawk Ashore story. I also learned that things don't always go like you planned. Ah, a lot of you might feel that way when it comes marketing. You are running at campaigns on Facebook, Google and other channels and throw you hear a lot off suspense friends, you feel like your ads are working well, when you're realizing histories off competition on these platforms and this heart than its looks to do things the right way. So this is how they turned the story that he learned the the things our end goal aren't always Who was it planned? Ah, and it worked. It's the same Emaar GTI. Sweet transitions the story to the offer and to the pain that you are running these ads and trying to do your ads and it doesn't work for you. And you're frustrated with a lot of success stories. What you see and you don't understand why you're doesn't work in his solution. He say that he spent over one million on Facebook and I'm very fair. Emily are with the platform. This is the strong hope for the solution. A strong and powerful statement shows like a testimonial that he spend this much on Facebook, so he had experience. Then he closed the video scraped with a short contruction. My name is Logan, and I do Facebook ads. I would be very happy to help you regain control of your Facebook ads. So this is how you put together here. Our sales are in the city. Sons, Just Teoh. Introduce your offer and grab the attention off the customer. So you start with a short took with the shore shore story transition. It's to the problem and show them what's the before stage. Then show them the solution and introduce your offer. And don't forget the call to action at ever very and what you want, your prospect to take action.