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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 4 VideoSEOBasics HowToSellInVideos

    • 2. 5 VideoSEOBasics HowToProtectYourChannel

    • 3. 6 VideoSEOBasics CustomThumbnails

    • 4. 7 VideoSEOBasics HowToCreateMultipleAccounts

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About This Class

One of the absolute simplest ways to get started in online marketing and make a splash without shelling out tons and tons of cash on expensive software and trainings is to create simple YouTube videos and optimize them for specific keywords.

This is something that anyone can do, and inside this short series of lectures I'll be sharing how SEO for videos work and how you can monetize your videos and channels.

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Gregory Jeffries

Marketing courses for aspiring entrepreneurs


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1. 4 VideoSEOBasics HowToSellInVideos: right in this video, I'm going to talk about how to structure your YouTube videos so that you sell more products in that you Seymour results. So this is how I structure my videos and they don't to be long. Don't be a great speaker. Anything. If you just follow these simple steps, then you should start seeing results with your videos. So first, I just start with an introduction. I just introduced myself. Tell people what they're gonna learn in the video. Next, I talk about what I just mentioned or give some sort of value. You don't always have to be selling something, But if you're promoting a particular product, then you could talk about that product, review it, or if you just want to get value and build influence in your niche. You can demonstrate your authority in your niche by giving some value away for free and what you've talked about your particular topic or what you want to convey in the video. Then you need to give a call to action. Whether it's like are subscribed to this channel. Visit the link below in the description this video, click the link below and then at the end. I always like to think people for watch and think people for their time, so that's sort of the structure in the flow of my YouTube videos. Usually they're not more than about 3 to 5 minutes. Sometimes your little longer farm reviewing a product or if I'm giving some sort of value, it may end up being a longer video. But typically, if it's a review, I don't want to waste people's time. I know their time is very precious and valuable, so I usually try to keep my videos between three and five minutes on average. Now, if you're promoting affiliate products are launched jacking, it's a good idea to offer a bonus to incentivize people to purchase through your refer rolling. Because you got to remember there's dozens of other people out there promoting the same products. So So you need some way to incentivize people to purchase the product or service to your referral link and what I usually do their say. Click the link below two to learn more about this product. If he decided, purchase this product imara for ruling. I'm gonna be throwing in these couple bonuses and to claim the bonuses. After you've made your purchase, visit the link in the description, which I usually just linked to my Facebook page. You can reach out to me on Facebook. Let me know that they made a purchase once I confirm that all sinned in their bonus. So that's why do for Lost Jackie and affiliate products. And then if you're promoting a business opportunity, it's a good idea to offer some sort of an incentive for people to join your team. Because if they're joining you in the business opportunity again, there's probably dozens of other people out there making videos and reviews of particular business opportunity. So you need to incentivize people to join your team. Why would they want to join you as opposed to someone else? You got out for some sort of value is some sort of incentive, freebie, bonus or upgrade for them to sign up or purchased through your referral link And then also , one little tip that's going to lead to a much higher conversions is to make sure that you add a custom video thumb now to your videos. That's going to set you apart from your competition, and that's very simple to do. You can just Google or YouTube how to add a custom video thumbnail. Basically, all you need to do is verify your account with a phone number, and then you'll be able to add custom thumbnails to your video. So again, that's how I structure my videos. If you follow this formula, you should start seeing an increase in your results and conversions. 2. 5 VideoSEOBasics HowToProtectYourChannel: in this video, I'm going to go over some steps to help you protect your channel and your videos that you have on there. So so you may have noticed if you go through the course it if you try to cross check some of the videos that I've showed you screenshots up that I ranked and you won't find them in search injured anymore. And it's not because I'm a scammer opposer. And I think that at the time of those screen shots were taken about two weeks after that, someone came around and flag a couple of my videos. For whatever reason, I don't know. Maybe they're just a competitors, and within two days my whole channel got taken down. YouTube just makes it very simple for people to abuse their privilege of going out there and flagging videos. And the purpose of flagging videos and why you have that option is if someone were to steal your content but your competitors out there, chances are they don't know how to rank your videos, and you know, they may just want to sabotage channel for whatever reason. And while I don't have a great solution for helping you to save your channel. Unfortunately, in this in this video, I want to share with you a couple of tips to help you protect those videos and help you recover very quickly. So to be able to recover quickly, I recommend you setting up a backup YouTube channel. You can have multiple channels and William lead for another YouTube account as another Gmail account. And what I do is once you upload those videos, have them listed as unlisted or private. And you can do that as you're uploading it as one of the options. It's automatically set the public, but you can adjust that. And if you've already uploaded videos, click Edit and come over here to this tab and you've got public unlisted in private. Just switch it to unlisted or private. What that's gonna do is just going toe hide your videos kind of in the background and from the search engines so people can't find your videos unless they have the direct link, which is gonna greatly reduce the chance of anybody finding and flagging those videos. So it's just a Safeway Teoh. Upload your content to another channel just in case your main channel, its flag gets terminated for any reason. I just want to mention the videos that were flagged of mind. They don't have anything to do. It wasn't anything to do with what I'm teaching in this course. The basically it was just, I guess, someone who I didn't like me, for whatever reason, want to sabotage my channel. These videos had they're just random videos about just simple reviews that I had. And I'm pretty sure I didn't use any of these techniques them teaching in this course for this particular video. So again, just completely random. And it sucks. But this is a way to protect your channel, so I would set up another channel. And so if your child gets terminated for any reason, you could just You could just easily go to your channel, go through your videos and mark all those unlisted or private videos is public, and there would be published them. And if you're doing any back linking or probably block network linking, if you built the up sell, you learn how to do that. Then you can just simply redirect those links those existing links that you have pointing to your video that terminated to your new links of your new videos on your other channel. And if you ever need to download those videos, for whatever reason, you know they're stored on YouTube. But if you ever need to rip him off and you want upload them somewhere else, then there is a great tool called download Helper for Firefox. And there's another website called Keep Bid. If you just want to do it through a website, going to download a plug in or anything like that and I'll have those resource is below this video so you can have multiple YouTube candles. And if you need to phone, verify that second account or multiple counts after that so that you can have the option to upload a custom thumbnail image like in this account. Then you can phone verify up to two accounts per year with same phone number, so you're good if you just have to channels. If you've used up your two for the year and you need and you need a phone number so you can verify multiple YouTube accounts for whatever reason, then I'll have some Resource is below this video where you can purchase temporary numbers, said that you can verify those accounts, so that's how to protect your channel. This is a recommendation on how to protect your videos. So if you're doing any kind of launched jacking, let's say the launches in two weeks and you go ahead and upload your video, you're sending back links to it, trying to rank it and you know, of the course of two weeks that eventually comes to page one, and that's great. But during that time it gives a big window for people to swipe your videos uploaded to their channel and try to outrank you with your video with your content. So it's really frustrating about that. As people, you know, people swipe my videos, and it's not so frustrating about the ones like you're watching now would say it's actually screen capture, and it's just my voice over. But it's very frustrating when it's actual. My fate, when it's actually my face and a picture in picture my voice, my review, my bonuses that I'm offering, and they ripped it off and swiped it, and they upload to their channel. Now you could go about flag those videos. That's what the flagging features for but honestly, don't waste time for that. What I've started doing recently as I'll just go ahead and upload the video on market as unlisted. And then I'll start sending my back links to the video so it's hidden. You can't search for you can't find it unless you have the link, but it's slowly raking in the background. And then the day of the launch, I'll go ahead and set it to public, and it will shoot to the top of the search engines and YouTube. So that's how I recommend doing launched jacking. If you're doing launched back in just another, just a way to protect your content so that nobody swiped your videos, your reviews of the of the products that you're trying to rank, so it'll catch him off guard, and you'll have all this link juice and power behind those videos and soon to be published . They should shoot to the top of Page one of YouTube, a Google pretty quickly, and the people of anybody tries to still them. After that, there's no way that they can catch up to during that launch period are outrank you during the launch because you're already rank, you've already got all that juice and power behind behind those videos. So hopefully from this video helpful. That's just a few simple tips on how to protect your channels and your videos. 3. 6 VideoSEOBasics CustomThumbnails: this video Want to show you where to go and your YouTube back, Officer your channel account to enable custom thumbnails because custom thumbnails are gonna lead to higher click through rates and just better conversions and more people on your channel in watching your video. So you come up here to kill icon here and click Creator studio That will take you to this page and then you just click channel and that will open up this page here. And then when you first create an account, not all these things will be green. Most of them will. But if you scroll down here to custom thumbnails, there will be a button that will say, like an able and then to an able that you're gonna have to verify your phone number on. In order to do that, you're going to need, of course, a phone number, and you're going to eventually run into the issue of If you're creating multiple accounts, you're going to need multiple phone numbers because one phone number is only good. I think right now, up till, like, two accounts per year or something like that. So there'll be another video where I'll make well, share some resource is to get temporary phone numbers for you to enable the custom thumbnails on multiple YouTube accounts. If it's your goal, are you know you're kind of marketing strategy to go out there and create multiple YouTube accounts for a variety of different niches. So this is how you create custom thumb nose if you've ever want Teoh ever wondered how people get those custom images and graphics on their YouTube video, Icon said, This is how to do it and this is where to go to do that. 4. 7 VideoSEOBasics HowToCreateMultipleAccounts: all right. Just want to shoot this quick video For those of you who are may have a question about creating multiple YouTube account. So to create YouTube accounts, you're gonna need a Gmail account. And you're gonna be probably running into a problem once you create a couple of these because I believe there is still a limit on how many you can create with the same phone number. You know, if you do phone verification, you want custom thumbnails on your YouTube channels. So a couple of resource is for you Are this one site and I haven't used a specific one. And there's Bunches of PV A seller's out there. This PB a sense for phone verified account on. You know, this is just one. I'll have some links, and resource is below Are somewhere on this page where you can find these find these resource is and sites. But you know, if you're if you're doing any kind of like niche websites were creating, like tons of different YouTube accounts for promoting different offers and different products, you may find this useful, and also there's a resource called twilio, so I used to use the app And so I say, to use an app for iPhone called burner. But what I found was, you know, these these temporary phone numbers that they you could buy, they would work just fine. Then a couple of months later, I logged into them. I logged into there and then purchased a couple more numbers. And like all of them, none of them worked for Gmail account. So you may want to use a service like twilio. I think it's only gonna cost ah, couple bucks per phone number. And then, you know, you can use them just to verify your accounts just to make sure that your accounts here and get standing and Teoh make it to where here are able to create upload custom thumbnails because you need to have a phone verified YouTube account in order to do that. So I just want to provide these extra resource is for you all that are creating multiple YouTube accounts or have that question So these are a couple of resource is for you to do that