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Video Production: You Can Make Simple Talking Head Video

teacher avatar TJ Walker, Public Speaking and Media Training Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. How to Make a Simple Talking Head Video Promo

    • 2. How to make a Simple Talking Head Video Overview

    • 3. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Goal

    • 4. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Messages

    • 5. How to Make simple Talking Head Video Cheat Sheet

    • 6. How to make a Simple Talking Head video Technology

    • 7. How to Make a simple Talking Head Video Looking Good on Camera

    • 8. How to Make a simple Talking Head Video Practice on video

    • 9. How to Make a Simple Talking Head Video Focus on Just One Thing

    • 10. How to Make a Simple Talking Head Video Focus on 2nd Thing

    • 11. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video REcord Til You are Happy

    • 12. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Feedback from Peers

    • 13. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Conclusion

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About This Class

Video Production: Produce simple videos communicating your corporate/institutional messages in a compelling manner

Video Production. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video

Imagine yourself as the spokesperson/star of your own website and social media forums. You can become your own best spokesperson. You can now stand out from all of your competitors who are still stuck in the text-only, pre-video era.

This Video Production course will teach you exactly how to make talking head videos that you can be proud of. The biggest problem most people have in making simple talking head videos is not the technology. The greatest challenge is looking comfortable, confident and relaxed. This course will teach you exactly how to look your best and come across as confident.

Why risk even one more day of relying on boring, mundane text to sell your products, services or organization? Your website and social media platforms can come alive today with simple talking head videos starring you. 

Sign up today for this Video Production course today. 

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this Video Production course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

The trainer has produced more than 100 online courses on spoken communication and has produced more than 10,000 talking head videos himself.

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this Video Production course?

  • Produce a simple, talking head video
  • Make short corporate video messages
  • Feel comfortable talking on camera

What do Udemy students say about this Video Production course?

"5 Stars! Excellent teacher. Master!" Shri

"5 Stars! Really concise and as interactive as any online course will be. TJ is the reason in completed my first Keynote speech with confidence. Thanks." Seanan O De

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

TJ Walker

Public Speaking and Media Training Expert


TJ Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting public speaking training workshops and seminars since 1984. Walker has trained Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Super Bowl winners, US Senators, Miss Universes and Members of Parliament .

Walker has more than 100,000 online course enrollments and more than 100,000 online students.

His book, "Secret to Foolproof Presentations" was a USA Today # 1 Bestseller, as well as a Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Bestseller.

Walker is also the author of "Media Training AZ" and "Media Training Success."

In 2009, Walker set the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Talk Radio Appearances ever in a 24 hour period.

Walker has also served as a forme... See full profile

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1. How to Make a Simple Talking Head Video Promo: do you have to make a simple talking head video for your business, your organization for your association? That's what this course is here to help you dio. Sooner or later, your boss, a colleague, a client, a customer is going to say That's great. Can you just explain that in a simple 23 minute video and send it to me? It sounds simple. It sounds reasonable. Video cameras are everywhere, but how do you actually do it so that you're not embarrassed? That's what this course is about. Now I'm not gonna teach you how to make a viral video. How to get rich with your video. It's just about how you could make a simple, video explaining stuff, and it come across professional and competent. If that's what you're interested in, sign up for this course right now. 2. How to make a Simple Talking Head Video Overview: give me 1/2 an hour in this course, and I guarantee you were gonna come up with a video that if you're not completely happy with you, can at least live with, because it's going to allow you to showcase your ideas in a simple, professional way. We're not trying to win Academy Awards here, folks. We're not trying to have a viral videos on YouTube compete with Lady Gaga. Were simply trying to convey information in a talking head. Professional manner. That's what we're gonna do. So let's hop right into the first lesson. 3. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Goal: The first step is I need you to write down in one sentence what your goal is from doing this video. You're not trying to be a talk show host and be creative. You're trying to communicate something to an audience of boss, a client, a customer, people in your industry in order to get them to do something. What is it you want the audience to do after watching this video? It's critically important that you have the end in mind before we even start. So write that down now. One sentence or less. We need clarity before we start this project. 4. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Messages: Now that you have the end goal in mind, let's figure out what's actually gonna motivate your audience to do what you want them to do, what messages will resonate with them and make them want to take the actions you want. Let's brainstorm now on messages and you can come up with 5100 200. But you can't try to say that many in a simple talking head video that people may be watching on a little cell phone. So let's narrow it down. I'd like it a narrow it down to three At most fun. Don't even think about having more than five points, because if that happens, next thing you know, you're gonna be going through the text after page after page and it's gonna be awful awful , So focus. Clarity. That's what you did, not dumbing it down. It's deciding what's most important. So I want you to write this down your top three points. If you have to use 55 but no more than 10 words per point, no more than five points, preferably three. Write those down now 5. How to Make simple Talking Head Video Cheat Sheet: now that you've written down your five key points or ideally three, I want you to print it out and use large text because I want you to have a cheat sheet. I want you to actually have notes for your presentation on camera because what I don't want is what I don't want is for you to have everything written down and try to read it because that's gonna look awful. I don't want you trying to read a teleprompter because that is hard work and you will sound like a robot. Yeah, I know there's all sorts of people hyping all the perfect app on your iPhone for a teleprompter and on your iPad. Don't worry about that. You don't need that stuff. Just talk to the camera and I'll give you more tips on how to do that. But for starters, I want to free up your mind. So you're not putting all this pressure on yourself to memorize, cause memorizing stuff is hard. I want you to have a Cici. Here's my cheat sheet for an entire course. This is a 30 minute course. This is all there is. I have big fought that way. I don't have to stop put on glasses and do that. I can just talk for a minute or so occasionally, glance down and keep going. That will look natural. There's nothing wrong with an occasional glanced down. It just shouldn't be. I'm glad it can't be Turkey, and people, for the most part, won't even notice. They'll feel like you're just having a conversation with them. That's what you want in simple talking head video. You want to give people the sense that you're just talking to them. To one person. It's not a big candle aeration. It's not a speech. It's just talking to people. That's all it is. So we're getting it ready, Teoh tape, So get ready. But first, I want you to take all the pressure off your memory. Put together a cheat sheet printed out. I know some of you don't like the wastepaper. One sheet isn't going toe. Destroy the environment too much. Print a single sheet of paper. That way you can hold it. You can put it down on your table. It's just easy to deal with. So do that right now. A one page outline with large font 6. How to make a Simple Talking Head video Technology: so we know what we're trying to account, which we know what our messages are. We have a cheat sheet in a moment. I'm gonna ask you to video record yourself so we can start seeing what we have to work with . But first, let's go over some of the technology that you need to think about And remember, we're not trying to create a TV pilot that NBC is going to put on in prime time. We just want something that's simple and professional looking that isn't going to distract people too much. So let me tell you the basics. It's perfectly fine to use the Web cam that's right in your iPad or the $10 webcam that you bought at the grocery store and you put into a laptop. But there are a few things that are going to make your video much, much better. For starters, whatever the camera is on a laptop cellphone and iPad elevated so that the camera is at your eye level. It's gonna look so much better because if you have it on iPad and it's two feet lower, it's gonna be shooting up your nose, and it just it's not a flattering look for anybody. I don't care what you look like, so that's the first step. Raise the camera so that it is at high level now. Simple technique I use is I just get a stack of books and I put my laptop or the computer screen on top of a stack of books. It's not hard, folks. You don't have to go hire a technical crew. The second big lesson to looking your best on simple videos is I don't have a window behind you because there's more light coming in the window. And when that happens, the latest gonna mess up the video. Your face is gonna be so dark, people can't see it. You want more light in front of you shining on your face, so if you normally have a window behind you just change the camera, change your computer so that you're facing Oh, I would not spend a lot of time arranging things in a big fancy. What, you're not trying to make a commercial for Crest seen on the Super Bowl? Okay, but you don't want light behind do it really messes up. You just want, like in front of you Now you can just take a lamp shade off a lamp in front of you, and that quite often can work well. You need people to see your face. That's the most important thing Now the final thing that will really make your video much port professional is good audio. That audio is often more important and the video quality, because if people hear something and it's fuzzy and it's muffled, it's gonna be a huge turn off. So what I would recommend? Don't use the built in microphone on your iPad, your computer, your laptop. Go to RadioShack. Go to amazon dot com it by a $10 love Mike, this is a simple mike here, and this plugs into my camera or the computer. This way you can put it right on a shirt, address a lapel, and now your mouth is only a few inches away from the microphone, so the audio is going to be much better. You won't have that echoey sound, and you won't have that tinny nous. So these are the basics that I get really basic. You're not gonna win Academy Awards with this, but these are the basics you need for how to get the technical aspects set up any kind of software on your iPad. Your computer to record video is fun. Don't waste time on it. Any camera is fine, Don't I? Repeat, do not waste time futzing around, obsessing over the best camera, worrying about the best camera for a simple talking head. Videos like saying to some, What's the best email program If I want to send an email to someone, The best email program is whatever is closer. If you're on your cell phone, it's the program there. If you're on a computer, it might be Gmail. If you're on an iPad, it's whatever you have there. Don't worry about the camera these days. All cameras air so much better than even the most expensive cameras a few years ago. As long as your face is seen, people can really see you and hear you. That's what's important if you want to get a little fancier. For example, this is just a TV screen behind me in a video loop, turning that off just a blank TV screen. Now you don't have to do that, but if you wanted to get a little bit now, see how lighting looks weird on me now. The lighting was adjusted for having that as a backdrop, so I'm not suggesting you do that. But if you have a decent sized TV at your home in your office, that's a pretty easy thing to do. So these are the techniques you need to think about in setting up your student. 7. How to Make a simple Talking Head Video Looking Good on Camera: We're about to start practicing on video, but I'm not gonna throw you to the wolves just yet. I want to give you some tips so you know how to look your best to look comfortable, confident, relaxed. Any time you're in front of a camera, because it's easy to not look that way, it's really easy to look scared and nervous and frozen and read a script and look like you are being held hostage. That's what happens to people if they stop doing the normal things they do when they speak in a comfortable way. So let me give you the basics of how to look comfortable and confident on TV and on in front of any video camera. Whether it's a tiny little screen for someone watching you on a cell phone or something that's gonna be put on a gigantic screen, it doesn't really matter. For starters, your eyes, your eyes air very important, because if you're constantly looking down at your notes or you're looking over here at something, you've written on the giant two cards thinking this is gonna help. Used to how awful that is. Your eyes are critically important. So if there's no one else around. You gotta look right in the camera. Now, if you're giving a speech or talking to a group, then you can talk to human beings. But you can't have your eyes floating all over the place. Something else people do when they're trying to remember There awful that looks, that looks like I'm just hoping the answer falls in the sky now. We all looked up occasionally, but on camera, it just looks bad. If you have to look away for a moment, look down and you'll look thoughtful. The next thing is to worry about is your hit. We all move our head when we speak. So if all of a sudden you're talking like this and you're getting all the words just right , you're gonna look canned, stiffed, phony, not believable and certainly not confident. See, you have to move your head so you need to actually practice because if you're nervous, the natural thing is to tense up. So here's where it gets confusing. I'm telling you to act natural, but the natural thing when there's a bright light in your face and a camera pointing at you the natural thing to Dio is to be like a little bunny freeze. Nothing's moving but your mouth. So simply telling you to act natural doesn't help. You have to act the way you do in a natural way, when you're completely relaxed and there no lights and cameras around and you're talking to friends or colleagues, that's the sort of natural. So you have to take that and transplant it into this artificial situation. So for starters, you gotta move your head. You gotta move your body a little all over our bodies when we speak, especially for excited about something. See how my body is moving now I'm not jerking around. I'm not fidgeting, but I'm moving my body and the final thing. Move your hands. Now that could be a high like this. They could be lower, but when you move your hands, your body moves more. Your voice has more movement to it. More range you Sandler conversational. So it's a huge myth that you're somehow not supposed to move your hands. Don't believe it. Don't hold a pen. Don't hold a thicker Don't hold papers. Have your hands free so they can move. That way. Your head is moving your body is moving, your hands are free again. I'm not suggesting you sort of do a little dance or anything like that. But you do need movement just to look natural, just to really to look relaxed, to look confident. And if you do make a mistake, don't draw attention to it. In the previous sentence, I stumbled over a word, but I didnt give Oh, I'm sorry I didn't react to my mistake. That's how you've got to be. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to have an occasional, um or, uh, don't act like it bothers you. Don't call attention to it. Don't grimace, Don't wins. Don't stop and free. Just keep talking now, worried about what to wear Unless you're in the fashion business or an artist, I would recommend wearing something that doesn't call attention to itself so that people can focus on what you're saying and what your message is. Now you're in the high tech industry. Don't wear a tie. People will think you're an idiot. If you're in the financial industry, you probably do one wear a tie. I'm dressed like this because most of my clients are in the corporate world and that's how they dress. But this shirt is not a white shirt. White is too bright on screen, and it could make your face seem darker and harder. So you want your face to be the brightest thing on the screen. This is a grey suit. It has a very, very subtle line of lines. Don't jump around. This is not a red tights, more of a maroon. Tie the colors to avoid any time you're going to be on video. White is too bright. It is harder toe light, and it's harder to see your face. Black is too dark, and your body can kind of disappear. Can make you look heavier. Then you do in real life. And finally, I would avoid Red Red can bleed, and it's just not going to look good. So those are basics that you need to keep in mind when it comes to how to dress. Now, if you're doing your video sitting down, just be careful. Toe lean forward a little bit about 10 15 degrees into the camera because if you're sitting back relaxed, look at this. I have a little pinhead and about three chins. Nobody looks good sitting back relaxed on camera. If I'm perfectly straight like this, I look stiff and scared and nervous. You have to lean forward about 15 degrees. Now you don't see three chins, so this will help everyone look better. The cameras closer to the face now, So you're gonna look better that way. So that's the basics of how to look your best on camera. Because if you're doing something that makes you look nervous, uncomfortable, stiff, nobody's gonna focus on your message. They're gonna have this sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach. That's something isn't right here. What's bothering this person? This person is being disingenuous. So you've got to come across comfortable, confident, relaxed, at least looked comfortable, confident, relaxed so that people can focus on your message. So here is your first assignment. I want you to record yourself speaking. I don't even care what you so you can talk about your kid's soccer game. I just want you to watch how you look, how you sound, how you move, make notes about what you like don't want. Don't worry about the substance yet. Let's just get one of the can where you've recorded yourself it could be with your webcam. It could even be with your own cellphone. But I want you to record yourself. I need you to get used to listening to your voice. I need you to get used to recording yourself and watching yourself. Do it now. 8. How to Make a simple Talking Head Video Practice on video: I hope you don't What? I've asked and actually recorded yourself and watched it. Because let me tell you right now, you're taking this course and just watching the videos of me Complete waste of time. You should be off of the golf course or shopping or whatever else you like to do for fun. This course is not going to benefit you unless you actually record yourself. So if you haven't done that, go back and record yourself. If you have done it, I want you to look carefully at your notes. What is this stuff that you liked about how you came across? What did you not like? Take careful, specific notes. If you don't like your voice, forget about it. Everybody hates their voice. Your voice is perfectly fine. Now, if you're speaking too quickly or too softly, those are things you can work on. Those are things you can improve its now time for us to do our first riel rehearsal of the video. So you need to get your script. Remember your single sheet of paper your bullet points large fought. I want you to do a recording tape, your entire presentation. Try to doom or the stuff you liked in the last one. Less of the stuff. You don't like that Your homework Do it right now. 9. How to Make a Simple Talking Head Video Focus on Just One Thing: you just finished watching yourself? You have a list of things you like. You have a list of things you don't like and nobody loves everything. Believe me, if you're not completely untrue rolled with your video, you're in good company because that's where everyone is. But now I want you to do something critically important. You follow the instructions Exactly. I want you to focus on just one thing that you don't like about your last presentation. Were you speaking too quickly? Then just try to slow down your speech pattern. Are you two frozen and stiff and your hands are frozen. And just try to move your hands. This time I can't tell you what is the worst thing you're doing. But I want you to make the judgment. So focus on just one thing. You want to improve and I want you to speak again. Record again. Do not try to Seoul. 10 problems. You won't succeed. Don't try to fix every single thing you don't like. Don't focus on some general fuzzy things like I just didn't like it. Not good enough. Focus on one specific thing You didn't like Hand gestures. Not moving enough face to frozen, not smiling enough. Whatever it is focused on that one thing. Do the whole presentation again captured on video and then analyze it. The only thing I want to know is did you fix that one problem? Try to do that right now. 10. How to Make a Simple Talking Head Video Focus on 2nd Thing: So how did you dio? Did you succeed at improving Not on everything, but just that one area you're trying to dio now. In my experience, about 95% of my clients, when they focus on one thing, they actually do improve that one thing where they minimize that one problem. They were trying to minimize the people who don't quite often because they were trying to do three or four things at once. Here's the thing. If you were able to practice it, analyze the problem. Try again and reduce that problem. You now have essentially an editing solution to make your on camera on video Presentation's great. If you're writing a memo on email and you see a spelling air, you hit it through spellcheck and you go through refinement. You make it better. It's exactly the same thing. When you were speaking on a video camera, you can refine it and make it better if you are able to spot something you didn't like and make an improvement. You now have a system so that you could make your on camera presentations. Great and you know what? The flying me to come spend two days with you. You could do it yourself. You have the power to do it yourself. The whole key is you have to analyze every single thing about how you're speaking on camera , how you're moving, how you sound. You've got to really learn the discipline of looking at each item in isolation and grading yourself specifically one element of not on every single thing in the big picture. I liked that. I didn't like it, So that's the key. So if you did make an improvement on the one thing you didn't like Congratulations. Now I need you to look at that list again. Let's look at something else on the list. Let's continue to make progress where you did in the last one. I need you to practice on video again this time. Try to remove one more thing that you don't like. Try to add something that you do like do that right now. 11. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video REcord Til You are Happy: So how did you dio? Did you improve that second item? I certainly hope so. I think you can see where this is going. I need you to look at that stack of stuff you don't like, and I need you to tape another presentation on video review it. Critique it. Here's the thing. I don't know if the stack of stuff you like is this bigger? If it's this big, I don't know if this stack of stuff you don't like is this bigger this big. But you've got to keep practicing on video until the stack of stuff you don't like melts away and the stack of stuff you do like, grows and grows. Now I don't mean you have to do this until you love everything about how you look. I can look at a video and said, Gosh, I had beautiful hair in 1979. I don't like that, but there's nothing about practice that's gonna make my hair grow. I'm talking about as you are based on your current state. Are you confident you look your best and sound your best? And in that regard I'm very relaxed right now. I know I can't look any better or sound any better than I do right now because I've practiced this. I've watched it on video many times, so I'm just not nervous at all. That's where you need to be. You've got to get to the point where you can look at a video of yourself and say, That's really good If I could do half assed good Is that on the video that's gonna be seen on my corporate Internet or that will be seen on YouTube for the whole world? I'll be happy. That's exactly how I want to come across. That's my message. Makes sense that weren't me. I wouldn't want to watch that. That's the ultimate test. That's the ultimate way for you to get over nervousness, to feel good about this whole process and frankly, get to the point where you can't wait to present on video. If you know you come across your very best and that you're communicating, your message is this actually becomes fun. I know it might not seem like that yet, but it really does. So that's the next exercise tape again review critique. But this time you got to keep doing it until not till you passed my test until you pass your test. I need you to actually really like how you're coming across now. That may only take one take it may take 40 takes. Your audience doesn't care. All they want is something interesting. You're the one who has the most to win from this, so might as well make it work. Now, go ahead, keep taping refining until you come up with something that you really like. 12. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Feedback from Peers: If you've done what I've asked for so far, you must be feeling pretty good because you have a video that you actually like. You're proud of it? It is exactly how you want to come across. There's one more test I'd like you to do before we go ahead and put to better final video. I want you to pick three or four colleagues, people you respect people who will give you honest feedback. And I want you to send the last video you did to those people. Ask them. What do they like? What did they remember from your message? And what suggestions do they have on a proven? And I would ask in that order. Because if you just say, What do you think people saw? Great. Good job. You want to know what specifically they like? What messages do they really take away? And what, if any suggestions? Do they have to improve? So do that right now. 13. How to Make Simple Talking Head Video Conclusion: congratulations were almost there. Now, if you got feedback and you should have gotten feedback from peers about any suggestions on what to change and you agree with that, go ahead and incorporate that change. Do another take where you try to really put in the very best of what you liked in your previous videos, plus any suggestions from your colleagues and come up with a video that you really think incorporates all the best criticism. If you didn't get any very specific changes from your colleagues and they really liked it, well, then you're in great shape. You are ready to go. So you either have a video right now that you can put on your corporate website. Send to colleagues using your Internet or you're ready for that taping. For when your corporate communications people come to record that video, you are in great shape. So in conclusion, it all comes down to practicing on video until you like it. If you just do that one thing, you're going to be great. If instead you get sidetracked on memorizing a script, are trying to get this teleprompter just right or futzing with your power point slides and changing the bullet points or spending all your time on the camera angle. The lighting, your corporate video is not going to be a success. I would get focus on what's really important, your ideas, good ideas. You have to help people and communicating in a way that seems natural, relaxed and comfortable. Do that and you will make for a great talking head in simple online videos. Good luck.