Video Mock Up Screen Replacement with Tracking: Adobe After Effects Mocha | Amil Neal | Skillshare

Video Mock Up Screen Replacement with Tracking: Adobe After Effects Mocha

Amil Neal

Video Mock Up Screen Replacement with Tracking: Adobe After Effects Mocha

Amil Neal

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5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Video Mock up Promo

    • 2. What is Mock up & Why we should use it

    • 3. Basic Video Mock Up Effects

    • 4. Advanced Video Mock Up

    • 5. Advanced Video Mock Up with Key Light

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About This Class

Welcome to my Video Mock Up and Tracking Class

A mockup is a model of what your final product will look like in the final presentation.

Mockups are frequently used to present a final product in a real-life context. It helps you to replace unwanted content with the content you want in specific to be consistent

In this course, I will teach you
How you can replace any device screen or wall with your video, graphics, and image.

I have shown everything step-by-step process so that you can use it in your next project!

I have designed this course from beginner to advance level. So that anybody can make a realistic video mock-up using adobe after effects. This class is for everyone.

Meet Your Teacher

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Amil Neal


Amil Neal the creator of AN Productions is a self-made young man. He was successful to teach himself efficiency, punctuality, proficiency and professionalism from the very early age.

Amil Neal has worked with companies and organizations like Telenor, UNDP, USAID, English Movie, Bollywood Film and more than 1000 startup companies.

Moreover, He has created a digital shop and sold his creations to thousands of people all over the world in his shops and other marketplaces.

I would like to show you how to be a better creator, make money from your digital products and services, and live the life you dreamed of. I would like to share my journey and real life experience, how to be a better designer and also a seller. It is also important that where to sell and how to charge... See full profile

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1. Video Mock up Promo: Hello, I'm Emil and welcome to my video mockup and tracking class. A mock-up is a model of what your final product will look like. The final presentation. Mockups are frequently used to present the final product in real life objects. It helps you to replace unwanted content with the content you want in specific to the constant standard. In this course, I will teach you how you can replace any devices spring or while with your video, profits and image. I have shown everything step-by-step process so that you can use it in your next project. I have designed this course from beginner to advanced level, so that anybody can make realistic video mockup using adobe of prepaids. This class is for everyone. So see you in the class. 2. What is Mock up & Why we should use it: We live in a world where we need to move quickly and powerful our ideas as flexibly as possible. A mock-up is a model of what your final product will look like in the final presentation. Welcome, sir. Frequently used to present a final product in a real life context. For example, in mobile phones, tablet computers, while frame packaging or any product. Early mockups strides that ideal balance between true life representation of the end product ad is of multiplication. You can use for App mockups to get feedback on a product concept. Mass production. Woke up in visual effect plays a vital role. It helps you to read less unwanted content with the content you want in his specific to be consistent with the branding of your protected. So it helps you to reduce the production costs. Tracking data and replacing the content is the main factor of video mockup. Video mock-up being completely depends on your perspective, position, rotation, scaling, and so on. We have done some real life examples in our class and we have explained all the factors. I hope you enjoy them. 3. Basic Video Mock Up Effects: In this tutorial, we're going to talk about very basic mockup that we can do. So I have this shot, ok, so this lady is coding here, and I want to put something here. And as you can see, there is no camera movement. Just she's, she's just typing something and there is this black screen. Okay, so firstly what? We have this clip, so I have a composition with it and this Fourier forKey, what I've done is just selected it and drag and drop in this competition. So I'm not going to do it again as I already have it. I'm going to double-click on it and I'm going to download this coding thing going on. I'll just drag and drop it here c. So basically there's some basic coding. The resolution is quarter. Ok, I just made it tough. So basically what I want, I want this screen here within this monitor. So I'm going to go to my effect and there is a corner pin. So you can basically searching here or you can go to Effect. And once I need to select it, then go to Effect. And from effort you need to go to the start. And then there is a corner pin. So we have this corner pin. So now what I'll do, I'll just hit S on my keyboard. We have the Scheduling options for Algebra. I want to scale it down. Ok. Now we'll go to the corner pin effect here. As you can see on the silicon, then will have this an option as, as you can see. So now I'll move this option to the ages. Okay. I'll zoom in so that I can see it is perfectly there. Now I will press space on my keywords so that we have this hand option so that I can drag it. Then I'll select this corner. And yeah, obeyed here. And this corner. I need to make sure that there is no YOLO thing. Endure. So tacit, we have our back is screen so I'll just move it where it yeah. So I'll just play from here. So that's it. This is how you can do some basic cupping. 4. Advanced Video Mock Up: In this part of the tutorial, we're going to discuss about doing some mock-up on things like wall, any device, or it can be anything. So it's all about fracking actually. So we want to go for something complex. Like you have camera movement. There is a zoom-in, zoom-out, things like this. So earlier I have shown you how you can do some basic our MOOC copying with corner pin techniques where you don't have any kind of zooming and zoom out any sort of issues. So now in this food edge, we have Lycus, sexual moving, as you can see. So there is a lot of movement in this footage. So to replace this image here, we are going to use mocha. So we're not going to use any kind of foreigners in the basic one, as we have shown as corner pin will not work as there is a lot of momentum, there is lot of positioning. So let's start then. I'll just select the footage and then I'll go to Effect, then porous effects, mocha a. And we have defects on, on this footage. So now we'll click on Mocha and it will take us to a new interface of mocha. So we have our footage here. Mocha interface. As you can see, this is the timeline of the moca a0. And I think there's a right place. If we track the main banner of this, then we can track the whole thing. So to do that, we need to click on create x. Fine. Then when two, create some lines with dots. So basically click on here and create a box. And I'll make sure that everything, I mean, the main billboard is within this rectangle shape. And there is a curve there as you can see. So we need to add just a curve and you can adjust the curve. Just dragging the blue lines. So if you drag the blue lines, it can adjust to curb. So now we have the sharp one. It is done. Now in this whole area. A, what it will do, it will basically cred, this bird is specifically now we need to create a great arm and we have the grader or now we need to click on Show Surface. When we'll have the shortest surface option, then we can a specific specify where our information will go. So for example, it can be a solid. It can be emails, it can be a period, can be anything. So try to be as much as precise. You can be in disparate. So I'm just specifying my four corners of the lines so that we have the perfect rectangle shape. I think we're done. We're ready to track. Despite more so that we don't have anything like outside the billboard of this wall. So there we go. Now we're going to track the whole thing. So there is a tracking are funded it actually, when you click on editable track forward. And if you click on this thing, it will track backward. Select this option track backward, then I'll click on track forward. I'll fast-forward the teeth drilled. So we have our cracking down now when to save. So there is a set button, as you can see, Save the Project or you can press Control S. So we're going to save this prosaic. Then we'll close it. So we have our tracking and all the tracking is here. So all the tracking data is basically transform and other like perspective and position is killing. Okay? So we need to create a solid. And we'd create a solid here. And I'll just OK. Now I'll right-click on it. Then I'll recompose and leave all attributes. Okay? Now, there is a iWatch on here, so I'm going to click it so that I can do my tracking information like I'll just the thing we have just tracked. I want to copy that information and here, but the processes is actually a bit different. There is no control CNV. So firstly, what we need to do, firstly, we need to select the track, the data we have tracked. So when to create, click on Create track that data. And we have this option layer one, I'll hit OK. Then we have this corner pin, corner pin with support motion blur transfer transform. So I'll just select corner pin. You can also use corner pin with motion blur If you want, motion blur on your footage and also transform. So I'm going to serve the corner pin. Then we have this layer, which layer? All the information will go. As you can see. If you hit a four on your keyboard, the effects option, there is no effects, like there is no effect. It is blank. So now I will just select this composition and apply export. And you will see this fx option will be here also. Ok. So click on export. So the rigor, so we have all the data. So hit you on your keyboard. C, All that. I am going to on the i button. And as you can see, we have successfully replaced, it, has been cracked and it is perfectly there. So whatever we're going to write here, so if we write something here, we'll see it. So I'll ripe, for example, motion graphics artist. So I'll make it black and scale it down. And titles action. Just I just want to position it. So it can be anything. We can also put a video here or image here. So we just haven't this basic. Okay, now let's go to the fore edge. So this is our advanced tracking. So you can now track anything like any devices, mobile phone, tablet, TV, screen, monitor. It can refrain. So anything you can now track and thank you for watching. 5. Advanced Video Mock Up with Key Light: Hello, welcome to a brand new class. In this class we'll show how to replace bad ground and also keep something like a finger that like there is a finger in the perspective. So when we will replace this screen, it will be replaced, but we will also have the finger. Okay, so how we can do it personally? What I'll do, I'll just produce the timeline size. It is long. I just named 3 second for this example. So I will hate control key on my keyboard as I already have the composition. Now I want to edit my composition. So I will go here and I will arrive. Instead of 10 second, I'll write 03. Also terminate system frames. Then I will select the smartphone. Then go to effect. Then we have Boris FX mocha, mocha a. It will take some time. After we click this icon. It will open the MOOC interface. So now we have the interface. I'll go a bit backward like we have this clear view of the Holy screen. We need to create excess pipeline lines. So I will create a layer. And as because it is a rectangle shape will create a rectangle chef or tracking. So I'll select, I'll just click on here. And then here I'm just creating a rough tracking, ok, and then right-click on it. As we have completed our tracking. In this world, we can just add just like there is a blue icon F, As you can see. So we have adjusted this politician. I think it's fine. Now. We need to have the surfacing where the information will go. So there is a surface button, as you can see. When you'll click on it, we'll have it specify the placeholder, where the information will go. I'm just creating a rough one for the example. But when you will do it for your project, make sure you do it perfectly. Okay. We're done with him. And there was a tracking Barron here. Okay, so we have transformed scaled rotation is Q and perspective. I think these poor option is fine. We don't need perspective here. So I'll hit tracking and I will let mocha. And so now we actually have our tracking down and now we need to save. So there is a save option button here. Or we can raise control is on a keyword. So we have played on this bottle now. That said we have all the tracking data here. Okay, now we need to create a solid. So now we'll create a solid layer. Now we have the solid layer. Now we'll right-click on it. Then recombinants. So I'll just call it or trade less holder. Why the inflammation will go image to your whatever you want. So I'll just bring it down here. No, I'll just bring it here so that you can see. Now, I'll, I'll just select your footage, then go to Mocha. And there is a tracking data. Now we need to create our cracking data that we already have created and there is a button. So now we have all the data here in layer one. We need to hit OK. Then there is option corner pin carping, motion blur. We don't need motion blur, so earner in his spine and then select the placeholder composition that we have just created. Then apply, explore when will, when will export it will have this fx up from now we don't have any effects here. So x work. There we go. We have these screening replaced. Now we want to put something here. So what I'll do, I'll just double-click on this composition. Now we have a solid lane. I have downloaded this portrayed video. Okay, so now I'll scale it down. So our heat is on my keyboard and we have the scaling option. And I'll bring it down. I'll just make it 57. Okay. So if if we go back to our main skin replacement, a rail, what we'll see is that not looking good. And we need to cover the whole area. So I know it will look stretched here, but it will perfect on the main field. So we'll just need to click on a thin, drag it to the age of the composition. You can see it. Okay? So we have done it. Now we go back the result we have replaced. Now, what happened is we can see this finger and the main purpose of it. We want to keep the fingers. So what I'll do, I'll just bring this layer underneath the main forage and we'll select the main footage and it will go to effect. Then we have this king option. Then key light 1.2, you can use also color range. Water actually similar. So I'll go for the collide and there's a sprinkler, just silicon sprinkler as a very low. So that's it. This is how you can replace any screener. And I hope I have covered most of the birds. If you have any questions, then I'll get back with an answer or with a new class. Thank you for watching.