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Video Marketing - What Is Video Marketing And Why Do We Care

teacher avatar Frank Wesley, Where Education Leads To Your Success

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction - What Is Video Marketing And Why Should We Care

    • 2. Presentation

    • 3. Types Of Marketing Videos

    • 4. Where To Distribute Your Videos For Maximum Views

    • 5. A Quick Guide To YouTube Marketing

    • 6. How To Make Sure Your Videos Make Conversions

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class


Video Marketing will provide you with one of the most engaging, influential and potentially profitable forms of marketing. It has the ability to help you establish "authority" in ways no other form of marketing can approach. It's important that you learn techniques to leverage this type of marketing.

These techniques are demonstrated through the lectures in this order:

  • Introduction - What Is Video Marketing And Why Should We Care
  • Presentation
  • Types Of Marketing Videos
  • Where To Distribute Your Videos For Maximum Views
  • A Quick Guide To YouTube Marketing
  • How To Make Sure Your Videos Make Conversions
  • Conclusion

Meet Your Teacher

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Frank Wesley

Where Education Leads To Your Success


Hi, my name is Frank Wesley, owner and webmaster of . I am a 37 year educator with Elementary and Special Education Certifications along with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology. I’m also an affiliate marketer and writer. I am most importantly a father, husband, and “BigDaddy” to 6 beautiful grandchildren. 

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1. Introduction - What Is Video Marketing And Why Should We Care: So what is video marketing and why should you care? Well, if your business or blawg isn't using video marketing, then you're missing out on one of the most engaging influential on potentially profitable forms of marketing of the mall. Video marketing has the ability to grab the attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach. So it's absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing in your strategy as soon as possible. In fact, video marketing is so powerful that it could very well be all that you need to get the word out about your business. If you're already using video marketing, then it's just as important to ensure that you're doing so in the most highly effective way possible. Video marketing, when done well, is incredibly powerful. But if your videos don't have the professional sheen that your viewers expect, they could actually harm your business. So it's essential that you're not just incorporating video into your marketing, but that you're doing so in the best way possible. By getting this'll video, you've taken the first step towards doing just that on throughout the course will be looking in debt that how to create and share fantastic high quality videos that will accelerate sales and catapult your business into the stratosphere. But what is video marketing on what makes it so successful? Well, video marketing is marketing via the medium of video on the Web. In many cases, this means creating videos and uploaded them to YouTube, though that's only one option. Once you've created a great quality video for you, Marty campaign, that helps to promote your message. And so your product service, the next step is to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible. Uploaded to YouTube is one way to do this, and YouTube has many advantages for marketers that make it a great asset. At the same time, though, you might want to consider using other platforms such as vine on video on, you might want to consider embedding your video into your own site. There are several things that make video marketing particularly effective on more so than many other alternative options. The most obvious advantage of video marketing is that it's so highly engaging the human brain has evolved in order to pay attention to moving images and sounds, and this is why were naturally inclined to stop on watch a television when it's on in the background. You know, have you ever been talking to someone when there's a television on in the room, only to notice that they're actually looking straight past you and at the screen? Now the sound could be off, and it could even be playing a commercial. But still some people will be almost unable to turn away. This isn't anything personal. Well, not usually it's just the perfect example of how moving images hold our attention. Another great example is a classroom Now. Do you remember when the teacher would say they were going to put on a video for a particular lesson? Even the noisiest of classes would fall silent and become very well behaved at this point, even when the topic of the video wasn't and primitively interesting. You see, video has an almost hypnotic quality, and this is an excellent trait for any Internet marketer. Another advantage of video is that it's passive now. What this means is that your visitors don't need toe actively read anything already put in any effort at all as soon as someone lands on your page or find your video on YouTube, it'll start playing right away, and they will be absorbing that information. And as we've already established, video is very hard to look away from. So once you've caught their attention, chances are that they'll keep watching until the end of the video. In fact, because video is multi sensory, your visitors don't even need to be looking at the page in order for it to be effective. But more importantly, video is a fantastic opportunity. Few to establish authority and create a relationship. You see, the key thing to realize about videos is not every business or blogger has them on. That means they can be used to set you apart from the crowd. Now, compared with written content, Orban Arad's creating videos requires a much bigger investment in time. A larger budget on more skills. Now all this means that by simply having a video on your website, it's going to make your business look. Considering more professional. This is also why it's so incredibly important that you maintain high production values in your video marketing. If your video consists of you sitting in your living room stuttering and coughing. Why you deliver your message, then you'll turn people away from doing business with you. On the other hand, Oh, if you have a video that has crisp HD imagery, amazing editing and the professional narration, then this will communicate to the viewer that your business is professional and worth taking seriously. Now, don't worry this video Siri's will teach you how to create these types of video, even without spending a fortune or years to become a professional video editor. Finally, video lets you put your message across in a highly persuasive and engaging manner. Once you've caught the attention of your viewers and dazzled them with your incredibly professional production values, you'll then had the chance to put your message across in a vastly more persuasive manner than is possible through any other medium. And this is because it will let you speak directly to your audience and to demonstrate your passion for the products or services you provide. Now, with the right video, you can lend personality to your organization and build up a relationship of trust and authority. Music can help with the emotional points. It's great for putting across the value in the production, while the chance trustee speak and gesticulating on what it is you do will end much more power to everything you say. So in case you're still not sold on the sheer power of video marketing, let's take a moment to consider some of these statistics. Woman of Video is worth 1.8 million words. Based on research conducted by Forrester Research, 100 million Internet users watch online video every single day. 90% of online shoppers say that video helped them in their buying decisions. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, which just happens to own YouTube. So with all that in mind, are you ready to start creating compelling and engaging videos to market your business? If yes, then move on to the next video and we'll get started. 2. Presentation: in this video, I'm gonna talk about how you can create highly effective and professional videos on a budget. Now, the first and most important aspect of video marketing is being able to create high quality , professional looking videos. If you can't do this, then you won't be able to engage your audience, and you won't be able to show yourself as a business that they can trust to provide great quality work. Remember, the aim here is to show that your organization is highly capable and has great attention to detail. The presumption will be that the quality of your video is indicative of the quality of your service or products, so you need to ensure that your viewers are blown away by your production values. Now, of course, the only problem here is that most of us aren't Steven Spielberg. And if you have a small business or run a blawg, you might not have the resources or the skills to create videos that can compete with larger organizations. Well, don't worry. With the right strategy, it's possible for anyone to create a video that devotes quality and has the desired effect . We're gonna look at some strategies that you can use toe instantly, increase the production values of your videos and impress your audience. Now bear in mind. Not all of these tips are going to be relevant in every case. Different types of marketing video have different requirements, which will come to you later. Now, if you're filming the video yourself and you needed to contain footage rather than static images, you need to make sure that it uses high quality footage. Now this means that you need to think about the resolution, the frame rate and the sound quality. And the first step to achieving this is to film at a high resolution with a camera that produces crisp, well lit images on this will generally come down to the quality of your video camera. And, of course, you're likely to be limited by a budget in this regard. That said, there are some surprisingly high quality cameras that you can get for a relatively small initial investment. The Go pro, for instance, records in 10 80 pixels at least, and offers a wide angle lens for capturing a lot at once. Likewise, many smartphones thes days actually offer incredibly high res cameras. A great example of this is the Galaxy note for which actually is capable of recording in four K resolution. If you don't have a high end phone and you're not able to shell out for a GoPro, then remember, you can always ask others to use their devices. Most people should have at least one friend who has a camera that can record in 10 80 pixels. Just ask if you can use it for a while. Over time, as you start to see return on your video marketing, you'll be able to invest in more and more expensive equipment to increase the quality of your footage. I know that if you want to do things like blur out the background, use macros. Then you may need a more high tech camera. In terms of sound. The ideal situation is toe. Have a separate microphone that you can attach to your collar mawr elsewhere to capture the sound. Clearly. If you don't have this option, then make sure that you're not too far away from the camera on that. The acoustics are good in the room that you're filming in. Ah, high. Sitting in an empty room can create echoes while a busy road outside will drown you out and can make your videos feel less professional. Video quality isn't just about the camera, though. Just as important is making sure you set the scene on the lighting will play a big part here. Essentially, you need to ensure that the room is well lit so that your viewers can make you out well. This will also impact on the professionalism of the final product. If you were to invest a bit more money into video marketing than you could always get hold of some professional lighting equipment. If not, then a desk lamp with an adjustable ankle can actually do a surprisingly good job. Failing that position yourself correctly by a window is fine. To create the most professional look, you should aim to use Rembrandt lighting, which means that half your face will be light from a 90 degree angle. This is little more dramatic and creates debts and contrast in your footage. You also need to avoid filming with any light sources directly behind the camera, because this can create glare and even damage the lens. Next, consider the surroundings and what else is in the shot with you. As you mentioned earlier, A video shot in your bedroom is hardly going to inspire confidence in your brand, so you need to make certain that you have a sort of surrounding one might expect to see a professional video filmed in now. The easiest way to do this is with a completely white backdrop. Ah, White Wall doesn't quite do the trick here, as it will have shadows and won't be completely white. Instead, what you're trying to do is create the effect of an infinite white, which should look like you're standing in the middle of a void, like in that scene in the Matrix. Now it is possible to get a professional white backdrop, but in the interest of keeping your budget low, you can actually use a bed sheet. You pull it, talk with some tape board with some clothes pegs, or you can use a large white sheet of paper. Now, as long as the light is bright enough and you decrease the shadows and contrast in post production, this can look surprisingly effective and, of course, to remember to on the sheet. Now the great thing about filming on infinite white backdrops is that they also give you the most options in your editing, as you will be able to move the summit around, introducing new elements on so on. Alternatively, you can choose somewhere neutral for your filming. Now this could be out in the park somewhere. Or it could be walking through town on these sorts of settings again removed the D I Y element by taking you into a setting where people aren't going to see your dirty laundry in the background. Finally, you can create your own backdrop using other materials. Now this might mean organizing some books in the background there about your industry. Or it might be in printing out a large poster with your logo on it. Now if you're fortunate enough to have a professional looking store or office than it is acceptable to film from that environment, but make sure you tidy up and choose a spot with the best lighting and the most interesting without being distracting background. Try to avoid using software that cuts you out of the image and creates a fake background, though this tends not to look particularly professional, especially if your arm starts disappearing. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are not natural born presenters. And when you put yourself in front of the camera, you'll quickly see just how hard the job of a television presenter really is. Not only do you need to look the part, but you also need to deliver your lines confidently and professionally, in a way, this engaging and without stuttering. If you're making lots of takes on, do you find yourself stumbling of your lines, then a few things can help. The first thing is to write yourself a script first that you can read. Reading your lines will help used to speak much more fluently and with fewer errors. But just make sure that doesn't sound like you're reading. You need to engage with the audience by sounding natural and enthusiastic as though you were talking to your friend about an amazing new deal that you just learned about. Another way to avoid stuttering is to film in multiple takes rather than trying to deliver entire five sides of a four in one perfect take. Break it down into small chunks, changing the camera every time. On that edit, the more together actually, pros records several takes of each piece and use the best one in the final production. If you watch back any professional video on YouTube, you'll see this constant stopping and starting actually AIDS. Three Overall professional feel. This could be used to create better emphasis and to add comic timing on MAWR. Another professional looking technique is to film your script, using two or more cameras running at once and set up from different angles. This way you can cut to a different shot during the edit and create the illusion of a continuous flow of dialogue. Yeah, rather than having that awkward cut where your position changes army just slightly. Changing the angle like this also creates more movement in your videos on makes them feel more dynamic as a result, on, by using more dynamic angles, say an upshot. For example, you can inject more emotion into your footage. You're noticed that this is how television, documentaries and even news broadcast work. They'll switch to feeds from different cameras and even turned to face those cameras. Sometimes in other cases, different angles might come with different effects. You might want to switch to a portrait shot, for instance, that's filmed in black and white don't do this on a whim, though. Think about what it is you're trying to communicate by adding the effect or switching the angle. In this case, you might be trying to create more distance or class or nostalgia. Of course, in order to switch between angles, you'd usually use multiple cameras set up in different positions around the room. And this is a good strategy, but it does require a bigger investment on means you'll spend more time editing and uploading the footage. A much more budget approach is to use a single camera and simply change its positions between takes. Now, when you're on camera, remember to speak more slowly than you normally would, And this is particularly true because we tend to speed up when we're nervous. Make sure you enunciate and make sure that you're projecting your voice on. If you're unfortunate to be someone who doesn't have a particularly clear or professional sounding speaking voice, then you might consider hiring somebody who does alternative that you could try slightly altering the pitch of your voice during postproduction. Make sure as well that you're looking your best and wearing a tire that suitable feel. Video production that might sound like a no brainer, but you'd be surprised at how many business owners think it's okay to record the video marketing in their old jumper. Pay attention to your Hera's. Well, a little makeup can go a long way to, but our someone who knows what they're doing, you know nobody wants to buy from Ronald McDonald. Remember that if things go well, you're gonna be seen by thousands of people, many of whom might become important clients. So imagine that you're going into a very important business meeting and dress accordingly. Once you have all your footage, the next step is to edit it into something cohesive and engaging. Editing can go a long way to making your video much more professional, even if the footage of Give yourself to work With is a little lacking. The most important thing to keep in mind with the editing is actually want to remove pauses , silences and arms Owners try to ensure that video has flow so that there's no point where it feels like it's lingering or awkward or where it might lose your viewers Attention. This is another reason you want to break long speeches down and then edit them together to remove the gaps. Generally speaking, the more you can cut away from your video that better it's going to be as we'll discuss in more detail later. Shorter videos tend to be more effective from a marketing point of view. So the more information you can get across in a short amount of time, the more efficient your video is gonna be at helping you to sell now. As I mentioned earlier, cutting out of pause in your speech can also be useful for comic timing and for adding to the flow of your video. While this is true enough, this kind of editing were. Will you almost cutting yourself off tends to work better for less professional videos that are aimed at a younger audience for business to business videos or adverts, you may want to use a different approach to your editing. The best way to get a feel for how to edit your videos is toe watch. How others do it. Normally, if a video has been well edited, you don't know constantly notice what the cameras doing. So what's your video you like, one that's in a similar style to what you're going for on pay close attention to how the angles are changing, where the speaker is being cut on, how the transitions of being used and you could even try drawing up a storyboard and then emulating this yourself. The editing process is also where you'll begin to add things like transitions and effects. This would go a long way to increasing the feel of professionalism. As long as you're using it well, Try to avoid gimmicky effects that distract from the content any effects. You You should be subtle and, more importantly, consistent so that they're hardly noticeable. At the very least, you want to add a fade in on a fade out effect at the beginning and end of the video, with the only exception to that rule being videos that have been purposely designs that look amateurish To duel this, you're going to need a good piece of video editing software. Windows comes with movie Maker, which is a free piece of software capable of very basic editing. Andi. While this might be enough for your needs, you might be better off using something a bit more premium now if you didn't get Windows movie maker installed as prize your Windows insulation. You can actually download it from Microsoft. If you do a searching Google for Windows movie Maker, it'll take you to this page. Now if you want to try Ah, bit more professional software, you can have this one here. Adobe after Effects, which is good for creating visual effects. Or Adobe Premiere, which is a professional editing piece of software. Andi. This is a much more feature rich piece of software on. It will save you a lot of time when you're making your videos. Now it's quite expensive, but it's worth it. On what s'more. You can get your first month three as a trial through the creative cloud so you can make your first few videos for free. From there on, it's a subscription based service with Creative Cloud. You also get access to photo shop and illustrator, both of which can be useful for creating graphics for your videos so it should provide good return on investment over all. Alternatively, you can use software on your computer. On a couple of good ones are Sony Vegas, which you can download from Sony Creative software dot com forward slash Vegas software and you can see got all the different types of software here. Or you can use Serif Movie Plus, which you can download from serif dot com forward slash movie plus, and it's very reasonably priced. Ah, £61.27 is about $40. At the time that I'm making this video, there is a free version off movie plus available as well. If you click on the free downloads tab and come down here to Movie Plus Starter Edition Ah , which does all the basic functions, although some of the other more advanced features are limited. Okay, so now they have a piece of well edited footage featuring you speaking about your product or service or industry filmed on our high quality camera in a professional looking setting . Well, so far, so good. But you might find that your video is still missing a few touches that make the most professional videos look really professional and one of those is a video opener. This may not be necessary for a video that is announcing out of Virtus Mint, but if you have a YouTube channel with you, Torrey El's instructions and other videos, then an opener can help you to build brand awareness and really, at an extra level of professional quality. Of course, you can make your own opener. And if you're confident with video editing software, this is a good strategy. You don't need to do anything too fancy. Simply creating a montage of your own footage with a logo over the top 10 did the trick, as can a static splash page with a jingle. Better, though, is to pay someone to do it, and you can do this fairly easily, using a service like Fiverr fiver, which you can find out. Fiver dot com is a website where users sell a range of services or for $5 you might be surprised at the quality of work you can get here. For that price. Pay someone on Fiverr to create a professional introduction for you on. It would likely be faster periods of anything you Kate yourself. Some users will also provide you with the option of getting the original file, which you can then edit yourself for further customization and flexibility. Likewise, you should also look into adding your logo onto the video itself, and you can do this in most good video editing software. And simply adding a logo to the corners can go a long way towards making the video look more professional and further enhancing your brand awareness. And it's also prevents anyone from stealing your footage in claiming it as their own. If you don't already have a good logo, then this is something else that you should look into arranging immediately again. You can get this cheaply. Form various sites, 99 designs, which you can find here at 99 designs dot co dot UK Being a good choice. Another addition that may or may not be useful for your videos is toe have screens with text. Now these could be used to introduce the next scene in a video. That's a list of points, for instance, to state questions to be answered in an interview or to share extra information, such as a link to a website or pricing. Finally, perhaps the most important extra touch is your music. Music can go a long way to increasing the professionalism of your videos on making your viewers more emotionally involved with what's happening again. This is something that's worth paying for, though you can get a lot of stock music from sites like Fiverr relatively cheaply. You should avoid. The music provided by YouTube as it's used on so many videos has become rather generic. Most importantly, does not use commercially recorded music like you might hear on the radio. You run the risk of being sued by the copyright owner. Now you might think that Born to Run is the perfect soundtrack to your fitness video. But unless you hunter no Bruce Springsteen and have played it within first, don't assume that he or his record company or their lawyers will be happy with the implied endorsement. You can pay someone on Fiverr or another service to make you an original composition on. This will be far preferable. Make sure that when you add this music, it doesn't drown out your voice and that you're careful to set the levels correctly. The best backing music should fade out slightly as and when you talk and rise in volume again during the silent parts and make sure that it fits the tone and pace of your video on . What you should do is try a few different tracks toe find the right one. With all these tips, you'll find it's perfectly possible to create our highly professional looking and sounding video on a budget, even if you wouldn't consider yourself to be a pro when it comes to video editing or presenting. Of course, if you do have more money to invest, then another option is to hire a professional, to create your video or to design your video to avoid some of the challenges that are associated with the process. As we'll see, there are various different types of videos, and not all of them will require you to go in front of the camera, and I'll talk about those in the next video. 3. Types Of Marketing Videos: If you're concerned about going in front of the camera for your video and you can't afford to hire someone to take your place, then the good news is that there are some types of videos that you don't need to feature in yourself. A tall some marketing videos, for instance, come work just as well, using images that move across the page like a Power Point presentation with speaking or subtitles over the top. Alternatively, you might want to get creative with your video content and do something completely unique and quirky. Here are a few examples of the different types of video involved in video marketing For your first video, it's best to choose one that's going to help you with your specific goals, but also one that's gonna be right to be easy if you to create why you're still learning a great television commercial can be incredibly effective at selling a product, and increasing brand awareness on an ad that's going to go online is no different. As we'll see later. There are plenty of uses for a video of virtuous men on the Web on. This is a very useful tool in any video marketing strategy. The format of an advert, interestingly, can be incredibly varied. You can try to emulate a TV ad by giving your video and narrative or making it humans with a hook. Alternatively, you can make an advert from our highlight reel of testimonials. You know these air short interviews on you can add in shots of your product or service, and you can set it all to some inspiring music. Finally, an advert can be you talking about your product on why you think people should buy it. Note that the latter two options are certainly easier for beginners and probably the recommended strategy, unless your vertically creative type another type of a Bertelsmann video that's particularly useful for use on line is to create a Power Point presentation style slide show with you speaking over the top and you'll see this kind of video used regularly on landing pages, setting informational products on These are the kinds of videos that show images of spreadsheets with someone talking over the top of them, about how you can be only in thousands of dollars a day selling e books on the Kindle. Now the great thing about this type of video is that it's very easy to make because you can use static images. You know you don't even need a camera. And yet it looks professional, and it's highly effective in generating conversions. Of course, it was very well, too. And that's the reason so many Internet marketers continue to use it. And they also have a knack for persuasive prose or which will come to you later. Viral videos are adverts for the digital age that take full advantage of social media and other modern technologies. Now the idea behind a viral video is that essentially you create something that's so highly share a ble that it's only gets spread around the Internet naturally without you having to give it any type of marketing push and eventually that's gonna result in a 1,000,000 plus views. And you can see from the diagram here it does sort of look like a virus, and you can see things get shared from one person to another. Now, whether or not the video goes viral is something that's ultimately gonna boil down to luck . And, you know, even the funniest and most creative videos in the world are not guaranteed to go viral. Yeah, if it's not seen by the right people now, that said, you can increase your chances of having a video go viral by making sure that it's short and that ensures that the maximum number of people are gonna watch through to the end. Self explanatory. You know, the title alone should say exactly what it is. It needs to be the very funny, very cute, very clever or very creative in a very unusual way. So it's something that people normally wouldn't see and needs to be topical. It is to be well made, obviously, Andi. It needs to be the kind of thing that people want to share. Of course, it is just rough guidelines, and they're certainly not set in stone. Gangnam style was neither short nor self explanatory, but above all else. Your video shouldn't be too. Sales e Anything that smacks of being a hard sell probably won't get shared. Ultimately, think about the kind of content that would prompt you to run next door and show your partner. You know, that's the kind of response that should video needs to illicit. And if that means spending hours setting up dominoes so that they will fall over and spill your company name out. Well, so be it. That's what you have to do. Another type of video is a vlog or video. Siri's and of Log is a video blogger, and you might call a more professional version of this a video Siri's. In other words, it's the video equivalent of a block post, which means you'll be posting regular videos of you talking on a subject somehow related to your industry or nation. And this is the option that certainly takes the most time and effort. But it also has perhaps the best pay off when it comes to making leads and conversions and building a relationship with your viewers. Actually, some of the most popular vlogs out there don't look all that fancy, although there's a lot going on behind the scenes in terms of lighting in post production, one of the most popular vlogs on YouTube. But the moment features a girl sitting in her dressing table talking to camera about makeup on, and that's it. She just sits there as he talks the camera, and she holds up the cosmetic and describes it as she's got Yeah, goodness knows how many hundreds of thousands of followers. Essentially, your objective with a vlog is to regularly deliver quality. Now. This can either be in the form of useful information or in the form of entertainment. And in that way, your hopefully game long term viewers. We're going to subscribe to you on YouTube for you on Facebook or book market. Blawg on this will then give you the chance to demonstrate over time that you know what you're talking about and that you care about quality. So when someone eventually finds themselves needing something to provide, they might be more likely to become a customer. And this is certainly what happens with this girl who talks about makeup. Cosmetic companies pay her vast sums of money to simply talk about their cosmetics on her vlog on. At the very least, they should sign up for your mailing list. Andi. In so doing, they'll be commonly that you can mark it, too. You know, this is the essence of content marketing content Marketing doesn't just mean written blogged posts, and this is wearing creating things like video openers and logos can come in particularly handy on the main challenge will be coming up with lots of unique video ideas. Now, while this option takes a lot of work, it also results in the best conversions, especially if you have a blawg. Okay, let's talk about tutorials. On a tutorial can be an instructional video relating to your industry or nation, or it can be something that specifically describes your product or service. So if you're saying up he's a software, for instance, then your tutorial might be just a screen capture of you using that software and demonstrating or the features. And this is the type of video that's relatively easy to make even when you don't have a camera. To make these kinds of videos, you need screen recording software on probably the best one on the market. At the moment is camped a zero, which you can get here from tech smith dot com. Forward slash cam tasia dot html on its very good, because it comes with screen recording software and editing software or combined in one package. Ah, there is a free trial, but when that's over, it is quite expensive. So if you're looking for a free solution, probably the best one is Cam Studio, which you can download from Cam Studio or and Cam Studio is a very good screen recording software. It is just the screen recording software, though there is no editing capability included. So you would need to purchase one of the video editing software packages that we discussed in the last video. And then there are interviews now. Interviews can be with your clients and customers. All they can be with you and members of your team on these have a very professional vibe on a great for B two B services, especially if you're using them to get testimonials. And there are specific ways to film interviews that will make them look more professional. For example, it's more common here to use shots from multiple angles on the background will often tend to be something related to your business or perhaps the interviewee in their place of work . Small captions at the bottom of the screen should state the name of the person being interviewed and their job position. And normally the questions and answers will be phrased in such a way that the question doesn't need to be heard, and the answer is still self explanatory. So if you were to ask, How long have you been using X product? Their answer would not be five years, but rather I've been using X for five years now, and I'm very happy with it. So you know, it's just like back in high school. Answer. In complete sentences. Video marketing can work incredibly well in synergy with other marketing strategies, especially if you're throwing some kind of event. Now. In this case, you can simply use footage of that event to help promote your business on this. Footage can be collected by you, or you can hire a film crew to do it. How effective it ultimately ends up being will likely be down to your editing. If you're giving any kind of talk or presentation for your business, then this will create the perfect opportunity for a marketing video. And there's a particularly popular now, which is owed at least in part, to the popularity of the Ted talks. What's more, being seen giving some kind of presentation will help to establish you as a thought leader and authority in your industry. If you're hoping to be hired for conferences, then this will obviously make even more sense as it's gonna demonstrate want value you can provide. And finally, there's animation. An animated video can be used as an advertisement, a tutorial or an informative block post. Often, animations using simple colored outlines will be used, for instance, to explain what a business does or what their product does on. This is sort of used in a similar way to a slide show. Except the animation adds an extra layer of polish and professionalism on top. And they can also be extra useful if your product is difficult to explain. And these sorts of animations can be made with software like Flash. And if you do a searching Google for Flash Creator, you'll find lots of different software programs that you can use to create things in flash some of free, some you have to pay for. In fact, for flash videos, probably the best one to go for is the one buy at O. B, which is probably flash builder 4.7 premium, which you can get from the Adobe website. Alternatively, you can use free software like blender on Do you can get this here from blender dot all blender and I said, is a free open source software. It does take a short time toe. Get your head round. It'll there is a bit of a learning curve. Or you can use cartoons created on Power Tune, which is an online service you'll find here at power tune dot com. There are free and paid for versions. The free version comes branded with the power tune logo. Ah, when you subscribe to the premium addition, it does away with that. Andi. It's worthwhile, actually subscribing to the premium edition because then it's not gonna interfere with building your brand on DPA. Tune has lots of different templates. Andi Ah, lots of help to get you started and it's well worth subscribing. And there are many other types of animated video that you can create a zwelling such as stop motion animations on these conf. Future your own products moving around. Or you can do white board animations, which have the effect of someone drawing on a white board. And you can also get creative and combine these types of videos. And this can be useful for overcoming potential limitations in very creative ways. This brings to mind the indie game industry now. Indie games are computer games that are made by individuals or by very small teams that then go up against huge companies on these types of games, of course, don't have the huge budgets or human resources to create photo realistic graphics. So instead, what they'll often do is there rely on artistic styles instead. Now, perhaps that might be a purposely retro looking game. Or it may be an artistic game that uses just two colors and silhouettes, and this stands out and looks justus beautiful as the blockbuster games. But it doesn't require any where, near the manpower to create you consider early compete with bigger budget companies by injecting some creativity into your videos on by thinking of ways to overcome your shortcomings in terms of budget or expertise. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to the many, many different types of video content you can create. There's no limit. In fact, on other options include amalgamation of all the above ideas you can have, C G I videos and videos that users have submitted. You have montages you could have spoofs on. There's a whole lot more. Besides, as a general rule, though this list should cover you for the vast majority of scenarios. And in the next video, we'll look at when to use each time. 4. Where To Distribute Your Videos For Maximum Views: Of course, it's not much use making a stunning professional looking video if no one's going to see it . The right video marketing strategy means thinking about creating professional looking videos on, then sharing them with your target audience. The weather should do this is going to depend on your resources, the type of video that you've created on the nature of your business. So let's take a look at the various different options available to you for getting your video seen by the right people When it comes to video sharing. One name that springs to mind is YouTube, and YouTube is the single biggest video sharing platform out there. Bar none. In fact, it's so big that it's the second largest search engine of any kind behind Google, bigger even than being or Yahoo. If you want to get your video seen by the maximum number of people than up, loading your videos to YouTube is a great strategy. At the same time, this will allow you to build a list of subscribers who will be more likely to see subsequent videos as you upload them on. This will give you a number of flexible options, enabling you to embed your YouTube videos elsewhere, for example, is integrated with Google plus and YouTube pages that show up on Google CERP. Start that search engine ranking pages will have a thumbnail next to them, which greatly increases the click through rate. YouTube even has its own built in video editor, which you can access by logging into your YouTube account and then going youtube dot com forward slash editor on day also have free music you can use and many other options like annotations and a whole lot more. YouTube is the number one place that people go to when they're looking for video content. So if your video is part of a video Siris of log or it's designed as entertainment that you hopes going to go viral, then it belongs on YouTube. Then there's video and video is the number one competition to YouTube, and although isn't quite Aziz big, it does have some advantages. Firstly, video is generally considered slightly more professional in that the videos that get uploaded to it are made by enthusiasts and are generally better quality. You know, there's far fewer cat videos or kids reviewing their favorite games, and this is useful from a marketing perspective because it can help to give you, ah, more professional impression by association. And secondly, the fact that video is smaller can also be considered a good thing. Basically, it means as this competition here, the question is whether you want to be a small fish in a big pond or the opposite. De Meo gets around 17 million monthly visitors, so it's still with your time. Ultimately, if you have the resources, it can be useful to market yourself on both channels. And then there's vine. Vine is a service from Twitter, where users upload six second videos. From the viewer's perspective, this enables scrolling through large amounts of dynamic content, and it tends to encourage very creative videos. And this is the perfect platform for stop motion video or something else to that effect that's currently very popular from a business sense. It also offers a good return investment as it's very easy and cheap to make a six second video compared to a 10 minute one. If you have a website or a block of your own, which you definitely should do, then you could also use your videos by embedding them here alongside your other content which pages you use your videos on and how they relate Your content is gonna depend on the type of video, the type of website on the type of business that you have now. Here are a few common options. The very first place you should consider having a video. One is your home page. And if you're a small business and your website is entirely about promoting and selling your product, then it's important that you make sure that any visitors who land on your website learn instantly what it is that you're selling on how it works. Having a video right on your home page is a great way to do this. So, for instance, if you haven't e p. O s system you in an electronic point of sale which is essentially a digital cash register , that you might want to incorporate a video right on your home page showing your visitors watan e pos is and how it will benefit them as well as what sets your option apart from the rest. And this will work very well with an animated video. A landing page is a page in a website designed entirely with the purpose of selling products, and this will consist off persuasive text with no distractions and a big buy or order button at the bottom. The whole objective here is to sell on a video can help you do this often. These pages will be used by affiliate marketers. Yeah, these are people who make a commission on selling somebody else's product as well as bloggers with information products. Either way, you can use a video featuring yourself or another Power Point style video on Do you use it to really sell your value proposition? It's quite common on these pages to put your videos on auto play so that they start the minute somebody lands there. If you're running a blawg, then you can use a video, Siri's or a vlog toe. Populate those posts. If you're trying to market a blogger, then having a YouTube channel that can work with that synergistically is a very effective strategy. Likewise, you should make sure that your YouTube videos are linking back to your blawg on. If your YouTube channel is popular, then this is a great way to actually increase your page rank, and this is the perceived authority that your site has in the eyes of Google. If you have a WordPress site or blog's than another place to put, your YouTube video is in a widget in one of the side menus, and you can do this with a plug in that will then allow people to see your videos, no matter which one of your pages they land on on. This is a very good way to quickly increase the views of your YouTube videos. If you have a popular blawg. Social media marketing and video marketing are two more forms of Web marketing that go together very well. It's actually possible to publish your videos director Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites. Or, alternatively, you can have your videos hosted on YouTube on them. Post them that way. Finally, you can host your videos on your site or somewhere else entirely on. Then simply link to the video through social media. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for helping you game or exposure for your video on. This is especially true when it comes to videos that have been designed specifically to be viral in nature. If you have made a viral video, and it isn't on Facebook than your severely Neutering its potential power. Of course, there are once again many more options when it comes to hosting and distributing your videos, and it can be used in a variety of ways and in conjunction with multiple other marketing strategies. One less obvious example of a way to use video marketing, for example, is to help with a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter, which you can find here at kickstarted dot com, is a crowdfunding site where you can promote an idea for a new product or service and gain financial backing from the general public on an effective video. Selling the virtues of your plant is undoubtedly the single most important aspect in determining your success or failure. Here. You can also link to videos from email marketing campaigns, or you can use your e mails to increase the value for your existing customers. Pat Flynn off smart passive income dot com on and there we go. That's him There. He recommends sending your customers to a tailor made video, thanking them personally for ordering your products as a great way to demonstrate that you care about providing value and to help ensure that they have a positive experience with you . Of course, you could also go down the more conventional advertising route by creating videos and having them play on the content created by other publishers. And there are a number of different ways that you can accomplish this. If you link your AdWords account with your YouTube account, for instance, then you can have your videos play at the start of their videos. Now this system uses the paper view system whereby you only pay if a user watches your video to the end that you might have noticed when you watch a YouTube video that the video will often be preceded by a short add that you can click to skip after five seconds. This is where your video will go if you choose to go down this route, but you only pay if the viewer doesn't click. Skip on. This means that potentially you can increase your brand. A win is to a large degree without spending very much money. You also get to pick how much you pay per view, but it's important to remember here that it's a bidding system used on that means that the more you pay, the more often your video will show now. Normally, the typical spend is between 10 and 23 cents. This system also allows you to choose where you as will show up by location on what types of videos they'll show on on. This is very useful for ensuring that you're promoting yourself to a targeted audience that is, within your target demographic. So if you have a local business, then you need to ensure that only local residents are gonna be seeing your content. And then there are other ad networks. When browsing the Web. You might also have noticed that some websites have video ads embedded onto them. And if you'd like to go down that route, then you can use an ad network that will distribute your videos across tons of other sites and likely charge you per impression or purview. Popular choices include Bright role, which you can find here bright role dot com or spot exchange, which is spot ex change dot com. Then there's order itude, which is a service run by Adobe, which you can find out adobe dot com. Four slash products forward slash ord itude dot html. There's Addo Tube, which you can find out attitude dot com, and there are a whole lot of others as well. And each has different terms and conditions and different advantages say might want to consider browsing around a few of them in order to find the one that best suits you. Alternatively, if you find a website or a block that you enjoy, then you can simply pay them to display your video on their side. Now, normally, this will involve a set monthly rate, which you'll negotiate, But it means you'll be able to decide precisely where you want your video to go and precisely who gets to see it. This way, you can choose a site that's right in your nation or industry and isn't a direct competitors, and it's also one that you know has a large and highly receptive audience. The question, though, is whether or not it's worth it for you to pay to distribute your videos should you work on creating your own YouTube video and promoting it, or should you pay to have your video shown at the start of other videos that are already popular? Well, as a general rule, For most people, the better strategy is to invest time and energy into developing your own YouTube channel or blawg. This way, you'll be able to control your relationship with the viewers, and you'll be able to benefit from much longer term trust and authority building. Of course, this also takes longer to get results, so paying for an ad on YouTube can be a quick way to get an immediate boost. Likewise, if you're a large organization on dure more interested in increasing brand awareness, this can be a useful strategy, especially as you can get some free views if people don't watch all the way through. Lastly, if your videos have a very high conversion rate and you're getting a very clear return on all the traffic that you sent your site, then videos can be used to scale an existing business model. This might be useful for an e commerce store, for instance, or a blogger selling a popular E book. You noticed that six pack shortcuts dot com uses a lot of YouTube advertising, which is because they make so much money from each visitor. Still, though, it's usually better to build your own audience whenever possible for most people, especially small businesses, that should be the focus on the priority. Depending on what you're selling. Andi, who you're selling it to the platform you choose on the type of video you create will vary . For instance, PowerPoint style videos and animations are very popular for corporate beater be organizations because they removed the personal element on help maintain distance and a sense of professionalism. On the other hand, such content might be considered a little bland if you're a company selling a hip energy drink commercially, we've gone over a number of different types of videos, and we've looked at the different methods available to you for getting the word out and spreading your video. Let's look at how each platform and each type of video can be combined to benefit various specific types of businesses. Now, if your video is an animation explaining how to use a business or service, then it's best distributed by being embedded in the home page off a business site. It's good for demonstrating a technical product on the sort of business that will be interested in this would be a B two B or a corporate business, a video explaining a range of topics relating to a specific initial industry is best distributed via YouTube or embedded into block posts. And, of course, YouTube makes it very easy if you to do that. It's good for promoting an information product or service on the type of business that would do. This would be a small business or a blawg. A PowerPoint style video with the professional voiceover talking about the merits of a product is best distributive by being embedded into a landing page. And this works best for an informational products or an affiliate product on the type of business would be an affiliate marketer or a blawg. Screw it on a short stop motion animation showing the product in a creative way is best distributed on vine or on video on. This is good for showing people about clothing or accessories or other smaller commercial products on the sort of business that would be interested in this would be a small creative business on event video is best distributed on YouTube, and this is gonna be more of a service or ah more of a premium product, and these are generally done by larger commercial businesses now a talk or presentation video is best distributed by YouTube or Vimeo or by social media. And it's going to promote a service or an informational product or a business to business service. And these air use many by larger organizations or consultants. Now a creative viral video will probably be best distributed via social media or YouTube or by embedding onto the site. And these were used to promote commercial products or a blawg on they used by commercial businesses. A traditional advertisement well that could be distributed lots of different ways by YouTube, by Social Media. By video by Vine, they can be embedded into a Web page, or you can use paid advertising. They're good for commercial products on their used by commercial businesses or e commerce stores. A video tutorial is best distributed by YouTube or on the site, and they used mainly for technical products or software and that sort of thing. And they used by software companies and commercial businesses, um, customer interviews or testimonials again, their best distributed by YouTube or on site on their used for website ING services or premium products on by service providers and commercial businesses. Okay, in the next video, I'm to give you a quick guide to YouTube marketing 5. A Quick Guide To YouTube Marketing: despite the myriad options available when you're looking for a distribution platform for your videos, YouTube is likely to be the most popular choice for the vast majority of businesses and entrepreneurs. So it's useful to have a basic understanding of how to gain exposure on YouTube and how to stand out among the crowd. Here. We'll look at some effective ways that you can do that. S E O stands for search engine optimization and generally refers to the way that websites can ensure that they show up in Google searches. As we vory discussed, low YouTube is effectively a search engine to on when someone is looking for your content here. They will do so by going to YouTube and searching for related topics. Fortunately, a few things can help you to encourage your video to show up on the single most important thing to choose is a good title for your YouTube video. If your video has a long, obscure name, then no one's going to search for it at the same time. Though if your video is called fitness, then it's hardly going to be able to compete with the millions of other videos with that word in the title. So your aim here is to use a name that people are likely to be looking for a while, at the same time being distinct and descriptive. Now you confined keyword tools available for YouTube that help you to identify these kinds of titles, but unfortunately they often charge, and they aren't always reliable. The easier method is to use a little common sense, as well as keeping a careful eye on what suggestions come up when you start typing into the search box on YouTube, then take a look at the other videos there on, try to see how many you're going to be going up against. When you upload a video to YouTube, you have the option to add a description where you're right. Which of it is about. This is another opportunity to include your keywords on. While the precise waiting an algorithm is unknown, it's generally agreed that the more content you can provide here, the more likely your video will be to show up high on the lists, and you know that makes all the sense. If you think about it. A good description will also encourage more people to watch your video. Finally, you can also use tags, which will further help YouTube to index and categorize your video and make it more likely to show up as a suggested video. Here, you can literally select the key words that you want to target, and there's no limit. So at a few different ones that will help describe your video. No, that all these S E O techniques the title description. The tags will also play a role in helping your video sharpen other search engines like Google. The thumbnail is the small image that shows when your video is listed after a search or suggested next to other videos. If you want your video to get as many clicks is possible, then you should create a custom thumbnail that you can upload and make your video look enticing. YouTube would likely also view this as a sign of quality and be more likely to help you promote the video. If this is particularly important, seeing as your thumbnail will also show up when your video show up on Google as well a social media and it's going to encourage a click through here is well, YouTube is able to detect various measures of your videos quality. For instance, it comptel. If your video is low or high definition, if it's shaky or if it doesn't fill the screen, the higher quality your video is the better chance it has of ranking highly on. This is only going to become more the case as YouTube's algorithms improve and it gets smarter at telling which videos are the highest quality. Notice well that YouTube will take into account factors such as how long your visitors watch your video for on this will obviously be greatly impacted by the quality of what you upload. If you want to create a legion of moral YouTube subscribers and get lots of likes what you do, then you need to make sure that you respond to their comments on that you actively engaged with them, showing that there are really living, breathing people behind your account were helped to build. Loyalty on will make them much more like it. So watch and to listen to your future content. If you get a comment, take the time to respond personally as soon as possible. Obviously, if you start getting hundreds of comments a day, you may eventually need to outsource this task to a virtual assistant. Sharing your videos on social media is an important way to encourage more views and to help your video spread. Fortunately, YouTube has a number of buttons. Reiter help you share quickly to Facebook, Twitter and other channels. Likewise, you can use tools like I f T T t, which you can find here at i f t t t dot carmen stands for if this, then that toe. Share your videos through even more platforms automatically as soon as they're uploaded. When you become a publisher on YouTube, you'll get your own channel, which will act as a page where your visitors can view or your videos. They can learn about you on. They confined your links, and this is similar to of Facebook page in, so far as you can add a profile picture, a cover image and information to help sell yourself. And this is important from both an s e o perspective on a general marketing one. Some things to do here include writing a detailed description about your channel, uploading attractive, high resolution images, having a channel trailer. Now this is a video that welcomes new visitors to your channel on explains what your business is all about and creating playlists to show curated content in categories on the page. You should also make sure that you link to your website from your YouTube account and that you connect to your Google plus account. You should also include links to other social media channels to when your view your channel , you'll see that you have a range of channel tips shown on the far right. If you go through these, you can help to improve your ranking. One of the ways that the very biggest YouTube bloggers, like V Source managed to increase their viewership is by partnering up with other channels on the platform. For instance, if you have a video Siris on a subject that is similar to another channel you enjoy, you can give that Chandler plug at the end of one of your videos, and you can ask them to do the same. Likewise, on your channel page, you have the option to add featured channels. If you do add a few channels you enjoy here, you can ask them to do the same, and in that way you're once again help promote each other. You can even take this further and do interviews with other you tubers or joint videos. You don't be afraid to reach out to other creators. Networking is a big part of any marketing strategy, and video marketing is no different in the next video. I'll tell you how to make sure that your videos make conversions. 6. How To Make Sure Your Videos Make Conversions: no matter how well major video is or how many people see it. That still won't guarantee you'll get conversions in order to get conversions New To make sure you're measuring the effectiveness of your videos on that, you're hitting home with a persuasive message. This is the last piece in the video marketing puzzle on will help you start turning your viewers into paying customers. When you create the script for your video, it's crucial that you are persuasive in your course to action and in trying to get people to part with their cash or contact details. Persuasive writing means writing in such a way that people will want to follow your advice , which in a sales and marketing context, nor the means to buy your things. And this is the exact same for a video, except you'll be delivering the message in a different way. This changes a few things, while a few other things stay the same. Some universal tips that apply to any kind of persuasion include appearance of facts, statistics and authorities. The more you throw in, the more credible your statements will seem. Likewise used testimonials or interviews in the case of a video on also used case studies, building your arguments on agreed fax and obvious statements. Everyone likes money, right, and that's a good place to start. If your product offers to make your bis cash, give something away free. You know a little taster can go a long way to wetting the appetite as long as what you're offering is high quality. Use social cues. For instance, Find out why everyone who is anyone uses whatever it is that you happen to be selling. Use repetition to keep returning to the key points in your message. Bear in mind that listeners will remember the first and last statements you make more than what goes in between. This is what psychologists call the primacy and regency effect. Be personable and include a personal story. You know people love narratives and finally sell the value proposition. Remember, you don't sell hats your cell warm heads. What is the ultimate end result of someone using your product or service? How can you appeal to this on an emotional level on get them to visualize it. Meanwhile, one of the things that changes will be the opening in it. You'll want to really hit home right away with an engaging statement. Keep in mind that you don't have headlines as you do in written content, and your viewers can't skim. Read the content. Remember what we said about removing porters and maintaining flow. Make sure each point leaves. Your listeners wanted to know what's next. You might also want to consider building to a crescendo throughout the course of the video , and you can use swelling music to try and capitalize on this emotional buildup. This can help create a call to action at the end, which will have even more of a sense of urgency about it. The specific wording will also change slightly between the written and spoken word. You can get away with using longer sentences. You can play more with emphasis, and generally you want to be slightly more colloquial. You can also take advantage of images to fill the gaps. Many that not everything needs to be explicitly explained and, most important of all, keep marketing video short. People are generally in a hurry and don't have timeto watch hours of video. The faster you can deliver your message, the more likely the whole thing will actually get listened to when you create commercials or a video, Siri's chances are you won't want to be persuasive all the way through. Instead, focus on being engaging and entertaining and include your quarter action right at the end. If your video is designed to be shared, remember what types of things get shared on why. Remember, people share videos to express themselves and as a means of communication, ensure your content facilitates those things. The best way to make sure your videos they're doing what they're supposed to is to measure whether or not they're working. One way to do this is by looking at your YouTube and athletics page, which is one of the advantages of using YouTube. Here. You can see which videos are the most effective and popular at holding people's retention. The audience retention tab shows you how long people are watching for. You can see how people are getting to your videos. That's the traffic sources tab, and you can see when you have spikes and troughs in views. Pay careful attention to what's working in terms of promoting your videos and which videos appear more popular and learn from this. Now, don't be too alarmed if you're retention rate seems unusually low. Generally, 50% is considered very good on 30 to 40% isn't too unusual now. That doesn't mean there's no room for improvement, though. Additionally, in some cases, your videos might have a singular purpose, as is the case for a promotional video on a landing page. In this case, you contest the effectiveness of your video by looking at your sales before and after the video. From here, you can try tweaking elements of your video anything from the colors to the lengths to the music and so on, and you can see how this impacts on your sales. You can even use spit testing software to test two different versions of your page and see which one generates the most sales. You then keep the most successful version. This is the excellent thing about video marketing and really any kind of online marketing. If you keep learning on the job and you keep improving and tweaking a strategy, then eventually you'll drive your conversion rates up this way. You literally can't fail as long as you have enough time to keep trying 7. Conclusion: So there you have it. That's a rather in depth primer on getting started and succeeding with video marketing To recap. Here's what we've learned. Video marketing is really important. You can create very effective videos on a budget if you confined a good camera and cobble together a good environment. A few tricks, like a bedsheet and a desk lamp can go a long way to making your videos look more professional, speak slowly and edit into small chunks. Alternatively, with a little creativity, you can actually sidestep the need for high production values. Use a good piece of editing software. Yeah, something like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Outsource video openers, music and other elements. If possible, find the right platform to share your videos, and this is going to depend on the purpose of your video on the nature of your video. Don't forget social media and the synergy with your other marketing strategies. Consider using your videos in an advertising campaign, but only if you have the budget on the right business model. Perform Basic s CEO for YouTube account and videos. Partner with other you tubers to gain extra exposure. Use the basics of persuasive writing to make your videos highly effective and add calls to action, keep your videos short, monitor their effectiveness through YouTube and athletics and spit testing and last but by no means least keep trying and keep improving. Now that's a lot to take in. So don't worry. If you're currently feeling a little lost, just start out by identifying the kind of video that you want to begin with. You, maybe just on overview of your business, and then slowly go through the process of putting something together. You have to start somewhere on. The best way to learn is on the job. In no time you'll find your creating highly professional videos on generating a lot more sales and subscriptions. Congratulations, you just became a video marketer.