Video Marketing: Promote Your Brand Through YouTube

Montina Young Portis, Helping you convert passion into profits!

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18 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. The YouTube Journey

    • 3. Why Video Marketing is Important in Business

    • 4. Understanding the YouTube Channel

    • 5. How to Start a YouTube Channel

    • 6. How to Create a Slide Show Directly on YouTube

    • 7. How to Navigate the Video Manager

    • 8. How to Optimize the YouTube Channel

    • 9. How to Create an Animated Intro Video

    • 10. Sharing Your Story on YouTube

    • 11. Creating a Title that Ranks

    • 12. How to Build a Community

    • 13. How to Create a Playlist

    • 14. How to Embed a Video

    • 15. Time Limits

    • 16. How to Add an external annotation to YouTube videos

    • 17. How to Create a Viral Video and Gain Thousands of Views and Subscribers

    • 18. Conclusion


Project Description

Create a 3-5 minute marketing video

Introduction to Video Marketing

  1. Assess your favorite YouTube channels

    Review a few YouTube channels that you are subscribed to and take note of the "About" box.  Pay attention to what is shared in this area. 

How to Start a You Tube Channel & Increase Views & Traffic

  1. Create a YouTube channel background

    Create a YouTube channel background for your page.

  2. Create a channel intro

    Create an intro using Flixpress or another comparable site. Take a moment to explain why you chose that particular intro and what you want to convey. Share your intro and thoughts on your project page.

How to Create a Top Ranking Title with Google

  1. Review old videos

    If  you have old videos, go back and update the headlines so that they can be found in the search engines.

    Research videos that are similar in content then apply the best practices to your titles.

    Remember: Applying tags helps increase discoverability. 

How to Build Your YouTube Subscriber Base

  1. Build your community

    Build your channel's community by engaging your peers.

    Subscribe to 10 channels, like 10 videos and leave 10 comments for fellow YouTubers.  

  2. Create a video playlist

    Create three short videos that are under five minutes, add them to a playlist and share them on your social media platforms.


  1. Create a schedule

    Create a schedule and list ten topics for future videos. Commit to recording, editing and uploading at minimum, two videos  per month.

Additional Resources

  • Included are the lesson slides for future reference.

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