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Video Marketing | All you need to know | Video types | Editing Software | Distribution | Metrics

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Definition and benefits

    • 2. 10 different video types

    • 3. Video type examples

    • 4. How to get started with video marketing (10 steps)

    • 5. Where to distribute the video

    • 6. How to improve the SEO with videos

    • 7. Powerful video tips

    • 8. Which software to use for video editing (short overview)

    • 9. Tips on how to create a great thumbnail

    • 10. Video keyword research

    • 11. Important video metrics

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About This Class

Welcome to the Video Marketing course where you will learn how to develop your video strategy online.

We will cover different aspects of this area, take a look at different video types and their examples. Besides we will talk about the distribution, video SEO, important metrics, video keyword research, video editing software, thumbnails... Throughout the whole course, you will get many valuable tips to improve your online performance!

Video Marketing (lectures):

  1. Definition and benefits

  2. 10 different video types

  3. Video type examples

  4. How to get started with video marketing (10 steps)

  5. Where to distribute the video

  6. How to improve the SEO with videos

  7. Powerful video tips

  8. Which software to use for video editing (short overview)

  9. Tips on how to create a great thumbnail

  10. Video keyword research

  11. Important video metrics

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Definition and benefits: hi, everyone, and welcome to the scores where we're going to talk about the video marketing Before we start, I would just like to give you a quick disclaimer, a quick note that this won't be a technical video course. We won't be talking about proper aspects off a recording, a video song. I will give you some tips. I will even mention some tools and salt words that you can use to edit videos. But the accent won't be on recording the video now. I would like to give you a definition on the what video marketing is because we're going to talk about video marketing. Okay, so video marketing is this case is using a video to promote your service or product, basically using video as a medium to get to your audience, to provide him with valuable information to have a larger reach to rate, increase your brand awareness drive traffic and so on. There's a great line from Facebook engineering director who said that if a Nimitz is worth 1000 words, then the video is a library, and that is true to the point. So it's very important to understand the power off video because you can say a lot. You can show a lot in a very short time. And before I give you the benefits off video marketing, I would just like to tell you that video marketing is not something that you want to do only occasionally or periodically, and you want to do with often consistently. And that is really important. You want to invest some resource is time and money in tow the video marketing because it will give you a great return on investment. Now, when it comes to benefits of video marketing, the 1st 1 that the video helps you connect with your audience. Better video boost conversion rates. Simply putting the word video. We're including it in your email subject line Increases open rates Video is an ASIO goldmine, helping build back links to your side. Building likes and shares driving, traffic, etcetera, video. So boost information retention. For example, if your customers here something is only they're likely to retain that information better than just reading or something else. So if ah hearing is also confident, accompanied by relevant imaginary, so if it's ah video than the possibility off, retaining that information from the customer is even higher video. Also build Strauss paper. People are working to believe when they see something and and when they can also see a body language. If a person is speaking work or one can, when they can see a product, customers would prefer to watch a product video than to read the product description. I believe that it's easier for many people. Also, video influences buying decisions. So after watching video, customers are more likely to make a purchase for for the reasons that we mentioned previously. And finally, video encourages social shares of easy video can easily become viral and go all over the Internet. So those were just some of the benefits that I wanted to include in this first video. But we're definitely going deeper into the video marketing, and we'll cover a lot of different things, and they really hope that this scores will be helpful to you. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see in the falling videos 2. 10 different video types: Hi, everyone in this video, we're going to talk about the different videos types, and it's important to say that when it comes to video, there are many different types that you can choose from for your marketing strategy. Depending on your goal audience budget, etcetera, you can choose the proper video type in the following list. We will see then different video types, according Toa Hub Spot, but I will also spend some words to tell you about each one of them after you will see the examples for each type. So the first type that we're covering is demo. Video demo videos showcase how your product or service works. That can be taking viewers on a tour off your software, showing the tutorial, displaying how it can be used or even in boxing, and putting a physical product to the test. The next Brand Videos brand videos. Air typically created a supporter for larger advertising, campaign or marketing of being showcasing the company's high level vision, mission products, services, logo, values, culture, recognisable trademarks and so on. So, basically anything that you can imagine that is part off your brand. Sometimes brand videos are a great way to introduce yourself to the market. The goal off those videos is to build awareness around your company and two in tribute and attract to your target audience that the next our event videos. When there are some big events taking place, such as a conference, straight show, summit fundraiser and so on. The best strategy is doing an invent video producer highlight release, interesting interviews with the participants and presentations from the God gatherings and so on. Moreover, you can record the event place or include the footage is from the previous year's. If you had events before and showcase how you'll event will look like next expert interviews, doing interviews with some experts, influencers or thought leaders in your industry is a great way to build trust and authority with your target audience. Moreover, you can get some really valuable information and pass it down to your customer. You make sure to find the influencers in your industry whether they share your point of view or not, get the discussions in front of your audience and also asked for their opinions. So that is really the power off this type of video educational or how to videos. So how to educational or sometimes called instructional videos can be used to teach your audience something new, or will the foundational knowledge they'll need to better understand your business and the solutions that you're offering depending on what you do is a business. Instructional videos can also be used by your sales or client support teams as they work with the customers. These videos may be seen the same as Daemon videos, so you might get confused there. But fundamentally, there is a difference. Explainer videos Our next, the type on the list. This type of video is used to help your audience to better understand why they need your product or service. Many explainer videos focus on some fictional journey off the company's core buyer persona with struggling with a certain problem and seeking for a certain solution. This person overcomes this issue by adopting or buying the business solution, so that is the main point of this type of video. Again explain. Their videos are sometimes thought to be the same as how to or instructional videos that we talked about previously. But there is a difference again because the accent here should be on showing up the benefits pros advantages off using the product or service, not specifically how it works. Number seven. Animated videos Animated videos can be a great former for hard to comprehend concept that needs strong visuals or to explain an abstract service or product to usually when the topic is complicated, to understand or when there's a lot of things that need to be shown or told in a very short time, animation is the right choice. Besides, animations are usually very expensive, and they a long time to prepare. If we talk about a detailed animation and furthermore, it to make it takes special software skills to create a good animation. So keep that in mind, and they usually you will need to spend more. You will need to spend more. Resource is when it comes to animation. Whether that's time or money. Number eight Gay study and the customer testimonial videos to your prospects want to know that your product can solve their specific problems so they can that your product or service can solve their problems and issues they're facing at the moment. One of the best ways to prove this is by creating case study videos that feature you're satisfied and loyal customers hold early, went on that journey. Get them on camera describing their challenges and how company helped solve them, how they overcome their issues and so on. Usually, when it comes to the testimonials, you want to include the ones from different the audience. So considered different type of audience, such a gender location application that your product would use for and so on. Number nine Live videos, live videos Give your viewers a special behind the scenes look at your company. It also draws longer streams and higher engagement rates. Besides, live videos make the experience look very natural and realistic, which in turn can spike some positive emotions with the audience. You can live stream interviews, presentations, events, etcetera and encourage viewers to comment with questions so they can also engage the last type on our waste stream 160 virtual reality videos. So with 360 videos, viewers scroll around to see the content from every angle. A ziff, they were physically standing with the content that can be product, but most often letters are some kind of a place, so this very convenient style allows viewers to experience location or event from all angles from two to have the whole perspective in mind, and that can also be great with the products. Virtual reality videos allow viewers to navigate and control their experience. Keep in mind also that very often you will need to have some special options within your video platform to showcase this video's because there are different informant. So those were 10 different and most common types of video content. In the following video. I prepared some examples so you can comprehend this topic completely. And keep in mind that the next lesson next in the next video will we a bit longer S O for that reason, because some videos take up to a minute and 1/2 or two minutes. But be free to skip any. If you're familiar with these types and continue further with the course. Thank you for watching and see you there 3. Video type examples: adrenaline is extremely, extremely high. I have not expected we will get to the main stage. So this was a really wonderful surprise. There were 15,000 people there on the opening night. I was really nervous, but it was really just an amazing platform. Teoh spread the word. It's just been amazing. It's It's the mixed off the people that has really impressed me. The diversity of it all people from all over the world passion the energy. This is a conference where the talking points for the next year are coming out about what we're gonna be discussing in terms of the emerging trends and new technologies that are going to totally transform our social, political cultural life. Mental hours was very rewarding. I'm privileged to have had a particular trajectory and it's very helpful to find other people who are where I waas three years ago and make new relations to help other people go their careers coming here, I feel empowered knowing where the future is going. I just think conferences like Web Summit are this unique opportunity to be inspired, motivated and reinvigorate. It was very important for us to be here because we have had conversations with investors, but also to attract top talent. To really show what we can do and to discuss to network, to interact, to collaborate. You have amazing speakers. You have great workshops. It's spectacular. So one of the myths that out there is that older adults actually need less sleep than middle aged adults or young adults. It turns out not to be true. It actually is a myth. Older adults need Justus much sleep as they do in the seventies as they did when they were in their forties. The problem is that it's simply older. Adults cannot generate the sleep that they still necessarily need. So the analogy would be like saying, Well, older adults have weaker bones as they get older. Andi, therefore, old riddles just need less strong bones, and that's not true. We accept that it's a problem, and we treat it with supplements such as calcium. We need to do the same thing and have the same mentality approach. When it comes toe old riddled sleep. We need to help them with asleep, think about strategic ways to improve their sleep because they still need that sleep. In fact, we know that sleep is one of the most protective lifestyle factors that determines your dementia and Alzheimer's disease risk as well. So for all of these reasons, we need to let go of the the myth. And it truly is a myth that older adults simply need less sleep. They don't. They need Justus much sleep they just can't physically generated as the brain starts to deteriorate. So we need to find ways to supplement it. So how could we actually supplement the sleep of older adults? Well, one thing that we're developing at my Sleep Center at the University of California, Berkeley, is something called direct current brain stimulation. Now it sounds like the stuff of science fiction. It's actually science. Fact. You apply some electrode pants to the head, and you insert a small amount of voltage into the brain so small that you typically don't feel it. But it has a measurable impact on what we're trying to do is essentially sing in time with those deep sleep brain waves that are diminished in aging, almost like a acquire toe, a flagging lead vocalist on. By amplifying the size of those deep sleep brainwaves, we hope to try and salvage aspects of learning and memory function that sleep support in older adults on those with dementia. That's one of my real hopes now, and it's one of the Moonshot goals that we have. Hi, my name is failing on my work. Is interior design a Kia? I want to show you some tips on how you can maximize storage. Even in smaller homes, you can make space uniquely store everyone's things in places you didn't even think up, Akira over the workspace for over the bed. We combine two stories solutions here to make use for the whole wall space. Here, for example, we used Restore Solution and Pax wardrobe clothes. When you plan a wardrobe, make sure to store the right things in the right place. 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The new McDonald's APP tap for Happiness download Today I'm not just talking about the business from a German operations perspective, but from the employee level. How they function, what what are their interests and how do they interact best getting to know how, how the dynamics of the team interact on a collaborative level. And then how the operations, What's the goal? What's the mission? What keeps a business up at night? She truly touch. It touches every facet of that to see how she comes in and build a level of trust with my partners, the employees she dives in. She'll do the work. She's work side by side with everyone, and the level of trust that she builds along the way is something that you really have to experience to appreciate. I feel like using generic terms like trustworthy and integrity. There's air so generic, but they're so true to her. They're not words that I would just throw out there in a general form. They really do capture her 4. How to get started with video marketing (10 steps): Hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about how to get started with video marketing, and we're going to introduce this process in 10 easy steps. The step number one. Determine your objectives. The first step in creating your video strategy is outlining your video goals and what you want to achieve. According to lemon Light. You want to create a video for every stage of the marketing funnel. Initially, you'll have to decide which stage is the most important to target. Here we distinguish the three most important stages. The 1st 1 being awareness videos in this state should attract users and introduce your brand to a new audience. The second stage is consideration in this stage that you were is considering how to solve the problem they're faced with here. You also want to give all the necessary information that the viewer might need to make a decision later, and the third stage is decision. This is a stage where you need to present your prospect with proof of customer satisfaction and prove wire product or service should be chosen over your competitors. So you may wonder how to determine which stage to target out of this tree will hear some help. If you want to attract new customers to your bread or introduce something new, you'll want to create an awareness stage, a video that is the first stage. If you want to engage your audience and give them some valuable information on your products or services, you should aim for the consideration stage video. And finally, if you're close to closing the sale or deer with the client, you'll want to create a decision stage video that that was the step number one. The step number two is to choose your target audience. This is also crucial Step. If you create a video without a specific audience in mind, it's much more likely to be a flop. Those who are meant to watch it warned, and those who do watch it. One convert, because they're not the target audience. The key is to develop your buyers persona, and here I'm going to give you. You probably know what by person is, but I'm just going to give you a definition to be sure. Ah, buyer personas a semi fictional representation off your ideal customer or client based on market research and related about your existing customer. So it's like a buyer. Persona is basically keeping in mind and showing what are the essential characteristics off your ideal customer step number three. Plan your video marketing budget Based on your budget, you will be able to know how much you can spend in which stage of the video production and in general, what are your available resource is. This can also help you to determine which video type to choose. Step number four. Decide where to publish your video. Although you probably published your video on multiple places, it is also important to determine the order scheduling timing. Besides, video dimensions and length play an important role. The platform you choose will largely depend on your target audience and your video marketing goals. We'll talk about the distribution, the falling videos, but this is also very important. Step to know. Where do you want to publish your video and at which time? Step number five. Choose the video type and come up with the video idea. This is one of the key steps as well, since there in a lot off videos online, you need to choose how you want to differentiate yourself. How will you present the desired information and what suits your brand. Even after you have chosen the video type, you need to come up with a lot of ideas on how to send out the message. In the best possible way, Step Number six prepared the content of script. No matter which way you choose to present the information in your video and which video type pitches you need to do the preparation, it's best to storyboard or script your video to ensure it turns out the way you hope script will help you to be fluent include everything you plan and do it in the shortest time possible, which is a very, very important factor when it comes to videos. Moreover, you might be in a situation to have a lot of different content to choose from, so you want to focus on the right one. Maybe you would need to do a split testing or on some experiments beforehand and then continue with the following steps. Okay, step number seven is to record the video, so finally, it's the moment where you need to record the video. Everything that you prepared so far, we want dive into technical details but you need to make sure to prepare a good lighting, proper camera and all the equipment. Besides that, there should be no, there shouldn't be any distractions, and you should take into account that you might need to crop or adjust your video for different platforms. Okay, but that is, and more often there anything part which we're going to talk about in the step Number eight . So added the video. There are many software and online tools to use for editing videos. Depending on what you need, we'll talk about some good programs and tools further into the course. Your goal here in this step is to run through the footage and narrow it down to the very best clips. Ideally, you want to add some effects, text or filters to improve the video step. Number nine is to publish the videos to publish your video throughout the previously chosen distribution channels and in the right time, as we mentioned earlier. Don't forget to adjust the video for different platforms and to promote it afterwards. And finally, step Number 10 is to track the metrics all the humane thing that your job is done with these nine steps don't forget to track the metrics and see the performance. Even if you see that something is wrong, you don't have to really write worry right away. Maybe just a simple at it or changes needed to boost the performance. Metrics will basically tell you this that how successfully you implemented the previous nine steps, However, we will talk about the Video Metrix also further in the course. Thank you for watching and I hope to see in the falling videos. 5. Where to distribute the video: hi, everyone In this video, I would like to focus a bit on the distribution off your video content, so distributing your video in the right channel is essential for your video marketing success. Every distribution channel has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pros and cons. But using the right balance of the more can propel your video to new heights and can spread the AN. Increase your Brandon bareness and even convert users at every stage off your marketing. Faneuil. So first, I would like to talk about your website or block. Putting Web videos on your website will help to improve your sights. Ranking on Serge Engine. It also increases the amount of time people spend on the page, which is an important factor when it comes to the issue. Just remember that search engines like Google, I cannot understand what's happening inside of the video. Not yet. So if you want to. If you want your post to show up in surges, you have to add some descriptions. Okay, so if you put the video on the blank page, it won't rank well. But if you surround it with a bunch of information and you include titles and key phrases and description. Then you will get some results. One more advantage of hosting a video on your website is that you can exclude unwanted ads pushed by host platforms and the video distractions from other publishers that you will find on other platforms. The next distribution channel. I would like to focus on this email as a direct line of communication where you can embed your video in any news later e mail, automatic email, promotional, email and so on. This is a very powerful method, especially for converting your potential customers Inter Viers. Because in that case, if somebody opens your email and is reading something, that means they're probably very likely to take some action. And the pope and including a video there will will definitely help a lot. The next channel is social media. You want to make sure that you're promoting your video bunch of times on all your social media channels, including your Facebook page. Instead, around Twitter lengthen and any other pages that you have video generates more shares than lengths and images combined. That is really important. No, so video is a very a powerful medium, so that is required to reach a large audience. Just like organic post. When we talk about social media based social media, Post can spread your content very faras Well. PayPal's, however, allow you to target the exact type of person you want watching your at, and that is even better in some situation. Be sure to take some time to do research and find some group on social media channels that gather the target audience audience you're aiming for so that this is, Ah, free promotion, I would say, but it takes a lot of time. You need to search for certain groups that where your target audience is building a community. And this works great because there are potential customers that are interested in what you have to say, and that increases the chances off your video being liked, commented or share. Finally, I would like to talk about the YouTube, although we consider it to be a social media. I have excluded it from the social media group here only because I want to emphasize that more one off the first places you want to upload your video content is definitely YouTube. Your goal should be to use your YouTube channel to gain attention to drive attention and then put place those and the directors viewers back to your website once day. Once they're there, they can consume more off your brand content, free from distraction off other YouTube videos. That is the advantage I mentioned earlier off. Who's think a video on your website as a bonus. Once they're back on your website, you will be able to track their behavior with more video engagement data, and you will be able to capture them. I would like to say that although YouTube is the powerhouse off video marketing channels currently at the moment, it is not the only option out there. Alternatives RV MOE Platform, whose clean interface means there is little to distract viewers from your content and daily motion that provides the same video categories, is YouTube but is more popular with European audience than Americans. So if you're aiming for your European market and two European viewers, then you can consider daily motion as well. Finally, keep in mind that the different networks and sites will suggest different video dimensions , different formats. For example, Instagram recommences square format landscape for month is of course, suitable for you to linguine pretty much as well. And on Facebook, it depends on whether you're aiming for the desktop or mobile audience if you're aiming for the desktop audience than the landscape for months once again. But if you're aiming for the mobile audience, they would probably prefer it would be better to have a square four months or deported one . So that is important to take into account when you're filming your video and also when you're editing it, thank you once again for watching this class. I hope that you now know where you can publish your video content and that you will implement these steps successfully, Thank you once again and see you in the falling videos. 6. How to improve the SEO with videos: Welcome back, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about how to improve your ASIO with videos as CEO stands for search engine optimization. We talked about it in other classes. However, it's important here to mention the hero that videos play in improving over as your ranking search algorithms are currently increasingly prioritizing webpages. Video sites with video content perform much better than sites without it. And that's why I find it really important to mention these six steps on what you can do to improve your over Naseer ranking when you have some video content. Number one include videos on your website. Don't just put your videos on YouTube or social media pages such as Facebook. Instagram Lincoln used the videos on the other relevant pages. If you publish a block post about your product, include the video if you have one. If you have a review page on your website, include a customer testimonial video there to keep in mind that if you already have some video content included also on your website, you just you don't need just to leave it for the U two. The tip number two is to embed your video around quality content. Posting a video on a blank page unfortunately, will not do much for your ASIO. You need to make sure to embed your video on the page, which is full of relevant and information content. Be sure the content relates to your video. So sometimes they say, even posting the video transcript transcript can help. Ah, lot, too. But in this case, it's very important that you surround your video with a quality content and the relevant one. Number three at a good video Tom Nail another element that your viewers will first. No, this off course, aside from the title or some description, is your video Tom. They'll use the term little that would best represent your video that would summarize your video topic in one image, and we will also cover the topic off thumbnails as well. Be consistent and post video content. Often, that is the tip number four. The more often you posed engaging videos, the better it made. Maybe it's not realistic to post videos daily or weekly. The Pentagon you re sources, but you should dedicate some resources to video creation. Even overlaying text on a piece of stock footage is or some images or creating a slideshow . So basically bunching up ah, lot off images into a video can bring more visitors from organic search. Then number five is to make sure to include the details. So as you is about half quality content and have technical details when it comes to video, there's no exception when you post your video on your side. You shouldn't forget to add those technical details that it may that will make that visible that the video content visible two crore indexing your site. Such a Steidl description, tags, colt elections and so on. All of those things are really, really important. Most video hosting platforms will let you edit these items. Even so, even if you're posting your video on some other platforms, you will be able to add those things. But if you're all supporting it on your website, don't forget to include them. And finally, step number six is that video should be the focus off the page to your website should not display the videos, which are hidden course somewhere below. To users have to scroll a lot until they find the video. This naturally leads to low place and too low place and the watch rates and so on. Such crawlers will also probably have a hard time toe index ahead in the video. So and then your metrics will be bad and someone so keep in mind that the video should be the focus off the page. It should be clearly visible, and it should be really there to to stress out the relevant content. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope to see in the falling ones. 7. Powerful video tips: Hello. Once again, everyone in this video, I would like to give you some general tips to have in mind when preparing and recording a video. These steps will help you to elevate your video marketing performance. The first step would be to focus on the story, not the sale. The focus in your video should not be that to pro actively promote products or services. Instead, it should be to center your video around a story, take time to research your customer, wants needs and desires, and aim for that. The next step is to deliver in the 1st 10 seconds. That means that you really don't have a lot of time before your uber's move on to something else online. Try to include the most intrigue Ewing content. At the beginning, you have a really short period of time, a short window to get to the point across and convince viewers that your video is worth watching starter video with crabbing their attention than immediately. Conway five. Yours should keep watching your video the next one carefully choose the music and volume. Just as important as your visual effects are also your audio facts sound mixing dialogue, generation and music all come together to create the audio that's hurt when your video is watched. Be sure to stall your music with the footage and any graphics there are. Moreover, be careful not to increase the volume too high. Otherwise the narration will not be hurt properly. The following tip is to optimize your video for ASIO. We talked about it, but there are plenty of tactics you can use to ensure your video gets found it easier in the search engine. As I said once again, we covered that in this course already, so I won't talk about that again into details. But it's important toe. Implement those steps if you want to increase your organic, rich and Web site traffic. Also, when it comes to video for us, you know description, titles, tags etcetera are very important because they allow Google search crawler to make sense off your video and understand what the content entails. Finally, the last thing I want to give you is to use captions and possibly legis for the language in which the video is but also try to use it for any other relevant language, depending on your audience. So that is important because not everyone would be able to watch your video with full sound and no technical issues or perfect comprehension. That is why it's very important to include captions when some platforms, such as Facebook and INSTAGRAM videos are watched more without the sound than with the sound. So in that case, captions are basically must have okay, so keep in mind that sometimes people will have hard time hearing what you're saying, and that's why caption should be included. If not originally the video, then you should make sure to include the transcript or include the captions within the options. You have that new tube toe added them. But basically, in any other video platforms, you will have the option to add it. Those captions. Thank you. Once again, I hope that you will find these tips to be useful. 8. Which software to use for video editing (short overview): Hi, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about the software that you can use to edit your video. So so far we have talked about the processes. But now it comes a time when you need to edit your video when you have the footage when you have the material, but you need to prepare it for the publish mint. Okay. And here, I must say, before I start talking about different tools and software that it really depends. And there is no simple or straight the recommendation on what to use. So whether you're seeking for something that is for your paid online or downloadable, whether you just need few options or you need a lot off features to go into details, whether you want to add some special graphics, animations, transitions where you just want to crop and crop your video and insert some text overland so on. All of those factors are very important in order to choose which softer, which told to use. Okay, so here in this video, I prepared a list that I'm going to give a common on each and every off that tool or program that I want to mention keep in mind that we will include free Fritos, even the ones with free trials even paid once online, don vulnerable once, so you will see a lot of different tools. You will have a list of them so you can check them personally and choose the one that suits your best. Okay, so the 1st 1 on the list is Adobe Premiere Pro, and it's one of the best, if not the best video editor available right now. When it comes to Adobe after effects is more complicated and requires a deep understanding off how to use it. But basically, if you were trying to go deeper into video editing, then Premier Pro or after effects, If you're knowledgeable, will be a great toe case. But they're very, very complicated in certain situations, at least aftereffect, so you should be careful. The next one is Final Counter Parole, definitely the best video editing software for Mac Vegas Pro. Also great editing software with a lot of powerful features, film or a pro. It's interface should make it easy to get started with, and there are built in titles, effects and filters. Light Works, one of the best free video editing Salter for Windows 10. In the free version, you get nearly all the features shot Got very good. Salter If you don't need a lot of complexity, this video editor supports a wide range of video formats and boasts a great collection of tutorial videos. The venture is all one of the most advanced video editors. It has many professional video features. Avidan looks one of the best video editing software for beginners, as the interface is very simple to use. Apple II movie The classic pre video editing software. If you're using Mac, you will have it for sure. And the V S. D. C. Free video editor. Free video editing software only available on the windows. So here, the last two option that I gave you was mostly the comparison between Mac and Windows. If you're using one or other platform, okay, and when it comes to some online free video editors, clip Champ Video and Maggie STO regarding all of them, their user interface is a simple as it can be. While offering all essential editing options you can expect from a mortar video maker and the online video editors for great. If you just need few things just to crop at it at something and so on. So in that case, I'll sometimes your online editors. But if you're rendering something big, if you need something to prepare, if you have a lot of videos, then I would I would recommend some of the programs and doors we talked about previously. And when it comes to online animations, there are similar and free animation tools, such as any maker are Row Shores and Pol Tune that they have some limitations in terms, off export or character access. But you can make some basic eye catching animation, but using these tools, so those would be some off the recommendations of the tools that you can use. As I said, some of them are free. Some include only a free trial summer paid, but that they will definitely suit your needs depending on what you need. And I would recommend for you to check them to go to each one of them, see how they work, even take a look at some maybe YouTube tutorial to see how they hardware interface looks like, and then make a decision on what you need. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see in the falling videos 9. Tips on how to create a great thumbnail: Welcome back, everyone in this video, I would like to talk a bit about thumbnails. We won't dive very deep into this. Stop it because I personally believe that the special course can be majors for thumbnails. But I would like to give you some tips and advice on how to improve your thumbnails. For those of you who don't know, Tom Male is basically that image that you see when you're surgery on line and run into some videos. So, Tom, they'll should summarize the video topping the content that you're you included in your video. White male is so important. Well, sometimes that's the only factor that the viewer will see before deciding whether to click when you're video. So title and thumbnail are the most important factor in that case. That's why you want to make a Tamil that will stand out, and that will be, um, eye catching. Okay, so here I prepare some tips on how to effectively creator thumbnails, and the symptoms would be that showing strong emotions can be beneficial. People tend to feel emotionally connected when they see emotions being displayed. Also go for the images that are clear even when they're cropped in small sizes. So keep in mind that sometimes you will have to display videos on the mobile phone or something like that, and then at that time there needs to be visible also in small sizes. Okay, it shouldn't be blueberry or it shouldn't be invisible. Effective thumbnails display a recognizable, consistent style that is also very true. And if you go to any YouTube channel off, some influencers who published the video is regularly. You will see that they have a consistent designs dollar when it comes to Tom Mail that is recognisable across different platforms. Okay, next step is to adjust the contrast and brightness off the image to make it highly attractive and eye catching. Also used bride backgrounds so that your marketing video stands out from others and finally choose colors vice. The complementary colors work well. They stand out against each other and therefore the grab people's attention. So those were just some off the tips and advice on how to create a powerful town nail. As they said, this is really important, and you can take a look that on different platforms, publishers are on devoting special time and even sometimes outsourcing that process off, creating Tom Nail so it can be attractive and it can get more clicks and drive more traffic . Thank you for watching, and I hope to see in the falling videos. 10. Video keyword research: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this video where we're going to talk about video keyword research. And, as you know, keyword research is essential to any part of the digital marketing strategy, so video marketing is no exception. It's very important to optimize your content for certain keywords because you want to show your content of the relevant audience and to the audience that is seeking for some information. Okay, and when it comes to this topic, I won't spend a lot of words here. I also find this topic to be very large, and we can devote special course to it. And I also included this topic, and I talked about keywords when we were covering the Google eyes. So if you're interesting to hear more about that and keywords in general and the research you can do on them, you can go to Google and scores and take a look there. But when it comes to video keyword research, there are some tools that you can use in order to see what is, um, on trending when it comes to video, what are people searching for and so on? So here I'm going to give you a few of the techniques, methods or tools. The 1st 1 is Kieber tool that I owe for YouTube, and it's important to make sure to check were just the search for YouTube videos or to take a look at the insights relevant to YouTube results. Okay, RS keyword Explorer does the same thing, and you should also go there. So also be sure. I mean those Air General Keywords Explorer tools. But you can also optimize your search only for YouTube so you can see the insights for videos with I. Q. Is an extension that you can add to your YouTube and your home, and then you can see which video inside surrender one for you, you to bow to suggest eso. Basically, you can go to YouTube type any keywords into the search box, and you should see a drop down that these suggestions are based on the relevant queries. People have previously surgeon YouTube, and they're a great source of inspiration for video. So basically, you can go to YouTube. You can start typing something, and you will see the out to suggest option to, uh, that that will and your query. And based on that, you can find some ideas, and those queries, which are there means that are very popular in search. Otherwise, you two wouldn't recommend them. Finally, besides thes Google, keyword planner and uber suggests, are also great ALS. But they give broader insides. They're just video cured. So that's why I included them in the end. And I hope that you find these tools, methods, techniques, extensions to be useful. They could look at them. There are very different. So based on what you need, you can choose one of them were several of them, and I believe they will help you to definitely optimize your content for your target audience. Thank you for watching and I hope to see in the falling videos. 11. Important video metrics: Hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about the important video metrics, and if you followed my other classes before, you can probably sensed that I always give a lot off accent on the metrics. And video marketing is no different when it comes to that. Now we're going to cover some popular metric that you want to take into account. Once you publish your video, the 1st 1 is a view count view count is the number off Thomas. Your video has been viewed, also referred to as reach. This metric is very essential and great to track. If your goal is to creep to increase brand awareness and have your content seen as many people as possible, However, it's important to remember that every video hosting platform measures a view differently. Okay, for example, of you and YouTube is considered only when there is a 30 seconds off video watched on Facebook. It's only three seconds, so keep in mind, the different platforms might have different definitions on what they count As a view count . The next metric is watch time. Watch Time is also one of the essential metrics is the total off a total amount of time viewers have spent watching your video. It measures how long your viewers engage with your video as well. YouTube caused this metric estimated total minutes spent viewing your content. While fails, Facebook causes minutes watch again different by Parents World. They find it differently. Play rate is the next metric. It is the percentage of people who played your video divided by the number off impressions it receipts. So basically, how many of those people who view that video clicked on the play button? This metric is a good measure of how relevant your video continous and how successful it is enticing. Is it that enticing visitors to watch? Okay, so good thumbnail will probably do a lot of work here if thousands of people see your video . But only a handful of people play. It's probably come to optimize your content to change it, or maybe to change the thumbnail or title or description. The next metric is social sharing and comments or engagement. Social shares and comments are good indicators off how relevant your content is with your target audience. Social sharing shows how much people are sharing your video content, usually measured by numbers of shares across different social channels. Keep in mind that this metric is maybe not so specific, and it's probably differently defined in different social media networks and has different backgrounds. But anyway, I just hope that you understand the point of it. The next metrics completion rate. So it is the number of people who completed your video divided by the number of people who played it. If you have a lot, if you have a lot locum politician rate, that might be a sign that your video content is not going well with your audience. That means that probably there clicking on the video to play. But simply the video is not interesting enough. Maybe it's not relevant to them, and they're not finishing it. Maybe it's too long and so on. Click through rate is the number of times your call to action is clicked, divided by the number of times it's viewed. So click through rate measures how well your video encourages viewers to take a desired action. If you're clicked, a rate is low. You should consider adding some cold direction. The buttons aside, we're in the video or personally giving that call to action message in the video. Okay. And the finally conversion rate conversion rate is the number of times visitors completed your desired action divided by the number off clicks on your call to action bottom conversion rate measures how well your video pursued. It appears to convert in tow elite or a customer. That was it regarding the metrics. I mean, there there are a lot of metrics, not just thes ones, but these air. The ones that I chose to mention here and that I find to be the most relevant want Thank you for watching and soon the falling with use.