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Video Making for Beginners

teacher avatar Rameez Qaiser

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. A Brief Introduction to the Class

    • 2. Course Structure and Things to Remember

    • 3. Things that you Need to Create a Successful Video

    • 4. Prerequisites to Course making

    • 5. How to Add Titles, Tags, and Descriptions?

    • 6. Benefits of Video

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About This Class

Hi, my name is Rameez and I help people create online courses.
This class is a primer for my next class in which I will go in-depth into "the importance of video making" and "online teaching"
You can share this with people who might like this kind of teaching method.

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1. A Brief Introduction to the Class: Hello and welcome to my Skillshare class. I'll be your instructor. And I'm happy to have you as a viewer and I hope that you learned something significant that has some value for you. So let's begin. I'd been content writing and I'm a content writer for over 10 years. And I'm also teaching on other platforms. I've checked over 900 thousand words on grammarly and I write a lot. Hi, my name is Rami scarcer, and I'll be your instructor for this class. This class is about goals making and how you can make better courses for yourself. I'll be sharing my exact method, how I make courses, and I'll also share my course. Making business advice then will govern how to write eye-catching titles and descriptions. And I can also teach you a bit about making attractive thumbnails. Then the next lecture will be about how to handle course feedback. And I'll also share a few steps that can help you in your course making journey. Then finally, we will talk a little bit about self-management because that is also very important when we talk about goals. Making, this lecture is about how to make a course for any platform. There are a few popular platforms like Skillshare, and you can also upload your videos on YouTube and sell those lectures. The first step is to create an outline for your course. You'll have to use various resources like research papers, eBooks are the articles on the Internet. And I'll also add a few websites that you can visit. And these websites can also provide you with the relevant material. Will have to ensure that you do not copy the course material. It doesn't matter. All the material that you accumulate, you will have to analyze it and write it in your own words. Secondly, you will have to systematically bifurcate and choose a section that you want to talk about. Now you have to gather all the material that is relevant to that topic and you have to create a lecture. Your lecture will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. 2. Course Structure and Things to Remember: I'll add all the websites that you can use. You will find all these websites in the resource section. While you are presenting, you have to keep in mind that your course is engaging and you have to directly look into the camera. It is your responsibility to ensure that the student is well on the way to his self-development, it is important that you give you a 100 percent and that the student learns something that he doesn't already know. You have to establish your credibility by adding a few things. You are an expert in. In the beginning of the lectures, you will have to systematically break down the reasons why people might want to enroll in your course. Once you do that, then it would become easier for you to understand the questions that might pop up in your student's mind. Now all you need to do is to create a few lectures around it and you have to try your level best to solve that problem. The gear is not important. Many people upload their courses. After recording it on their cell phones. You might want to see your camera angles, the lighting, and make sure that the room is well. I've already given you the best business advice and that is to add value. This section will take care of your thumbnails, titles and descriptions. Thumbnails and titles are the most important touchpoint. It must be disruptive. For example, if a resource or a potential student lands on your page, then it's important that your thumbnail grabs his attention and make them read the title and the description. This is the entire job of a good thumbnail to lead your resource to your title. And the job of your title is to lead your resource to your description. You'll also have to learn a bit about copywriting. You might want to apply a few principles of copyrighting while writing your description. Because Ada or Aida principle is something that you need to keep an eye on, especially when designing your titles and descriptions. And I'll also add two websites that can help you design better titles. It is important that you do not copy paste the course description of other similar courses that would really affect your SEO. And that can really appreciate the effort that you're putting into making that course. The final section is about how to handle course feedback. And the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to be courteous. Even if someone leaves a negative comment, sometimes are disgruntled customer would leave a negative comment under your course. And you know that this course feedback and cause you a lot of harm. So it is important to reply to that negative comment in a courteous manner. So this was a short course on online course making are really like to thank you for listening and take care and have a nice day. 3. Things that you Need to Create a Successful Video: Hello and welcome back to another video. The topic of this video is things that you need to make a successful YouTube video. I can talk on this topic because I've been making videos for over two years. I'll also try and add the first video that I made. I've learned a lot during these two years. I'll be giving nine important steps that you can follow to make those perfect, you do videos for yourself. So let's begin. The first step is to have a YouTube video strategy in my PowerPoint presentation. That is to follow, I'll add a sample video strategy that you can apply to make perfect videos for yourself. You also need to explore various thoughts, ideas, and topics. I'll also talk about the equipment that you will need. Which video should you make instructional or how to bring more refinement to your video recording setup. And the final four points are record your deck. Stop for adding it to your comment. You need to learn how to edit your videos. Then you need to upload your video on YouTube. And finally, you need to optimize the video for YouTube and your audience. So now let's go to the PowerPoint presentation. So welcome to the PowerPoint presentation. And as you know, the topic of this presentation has learned Widow Meghan for you do for beginners, be the change you want to see in the world, things that you need to make a successful YouTube video. Now let's have a brief look at a sample. You do video strategy. So the first thing is to create a YouTube channel for business. Learn about your audience, research your competition. What kind of channel and videos are there making learned from your favorite channels, optimize your videos to get views. This is just a sample strategy. You're going to upload and schedule your videos, optimize your channel to attract followers and try YouTube advertising. You need to select a topic, idea and thoughts. These topics can be trending topics trending. Now, I would suggest that you talk about a topic that you prefer talking about. And then you must ensure that you have the proper equipment. For example, a camera, a tripod, and a smile on your face. And then you need to see if you're making instructional videos or how to videos and what kind of a presentation are you supposed to prepare for, then you have to fine tune everything to your liking and convenience. You also need to know how to record yourself and your screen. You also need to learn editing. Then you have to upload your video on YouTube and you just have to click this button and you have to optimize your videos. For example, if anyone searches for morning yoga than your video should pop up, it must have a nice thumbnail, a good title, and you must tell more about the video in the description area, had all the tags, and justify your video. Once again, thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next. Take it and have a nice day. 4. Prerequisites to Course making: The first thing is that you need to have some form of formal education or you need to know how to make presentations. For example, in your MBA, you are taught how to give presentations. You'll have to give these presentations to clients and your organization. So technically you have to give presentations. That is the first step. You need to be comfortable while giving presentations. Now you'll have to learn about communication skills, how we go about our research on a given topic. We have to see what works for you. You have to learn how it will give a proper presentation. Once you do that, you have to go three in front of a camera. This camera is not your enemy. The viewer who is watching this video is not your enemy. The gambler does not have arms and legs. And if you say something wrong, you're going to always editor. You can guard the bars out where you funded or say something that is not appropriate or relevant to the script. Upload quality guard him for an example of Lord videos that are dang good, 15 minutes long, that daily practice you to make longer Udemy courses. Start off by making a minute long videos, then shift u3 minutes and four minutes and five minutes and so on. Photo giant leap, you like to start off with your baby steps. Once your desired there you want to create a Udemy goes, then I would highly recommend that you contact Udemy support pilots who saw a lecture on Udemy there go seven hours long. Some people who will also be Jue, how omega bores in food is what I would suggest that Mega Course slowly and steadily as if in a natural progression. Or maybe you need to have a bland and waterboarding. Do that. Who need to set a goal for your says, I need to compute this goes by the end of two months or three months. One last thing that I would like to add, if you are putting in music, then you have to even it out according to your voice. Sometimes the music gets louder than your voice and that, that really irritates the audience. I experienced the highest drove over a chosen one of my lectures with the music is loud. I would suggest there don't aren't any music because some people don't like it simply because some people don't study by playing music. So they're concentrating and they don't like music in-between the lectures. 5. How to Add Titles, Tags, and Descriptions?: Dad's, I'll also talk about descriptions. So let's begin. Tags must be relevant to what you say in your videos. For example, if your keyword is art, then your tags can be paintings are dogs. Because so art in Asia, our district work artsy going sketching the tags have to be the element. You can not add any relevant tag like FIFA soccer football World Cup, etc. One thing that you can do is misspell one or two keywords, misspell one or two tags. Sometimes people misspell words while typing. If they do that, then your video will pop up. You can also search for keywords in the Google search bar and the YouTube search bar. The surge was, give you a few examples of what people are searching for it. Once you type in a keyword on Google, there is a small space where Google also suggests that people are also searching for these keywords. That is also a good place to start. Let us now talk a bit about my descriptions, how I write them, and what's so special about them. Once you type in the keyword that you have selected, for example, art in this case. And then you need to copy a few sentences from the first result that pops up. Always remember to paraphrase the information that is displayed in that article and add that to your description. It is as simple as that. This is one way to come up with fresh and new title tags and description. 6. Benefits of Video: Hello and welcome back to another video. This video is about video making and videography. I'll be discussing some of the benefits of video making in 2021. So let's begin. The first and foremost financial benefit of video making is you can use it as a tool for marketing. The second benefit is it is the most comprehensive form of visual communication. The third benefit is you can use it for making courses. And when I talk about mega doses, then the orientation of a new employee also comes under this umbrella. And overall, it's an empowering feeling and more intelligent. I'll explain what I mean by that. A person who makes videos is more intelligent than a person who does not. What other benefits or videography and video making. Obviously, when you come in front of a camera, then you have to face the camera directly with a video format. You are available for numerous opportunities. With a video format, you do not have to send your written CV or resume. This can help the recruiters somehow it creates a sense of digital belongingness. There are numerous other benefits. Finally, it is one of the most perfect forms of communication. And I know some of you might disagree, and you have to systematically utilize this medium for your advantage or benefit. The most successful people have only one grade and data is good communication skills. So I would suggest that if you have low communication skills, then you can start making videos and that can really help improve. So I'll see you in the next. And have a nice day.