Video Game Art: Create A Low-Poly Game Character in After Effects

Aaron Bartlett, Motion/Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Painting Textures

    • 3. Building the Rig Part 1

    • 4. Building the Rig Part 2

    • 5. Pose, Light & Export

    • 6. Create the Scene

    • 7. Fun, fun!


Project Description

Low-Poly Game Character


First you’ll be creating your art in Photoshop at a very small scale. Then you’ll bring those images into After Effects and build a rig for your character. Finally, we’ll export a pose and add some extra detail in photoshop.

Extra Credit: Try making a scene with extra characters by duplicating your rig and swapping out the images.


Upload a still image of your character in a scene.


Image dimensions - This image shows all the different parts of the rig, what they look like, their dimensions and their file names.

AE layers screenshot - This shows the final position values & parenting structure of the rig. Note: these values will only be accurate at the end of the process, after all parenting and null repositioning has been completed.

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