Video Editing with Free Davici Resolve Software: Hollywood Style Video Editing & Color Correction | Akins I. | Skillshare

Video Editing with Free Davici Resolve Software: Hollywood Style Video Editing & Color Correction

Akins I.

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8 Videos (2h 42m)
    • Davinci Tutorial Introduction

    • Davinci Tutorial (Getting started)

    • Davinci Tutorial (Getting started) Contd.

    • Davinci Tutorial Part3

    • Davinci Tutorial Part4

    • Davinci Tutorial (Freeze n Frame)

    • Exclussive GreenSreenTutorial

    • How to make a supertrack video intro


About This Class

Learn how to use Davinci resolve video editing software, the video editing software that is used by top Hollywood movie producers. In my opinion this tool is better than Camtasia. The best part is that it is free, though there is a paid version but we will not go into that because the free version is completely fine with our video editing needs.

Unlike Camtasia that comes with a 30 day free trial, Davinciresolve is not a trial version and is completely free and is packed with great advanced features.

Knowing how to use it is what matters and that is why I decided to make this tutorial available to the Skillshare community.

To spice things up and speed up your video editing, I have added several royalty free media files for your convenience and you can use them the way you like. These includes:

1.  Over 500 stock photos

2. Over 200 background Music

3. Over 150 special effects sounds

4. Lower thirds

5. Motion background videos

DaVinci Resolve is the professional video editing software used by top Hollywood producers to deliver blockbuster films! Every Hollywood Studio Uses DaVinci Resolve. Skyfall, World War Z, Avatar and many others were edited with DaVinci and it’s 100% free which is unbelievable.

This is a top notch tutorial that will help you to use Davinci Resolve straight away. So instead of spending days or weeks reading the manual, you’ll learn exactly what you need to create stunning videos in under an hour.

This training is enable you quickly learn how to edit using DaVinci Resolve’s FREE software and give your video productions Hollywood quality – Sharpen your editing skillset to create the best product for your self or clients.





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