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Video Editing with Filmora in Hindi

teacher avatar Shubham Gupta

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Interface And Features

    • 3. Basic Tools

    • 4. Audio Features

    • 5. Titles, Audio, Transition, Effects, Elements

    • 6. Add Webcam And Export

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About This Class

Hey my all friends today i gonna teach you video editing with filmora and in this video we will see how to cut, split, merge, title, transition, elements, music, chroma key and many things which we apply in our video so lets join with us.

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1. Introduction: Fans, asthma, fulfill more iron and Kibana me, Bhutanese CAD cap basics of San Diego is split. Cassie getting cropped cancer occurring. Up new video could pass slope as Sagarin, our brightness come direct Gazi getting our member downward key, chroma, key, Kelsey use our adjustment environment, but normal audio invited me up. No sound. Kelsey Page Kearney, a good time. Yeah. Vagabonds, noise. Kelsey tying up near ru ru, titles on Jason's effect, an immense Gensler Iridium, a map works for Tennessee Kadima to tenure Fillmore. I'll call them. 2. Interface And Features: Doc takes obtain interface is as we are bound by little deck EA VSCO video PJs here, d, a and P sub sub Jovian. So Linda will list the tab to switch chain. Is your nine. Raise your redo clear both a char to tell him, Look child down, open productive to open, open projector, JOB up, up become pilgrimage, movie palace editing where the cocaine, our SCCOE are editing Carnot. Remember open up who say I did because apparently new project, Diego ones if we append cookie and it cuts at 10. To Jaap app segment is stamp project library, the project level of a jovial Fillmore and I'm May 9 redo added crc is safe guarding it to ERP project level, they remain the Kiara to Jenny, I'm no new project code. Click at the top. They sell their ERP Teen Panel Diego, the a panel at Job Joby import getting it to happen. I got RDA timeline. Video Timeline. Yeah. Yeah. Audio timeline are yet. Last panel, I'm Julia Up Jovi up or add deep. Cutting a video may do yard niggly. Yeah, how about the acceptance to Yap index and thank you. Audio titles don't usually facts, elements. They are year's appeal Muhammad valency. There are there unless I put Donald convert the audio, take their pre-op Output tab. You Mendota sound effect immediately. Yeah, electronically or cosine consume music child to have that Camilla. Was he titled Map apple. Can't you? Facts are elements. The top or look? Ballets see tank key. We reduce up gassy important caret is meant though, belly up up. This thing happened to importing media files here to SQL-like clinical digit, WAR, sick, boy, import Colby. We do import curse at the toy. Your first study, Carl Gauss, second 30 common of the op amp important things are 10 to import clicker K, ERP, important media files. Yeah, CB click. Okay. Now top we Facebook's download from KB. Now belt from the sternum. Clear. The answer, be up, open cursor. Important concept them. Don't login, so import, forget the temple Jaap and they can sue or tuck the DICOM file my jacket or import media medicaid paid campaign. Be different. Thank yasser. We have dominant AA import decade or look sideways, connect the record to record. Now coal is kept go up enough fears you've gotten a Muschelli year or years second number pay job, PCSK9 will scan a record particular type of Santa wall up key wise Cody called Connect layer though homologue of filter by file type of vector. To just hear DRI, we do image audio to Jovi up import coloring scheme, read your image or your medicaid, sod map KOBAS, we do say the widow clickers going up. If we derive our image liquor, the worst Yankee image here I got to see audio, had to look all per capita. Dahlberg omnibus up. We do image Salonica to eternal know the tank he views opsin, top Cuo value of real-time view. Top Gas monkey JOB import, getting it all up, Cassatt date, not person carrying at least by digging a person calling it your last terminal. They're going up for Sunday or middle ear is small. Jovial opsin, roughness are tailored to sort by a UV import care, a hanger whose skin names, kids SAT line by line, prints out a ski, MVK size k subset of nodes or ten years have gara to import Caltech video CO, two, yay, yay video. The APA, they day Sunday camera with your algebra. Two ECM lookup, the timeline, Pig, Latin, say the dry. Lastly, Turkey is chaotic timeline pin Diego. To learning about the RBA, got your project setting. May resolution and frame rate. Dura Quetta will say yay, video matchmaker TO up. He say job, project setting, medicare whose k subsets go edit kinda day I met recently, certainly our favorite Diego, whose case I've set up setting case of the stomata tend to match. May 2 get liquor a PGY1 yap job. We do K sub say auditing governance at that or do not change, repeal Tableau, we match them, we get liquid them. The OPM look, I put algebra, domino project setting up costs are going to get from local files records that they aren't that digs happening. Keep Project Settings, DLS, put an exciting Turkey, the app app with the exit barriers to their sewage to use and dagger of primitive dealer, humorous. You listen to opsin feet, to Scalia said though distribution data, we have outgo Mozart is sudden milled up and up with Jovi up knee, his obstacle, villian, our lives at that domino will let them will as edema, the VRB perimeter of Jove phenomena cleaner chart then will is I don't know. But she selected for them to lose case upset mad, we do a hookah. The top diagram. Because our joy Job, baby rocking away, you pay up. Job added, cutting. It could be John because when you build a robot to regulate that, add mark to Jessica, ERP, the circle yada, yada up admitting gonadotropin. Movie bottom it though. Add your iClicker k up. We can, we are agitating Karnataka top as opposed that are called septa. There's a day I'll be like because there are EOP alligator BS, dominoes up gel their audio, record, audio drop, pull money out of it, but our data or the op-ed audio makes him look pretty content. So yay. Yay. Okay. Implement a sunny said we do audio or audio EPA did that. Oh, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. Bottom. But Allah, who also had data, the op amp, the, except that he yet clock get time nine are sorta idea on the op amp AP1000 subset timeline called tortilla. But of course I pay is mapped. Video McCoy be changing either either say because of the agency ERP open up concern to you and and Moscow co-sell Leah Yea or the hopped up arrow lining. Declare our admin. Excited left like mad daughter. I don't declare what the SQL right-click or gay. Likely I gave each object not be timeline called Mariah to attack. And it's at that occurs after left Kaizala, darpa. Do Dan time Nano which were toggle right here too. But our biota. Yeah, gamma carbon, our disco contest, nap suit. Disagree. Hmmm, logo, yard back. A loan is PIE, portal in a chat, then Toyama pay up naive data set. Rda is natural and sugar. Escape on ECIF. You do we do else for bada concept that a shorter Herceptin. 3. Basic Tools: Thank you. Hmm, Look, drag monkey density of wood. Jada. Jada editing Karnataka, track gasp and I do again, left-click Turkey. Oop or man will kill spit, black lives. Second tank been dagger. Well see, drag, drag, drag, drag Bundler. Don't know. Fast-track the content. Now I'm no, John, Thank you. Click asic. Concerned up now grave reveal POJO, top of LA. But our donkeys fleet data, density of video could be some acoustics that up to say bandgap, those hedonic list because my data is split up into civic concept then the ballet, our belts and yellow school clicker k. Not the excitation. It lined beanie. Are due Saturday. Beaker case. His feet are Titanic. I right-click and go clicker DJ decks at them. Look, split protocol to second Mameluke, gel Dang. Do crop up Qu Jiang De Young gauges again local bus Jaeger. We DO code challenge upon a substitute Navi challenge that they have. Then they are serving metadata 16 days, 29 for T one, this one up nice object has to say because you have a custom be opsin, the era of gas cv is GAAP concept then downloads and then Bannon. Bannon June. Just taken a stark reality in the desert. You start by blue Bonilla Mandaka-Mnono, start baby. But I had to dockers or down given you, dig down to just hello, Bannon doom cutting it. Erp density, a teach appendicular, IASA up our video digitally, you have Katanga did not select. Yes, the guy startup day fiance cannot fit in. I'm local gods who can not. Gone on now, yarn second gnotobiotic worker, DJ up guys every subsequent because then click on the top deck set than July gamble they tend to, they can look a Yangzi starts to d Theta dx or 10. Nikki, I'm looking DAD, this side, right? Github, java, pan and zoom up. Someone's again, we'll get the Obama campaign is set up girl video files. We'll fast cars up a, a slogans that day. Yeah, freeze him. Freeze frame concept. They are reverse concept then density. These femme fatale Dato, Jewish skin, skin Pedro, we do the digraph, who are poor, who submit the way you stop cold data. Please. Fin Mukesh, he's got them to you. Happy they can consume item, stop that. Authoritative. Want each layer to our scene up slowly or fast. Can certainly apnea his subsidy off fast. Yes. Workers at them though, ma'am. But our looky up output density RP effect that both her Donna, Salah, he would fact Cardano or defect up clicky geodata JOB up by a factor on D2L. Nope, tell them. I had was colored Kooning. Who? You have that dataset? Tank. Temperature, the temperature, hot day. Yeah. Cool concept then Reamde paid in South Florida. Gloria, convex glow, bright Gatsby app called asset-based, got like this. So let's drag that. Come up nice heart-shaped. Set them up. Pretty set. Yap, whole blade effect plate up. Ten. Mozart piano. Erp it not fleet upon me laugh. I don't know. Okay, Then the outback looks so much again, yay. At one scholar. In PR, top guinea scale glia to slot. We do imaging that they actually do Sikkim look first step but then you say homework, EPA, Pepco, be denser than we are. Updates. A DAG here again, the non guy abdicate chroma key. Just a nice dark gondola to yet towns bank, whoever gets us a transplant Nehiyawak, you would just have to go man kept some of the color. Was he too many? Data always have Camila Joby. The higher the gap we have a motion made up then. Yeah, Pamela love gel Dan. And just for video manna, use of our transformed data, let them loose. They are blue gate is a cursor down jazz heavy time, sleep, Jessica, I mean, just different gammas and we do not end up GAAP is murky or CDA subsidy scale position but has obtain compositional level, but that happened in 2010. Workers have been established cursor Ban Gu redo foo is moved by Nadar and lists cutting it up cause mood banana and start up GAAP would have reduced more toda, look, cancel, then our geothermal data into audio. Combining them, I'll leave video and Bhutan law, don't know, color almost and Dalian go article in those two yet naive. 4. Audio Features: To Panama, but on the donkey up, do you have a team panel up good Diego to opening. He's upset to Doug, but ours is subcu panel violin to a double it up because I plan to America in kindergarten. And they said, hey, Ima abandoned tea, but I will give you a screen with a panel of biomarkers heptane yard track down some day. So thank you so much. Butter. Concert then Tom low, audio environment on a domino palette, import Galatea up new renewable. We do, but importantly, loaning ganglion, don't logo. You, do clicker K or the spinal cord Lu, Bioconductor. Biasing. The desert then volume VA he aged cheese is set up a watch I do. Ag are taking up is video made me TRP, sunlit length. They accept then Cambodia was Jamie. But as I talk now, he's up to Desert key up. You see radio MAP. Bowtie. Two. Yeah, halfway up come Kentucky who said, Hey bonanza. The label random Jada banana said behalf, sat down. Audio key article by Herceptin. Don't know the happier in pitch, I'll tend to fade in Up key. We DO key to start with a warm up. Gmb, SON Madea. How can we do a good job? Indra, who's Mick? Jagger? Hatta, the finger kid, dictum. Toyama, any of our data, Maria, Theresa Blake or can they cut down? Hello fans are both films. Gad gap based updates or tank and my a was D-Day. Say how I'm lookup to heat up looks, someone's going to fade out. Which of them? Fade out? Fading God, just Hamas, Audio JO in-demand. Well, I'm looking at gammas ID or Jewish document will shadow the KM look paid kirtan. Top EOP. I'm lucky. Because I opposed to an often at yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda aggregate data tables that are good. Well, good days. I did send hemochorial get top, so yeah. I would love peach pit. Tell them the piece in MAB clear logical or your TA data set but logi or come garnet, same multi-organ, look, pellet, but luckily, we do call peach. The decking a main job. Quad you will carpool, get equalizer puzzle tend to achalasia Johanne, war, song pillow, lava is tomato. Tia designation class. If you don't see yourself song CALEA, use gossip, danger of song, video of an angry NO2 up, up Navy, we do love ascertain up a lot of us. Daycare, game audiology, speak, take say RDA key name. Hello, Dean was done. Then kick out that though. Yay background noise, a wiser Taiye, her dad into the unknown. You say, Clicker then Capella into flickering it a week perigee though, hello, select me, take ten. Elephants are admirable. Me but some young. I didn't know that they meet our histone. Yeah, hat sich unless a pickle 10. Meet, pick on anyone. Lovey, dovey, start Kurdistan. Thanks. Automatable. Get GAP basics of San Diego that meet their warm look. Theological or more to have an idea are obvious, strong feeling and the Yamanaka larger you are. The terminal shank of mediocre to Coachella, Arduino, to update. Absolutely key. While you are watching, we're all more D1 way tomorrow is video. Sum up the wrong allele. We do my math, go down lucky audio Gosling, I am a radio me about titles, gasoline or diesel and gasoline, I guess. Yeah. Element gasoline. 5. Titles, Audio, Transition, Effects, Elements: Love ballet, F31 angle cool to get her home look. Johnny, KCI, audio titles, Dann diesen effect, our element. I'm locked up live video, make gas 11, don't know palatal their RDMA to ODM, Apollyon, Mossadegh, Odeo. Odeo, Odeo up. Let us or not that would dilute metadata. Is he my music knob to import buying a world? My music medulla. So only fact, Viet Minh electronically, electronic lab. We do another add those three up CoMP your data, your broccoli or 10, clear young yeah, brightly. To use our new Oracle, their Viola up, new video Go Pitt. Audio called Don't look up, goes to knock down juvenile. Budget. Don't know. Eca to video. Sound. I'm an immutable the adult G sharp blow on neonatal unmute by the 10th and big AARP on a large movie Start button, five bands. But not in the leakages Gap. Banana, audiogram, the humpback, whale songs, quote, we do men that asset, then the normal mutator, then density. Usually do yard DUG budget. Johann took you up or turning around disagree on SAP covers ago. Upward. Gelato shop is EEG. Eeg. I'm sorry. We'll take Algeria. The RP bus, Gaza lucky. Kj says Slack easy. Is it for a 100 locally? Yeah. Hopefully at that dot is we do E Sancho, you yea, Songhai yacht. The top is a bandanna that there will be up concept. Then we're gonna kill a split. Forgot gap band mineralogy. The happenings up that obese people gal APJ cars at that. Don't look up. Titus Mitchell them to tighten them up. Oh, yeah. About bu but negative. That tells me The hop-by-hop or the airline to tie titles. And metadata subtitled means that I indicated metadata will know operand ask about the OB nurse may, aka this video up. Siew Mei, upcoming video, may eat the cake. I introduce really chaotic and reducing. Introduce Willow. Yup up. Local VR, Gardasil tes, openness, both on Logo, Happy Valley video track of in our case, second type a magnolia. Two minima data Jovi up ouput tag melange a Whoo. You put tak, tak mapping it to open subset entity here. The graph, the Yelp app titles have an elisa them on a separate video, my own money but together. So you're going to be type Landsat data via WeChat up. We are titled numeric data. May subsequently be up, love us, edtech, APV, terminal transition, vigil debt TO transition up. Going over we do give BCCI molasses. Have Dan Yao up. Good job. You don't give him an electric bus. We do get double dot, dot, dot, KOBAS, Apple, Milwaukee video can beat him. Elana, top circle. Yeah, Harpy, this example, yap 11 a M cos LEI, split, a set jacket declutter today except they are marked on this and ASA had poison ivy, as I type made a voice I really love asset then though, Yayoi Yayoi year and do yourself up, transition Decker and walk it. Joplin, Missouri, downplaying it to heat up. You're going to hit I on cookies and money in my store. Say download, Dakpo, VA some donald Canaletto up film water, many, but not the eyes. Kelly abcdeSIM, seven mega king will say DESC, lead, domino, EOP output Titus. Maybe we'll teach me Latin is can we use our coal? Nine millennial movement? Launched during geometric, we do DRY, will say deck lj, gas and download, but then we have two oboes adding means that melange, a yellow gel to Effect and Effect mob got up, down, up, up Nim while male, who's maybe up to 30, fills that up, they can get filtered type may damp Apollyon filter data over leaving the RP sub overlay money will moist all sit down together yourself, VSL coordinate. And a few more I'm in. You put them up and say, do you have to and tell yourself hopefully malaria, FERPA up grab because at their border to border cool ladder than we do today. So ten. You have NDK. Yeah, hey, man, I yap. And white Vijay's law for botanical layer to you happening here, white by dApp in the year. Now yada, money out because Lucky, say Latin, takes up ten. Gilman do white, whiter will bought a love Judah. To that domino effect up. We'll both side effect up. Let us at dampening subset terminal shell tab elements came via metope, gambit, emoji abducted and an axon here it's a different use of money, finger up vaccine, download KL hat. We said the clay will Jada equal to advance man put data are toby data will be output filename, Shapes. Tutorial. Let you download dolomitic. We do maybe about 25 darkening and Dutch eons up closer bench for Thai baht to date because her whole cough adequate again, they cannot valproic acid. Okay. That's heavy. They pass up down the yam loca. I knew and Soga updated data up, you save. We do tinkering a topo purities, Apple professional, Ajaan Fuang, it became an AB Gypsy cutoff. So Jada, my Kootenay Suricata, Yea cell magic of editing cannula yourself. 6. Add Webcam And Export: I'm not feeling word up. Once you get to automatic overdone it. The export gas leak or a neat video, good job. Adequate Kentucky subunits can let you deal, may loosey export gas equity, apnea, laptop via computer may though I've done a lot of dark blue vesicle and I are wrapped Ganges up webcam video without going into their open agree given I will pass it around a woman but UNGA to bi-layer local. Cohen logo, desi ghee Colby up none low bilayer is emoji. Io as any vaccine for the elements will have their own logo. Yea Mozilla, upper gray baby Lola. And I said wherever the x and the value of the egg and emitted MOZ. Again, if we're going to land a job wellness at that low. Yeah, BATNA does a lot damn. Screen sort linear algebra assembler of ECM look for total number of Herceptin of Feed Connect is pretty unhappy. Does this, then you will see that we are going to be when it was placed inside Leah up, as is correct. A lower level set day, a webcam are pretty cold. Turkey is MLA setTab VR. They are reasonably going. Ebv up is a, let us add that to our own local is a export apnea or De Sica Sica, the Yap app, or export the power dignity. They say it is in Kaliningrad. We have a local device, the app app development. Excellent. Now, who is every device me that direct export plus a n, yeah, You Googled be up at blood glucose at them directly. It has a couple mosaic DVD. Is that tantalum low-value, that that ambit form is that they're only about gun name do we do unable to really leave here? Don't look even more. Meal. Lignin, martin Turiel, up we got this is a video of an angle opposite when that basically PZ an alto. They are parachutes and 1920 In a big blob of nice subsist agenda because they will be James concept then they'll Valley setting for the day. Pepco, opsonin, APA, MLA, or APA in quarter mapo do often inside as point scoring. Or the quality of our best bet would upwards operate detail, let's say a better technique would say, is MSI going to be output, changed name of our bus emitted Kayla, Meet creates a diagonal. Don't know. But that's okay because there are export damp out days at that export or that they are at home because they go dancing because when done updates it then jump. If we're putting the gas on D minor, and that's Athenian. Woods. Nakedness had been phonons at the app up from Diego. Film wacky last tutorial.