Video Editing With Filmora 9 For Beginners

James Woo, Skills To A Better Life

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15 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where To Download Filmora 9

    • 3. Overview Of The User Interface And Importing Media

    • 4. How To Trim And Move Clips in Filmora

    • 5. How To Create And Adjust Transitions

    • 6. Adding Text Or Titles To Your Video

    • 7. How To Use Effects

    • 8. Adding Extra Elements To Your Video

    • 9. How To Detach, Add And Adjust Audio

    • 10. How To Speed Up Slow Down And Reverse A Clip

    • 11. Creating Pan And Zoom Effects

    • 12. Exporting Your Project

    • 13. How To Get Filmora With Discounts

    • 14. Demo Project Completed - Cameron Highlands

    • 15. Conclusion FC

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About This Class

Learn to edit videos with Filmora 9. This class will teach you the basics of using Filmora 9 to create videos.

You will the learn how to:-

  • import media,
  • trim, cut and join videos clips,
  • how to add and adjust transitions,
  • include text and titles in your video including scrolling credits
  • how to detach audio and add music to your video project to create greater impact
  • how to enhance your video with visual effects like elements and effects.

This class has been designed so you can start making your videos in a short time even if you are new to video editing. Learn and create at the same time.

Topics are broken into bite size tutorials so you can return to it quickly to the tutorials if you need to repeat it.

There is a sample project I created with Filmora at the end which shows all the methods being taught in the class.

I have a tip to help you get Filmora at a discount as well. Make sure you watch that video.

Start creating your first video today.