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Video Editing Pro: Create AMAZING Video INTROS for FREE on the GO

teacher avatar Joe C., Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. 1 Video Intro App

    • 2. 2 App on emulator

    • 3. 3 App on mobile phone

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About This Class

You have a youtube or skillshare channel? You want to have amazing video intros to catch viewer's attention. Then this course is the right address for you. In this course I will teach you how to easily create awesome video intros! It will not require any knowledge nor will it cost you a single cent!

All you need is your mobile phone and 5 minutes of your time.


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1. 1 Video Intro App: So the tool I'm going to present you is an android app. And this app allows you to really create awesome video interest in no time and for free. So whats the name off that? Yep. It is called Legent. Just search for legend. And here for me, it's the first reside legend. And by his two flicks, Inc. Just click on it. And there you will see, it has quite a lot off downloads and very positive reviews. So what you can see here it is a simple up, which is four feet. Yes, nothing costly here. So here you can see a lot of positive reviews. And my simple advises, if you have an android phone, then just check it out. Simply downloaded. We can also watch this video right now, toe, have a look what this magic kept can actually do. - So these kind off videos you can simply create with that up. So I don't know that up. And in the next video, I will show you how the Yep. Actually works 2. 2 App on emulator: Now I will show you how the EP itself looks like. And I will do so by using an emulator. However, there is a small towns out to this. Not all EPS were perfectly fine on an emulator. I'm but I have tested this up already on my actual mobile phone, and it works pretty awesome. But toe have this better visualized an emulator is better. But if this crashes on the emulator, it doesn't mean that it does the same on your mobile phone. So let me just end largely you emulator. So I started the up and it looks like this. So there was a simple text and there is this mark Check mark here on the button. So here is the text. We can now add it the text by clicking on it. So we will create now on intro for our YouTube channel. That sec sky is still limit. All right, now we just say we're ready with the text and click here on. Okay, Now we have the option to at a photo by making a camera photo with a war mobile phone or by other picture. If we have any on our computer, I'm sure if I have one? No. So let's go back. Not sure I can do this time on the emulator. Just sick and well, I guess I have to start from the crotch scratch because I don't have a media. And on the emulator here, there is no, really Maybe that one. Yeah. So maybe there's another photo summer. No, But here, using the emulator, I may be unable to copy a photo from a computer. Yes, I can. So we just choose a simple picture, make this bigger again. So we've chosen a photo, and now we confirm by clicking here. All right. And now we have our text and we have the background photo, right? We just click here on Okay. Again, again. We would be able tow make photos as well, by using our camera. But right now we chose a background picture. Now we can press play. So and the EP crashed. Sorry for debt. However, it's not due to depth, but right now I will take my mobile phone, try to pick up a webcam or another cam, and then we will continue this recording with using a real more my phone. And then you will see that this was probably due to the emulator. Just hold on 3. 3 App on mobile phone: So this is no my mobile phone. It's obviously an end road comb. Just sick. I will never get to the downloaded. Sorry. Legend here it is. So legend is no starting Sorry for that. So here you can add it to text. Once you edited the text, you simply press here on. Okay, Then you have the option to at the back room. Kowtow. Or you can also make a camera photo. We will choose a background photo. So let me just have a quick look. So I would just use this one. Now you can adjust this. We would just go for this part off the picture on confirm here at the top with done. So now you have the text background picture. Now we press here on play. Play. There you go. This would take a few moments. Now comes the video animation feature, so this will load for a few minutes. So now you will see the animation. Share your legends with us. Here you see two bars throws bar second bar here at the bottom, you can select the background car and the color off fund. So, for example, black and white. So then you have a white background and the color off fund will be black. You can choose yellow and yellow there, and that was the 1st 1 And secondly, on the first part you have the option to choose Varity off animations. So if you go here, for example, you will see another animation. These are lines, which is also pretty cool. Oh, are you have here, Frank? That's choose friend. Have a look. There you go. There you have a frame now and there are many more, but some will have a star star means you will need the premium version off this feature. So just look out for the freely available. In truth on, let's check this one display. Let's check display. Share your legends with us. So this looks cool. We fully satisfied with this intra now and now we just simply click here on download. Then we have the option toe save as a kid file or to safe as an actual video. The go here so and it is downloading. That was it. It's pretty simple, so just don't know this up and try it out yourself.