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Video Editing Learn Filmora 10 and Edit a Tech review Video for Beginners

teacher avatar VINOD KJ, Teller of tales|Youtuber|Blogger

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Filmora Intro

    • 2. Lesson 2 where to download

    • 3. Lesson 3 Home screen

    • 4. Lesson 4 working with projects

    • 5. Lesson 5 importing video

    • 6. Lesson 6 adding texts and effects

    • 7. Lesson No 7 Adding Trim and music

    • 8. Lesson No 8 Using Pc screen Recording and cropping

    • 9. Lesson No 9 Explaining the Phone

    • 10. Lesson No 10 Removing Background noise and End credit

    • 11. Lesson No 11 Last check and importing

    • 12. Lesson 12 the Final video

    • 13. Lesson 13 the end

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About This Class

In this class, I’m going to teach you the basics of Wondershare Filmora 10 focusing on exactly what I think you’ll need to edit a Tech review video for YouTube. So, if you’ve never touched Filmora 10 but are anxious to get started creating content this is the class for you.


Our project for this class will be editing a Mobile Phone review Tech video. The footage to follow along and edit for yourself will be in the project description box for you to download. We’ll go over the Filmora 10 interface and how to set up your project and import footage, putting together your A-Roll the main footage content, We’ll put in basic graphics using text, create an intro graphic for the video, and also create an end screen.

And then finally, we’ll go over basic color correction, how to add and balance music along with some minor audio editing tweaks, and then set up our video to export.

By the time of finishing this Filmora 10 tutorial, you would have become a video editor.

I suggest you first watch the completed Tech video for your basic understanding of the Final masterpiece.

All the very best for a successful youtube career.

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Teller of tales|Youtuber|Blogger


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1. Filmora Intro: Hi and welcome to this Fillmore identity tutorial. I'm gonna from India and I had been doing video editing for our most 5-6 years. So why this film roof? But Amara is a very simple software even with Jim figure who has no idea in video editing and as well as a professional, will be able use Kilimanjaro. How is this course going to be so different from all the other film record says, I'm not going to teach you about the futures were telling Laura has rather anger. This helped you to make a proper video using film camera and show you what all Fillmore at Hindu. So this course is really going to be very simple. If sport complete Vigna who has no idea in video editing, this course will really help you to create your own YouTube channel may be Huike video or any video or whatever you suppose. Do Instagram videos and many more scuff. So what are you still waiting for? I look forward to see you into the class, so get enrolled and we'd me there, right. 2. Lesson 2 where to download: So hi there. By now I think you should have filled amora in European Union law stuff, maybe somewhere else. But if you are really not downloaded filament, then just go into, say, just tape in your group and last Monday, Shen Philip Mona ten, then you can just flip it over here and you'll come to a website like this Kilimo ROM edition. And so it comes all the variable filament or ten. Is it that you need to do? Just, I'm like, kind of just like have a look at what the software is all about the new things like Keyframing, motion tracking and all the other games of stuff, lowered, ducking, and we're going to read about learnable. However, this really learn what all this k2 step then. But the thing is like distance really not a free software actually meditate from something for the prime version. You can use it for some time with watermark on Ginsberg formula. So we're gonna press by no year. So you probably have some kind of different plans, this perpetual Plan, subscription plan and then monthly plan. In my own opinion, if you just want a player, hopefully morals, just go ahead and prior dislike goods. 7.9 a month. Plan over here, then. Minus like a just a full-time thing, 64.99 because I create a lot of videos. So this is all about, and I cannot read through Download kilomole. You'll have understood by this, this, let's get started. 3. Lesson 3 Home screen: So this video will be on a board, your home screen. So what I'm going to do with home screen fill amora matter, say ten has a very, very simple home screen. You can just can import you on things. Maybe your video that you've taken using DSLR or the smartphone are images are some gain of music to what you want to add to home screen is the area where you really going to be 21 and for other skin. Then after importing, then you can watch what does being important. Then you can pull it to the timeline. B, the law just quite slowly, but over the period of time, you'll understand what this timeline, what time it is going to do a board where you can zoom in, where you can just work around with audio and all the things. So all spleen is one of the most important areas. And this film aurora. Okay, so let's just set it right. So this is the area, this is actually the main home screen off this knothole screen. This is after you just double-click film camera from here you will see a pop-up window. And this is all the project labor 0s. And if you're really kind of new individually, Mara, I don't think you'd be seeing all this because these are all the videos that are made using film Aurora. So next comes this project aspect ratio. So which aspect ratio do you really wanted to get? On my screen? You can create videos for Instagram portrayed standard and cinema for the time being, we'll just go around with wind screens. We're going to just create a new project here. So this is the basic view of this kind of film or what you see here. So this is an area where you can import things and other steps you'll be learning how to import. And then these is most of the other important things like file. Like you can create a new project, open project, open reason, and import media from where you want to import. You can also double click from here, can have stuff like that. Then this is audio. So if you really want to include audio near some kind of background music or something, you can find it from here. And these, we just cover it. Put it according to Gina, and this is titles. So you can just add titles into your video like many have VUCA make enough steps here. Enclaves, plain coloured, and all the other things. In transitions we learn about transitions, so many basic transitions, 3M. So this affects, so it can just like you can just see what is akin to see what it does. Many double-click you can, this is a, this is a window where you can watch it. So what does this black and white and enough stuff like this. So once we get on it, we'll be learning much better. These elements where you can add things like clouds, things, you can add all this kind of stuff into your videos so nothing to be afraid of. This is about split-screen heritage, whereas all this being invoked. And this is the area where it is called actually timeline, where you can just import your videos and drag and you are going to, this is the most important working area in this film, amora ten. So these are the other things while we get into this film, Amara, timeline tutorial, and just get you more of these things. So that's all for time. Less stall for this home screens all about. 4. Lesson 4 working with projects: So hi there. I want you to just go into this project section where you will have a link of my Google Drive. Actually put this, put it in a sharable link. You will have just almost like four videos around the workload with this. What is the part of the plan for this project? This project, I'm going to just help you in creating a tick video. Yes, maybe for YouTube you can just use it. Everybody loves tech videos, right? So the thing that I'm going to use this just my phone, what I have in my hand. It's called a senior here at magic. It's a gaming financially. So I'll be helping you to create a proper take video by using on the features of this feeling. Or I want you to just download this resources and keep it in your desktop or any bit however you please, and then just start working metabolic waste anymore time b, I'm just going to start the editing process. Now cognize. 5. Lesson 5 importing video: This one the resource than ever speaking aboard. So you'll have just kind of like four videos, interwoven Intro to video on YouTube. So just keep this file in this desktop. Maybe your requirements, so you can just put it anywhere you want because we're going to work with this. So let's get inside this watershed filled Mura. Ten right there. Okay. It's just, it's just booting up, right? So when you just start with this kind of Philip Morris screen, the thing that first you will see is like what project you want to start, whether it is a new project or open project, I think that you can just start with a new project. The main default we're going to work on with this only 16 is 29 bytes screen. You have also other options like Instagram, portrait mode, and standards cinema, et cetera. We'll just go with 16 x nine because we are going to create a YouTube video, right? So just click on New Project. So this is the home screen, which you are really all guys a familiar a boat. So now what are we going to do in the first place? We don't import something's right. We have input these, this the option import, import media files in bold media folder imports from a camera. So these are some of the options here. So I'm not gonna do anything. I'm going to just double-click everything. And if I go to desktop, you have this folder here. I'm going to just open. I'm going to press Control again. Just make sure that everything is clicked. So everything is clicked here. So I'm just gonna go out, save just pluses here once more. The reason I pressed is when you press control, yea, all these videos where clicked. So when you just drag it in the timeline, everything will come on. So that is not what I really wanted here. So we're going to just work step-by-step. So the first is you can just drag the thing into your timeline or so what does this speaking amount, resolution of frame and immediate as advisors ring so project do you want to change? No, I'm gonna keep this at 24 frames. Okay, so this is the first video that we have seen. So if you want to add anything into your timeline, you get images, have a press. And this is the area where just we can see what is happening. You just put a Play button over here. So it is the video that I started with the recording with my DSLR. You can do anything with even your camera for whom to whatever you have. But for the time being, just go around with this video. And the first and foremost important thing, what we're going to start as we are going to start removing all the unwanted things in this first video. So you see an option here. So I get to everything but the FastQC Susser icon here, it is called split, split selected media at the playhead location. So when you press this gets split orange, you have an option here like split. So I'm going to just play this video for the time being, KV or play this. We don't need this. Okay. I'll start with this. We don't need anything before that. So I'm going to just press this key. I just clicked it. I'm going to just press the delete key num. Okay? So make sure you have turned this on. Its called us ato ripple on. So what happens is the moment you just delete the video, just goes and snaps to the timeline or to some other video. I'll just show you here quickly. Okay, again, once again, we are going to play with this. So what all you need? I can just you can just also keep trying bottle you need or what all you don't need, things like that. Okay. So I don't want to waste your time, so I will go around. So this is all k. K, we're going to just drag, I'm gonna just bragging like this, but you can also play the video here, right? I don't need, I don't need to see this Soviet go here. We just take it up here. Make a cut again here. Remember gaze, we had just only cutting. We are not doing any of the stuff here. Kay? You just go here. I don't need this but spent just carried off once again. Now, watch what happens the moment I pressed the delete, it just goes and snaps into this time link. So the reason is that you need to turn this auto ripple always on. If it is off, you get a symbol like this, but make sure you just put it always an on. So there's first-time again, we are doing is we are going to just trim only the unwanted sections, right? I want the video to be shot. Okay? This is okay, this is fine. This is fine as fine. Ok. So when you want to keep some things, you have an option here. It is called as add marker. The moment you press and said actually the shortcut key for that is M. You can press M, you can just see a small line here. This can be used for some kind of reference purpose, menu editor video. Ok, so this comes first. I put a marker here. So I don't need this. Okay. I don't want my hand to turn this. Okay. So we're going to just get around here and cut this. And again, I don't need us to, so I'm going to just press a delete is very simple, right? It's nothing complicated. Okay. I don't want my hand to turn this on here. I'll just make sure I keep it once again. Ok. So I'm gonna cut this area to, I don't want my hand to keep turning this. It looks it looks pathetically said maybe even you can create your tech videos and I don't think it's really that difficult and fading and take videos. So okay. So I don't want the remaining two, I'm going to just deleted. So this is a first step for every video editing. You gotta just trim what all things you really never, ever regret. Ok, so now what happens? I told you, right, we're just started working into this project, right? So teach you one more thing. You learned about markers here. Okay? So this is the area. It's called zooming control plus equal to, then it's called zoom-out. So in case if you want this to be a little bit bigger, you can just, again, just keep zooming. Four minute editing, you can just zoom. Make sure you click this because you can see the timeline within this window itself. So after this, we're going to just look at another thing, this area icon, it's called us render preview. So what does this render preview all aboard, the more times when you want to just look at the playback so that as your computer has to render this play right when you press the play button here, the computer has to render something like that. So Render button is very important. So this is the first deaf. And just see you in the next tutorial guys like regular work, really pretty hard of octaves. Thank you. 6. Lesson 6 adding texts and effects: So now that we have almost like learn how to import the video. Next, we're going to guess things going on. So we just start to add some kind of text in this video. Then we'll add some kind of fx and we're gonna make this intro video. We're good here, just see, so let's get started. So now the first thing that what we see here is that you imported everything. Now you have so many options here, right? So first we'll just start with kind of titles here. So you see care of many gained of titles over here I am. I'm not going to just explain to you everything. I want you really I wanted to actually be kind of like keep practicing each and every time that you see, just worked on with many kinds of things, many different titles or we can make immediately better. They gonna take some time but with practice and allow. Good. So we'll just, what we do is we'll just drop at ID here. All I do is just dropping it id here. So it will comes here. So I'm just going to just not gonna do anything. Just double-clicking on this title will bring me something like this. You just see here. So I'm going to yeah, I just listed here. So I'm going to just put a backspace here. I'm going to just type no BIA three. Review. That's it. So if you really don't like this kind of font, then go here, do it something like, something like this. Then make it Boulder or tell us I used hub over you wanted. Then there are also many other options. You can just change the color of the text. And this one is kind of alignment where you really needed. So this also can be done. I'm just going to put it in the center. So these Mommy don't just blending mode and I'm going to go in depth. Okay? So Marta's a preset over here, something like this. You can do it. So what our model stuff you want to do with the sticks, just go on. Have a good look. Now for this animation part. Now you can see what happens to take slaves. So let's just do one, something like this. Go with this one. So I'm going to just press OK. So now what happens? Well, can you see here? Yes, that's all. It's very simple, right? So what happens is that when he just click here in the textbooks, you can just drag the duration. You can just see the duration. So wherever you want to just go and put it up, that'll be fine. Okay, so this is about texts, so we can just see different gain of other texts wake and just drag and drop. And that's all nothing more than this. Then go to encourage new concept however you want it, and just go and practice with it. Now the texts partners really over, okay, so now what are we supposed to do? And we just make some ethics are something that did. So we go to effects here. No, when you double-click, look at what it does, you can just see go for some other stuffs. Cane, this is black and white. So what are we gonna do? I'm gonna just drop this year. So make sure you just use different, different roles for different areas. One you can have a video but another for text. Another for this affects what all you do. But just a quick note of caution here, I want to hide it. So whenever you work here, makes sure to just lock the this timeline. Yes. Because whenever you I don't want you to mess up your video by moving this discursive. If you move something can happen really. Okay, I'm gonna also lock this. So this is okay. Okay, now what are we going to do? I'm going to add some chromatic aberration here. So I'm going to drag this like, okay, then what am I going to do? Sit bouquet late leaks. Just put lately x2. I'm just putting in randomly do just play around with what you really like. Something extremely. Do you have any canister here? Alu is bookcase or VHS distortion decided he wanted some kind of light leaks. Okay. I'll just put some lately. So we have done it. Well, let's just watch this video. Press play here. Go, right? So I'm gonna just stop it by this. So let's go to some kind of audio option two. So audio Ang and bright. I think. I'm like, I need some kind of rock. It's got to be very fast. I'm just okay. I just drag the music here and I just put it. Now you have a new timeline area here, it's marvelous IDEO. Then you can see the type of the file is also Madea. How do you VD and things like that. So once again, I'm gonna, because this music extends beyond this scope of the video, right? So I'm going to press this zoom to fit timeline. And then I want to just guess the cursor here, pull in all the way here, okay? Yes, you gotta play. Sometimes, kind of like videos introduction also could be like maybe if you want, this volume is very high. You want to do with distinct. Nothing to worry here. You have a line over here, which if you aren't really reducible in reducing or else do and think, and just press right click over here. Go to an option called adjust audio. So you have different options in fade-in, fade-out page and all the other things. So why does fade in? Fade n means this music is gonna start little kinda slowly. You can just watch this area hearing fade out the similar things or K. No. I'm gonna just now if you aren't removed, background lies lower, lower level for me to just get back to all those Kansas as of now. Okay. So I'm going to just put it here. So I go watch this neutral radio. Once again. Come on guys. Actually, you don't need an in-group video for almost 14 seconds here. Who does just for explanation purpose that I've just made it like this. And I hope so this, this is really, if you think something is really going to be really doesn't fit it more. How do you inject basic was very easy to do it. So the more you practice, go into the state builds this fx and audio steps. Then slowly, we are going to go for this next BCG, pokey load this intro to make sure this intro, I just did it for 40 minutes against I don't think so. You'd need for forensic into something. You just push it to like kind of 15 seconds or 20 seconds to get to play around with it. So thank you. 7. Lesson No 7 Adding Trim and music: So hi there once again. So we have almost they completed this first intersections and now we are going to just put up my video, whatever has spoken about this. But it's really not going to be that tough again. We're going to just do a little bit. Another again, trimming in some writings on pain of texts, lenses. This tutorial as up, no. Okay. So let's get started. So what happened is that you've just completed this intro, you saw everything here. So I declare your Cubase enter time vein, right? So we need to drag another video. So what I'm gonna do is press this, zoom out, so it comes here. So I'm going to just drag this here. Now k. So we are going to just edit this clip here. So I'm just putting a play here. Blade will just sitting over here, I'm making myself comfortable. Nothing more than that. Yes, Jess, for learning. Just the moment. Okay. Okay. Now the reason that I clap this, this clap indicates actually a little bit higher lens over here, right? It's just that I can give you whenever you gotta just start the video, just Clapper before that. So when you really want to trim it up, you can identify this very clearly late. We're going to start from here speaking, right? So it's easier in that way to just state it your clips. So I'll just go here. Mass of love. I don't declared. Ok, I'll just start it up now while do and think and just put it up in the flame itself Center. And welcome to my YouTube channel. For India. If you want to put some text here that I'm not from India or something like that. Go to lower third here. And something just simple looking go you work around with what? I'm going to just let something we know, something like that. Maybe spilling script is push it up, make it a bold or something in their meeting. This is okay. This is for most citizens. Ok, I'll put it here. Maybe work for some of the fascinating points you've already. It's actually called as red will be a magic. So there's gonna be a wonderful poem. It's actually ok. We will do and thing here. Just go back here for some time. Ok, now I think we can add some kind of elements here. Okay, so what does this elements are here? So we can just see things like this. Now get, I'm going to just put some element here, k. So where am I going to put this element? I am going to just, I'm just dragging it. I'm not doing anything. You can just see. I'm just explaining to you what element is all about. Nothing other than that here. And just put something though, not mess it up with this case. So I'm putting the elements here and just dragging element. Since they've just wanted to show that this phone is something kind of pressure lower here. That's, that's it. Other than that nothing politics actually gaining, hosting that I love about today's, this one, particularly factors. Just a minute, just a minute. You see 3.5. MM Jack here, right? But what are we going to do here? I want people to just clearly see this 3.5 mm Jack here. So what I'm going to do is okay, I'm gonna press a cut here. And where? Yes, yes, yes, yes. So I'm just showing you this 3. So what can you really do showing this particular area? So I'm not gonna do anything. The next future comes right now. I just clicked it because we are going to apply some kind of zoom effect only here, ok. So there is an option here like crop. I go here for crop, then a press pan and zoom here. So I kind of start the zoom here. So this is actually two areas where this is from zoom-out. Zoom in, this is o, this is o from the left, this is o from the right. We can work around with this, but right now I am going to just start the zooming here. We're gonna just try to adhere, okay. Zoom out and just putting the area here, zoom in. Zoom mode. It's just actually a very small clip rate. So let's see what it really does here. This one particularly impact is okay, something like that. So it also tells you that scene about the futures. So what is this? Again, one more text. Something you just drop it. Read no b-a and just technical information and giving you read like kind of the Nubia manufacture by Z T, e. So just giving some information in this video, you do not put any slide or something like that when you're just doing it here. But it board, I want to just change it, something like this. And this may be you can just play around with many tables. As I said earlier, practice makes you perfect. Okay, so I'm just putting it here to give you a background information for this. And if you asked me how the whole piece kind of piece maybe a route soil pseudoplastic emitting load. Here it is. Four. Then you see the rocks. No, we are going to do something here. I told you that we can be color grading something. We can just change the color or maybe some kind of stuff like that, right? So it's going to be very easy right now. So I'm going to just cast this video are here, double-click in. You will have an option here called as color. So this is like color enhancement. Like how much do you want to enhance the color value, Ron, Kind of white balance here, okay, right balance, just temperature. Okay. I'm gonna mess things here. Contrast a little bit. Yes. I'm just showing it to you for an example. So understand one thing. Before we just cut this video, it does matter that you start working with some kind of color color correction. So if you really wanted to be, but this one is quite ok. Just wanted to show you what color correction is all about. That's the reason I'm just moving the collective. Wonderful form. It's actually oriented towards more of a gaming gets the most thing that I love about this, this one, particularly in factors and see if you're right. So most of you will have seen about the futures rate. So what is this just manufactured by a Chinese company for us to give you a macrodefinition for this. And if you asked me how the whole piece, kind of piece, maybe a solid pseudoplastic emitting loci like this kind of. You see the rocks in this illusory, the light one paper folding. So I don't want you to wait longer. Let's get into this review slot B. Ok. And unwanted more than this here. So what I'm gonna do is cut it off. Draw this thing outside. So many to add some music affects me. Going something very soft. Does not this can, it looks odd, but said do and think, I'm going to just drag this music here. Now came. So once again, I'm going here and because for this timeline, I don't need this year. So what I'm gonna do is just cut them down here. So you have a background music to hear. So what I'm gonna do is WP core here, you need to fade in, write music, shoot and just start like that. So fade in and fade out. So now what we're gonna do is since this is or a ten, we got a new functionality here. Such as when you just, just a moment, Let's see what happens. Now. When you listen. The thing is, you are not able to hear what you speak, right? So fast option is you can reduce this kind of lines here. And another thing is filling more also has another option to go here. This is your main audio rate. You need to do it in your main audio, not been the music that you need to do it. So just go here and just keep the most here. Go to adjust idea here. You will have an option here called as ducking. This is actually a new future affiliate Merton here. Lower the volume of other clips. You can just go around here. So I need to just lower at Lake 68 something k. Before cutting, you need to do this. Dinosauria. Okay. No, no issues. Can just see the graph in the bottom how the level of sound is coming down. Okay, so it becomes uniform rate. So once again, we will start with here. Hi and welcome to my YouTube. Kinda fascinating. So how is it really right now? Kind of think is reduced and your volume is good, right? So just get to play around with this. This is the new future luxury in femora. And so we have completed like kind of this is the part two of the reading. Still way to go guys yet, but I hope that you enjoyed this week was that we are going to do that right. 8. Lesson No 8 Using Pc screen Recording and cropping: So hi there, number near finished, almost like two parts of editing. Now, we need to add some more citizen to this video. And in this we'll be discussing a new future of film Aurora, which is called ACE screen recording. You may, you would have thought that pseudomonas just really a video editor, but it's still camera course theme. So let's get into it. So this is a video that I'm speaking about. So I'm going to drag this video here. So what does this meeting and what does it do? So let's play into this room. You B. So this is actually kind of this red magics website which just puts and shows you all the features of this website a while on the features of this phone, sorry. So how would we go to really create this? You have an option here called us record. So you can record from a webcam, you can occur from a PC screen, and you can record from VoiceOver. So these are things I want you to try everything. So first-rate node occurred from PC screen. Vigo go here. So what happens here? Just hold on. You'll get a pop up. Okay. You have the pop-up here. So there's a microphone that you select this, this Because you select then gone here, just press the record button here. So preparing to Ricard 123. Okay, so I'm just opening my Google Chrome, so I just typed in, read new BIA, three VIP savings. So we just got into the website. So this was a website but has shown. So now we have an, a player came just stopping in here. This is some of you are going to record your screen recording here. Cookie. You can just stop it if you wanted to. Just demo meant stupid greetings. Incidence. Okay. Okay. So what all you have recorded will come over here. If you just want to watch it, you can watch it on a list opening my Google Chrome. So I just typed in new Pia, 3-bit savings. So we just got into the website. So this website about as short. So now we have so this is why I'm so already we have a clip of this year, so I'm not going to use this. I'm just going to press the Delete button over here. Do you want the siliceous? Yes. We are put a five-year rate. So this is the file that we had recorded. So now what we need to do is we need as he shall determine the unwanted things right first, we want to implement, just, just watch children, you B. Okay, so the video is going to start here, right? So I'm going to just permit I don't need this part. Ok. So you show the other things to this video's going on and on and on and on and on. Where does it stop? Think, maybe stop here. Just to play. Okay, read magic tree. I don't want anything after this. So this first step is over. I told you always just remove the things which you don't need. Now what we're gonna do with this, this probably you don't need to see the screen here, right? It looks just dumb. So I'm going to click on this. The moment I click on this, you have an option here. Copyists, what are we going to do in this crop? Last time we learned what a Spanish zoom is all around and now crop. So what does this probable? You can just remove all the unwanted things of what you call in the screen like in horizontal or vertical. So crops then she would remove this kind of stuff. So we're going to work it out and make this video like it doesn't look like some kind of cropped out of a website. It is going to really look some kind of thing. Professor. Ok. So I'm going to go here, crop, you have an option here, crop original ratios. It's nice to name custom. So what happens in origin ratios? Whenever you move it like this, the entire kinda for just a moment distant from here, then they're Video is going. Which means you can just do it like this. So what we are going to do here is I'm going to just go here as Custom List. Customer owes me to play around with it. So I mean, it is like this, then bringing it down from this side. So be careful where you cooperate. Let us see what happens. Okay, something like this here. So you have an option here, we have cropped in. But do remember that we have, this video's main project is thousand nine hundred and twenty two thousand eighty. It's a widescreen format. But we are we have since we have cropped it, it is not always clear. You can see the black kin of bars here, right? So we'll just go here, we'll just pull it up. Still. This black is not kind of visible. So there's a first step, what we want to be careful, Deimos. Dave, and I need to find K. So this is how most over. So let's die from here longer for just a moment. Just a moment. So I think still we need to cooperate in Guam segue into crop here. Okay. I don't need the shadow and all the other things doesn't give good. Okay, we played live this. So unsmooth dystopia. So make sure that there is no black man's. Again. Now let's planes. So now that you have a gain of one of the few days of the forms and how it is going to be some kind of impulsive stuff, right? So the thing I involve feature now, unless you learn how to record your video screen nom, you also need to add some care of fire seasons because you've got to switch from three videos. I something it should not look like are like cutting and things like that. So we're going to add something called US Piracy sincere. Okay. So okay, we just press here. So what does transitions may want to add something like he'd go around with basic supports. Flash. Ok. So flash, I think I can pull it down from here. I'm just pulling it down. I'm not doing anything. So you have an area where you can display it on with flash. And next is laying some kinda hot and other transitions cubed or just particularly heinous Cuvier. So I'm able to see this because I've been working with for a motto for quite a long time. But if you're not able to see this, I suggest you just press the zoom button so you can have will be able to see this transition more clearly. So what is gonna happen with this transition? Let's, let's get into this. Yeah, this is how it works. So this is okay then what is this transition novel about? Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel. Is just nothing. What you saw here. We just added some kind of transitions to make this video from one part of the media to the next part of the video does not look like that. You cut everything and paste it. So transition just takes care of it. And like many transitions, very many transitions in Philly mara or most of them has given even 32. So just keep working with a scan of transition. So it'll really help you to understand what transition is all about from one medium to another. So that we have just, we are just almost completed three parts in this video. Just one more to go. I hope you are enjoying this course like me that C into it. 9. Lesson No 9 Explaining the Phone: Never, never be almost freeze like fun to handle three areas of project. Now, we need to explain how the phone is going to be. Like. I'm going to just to review this fall. So does really going to be about is what we are going to see in this tutorial. We'll be mostly a vote like dreaming the unwanted things than just styling some background music and other steps. Then we also need to add some kind of more taking this to make sure that people understand this fauna kind of lovely. So let's get to it. So things like you saw everything he over here. So we just need to bring it smaller. So this is the video, this last video here. So I'm going to just drag it up, So make sure everything fits in the timeline here. So I need to just start trimming rain. So first I'm going to play here on the phone come and just sitting in front of the capillary. So high I got a case, I just died from it. Okay. And trim this this is kind of unwanted for me or came district. Mmm, okay, guys, this is red and magic. Three, which I have in my hand quite a really unusual Hampson speak about. Let's look at the descendant looks kind of very different, not like ordinary mobile things like diamond shape only has one camera. Ok, so let me sum gain of, add some kind of text over here. Something, something very, very simple. Nothing. I'm not gonna go beyond lake enough flag. It's not much more than just search it late. Go here, double-click. So just drag it up here. So make sure the camera, simple question mark. I don't like this font actually his font really decently, kind of good for this. This is actually just got on with Latin or like learn. No, like landing on like okay, only one camera. So okay, should be fine. It's most daddy, one camera in this era. There's something really unusual. And these, what you see here is just like this mean's over here. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just going to hold me back here. And this stuff here. So let's me, okay, it only has one camera. One camera in this era. When something really very unusual. These, what you see here is just like this mean's over here. And now what we're gonna do is this. We are going to just keep inserting this so many titles here, but we gotta make sure something that Andi titles. In that same format, I don't want to just keep dragging here or something like that. So I'm going to just put us here and we're going to just press Control-C. I don't want to press control v ESU guarded rate. So one more thing which I wanted to use, gauges, sleep, better, luck that things ok. You don't want to mess it on here. So notice again one nice like you need to just go here type. I'm going to I'm just got just copying and pasting him or doing anything here. You could have undistributed then. Okay. Some exclamation mark and you want to put it where ever you want it to be much better. And you're starting to get a hold of it and put it here. Okay, this is another wind. You may be asking any other bees to early shoulder target buttons. This phone is actually completely oriented for gaming, and I would like to say that this is a first for the fan landing. Ok, I'm gonna copying, copied again, once again Control C over here. And then I'm going to press Control view here. And I want to just put something here. You stayed. Their worlds. Let the fan again wanted here or something like that. So let's play under it. And over here, we have USB-C time and microphone. Let's get started with, well, you unlocked this modelling form. So let's get into this meaning allowed us not. So. So another one, I want to just press control v again. And why just place it up. Just go put 9090, sorry, 90 hertz. Panel B. We'll just drag it here, some, something like this. Gone. Just keep experimenting with argued that constant goes away. Since, because this is the 90 hertz eminent banner is kind of lady fast is really damn good to sort of give us a place That's going to be really nice for you to look at it. You have one camera over here is just kind of 16 megapixel camera. That's much more than this. Then let's just hear something right? Then another one. Again, one of those control view here, then just poured it out. It's kind of think you dislike BDS speaker system, BEPS, speaker, DPS. In BPS, friend phasing speakers. I think I'm right here. I really don't want to learn right along. I'm going to store, okay, in this board here, BTS front-facing speakers, okay? To say that this whole amazing peaker quality, because it just for as they're kept with almost like that DDS, You have to friend firing speakers and you have another speaker two here, which gives you this phenom in a levelled off good music quality. So what does this font so very special, and let's look at it. On the left-hand side, you have this kind of this med button, right? This one, we'll just put again a control v. We needed to put as like kind of dedicated gaming. Gaming and just make it a little bit bigger and scaling of marine button, right? Daddy Kane and gaming is pretty good. Okay? So this is called as Gaming mode for this no BI Magic. And what are all the other steps here? Again, just see you can configure the CPU GPU, then 40 haptic Feinberg, then touch clean. You can do many wonderful steps with this. So we're gonna do her own with playing us slides. Just don't like that. And I just don't like him. Keeps crawling rate when I hated this. So you need to unlock this so I'm going to trim it here. So I'll just put a blend of gaming skin. Ok, let's expand this product we would get OK, I need to start Call of Duty here. So I just deleted and so on. It's just so we wanted to do her own with playing us nor do anything. We're going to just play a game here. So why don't we play some kind of zoom of x-ray TO, I'm just dragging this video like okay, I'll just press once again and how it is going to go. But still we'll just give it a try right? Pan and zoom, which is a start. I needed to go away from this. So I will just make it start. I'm going to just extend this start. Now let me make sure I call them mobile phone ring. So that's kind of embodying. The end comes here. I'll give you just started up. Okay, we'll play. Loading is almost phenomenally. Emphasize. I am not seeing any phone do like this. Spinning too fast. Okay. And little sorta buttons to hunger to use the shoulder buttons and like closers, I don't need this. Okay. Just declare. If you really don't want to see all this, you can just keep trimming the areas. This is just just just for a practice exam, extending a video, but when he just really do recorded, make sure it trim on the unmanaged sections. Maybe better. You may be asking me, I'm a good gamer, Wally. I'm not a gamer, but some kind of a lake level in Call of Duty and ideally load this game, but it gets killed frequently. Let's see how this phone can enter the cell. Okay. So you can just see this might've gone figure to the right bigger store. And that, that's bad. You just want to get it flow like dumping. Well, one thing and that one, x2. And here McCain knows, configured this plus control viewer here. I'm just placing two fingers and three. Singer. Ok. It's something you can just configure the quantity that things that are just click. Oh sorry, sorry, it's not healing. Why did they do? I just invested a blade, isolate just Dave, deadly error does not do fingers. Managers make a mistake. Do one thing here. Dedicated gaming B, I just pressed controls that gave you needed here. That's not air events like two fingers and three fingers. Ok. So what mistake did you make? You can always ask you shall control Blizzard, handle two finger to infinity, circulate through watching this base. Just keep editing where you really don't wonderful days, ok, and just making it a little bit long. Because I loved playing in standard recording this. And I really didn't want to get out of the good lamb. Sorry, this is Okay. I hate to say this is really, I don't know how to do SCF. Okay, so let's just start to play more year. Came late paying. Just a minute. Okay. So so let's go ahead and leave the game and come off. But still, why we supposed to do a little bit list. Okay, so this is all about this read movie magic. One more thing to go on camera. So another again, control C, control V. So how good is this, the single camera? Dan, dumb. Question, mark. This will end up here. So how good is this angle camera? I'm sure sorry. Today have been Lynn camera spending and bleach, understandably. Standing up. So we better department yes. Do to see how it goes. Sorry about the mess in the desktop. Right? Yeah. It's kind of orchestrate. It's not that bad at is less it looks okay, so, so what about the video quality? So you can just have a look in all the stamps. No, I think I need to eliminate the ending Bush. Andrei doubled the review of my wonderful form, ruby red Magic. Hope you enjoyed it. And if you really like, did please press this like button. So this, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Who wanted to start play my coffee? A few guys, bye bye. See you guys. My tutorial, and I may not see you. Okay. So we have this almost finished editing this video now we just have one single things pending. Now I hope so that you really know how to edit your own tech videos. So do remember that you can just drop it wherever you don't want, timid or wherever you don't want and don't put it. I think I'm still almost like it's like kind of like nine minutes or something. So maybe make sure that you just cut it down in the initial parts where I spoke about the introverts coming to like kind of 40 seconds. Make sure you just put it down too dense against. Then all the other things here. Okay? So the next will be the last section. Actually, you need to add some gain of end credits, right? Something like you need to add a date and then we start exporting and sends it back. 10. Lesson No 10 Removing Background noise and End credit: So hi there. Now we are almost at the last stage of this video editing. So I just didn't want to extend that last video very much because it was almost like girl or 15 to 17 minutes. But still there is some data off little bit polishing that can be done for making your videos better. So in this case, like OK, so when you're recording in some kind of video, if you are hearing some kind of background noises, maybe this microphone captures. The microphone can capture almost read noise, whatever is happening to our capture, things like that. Do you really know that in filum aura you can leave in reduce the amount of background noise. You know, like I say, you write notes. So let's get started here. You go here. Normally you just have to click Eclipse plug here, then go to adjust audio. Then you have an option called IS like remove background noise. We can just remove it like made to strong Something like that. Okay. So you just pull it up here. So what are we hearing here? Speak about listening for the busyness scale. Very different, not like ordinary. Obey, translate everything. Record diamond shape. Okay, now we'll do the same for everything. So go here like I just audio remote background IS everything you can just make it lists. And yeah, so on this one or here again, right-click, faster, right-click and just audio removed by colonize. Well, k, some gangsters, l1. Again, I'd just audio remove background lies. Lead. Now here to kind of another one. Just audio Remove Background lives matter. So now that we have almost like remove the background noise, it does actually tell the truth that analysts you cannot record in a proper studio. You'll have some kind of background music, something some noise will come, at least you cannot eliminate it fully. I think you have a very, very good microphone, which is so for any expensive, right? So the thing that what we do is denoted to heighten gain of lysis. We were Adley music likes most in time. That is the real reason why we add music likes and we're gonna do the same thing, Vance again here. And also I think you would remember this and this idea, right? Okay, so let's get some audio, Something like that, running. Okay, something like that. I'm going to just drag it here. And again, another one model, not this. I don't want to just put it up on inspiration and. So I'm going to just put everything here. So as usual, I'm going to just trim emitter. So doubled the goer here. Kind of fading in, slowly fading in and fading out. Okay. What about this one? So slowly fade in, fade out. So, so okay, like again, once again, fade in and fade out k. So this is all right. So now you need also to be ducking the hardier, right? So I don't think I'll go press here. I'll press the control option here. Told you want to pick everything here. Then just right-click on here. I'd just add you lower the volume of all the other clips. So will go here like 68 descend ds. Now you can see this lowered Aldi volume again. So let's just heat it up. One more policy into go, right? What about another transition? Well, just put the transition here, drag it here. So hi guys. This is a red magic three, which I have in my hand. Writer really unusual cancer. Speak the board. Different, not like ordinary Hopi princely. Everything's like like a diamond shape. So the sauna boat this medial, maybe you can just do some effects or transition. So what are the steps if you want to make it better and do this really make it better. Now we need some kind of bank credit is asking people to enter like substrate, manage, Animate video something, then you can just put it in and save the video to R if you really want to make an end credit for something and then just go ahead. You go once again to the status here. So in credits, this is not a new concept. Asking something like this. Say you want to put this year at the end. Dragging in. Just double-click here. So I'm going to press once again, advanced year, so I can just start to edit all the things. So your text honestly, fixed, fixed discipline, I don't need it so I'm just pressing delete here. So I'm going to just crash. Like what is the next one? Command. Okay, well onto your here, just see. Okay. Just reduces. Okay. Neither one thing. Some substrate. So with that, I'll just shorten it up. So you just push the play button here now. Okay, something like that. Mere finishes in video rate for tech video. And a big congratulations to you for just finishing this class. Now just one more thing is there, just one more thing is there, which is nothing but to export video? So I'll see you in the systems, okay. 11. Lesson No 11 Last check and importing: So high F, We have just almost completed things, everything, but I just want you to make sure that you did. There's all this editing process. Is that the in-line with Mark really expected. So I just went through this kind of video right now. So what I found some gain of Auschwitz was needed to be some kind of modified. So one of those things, first is I just trimmed to this inside. This is a start into video, which I really didn't want to take it so long. Then I just went into this Nubia clip, I found that some kind of like the noise were, the background music was very high, so I need to drag it like come down or something like that. Then I just went there. Then I fold this ducking things to be like of while 68 was very high, so I just put everything to 61 or something like that. So this was the first thing. And I did the same thing for all the other clips to so the decking came on on a 61. And another one more thing. When I just listened to my manager start, started listening to my ideal, I felt it was kind of like blank because the real problem, what happens is when you just reduce your background. Nice. The pitch of the ice also changes. So I just wanted to do some kind of modify things like that. So what I did was I just changed equalizer from default to classic. So these are some of the areas that I really did it. And one more important thing is, do you really, can you see this red color stuff over here and also other things that are low. It means that your video is not properly rendered for playback. So what you're gonna do in this GOP presses render button. So when you just start rendering, it plays like frame by frame in order that your computer place this kind of video very smoothly. This is some kind of process that I would suggest before you export this video. So far as export, so let us just Speaker product studios export as nothing but you can't just put this entire video into YouTube because it's so flight of trim cart and all the other steps. So you need to export this video. That is, you make this, you need to make this video asset, all video. That is a four bar full part of video which you can just put it in various formats. Maybe four if you add up loading for you to between port for MP4 or what all the other stuff. Maybe for TV, if some movie or if an, a Mac, it could be like some QuickTime format. Not this very familiar with the format CIA vesicle here. But you can just do like this, know that rendering is almost like kind of over. So we are going to this stack exploiting here. They just press this Export button here. So you have so many options and before w, Okay, so we'll just rename this video are here. To rename the video is like my first video, something mortalities, like many different kinds of formats here, okay, so mp3 also something for podcast also. Then for divisors, it short for iPhone and all those things you do, the meals or you can just even put it into this. So I'm gonna just go here. So save to where do you really want to save the video? I'll just keep it for now for desktop, I will just put it in desktops is what we must then go to settings over here. Yet the many options like best, better, good, then encoder or like kind of MPEG-4. So resolution motto solution channel is going to be a five-point months old. Okay. Why don't mind, but I don't need if I just put it as tdo, go into semester with the cities and try different kinds of formats like what are you like? It's up to you, just keep practicing. So for the time being, I'm just going to go with like kind of 1922, those NAD steps. So I'll just press OK here. So next button, it's almost approximate size it shown us is and 683.5 and b, the duration, time duration, it is going to take your own like nine. And so if you have a GPU accelerated video encoding, just make sure that you pick this. I'm, if you really don't have a GPU, it's okay. But mostly filament has a very good software that the cane works with integrated graphics to about, don't forget to click this. So we are just going to export, okay? And press Export button. And yes, we start to export, but you don't want to keep you waiting till ten minutes and want to fast-forward and if we give it, okay, so let's go. So now that we have exported this medial and let's see this thing, spine, target and mortgages go to find WTO. So it's in the best off here. So I'm gonna just double-click my first video. So this is how they exported video, really looks like. Awesome, right? Just one of the most easiest tutorials that you've done ever learned. I think so. Many big congrats on successfully becoming video editor. Thanks, and I'll see you. 12. Lesson 12 the Final video: Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel. I mean, not from India. And I'm going to be the police. Some of the fascinating folds you already would have moved away. It's actually called as red Lubyanka, magic. Three moral, really wonderful foreign. It's actually oriented towards mortar for gaming. You can see how it really looks. The most thing that I love about police, this bone, particularly in factors, ECT right? Then the headphone jack. So most of the times you'll have seen about the futures will be imagined, right? They've, Nubia is manufactured by a Chinese company called us to give you a background information. And if you asked me how the form fields kind of thes via gram solid plastic immediate load here, kind of for aluminum and indices for greedily and cannot be revolves. In this illusory, the live wallpaper, something's gonna be enthalpy was a Blu-ray. So I don't want you to wait longer. Let's get into this review. So be it. Yes. So hi guys. This is a red magic three, which I have in my hand. Quite a really unusual Hansen speak aboard this look at the descent looks kind of very different, not like ordinary Pope April's right. Everything is like a diamond shape. Things really has one camera, one camera in this era. And something really very unusual. And these mark you see here is just like this vents over here. And this is another bend you may be asking and other bees to our shoulder telling abundance. This phone is actually completely oriented for gaming and how you'd like to say that this is a fossil. Let the fan running under it. Right? And over here, we have like USB-C type microphone. Nothing explicitly started. Well, deserve you unlock this mobile import. So let's get into this meaning Ananda slots. So you just see how fast it goes raid o. Since, because this is the 19 hundreds Hamlet panel, it's kind of really fast, really damn good through kids. Say no. Just lice. That's gonna really nice phone to look around and you have one camera over here is just like NO 16 megapixel camera. That's not much more than this. Then let's just hear something right, speakers or something like that. Do you say that this point ask an amazing speaker quality because I just wanted to give me with almost like PDS. You have to friend firing speakers and you have another speaker two here, which gives you the Spanish woman a lemon. Good music quality. So what is this font saw? Very special and look at it. On the left-hand side, you have this kind of this red button, right? So this is called as gaming more for this Ruby, a magic wand and all the other steps here. Just see you can configure the CPU GPU. Then 40 Hambrick fired back in touch screen. You can move me and Amarna put steps in place. So we're gonna just do around with playing. Small. Loading is almost phenomenally them faster. I have not seen any form can do like this, like sleeves to fast and to sort of buttons to, I'm going to use the shoulder burdens and losses. I don't need this multiplayer. You may be asking me, I'm a good gamer, really. I'm not Rambo DMR. He lake level in call of duty. We need no distinct given week maybe let's see how this font. So they can just see this one. Configure the left trigger for this one, and then the damping. Leave the game and still want to make a booster. So this is all about this written would be a magic. And one more thing in the camera department? Yes. Sorry. Both. In Kansas. It's kind of it's not that bad at is as it looks K. So this is, what about the video quality? This one has another good number using a 4K mode here for recording here actually this phone has a eight good wheat amora achy. You kind of heard it, right? Right. So let's see how the video called looks like. So this is all about the review of my wonderful form would be our red Magic. Hope you enjoyed it if you really like these clusters like button, and also, don't forget to want to just start blaming you guys. Bye-bye. 13. Lesson 13 the end: So Hi there. Thanks a lot for completing this course is just the conclusion part. And I think there's nothing to do more than this. So if you want more tips and tricks, I think that would be another course rate, but this is just a bigness course where I just thought you completely dictatorial. Getting this much knowledges network filament into getting and over here and this part here to just keep practicing a lot. And first and most important things I want you to complete the projects and just put a screenshot about your projects. Or maybe you get just make a prop on a YouTube video and uploading your YouTube channel. And I just request you all to share your link because without completing the projects and will not be familiar with the software, the more you work on it and the more you get to know the things that happens in almost every single software may be, it can be Fillmore, right then we're only bringing a pro or whatever descriptors. So I really look forward to just seeing how earlier. So if you need it put like if you really loved this course, so just suggest you just review something. So these kind of reviews do really keep motivating and encouraging me to create more courses and to help your students. So thanks a lot for watching this video. It's me standing up right now and wish you a very, very happy new year it to those 20 million to buy thicker.