Video Editing Essentials for Instructors and Professionals | Syed Hassan Bukhari | Skillshare

Video Editing Essentials for Instructors and Professionals

Syed Hassan Bukhari, Internet Marketer and SEO

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23 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction!

    • 2. What is Camtasia Studio and why one should use it?

    • 3. Some important information about Camtasia Studio and downloading it

    • 4. Basics of Camtasia Studio

    • 5. What are Callouts and how to use them with Camtasia Studio

    • 6. Zooming in and Smart Focusing

    • 7. Transitions for adding awesome starting and ending effects

    • 8. Cursor Effects for making explanations clear

    • 9. Animations using Visual Properties (on Callouts)

    • 10. Editing Dimensions

    • 11. Canvas for Visual Editing

    • 12. Understanding the working of Timeline, tracks, selection and editing

    • 13. Understanding the Editing process

    • 14. Using Grouping feature

    • 15. More detail about Animations

    • 16. Animation Easing: Making animtions smooth and nice

    • 17. Getting started with Audio Editing

    • 18. Silencing parts of the audio

    • 19. Working with music, editing it according to your needs

    • 20. Automatically Adding Captions (Speech to Text)

    • 21. Manually adding captions

    • 22. Exporting your completed video in the right way

    • 23. The End!


About This Class

Video Editing is the process of pointing out errors in the video recording, observing them and then fixing them, and in video editing process, we make the videos look the way we want them to look. Generally, video editing is used to make your videos look professional, and to make them start properly, and end properly, in short we make the video recordings perfect throughout.

Video Editing is thought to be a very tough job to do. Do you think the same? Maybe yes, but I don't think the same at all, and I can prove that Video Editing isn't difficult at all. In fact, I've already proved it by making this course, this course provides you with all the details you need for editing the videos in a professional way and without too much efforts.

In this course you're going to learn:

  • The basics of Video Editing
  • Adding cool and nice effects to your videos
  • Making objects appear on screen in a nice way
  • Applying animations to objects
  • Adding Transitions
  • Adding Cursor Effects
  • You'll get an understanding of the dimensions and what they have to do with the editing process
  • you'll learn how you can edit dimensions in the right way
  • You'll learn about visual properties
  • You'll learn visual editing, scaling, cropping and rotating
  • You'll learn the use of tracks, selection for editing
  • You'll get a complete understanding of editing process, such as trimming, splitting, clip speed etc.
  • You'll learn how you can group different tracks and objects and also how you can add several groups into a single group which makes the video editing process more convenient
  • You'll learn about animations in depth
  • You'll learn how you can add Easing Animation effects to your animations
  • You'll learn about audio editing
  • You'll learn about adding captions
  • You'll learn about Exporting (Production settings)
  • And a lot more

So, this is your complete package for video editing that is going to help you in making your videos professional and you'll be able to edit any kind of video and make it the way you want it to look.