Video Creation Basics | Darren Young | Skillshare
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5 Videos (35m)
    • Video Creation Introduction

    • Create Video using Jing

    • Create Video using Screencast-o-matic

    • Create/Edit Video Audio using Audacity

    • Create Video using CamStudio


About This Class

Quickly learn how to create quality training videos, support videos and marketing videos using free video screen cast tools that I use to create all my videos. You will learn how to create videos online and offline for upload to your website or video hosting sites such YouTube and Vimeo. By using video you can get heaps of free traffic to your website and sky rocket your websites search engine rankings. This course is particularly useful for anyone looking to become a teacher on SkillShare and create tutorial videos.





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Darren Young

Analytics, AWS, Web Security, WordPress

Over 10 years experience in web development using CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress, and more recently, mobile application development. My tutorial videos will help you learn new skills fast and you'll find that they are concise, to-the-point with no fluff or filler guaranteed; just quality content that will help you get the job done.

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