Video Content Jumpstart - 30 Proven Ways To Creatively Promote Your Brand

Lynda Denman

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Session 1

    • 3. Session 2

    • 4. Session 3

    • 5. Session4

    • 6. Session5


About This Class

This class provides inspirational guidance on how to use video to successfully market your business, service or product online.  It is designed to jumpstart your creativity, discover multiple formats and innovative ways to use video - no matter what type of business you have.  Video is growing in popularity, and this class was created  to help individuals and businesses to  understand its relevance in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

It provides step by step guidance from providing you with statistics on video views, ways of creating a variety of different types of videos, considerations and of course marketing once your videos are created.  Stand out from the crowd, and start your very first video!!  Its easier than you think.

Remember your videos must be: professional, specific, entertaining and informative, compelling and persuasive!!

I look forward to receiving your feedback!