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Video Content Jumpstart - 30 Proven Ways To Creatively Promote Your Brand

teacher avatar Lynda Denman, Student

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

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About This Class

This class provides inspirational guidance on how to use video to successfully market your business, service or product online.  It is designed to jumpstart your creativity, discover multiple formats and innovative ways to use video - no matter what type of business you have.  Video is growing in popularity, and this class was created  to help individuals and businesses to  understand its relevance in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

It provides step by step guidance from providing you with statistics on video views, ways of creating a variety of different types of videos, considerations and of course marketing once your videos are created.  Stand out from the crowd, and start your very first video!!  Its easier than you think.

Remember your videos must be: professional, specific, entertaining and informative, compelling and persuasive!!

I look forward to receiving your feedback!

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Lynda Denman



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1. Introduction: Hello of a room, my leans Linda on. I would like to provide you with an introduction to my new class on skull share, but you content job start 30 proven ways to creatively promote your brand online. I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a class overview session. One will provide you with an introduction. Also the basics of online video with statistics that show you how powerful video can be for your business with an overview off opportunities to get you thinking about how you can promote your business online Session two will cover top 30 inspirational ways to creatively promote your brand online. Session three will provide you with 10 ideas and tips for content focused videos. Session four will provide you with a selection of tips for creating your videos. Session five will provide you with an overview of how to get your videos noticed online through marketing on promotion. Using paid on don't paid methods. I hope you enjoy my class, and I shall look forward to receiving your feet back. Thank you for listening 2. Session 1: session one, but you content jumpstart 30 proven ways to create every promoter browned online, and this is a shin I'm going to give you a short introduction on will give you the basics for online video. What statistics that show you the power of video on a no overview off the opportunities available to market your business using video online introduction. As you have probably noticed, there's increased use of video online using YouTube and other platforms. And if you get a really good for you, it may even go viral for your business. It's a very effective and engaging way to get your business message out there and get noticed, but use air getting easier and more cost effective to make on 100 million people. Watch at least one for you. Pair day. No, some startling statistics. Did you know that Do Tube has over a 1,000,000,000 users? It's a number to search engine second only to Google. Ah, third of all the time users spend online is spent watching videos on an average Internet user. Watches 35 views per month on videos. Improved customer's understanding off your product by 74%. The basics of online video. What makes a video effective for your business? Think about this. Sound the cool. Let's say the format the lighting on good content. But perhaps the most important consideration is your USP unique selling point. What makes your business products standard from the rest? In fact, what makes you stand out from all the competitors in your industry? You have to focus on your unique selling point. The video topic must be relevant on relate to your specific business or product directly. Be focused in your approach. On the most, Be useful on dress into your customers. Why videos? But use can be direct on personal. They will encourage your customers to engage with you in a way that Britain word will not online can be impersonal, but videos. Bring your personality to life and put the personality back in your business on help your customers to really get to know you your product or business. Did you know 80% of Fister's will watch a short video where it's only 20% will read Written content. 75% of viewers will then visit your website. 26% of viewers will look form or information after they view a video you've made off your business online. 12% may make a purchase after viewing a video out, You say people can process special information much faster than written or variable. Information on videos are much more interesting on intriguing than written word. If I don't properly so there's loads of opportunities to use for you this slave product demos, how to or instructional videos, screen cast produce, animated or white board values. Testimonial videos to name but a few. There's so many ways to be innovative with video, see session to form or inspiration. 3. Session 2: Welcome to session to off my sculpture class. Video content Jumpstart 30 proven ways to creatively promote your brand online and this station I hope to jump start your thought, process and creativity to inspire you to use video for your business. Remember Peck one way that is relevant and entertaining for your customers and, of course, compelling enough to be memorable. I'll start at the top Number one video commercials, Promotional videos. These are similar to TV commercials, but much cheaper and easier to produce. The main goal is to get customers to visit your website or business. For further information, they can be screened, cast, animated or include life footage and remember to keep them short and sweet. Sex stated 90 seconds maximum. There must be honest and to the point, with no waffle on the must not include industrial jargon. Keep languid, simple. Andi. Easy to understand. Two are mated. Storyboard videos thes are usually short produced that incorporate animations, curtains or motion graphics. Great for telling a story about your business concept or product. They're gaining in popularity as they are very engaging to watch the captivating and usually watch to the end. So good for call to action for your customers. They can be difficult to produce for the amateur, but tools are available online to help you try. Five or dot com has all turned to for samples. Unreasonable rates. Three Press release videos The standard is four lines of text. Why no Transform your press release inter video instead. Off talking about your product, you can show what your customers using video. It's more compelling to watch and listen to rather than rate on. DIT was focused on your customer by emphasising the benefits of your product or service four landing page videos. A video on your website landing page can be very powerful on a great introduction to your business. It could be used to get your customers to sign up to your meeting list or to sell your service. It shows a great level of professionalism on your website as it's a Paris away to engage with your customers. Five. Company introduction video instead of a page of about US text on your website, why not use for you? You can still out tax below the video. You can use it to showcase your company. History products and services aren't highlight your unique selling point to customers. What makes you better than your competitors? Why no try number sex Bio videos? Why don't use for you to showcase your professional expertise on credibility to your customers? It's a great way to engage with your community as a face for your business and can be effective for networking. Can be used on other platforms to link back to your website. Such Islington. And it's especially effective if you are well known in your industry. Seven. Behind the scenes videos It's an effective way to virtually open your business to your customers. You can showcase your workshop, office or manufacturing facility, and it's a great way to open your business or product to customers. And it demonstrates your business is open and transparent. Number eight. How we make it Videos, some behind the scenes videos These videos show how you make a specific product. It's great for business. Is the manufacture products for example, bakery, chocolate factory cafes, bars, etcetera, and it's a great way to show your unique manufacturing process. Nine. For use late show videos, this is a great way to transform your product images or services and to video, put together among ties or simple presentation, using photos using PowerPoint or for you shop, you could have music and tax 2.5 supporter of the visual images, and it's great for businesses that rely on visual presentation, such as jewelers, galleries, gift come, please, etcetera. Number 10 Staff introduction videos Help your customers to get to know your staff team. It's a very personal, on effective way for customers to get to know your key staff members before they visit your promises. Staff will enjoy the attention on feel proud of your organization on, Most importantly, feel valued. Underappreciated ideas could be your staff discussing the rule what they enjoy about the job or your company. 11. Industry expert Interview videos interview Experts in your industry use industry trends. Issues and questions that arise from customers include topics which are of interest to your customers or target audience. This is a great way to build your business credibility on defective partnerships with others within your industry. 12 Special event videos Record your special event, perhaps, and industry conference that your business organized share videos and small chunks to engage with customers. It's great for engaging people who have abolished your 10 year event but are interested in your business. It gives fire to your customers and it's great to attract attendees for future events. 13 Recorded Webinar videos Record your business Webinars on place on website. Also useful for training and presentations on greater tracked a customer audience. 14. Thank you videos. Customers really enjoyed being thanked for their custom. If your business at a very successful month or year, record a short thank you video and send it out by email to your mailing list or website. It's great for a new product launch on Accent for sharing via social media. 15. Charitable donation values. This is a very powerful way to engage with your audience on a specific cause. It shows people what the donations can do or has don seen as believing. After all your customers and audience be far more like to donate with this approach. 16 Customer testimonial videos. Proof from previous customers is a great tool to demonstrate business credibility. Positive customer reviews are very important to your business. Fake about trip Advisor Loyal, happy customers are your best marketeers. If customers already leaving reviews asked them to leave a video review instead but specify basic requirements for size resolution for guidance purposes. Or this could really get messy. 17 Case study videos produced an in depth case study of a customer that you have helped. It's more personal and testimonial videos on that clearly shows the benefits off your business or product on a real life. Examples can be very powerful. 18 street videos Spontaneous underdressed in way to engage your target audience. Great for receiving feedback. You can enter the negative feedback should you receive L. A. People enjoy these tapes of real life, real time interviewing. Use correct equipment on Be mindful of weather noise levels when recording, and it's usually quite entertaining. People watching Camby IND. Dressing 19 customer interview videos interview customers about their experiences can be interesting on defective. Ask a series of questions that will interest your customers on, perhaps help them to make a decision to use Your service can be created using Skype Google hangouts on other online platforms. 20 customer feedback videos as a pair still engaging touch to your business by asking your customers what they really think. By creating a video, make customers feel five huge show that their opinions matter makes your customers feel connected and important. Welcome Videos Number 21 create greeting A thank you values for your website. You mean optic rated video of the place as soon as customers reach your home page. Perhaps greater video that thanks customers for the purchase of your product, giving them information on how to get the best out of it. 22. Product Introduction Videos This is an innovative way to present your brand new product or service. Emphasis must be on benefits for your customer. Highlight hope will solve customer problems and gives your customers are reason to choose your product over that off competitors. 23. Product demo videos, product or service demonstrations are very effective in converting prospects into buyers. It helps to remove barriers to purchase for customers on accent for existing on prospective customers for repeat purchases. 24 Helpful Tips Videos provides valuable information to your customers. Showcases your expertise as well as building your credibility and industry. It builds trust with your customer on provides added value to your existing service on products on can encourage purchases. 25 Content focused videos There are many different types of content focused produce, which I will cover in my next session to provide you with inspiration. Thes include top 10 tips on various subjects. The reason I devote a full session to the 26 flogging videos of low Assured for a video block. The latest alternative to written blog's on Increasing in popularity. Create a library off similar posts on one topic. Very personal way to connect with your online audience on innovative way off Growing your YouTube Channel 27 tutorial videos similar to top tips videos. But provide your audience with value packed information already very effective on the skull . Share platform on Can be great for your business to giving added value to customers can be great for explaining the product or service and more detail. 28 Industry news videos Create your own news videos somewhere to having your own TV channel . If you're confident in your industry, you can pick out all the exciting used to share with your customers. If your customers like your personality and voice, he will watch you for use and share widely on social media. Even if they were ready, hear the news. Ah, great boost to search engine optimization of your website if using key phrases on words within your industry. 29 Life Cuban A Session Videos If you have expertise, why not use it to answer questions? Life on Google, plus hang lights or at an event you're organizing Film it and put it on your business website. For people who couldn't attend, it's a great way of sharing your knowledge and increasing your credibility within your industry. 30 presentation videos, greater PowerPoint presentations and of loads collecting dust in your office. Turn your presentations into videos online using Come tase AEA on other programs. It's a great way of creating a digital captivity in Slate. You that relations, your presentation data at music, a divorce over to bring them alive for your customers. 4. Session 3: Welcome to Session three off my skull share class, but he'll content Jumpstart 30 proven ways to creatively promote your brand online. In this class, I will provide you with 10 inspirational ideas and tips for content. Focus. Videos Top five or 10 list. Everyone loves a good list. If you have an interesting surface idea or concept, you might like to make a list of the top 10 things customers love about your product or service thes. Maybe compiled by asking your customers how to video. Many people learn more easily if they see something demonstrated visually on a how to video is a great way to do that. Greed for home projects, beauty and creative businesses 10 Frequently asked questions. If you have frequently asked questions on your website, why not turn these Andhra video on informative On interesting way to get your message across. Top 10 tips for easy way to become video for any type of business. 10. Cost effective ways to people are great bargain hunters, so they will appreciate your cost Effective tips. 10. Hottest transient If your industry is well, no changes frequently. For example, technology and beauty companies conveyed top trends to customers is a great way of getting your business noticed. 10 reasons you need a 10 reasons you need for you is a way of salt may selling customers your business. It can be especially effective for selling services such as financial planning. 10 Pitfalls off this type of video can be a good way to encourage customers to use a specific service or product 10 ways to like a tips for Do a 10 ways to video offers significant value to your customers. One versus To which Wallace For you, this type of video can be a good way to compare two of your products or to compare general options for people interested in your industry or business. Thank you for listening. 5. Session4: Welcome to Session four off by Skill Share class, but you content John Start 30 Proven ways to Great If we promote your brand online, the session will cover tips for video creation researcher competition. Keep for you. Short, sweet and focused ideally, 60 to 90 seconds. Create a serious of videos back your your videos are mobile friendly. AZM or more people access websites using their mobiles. Consider using still on video images together. Create your script before you shoot your video. Remember to include a call to action to your customers. Have to take advantage of a special offer or placed their first order our music where appropriate, but keep it royalty free nor confident. Hire professionals or use sites like Fiverr dot com, perhaps for video creation or four. Voice over. Promote your videos widely using social media and invest in reasonable equipment to ensure good quality. Thank you for listening 6. Session5: Hello and welcome to Session five off my skull. Share class for you content jumpstart 30 Proven ways to creatively promote your brand online. This says she will cover marketing your videos tips remarked in your videos, free from a widely using website and blawg. Use YouTube the meal on other video sharing platforms. Share your videos on Facebook Instagram Lynton Arm Put links to your videos on Twitter. Email a copy to your customer list on asked your fans and customers to share widely props from a product giveaway competition. Remarketing Your videos paid local or national press adverts. Facebook advertising on easy to use advertising platform, which is reasonable on, has a very good targeted approach. YouTube Advertising on Twitter advertising. Key thoughts. Remember to release new video content periodically, perhaps once per month. Create your own YouTube channel very the type of video you create to keep customers interested and engaged. Try not to mention dates or prices within video, as this means it can become dated or obsolete. Really focused on your unique selling point on the benefits to your customers. Try and add value to your project on service. Good luck. I hope you enjoy this class. Thank you for listening