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VidIQ Masterclass - Full Guide to YouTube Keyword & Management Tool

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. VidIQ Features

    • 3. VidIQ Licenses

    • 4. Search Term Cards

    • 5. Keyword Research Tool

    • 6. Keyword Utilisation

    • 7. Small VidIQ Tools

    • 8. Daily Ideas

    • 9. Achievements

    • 10. Conclusion

    • 11. Bonus

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About This Class

Get FREE 30-Day VidIQ Trial Here!

Finally, a YouTube Channel Management Tool That Makes Creating & Growing A YouTube Channel Fun & Easy!

With the right YouTube channel management tool, you can get a complete overview of your channel and all its analytics and data. You can easily spot which videos work best and which ones need more work. And it's completely free!

VidIQ is a revolutionary YouTube tool that was designed to make it easier for creators on the platform like yourself to grow. VidIQ has a unique algorithm that finds content ideas for you quickly and easily. You can use various search phrases on YouTube, while you get all the information you need in Seconds. VidIQ is available for advanced creators of all levels on YouTube to save time and improve your efficiency. 

You no longer have to spend time on unproductive tasks like trying to find the right keywords, keyword research has become very efficient, uploading content is faster and simpler, and research into competitor strategies is simplified.

And This VidIQ Masterclass is the perfect solution for both experienced and inexperienced content creators who have created a YouTube channel but are struggling with managing it. This is the only course to teach you how to use VidIQ’s powerful YouTube channel management, SEO, and keyword research tools to grow your YouTube channel.

Here you will Learn:

  • What VidIQ is;

  • What Features VidIQ provides;

  • How to choose a license for VidIQ;

  • How to use Keyword Research Tool;

  • How to implement found keywords in your YouTube videos;

  • How to use Daily Ideas;

  • And Much MORE!

It's no secret that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Also, it is worth investing your time and energy into your channel with VidIQ to take advantage of the long-term growth potential which will greatly contribute to the success of your channel.

And here is the VidIQ Course! You will learn everything you need about this tool and its features and also everything about how to research and optimize your YouTube videos for better SEO. With VidIQ, you can finally take your Youtube channel to the next level!

Everything you'll learn here will be based on my own personal experience as a VidIQ video contributor. I'll show you what it looks like, live on video.

And don't forget that Instructor is here for you. For any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction: Being each of curvature is extremely difficult, even just thinking of a good video here can be extremely tedious and long task. And for many it is actually impossible task. And I'm not even talking about recording the videos, editing the videos, and then pushing those videos for the people. It is extremely difficult for everyone, for big or small. And if you already YouTuber, I'm pretty sure we tried to find out the good tools that would help you with all of those endeavors. And what do you found it or not? Vid IQ is 100. Such to ridicule is actually YouTube management tool, mainly known for its keyword research capabilities, allows you to find a good keyword for the videos to rank for, even if you are a very small or even could literally beginner channel. But in reality, it's much more than that. Hi, my name is Dick Nixon. I'm full-time conduct crater and YouTuber. And in this course I would like to teach you all about that you need to know about IQ. This course will cover everything that you need to know without any marketing fluff and without things that you will really not use, we're going to cover everything starting from the interface, how vidIQ works, what it can do for you, and what you can do with it. You will learn everything that you need to know, including my secrets that allowed me to grow my channels with minimal effort. And all this done in a very concise and very structured manner. By the end of this course, you will know everything that you needed to know about vidIQ in order to grow successful. And most importantly, there were helpful YouTube channel. So without further ado, let me welcome you to our courts tend to just get started. 2. VidIQ Features: So hello and welcome to our video. This will be our first official lecture. And in this lecture out I'm going to be covering actual vid IQ, whatever new features will be added by installing vid IQ extension or by purchasing vid IQ subscription. So first things first is that you need to understand that in order, of course, access to vidIQ on all its features, in all its glory, you need to install the vid IQ extension. You, it will be available on the website. By the way, I will have this green bar right here, so we will be able to see everything and noted to install vidIQ extension, you need to go to When you go there, it will be available right there as an extension. And you can install vehicle extension only on Google Chrome officially and on Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, no other browsers will be allowed to install vacuole would one exception is it's opera. And Obama, in my case, I'm using opera gx extracted well in this course. And I can't actually usually take you here because of projects allows you to install Google Chrome extensions. That's why you're going to see this one. So you can actually install the ICU or Google Chrome, mozilla, Firefox, and Opera gx or regular version doesn't matter. You can install them both. This is first thing that you'll see now. Second is that you can solve course, the free version of it, IQ and it will be perfectly fine. You're gonna see majority of the things that we're doing here with the free version. However, I, in, I myself in this course we'll be using the Pro version of vidIQ, which is the paid version. But I got you here as well. If you want to see how to provision actually works and whether it is for you or not. Golgi, the bonus lecture, go to the very, very, very last lecture of this course is going to be named bonus. And there you can grab 30 day free trial of any vidIQ license. You can just go check them, test them out of food and cancel them if you wish to do so. Again, I'm going to be using Pro license. The trawler tool allows you to choose both pro and boost license. I highly suggest you to get used to a Pro license and don't go to the booth license because you have some case scenario. You might want to cancel it and you might you might forget it. And you don't want to be charged like $30 or something like that, It's better to be charged $7 if something will go wrong. So go and get pro license, not boost and get pro license. I think I can show you two right here. I'm going to press up good over here. Yes, this is the pro license that you're gonna get. Don't get goose that especially don't get paid for $500 for this one, go and get pro license right here. I'm I'm actually going to be showing you this is pro license. This is prolapses. Don't get anything else. Do not get boost license or do not get boost license? No boost license and especially no boost. I know it looks like a kid doing here and there, but yet don't get boost lies and only get pro license. Let me just circle it a bit. Better. Only get pro license because yeah. It's not worth it. Trust me, we'll go grab the free trial and then come back to this lecture. And now let's assume that you already have done it and what you will be seeing when you install it. So first things first, you're going to see changes in three or four different spots. Or you're going to see a strategy three different spots, but you can access tools in fourth one as well. First, easier YouTube homepage. When you go to YouTube homepage, some things might look a bit different. First things, first that you'll be seeing is notice analytics on the top bar right here. I'm going to be covering something with my face, but still this is what you are going to be seeing. It will show you some of the real time analytics that you can access through the YouTube studio page, you're going to see the last 60 minute views right here. At here. You're gonna see the last 48 hours you use right here. You're going to see last 48 hours for YouTube shorts only right here. And you're going to see last seven-day views. You're going to see less seven day watch time by the watch minutes. And you're going to see your subscriber number. And of course you're going to see as well at the average minutes watched right here. These are all extremely powerful, extremely useful information and the information that you are going to check very often if you are YouTuber. Anyway. So now you can actually exceed while you're browsing YouTube without actually going to an analytics. Also, we're going to have access to this button right here. This is actually a button and you're going to see are going to have a shortcuts to bunch of different tools. Don't worry about that. I actually never use these buttons, but it can actually do that. Don't worry, I'm going to explain what all those buttons you because they are duplicated in bunch of other places. They can have other places. They are all duplicated in the left bar, right here you can see it daily ideas, Keyword Inspector, competitors, travelers most viewed, channel audit achievements and vid IQ Academy. This is what you're going to be seeing right here as well. One more addition that you are going to be seeing is that this right here, this green number, percentage numbers with the videos. And these numbers will actually display. Live to dislike ratios on every single video. Now here you will see how many likes and how many dislikes these videos are getting percentage wise me that how many likes were compared to the entire number of likes and dislikes. So pyre and percentages causes it to higher hand, closer to a 100 percent it is. That means that there's almost every one of these engagements are two likes of this is what you're going to see and scroll down right here. This is what you're going to see like in my case to my my homepage actually has majority of the highly likely yours, but except for this one, this one has 95 percent. That means that it got actually some dislikes right here, 391 dislikes, but it's overall like video. So this is what you are going to be seeing. This are made introduced in the YouTube homepage. However, you're going to see a bunch of other changes as well. If you go and search for something special for search videos, especially for the videos. And I actually will search for this keyword right here, affinity versus Adobe 2021 because I have one of the videos prepared about that. And when you open it, you are what you're going to see right here. You're going to see a panel and let me just change position of my face so you would be able to see this a bit better, okay, now you will be able to see this a bit better. I'm not going to be covering the mill a lot of important panels or you will be able to see a lot of info about the keywords that you are actually looking for. Like in my case, it's affinity versus that it will be. And we're going to see the highest number of use on the top videos. There's every juice Porter videos ever subscribers for the channels that are posting these videos and add it in last seven days, meaning that how many of your top 20 widows to check. It's actually measuring from top 20 videos. How many of the top 20 videos you are, how many? How many of the top 20 videos actually has been uploaded in the last seven days. This is important as well. Then you're going to see the CCS me that how many videos have closed captions? Three of the 20 videos only have the closed captions. Average age is three years. That means that majority of those videos are actually pretty old except for mine. Mine is pretty young. Then times intertidal mean that how many times affinity versus Adobe have been used in a title and it says only one, an actual usable it is entitled times in a description. And how many videos actually using this keyword in description. One of them is mu, of course, and the top creator is banned designs like I didn't know what, why does our day at this one, this one the top grader for this video, because I think it has this guy has a few videos. It's actually the second one. The third one. That's why it's one of, well, he's one of the most more tough graders. Now you're going to see an overall score if you hover this right here, and then actually see the overall score determined. And we see that the overall score is determined to help gauge how effective the keyword would be in your video optimization efforts. One Million Plus subscriber channel, you might be able to break into highly competitive search terms, but if you are smaller to channel, it's better to stay focused on the mid-range search terms. With a low competition, it says exactly what it is. It is telling you what very correctly mean that your channel size or shape determines how easy it will be to actually break the scores. And it also shows you the volume means that how people actually looking for it, in this case it's average volume. There's not a lot of people are looking for it. And now that people are looking for it, the competition, in this case it's low because not a lot of people are creating videos about this, the top channels with the search term and look at this, look at who it is right here. One of them is me. You're going to see that Thompson tobacco-related opportunities make that related keywords that are actually highly or opportunity for a lot of people for, to look for and to create a video about this is very important. And one more addition that you're going to see in search terms is you've got to enable inline keywords and you're going to see all the tags right here that had been used in the videos. And you can even copy this right here. We can just press this one and copy this one. This is available for vidIQ Pro. So if you have used the linking the bone structure, you're going to be able to see this one as well. And this is extremely important. And yet this only shows the tags. This is not, this not correct, it's not national keywords. It shows tags and we're going to talk about targeted keywords in one of the future lectures. Exchange that you're gonna see is in your channel dashboard. You're going to see the similar right here of the active and need to enable all of this, be able to see all of this right here. You're going to see similar thing right here. And I'm going to show you one additional thing that I need to change my position 4 and ETE is available in the content itself. We're going to press content. You're going to see this button will appear and this button will appear right here at this one. And this one just show you this button will appear right here. And you don't see it because it it will appear somewhere right here. Let me just show you right here. Yep, that's the button. And when you press this one, you're going to see some additional features like CSV export, which you probably want to use a lot. You, you're going to see also mass edit videos, which you will use a lot much mass edit, Carson and screens which you might use a lot. And description cafes Would you might use all. These covers, the mass editing of the videos. And here you can edit or add some features locally like copy cards, copy and screens Advanced Embed if website and what they are bad. This Videos and thumbnail editor, which is pretty useful in pretty powerful that we're going to be covering in one of the future lectures. And last but not least here on youtube, is you're going to see a bunch of additional things on the left side. It's the same thing that you're going to see on the homepage right here. But here it's potentially makes more sense to be here then on YouTube homepage. And one of my favorite features that I want to show you right here right now is of course, achievements that actually shows you what type of achievements that you have right here, being that how many views you can't get any two log two of course. And it will also project how, and it also project how many views you might actually get in the future. And as you can see on the left side, you have all the features that you want to use in your videos. This is insanely powerful and certainly useful and majority of the features that you'll be seeing here will be also available right here, but not all of them will be actually available on And I'm not going to be even covering everything going to be regular can't because more things you will be seen right here, then it will be with and you'll be most likely spent more time here, right here on YouTube. Then you're going to spend more time, and then you're going to spend on vidIQ. However, there was one distinction that you need to understand and this will actually be very helpful for you when you are using the relaxation here on the YouTube homepage or YouTube Studio, especially on YouTube Studio, your computer will be using a lot of resources because this extension in conjunction with the YouTube studio or in a browser is pretty difficult to run. Pretty ramen, 10, 7, pretty CPU intensive. And sometimes it might be a bit difficult on the weaker competitors. For that reason, if you're using photos, Apple keyword research, I highly suggest you to go to and do keyword research there and copied from here because this website is much easier to run than the keyword inspector or the keyword to all YouTube itself. This is much easier to run right here. This is all that you need to know about where the tools are located on vidIQ, it's not difficult. A lot of tools are duplicated. For example, the tools that are available right here will be available right here as well, and will be available right here as well, and will be available right here and here and here, except for the source, because the source is only available in the content section. And of course you're going to see some more additional tools within the videos themselves. Let me just show you real quick for you to understand how they actually work. Then I edit this video right here. I'm going to say a bit more features right here, for example, you're gonna see best time to publish like right under my face right here. Go down. And you can also see the grid also create a thumbnail from right here. You can also see your keyword scores right here, which is not very useful, but it actually helps you in some way. You can scroll down, you can go and tags. You can actually see where you rank in tags. You can also go down and you can actually do to actually allow you to use the recommended tags if you have, of course, produce license. And that's basically it. And you can access the same things right on the left side if you want some tools used and not all tools use, this is what you're going to see. An overall tools of the trachea is pretty easy to find. Don't worry, I'm going to teach you everything that you need to know about all of these tools and how to actually use that. This just an overview to see where all those features are located for you to not be difficult to find them when you are going to need them. And for you to realize what actually changed when you install vidIQ. Because for some people they don't even realize where these changes will occur. And now you know that. So in the next lecture we're going to be covering licenses because, uh, yeah, a lot of people actually interested in do a different licenses and which one to choose. Again, I'm given preference to pro license, but in the next lecture I'm actually be telling you why the pro license is the best fluid IQ. So I'm gonna see you in the next lecture. 3. VidIQ Licenses: Okay, let's just cover licenses really quickly because it is extremely important to know why you should get certain earth blastocysts and why should you ignore the other ones? Or maybe you want to pay for some vices is why you should want to pay for sublicense, is that why should ignore the other ones? So vidIQ actually has, technically has four different licenses. You will you're seeing right here, only three of them. You are seeing the pro license. All right Here. Pro license boost lysis and boost Plus or license economically boost and boost Plus licenses are more or less the same. But what Boost Plus licenses have our monthly one-on-one coaching calls, and I will ignore this completely unless you are a larger business and if you are taking this course, most likely you or not. So I would just ignore this one. And so we have a choice between free license Pro and boost license. So free licenses, as you can understand, it's free and it contains majority of the features of the other paid license is like this bar right here at this shortcuts right here. However, all the additional features like Keyword Inspector, other things are a bit more restricted. It's going to have access only a few of keywords. So you will not be able to see all the information. For example, you'll not be able to see in line keywords and things like that. And you will not have a daily video ideas and things like that. This is the main difference between free and the paid licenses with the Pro License, which costs $10 a month. And yes, I'm going to be talking about the monthly fees, not the annual fees because yes, it will be much more unusual than that, but on ever to be lower, of course, send-off 50 per month, but still majority of people still go for the monthly license is it will cost $10 and you will get all the features that you will see on this course. It will be the Keyword Inspector. It'll be daily ideas. E to be a little bit of the keywords within the videos themselves. In to see the trending videos in real time, you're going to see search companions with proprietary keyword research. It's basically search competitors basically at this one that you will see like under my face right here, it basically going to have the full access to the tools. For example, with a keyword tool, you're going to have a full access and you will not be distributed among the few keywords. Usually when a free license, when you search for keyword, you're going to see only two results that say I'm going to search the same, affinity versus Adobe in 2001. And in the free license you will be able to seal the first three or something like that. While here you're going to see everything right here and including trending videos on the right side. This is the largest difference. And to be fair, the pro license is the definitive license for vidIQ because you are going to get maybe around 80 to 90 percent of all the features that vidIQ is actually providing to you within the pro license. Now what about the boost license? What is actually providing to you again in a boost and it boosts license. You have a choice between one channel, three channel or 510 on booze licenses. And here you have this editions. So instead of 10 daily video ideas, you don't have 50 daily video ideas, but that means you have a larger choice. It would be fair if you are going to be browsing through daily idea as well. Daily, we're going to have more than enough video ideas, even with a ten. So 50 is, well, it's good, but paying five times more is just, it's not useful. Then you're going to have optimized up to 40 videos per month with proprietary keyword recommendations. You're going to see it in SEO tab. It will actually give you the recommendations that might be good keywords for the certain videos. And I've been using boost license for that full for welfare few months actually. And to be fair, the results were no different than just browsing and search for keywords yourself. It might save you a little bit of time per video, maybe I don't know which will save you or five minutes of your time per video. But that's it. I myself did not find it useful to use EDF, did not find it well justified to pay $50 a month. And you would also you're going to see is that you don't see on the pond right here I'm going to be showing right here or right here on the recommended tax on vidIQ, even on vidIQ Pro, you only can see three tabs, just the three recommended tags. And on boosts your going to unlock all of the recommended tax. Well, technically, you don't need this because all of the tags that you can get from here, it's already available in the keyword research tool. So it again, is not adding any additional value. It's just basically places everything right in front of you and you just don't need to click one more button to get them paying five times more for that, Absolutely not. You can create a trend dollar to track the videos based on keywords. So views per hour, V PhDs per hour. Competitors here. Well, to be fair, if vidIQ already see a trend, most likely you are already too late for a trend. Instead, they did IQs fault. But when the trend will emerge, that means that already a lot of people are actually jumping on this trend. And yeah, it's kinda too late for you to jump on it. So yeah, it's pretty much useless for you get fused from training video to retrieve content. Yet, you're not getting any additional views and limited access to vidIQ Academy? Yeah, you do have an excess you would like me to pro member courses. And that's actually quite a lot of great courses there that you can get access with a Pro license. And if you are taking this course, I highly suggest you to go and get the pro member courses. You're gonna get a lot of great features and a lot of great info from here, all the YouTube. And one more thing that it's actually not available here. You don't see it in the views. You don't see here in the features. It's actually expansion to the keyword research tool. And I'm going to show it to you right here. I'm going to go and look for keyword inspector. So what you can actually do is you can actually boost license. You can actually search up to five keywords and all related keywords to it at the same time, it's actually a written right here. You can actually go and find five key words right here. And yet this is, this is basically what it, what it means. So it means that you can find five key words, not just one. It says upsurge up to five keywords right here, but it's only available on the boost license and it's not available on the pro license. On pro license, you are going to be searching for one keyword. Is it wet paint five times more for that? Well, it's actually a useful feature. But still no, not, definitely not $50 because yeah, it's does not give you it will not give you a lot, a lot, lot more features. All the energy due to replace this feature is just to search for five different keywords, and that's it. Instead of just typing all of them in one bar, you're going to have it five times in five different bars or search it's five times, Inc. $50 for that. Well, absolutely not. And a lot of people actually asking me this question about vidIQ, whether the boost license will actually help them to gain more views? And the answer is absolutely no. None of the license will allow you to gain more views directly, but they will help you to optimize your videos more to gain more views. Remember these tools like vid IQ are to help you to optimize your videos better. They're not optimized videos for you. Especially $50 boost license will not do that for you if you want 80 to 90 percent, I don't know, maybe even 95 percent of all the features, you will be able to use it through the pro license. Again. Additionally, there is like subscribers tab right here that basically gives you a little bit of information about your subscribers. And usually it's not a lot if you're a smaller channel, It's good if you're a larger channel, but YouTube Analytics actually is already giving you some information about your subscribers, like what channels they're watching or what videos they are watching, and things like that. They are already giving it to you for free. So pink for this is still not great option overall, in my opinion, what will be the best option for you to choose pro license and use it extensively. Because if you are a YouTuber, if you are using Azure, you're going to find a lot of use cases for this one. So this will be it for overall coverage of the VDI cuz licenses all the places where you can find different features. And from the next lecture we will actually start using vidIQ features. And I'm going to show you how they actually work and what problems they solve for u. So I'm going to see you in next lecture. See you there. 4. Search Term Cards: So welcome back. And in this lecture we're actually going to be covering the search terms when you're going to be searching for it and what NFO dividend you will actually be providing to you. This is actually extremely powerful and one of the better search term that you can actually find it. So in order to access this panel, all need to do you just search for some keywords or whether just search for something and vidIQ were to give you all the information that they have about this keyword and each is extremely, extremely useful. And with vidIQ Pro, you also want to have an access to an inline keyword right here. We can actually do which you can actually copy here as well. We actually covered this a bit in one of the previous lectures, but, but here we're going to go a bit more in depth. So waterfall, the search term bar is actually providing to you. And as you can see, it's pretty extensive. There are a lot of numbers, a lot of the info, and now I'm telling you what does this mean? So what usually the search term actually covers? It covers information from the best 20 video. So it's scours through the videos. It gets the best 20 results and gives you a information-based of this 20 results. So when you see the highest views in the video, it actually shows you from all these 20 videos, which one of the videos gotten the highest number of use, and it said that it gets, it has a 380 thousand years it, there is also one thing that you need to understand is that when you go and scroll through this, you might not be able to find such videos. The videos that is actually getting the highest views because all of these is actually personally that's personalized for you and the average results for different people will be different. So where u is taking this, you perform. So usually if you want to get similar information, you need to go to Incognito tab, going outside of any account and search it this way and you will get similar information to that one. But instead of doing that, which is a bit more tedious, but if you're just giving this information directly in front of you right here. So highest views, in this case it's 380 thousand. It gives you an average use for all 20 videos, meaning that the videos are usually high in numbers than average subscribers, which is 71 thousand subscribers. Meaning that it will be a bit difficult for the smaller channels like mine to break out instituted a bit at the moment, I have a little less than 3000 traversed. By the way, the subscriber number is actually vidIQ feature as well. It's not available outside of vidIQ. Vedic is actually adding this one. And you're going to actually be seeing the subscriber numbers within the comments sections as well. It also gives you information about whether any of these top 20 videos have been added in the last seven days or not, meaning that yes, in this case, it means that the topic is not very tricky and not a lot of people who actually had individuals. It's also gives you information about closed captions. It's not very highly, highly, highly relevant to the discoverability, but it actually shows you that some of them are actually using CCS, that you might be actually using this one as well as video number two is actually using CCS, which this is for the for the ones who doesn't know what these mean. It's, it's closed captions. Then it also gives you information about the age of the videos at here. This is where this might be very useful for you, even though a lot of videos have a lot of use in the top 20 and a lot of subscribers. Majority of the videos are actually very old and wet with an average age of three years, the smaller channels have actually chance to break out. And as you can see in my case, I would less than 3000 fibers. I actually managed to become the number one for this keyword. Now though there is another video we actually came out after me and actually this video was number one when I uploaded the video. But still I managed to get to the top because yeah, because I was because my videos who was knew where I was getting a lot more views on average. Like, I mean, when watch time and I get higher like to dislike ratio, which is pretty good. Then tangent title, it shows you how many of those studios actually using this exact keyword in the title, and in this case, it's only me. And when you see that only one person is actually using these and deaths, exact person is number one. You should understand, realize at keywords are not that important in tags, which are pretty sure a lot of them actually are using this. Let's see if anyone's using Affinity versatile. Be these guys actually using it right here now to 21 though, but he's actually using this. This guy is actually not using it anywhere. This guys not using this anywhere, Photoshop versus Affinity Photo. It's an old thing that he's using. This guy's not using any tax at all. This one right here. Yeah, it's actually more important entitled than in tags and description as one or two people from the top 20 actually used the title, the keyword in the description. Up creator is Bendis acid, this case because he has more videos about that. Like is more than a few videos. I think 1, 2, 3, and yeah, that's et al. Least three videos in top 20 is from the same guy, which is more than enough to qualify as a tough grader. Now, here is the score or which is calculated from the volume and competition. Volume means how many people are actually searching for this keyword and it gives you an average rating. I don't know exactly what number constitutes for this 47. What does it mean? How many searches per month it means? But let's just find out open the keyword explorer really quickly before we're actually going to go to the keyword inspector and find affinity versus Adobe 2021 and see how many monthly searches are available there there's only four thousand, seven hundred and four thousand seven hundred was counted as the 47. So it's averaged around 5000. Searches per month is counted as an average view. So you know, average search count. So now you know that from vidIQ, at least on average, it might be different from searching, searching, but this is what it is right here, it's 47. But Score, which is pretty good for the small channels, 5000 views for 1000 searches per month, potentially means 5000 views per month. But in my case, as you can see, I have innate ones. I have only 3 thousand views, but this video is actually started popping up recently. It's got number 1 only like one month ago. So yeah, getting given 20 percent of this 5000 search keyword is actually more than enough for majority the small YouTubers and competition, it deems it as low that not a lot of people are actually creating videos and may understand there's not a lot of people because average age for the top videos, so next three years. So that's understandable that it's low. I don't know what's very low will be right here. Maybe like who? Seven-year-old videos will be there. But still it is right here. It also shows you the top creators. And as you can see, two of these operators, including myself, including myself, are less than 5000 subscribers, which is good sign for small creatures that this QWERTY that can actually be a good one to create. And on the panel right here you have the top related opportunities and Monod following this one's a lot because these opportunities are, will be better for the larger quarters net for the smaller ones. For example, if I will create the videos about Affinity Photo, even though the score is 75, in reality, to be very difficult to rank for affinity for, uh, let's see, let's search for Affinity Photo copy in a clipboard. And let's search for it here and let's see how many views there are. It says it's 75. Like competition is low and the average age is four years. But the highest views and average US are much higher than these ones. And there are a lot of, a lot of older videos and it will be a bit more difficult drink for this one unless you're creating a lot of lot of videos about it. But still to be fair, yeah, I might have been wrong. It's actually might be a good search keyword or maybe the topic of the channel if you want to focus on for a lot of people because yes, there are a lot of older wheels and LA Times at the time of yeah. That's that's that's why that's why I was telling you that it's difficult. 1915 out of 19 videos are actually using this in their titles and 14 out of 19 videos are still using these in description. I don't know why the description is lower, but it should be higher. But the idea is meaning that these people, all of those people on torpedoes have extremely optimized for this keyword and it will be difficult for the smaller creators to succeed in it. Next, you didn't see it from our previous video, but here you see the related careers. It's coming from the Google Trends data because Affinity Photo, it's actually the larger keyword and a lot more data is gathered there rather than compared, rather compared to affinity versus Adobe or 2021, which is oddly specific. As you can see, like a lot of people are searching for affinity of iPad, iPad, affinity photo, and the photo tutorials. So now you know that a lot of people are actually searching for these keywords at Google. So this can be a lot of, this can be a great opportunity for the Google search keywords. And you can actually see a lot of curious right here. And you can actually use them for your own keywords. But again, in my opinion, this is actually a bit more difficult and it can actually show all the keywords. It will basically open Affinity Photo and the keyword inspector, which we're going to cover in one of the future lectures. Overall, this is actually pretty good alternative to just using keyword inspector. You just sit down and look for the keyword and see all the videos right in front of you, see all the formation around front of you. And by the way, all the inland keywords that you are actually opening right here, they're all clickable. And when you click them, intellectual, open it in a keyword inspector, which is great featured. I'm going to cover them right now. And now you know what experience people are getting when they look for this specific keyword and maybe you have something better in mind and you can just go and work on this and create a video and possibly pop up in the top 20 and gradually move off enough. By the way, this video actually puffed up somewhere and near top 30 or something like that. And with number 30 when the video was actually created, but gradually and slowly during these few months, it actually crawled to the top. And now it is number 14, this keyword. And you know what, I'm going to just delete this one and see how it would actually ranks for a university Adobe. And yet, even for that keyword, this is doing extremely grade, which is pretty huge achievement for the smaller channel like mine. This basically will be It's about info cards, about search term cards. There's not what more in it. It's matters much more about it. There's much more info hidden in a keyword inspector, which we are going to be covering one of the future lectures. And in the next lecture we're going to cover some smaller useful tools. And then we're going to go deeper into Keyword Inspector, which you probably want to learn more about. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture, See you and take care. 5. Keyword Research Tool: Okay, now let's move on to an important feature of the vidIQ feature that you, mama students and everyone else who would fare things that will grant you the most amount of views on YouTube and we'll make you the biggest YouTube wherever, which is ten wrong. And of course I'm talking about vidIQ, keyword, explorer and Aflac feature of a vid IQ and it is whack feature for a reason. So let just excess keyword explorer. You can just press in Keyword Inspector right here button or access through a bunch of different ways. And I have a dark mode enabled, so you're going to see it in a very dark color, but ultimately to not be very distracting. So again, I will repeat what I repeated from the beginning of the course. If you want to gain full access to this, if you want to gain full access and follow me with this lecture, you need to be like your pro subscription. And again, you can go and get it in the bonus lecture. It will give you free month of vidIQ Pro or boost. Again, I suggest you to go with a PRO. Don't go with a boost because might do, don't want to forget it and just be charged $50 for now nothing. Again, the key difference here will be that with a boost, you can have up to five search keywords in single-wall search. And he being the Pro, you can only go with one. So here I'm going to be explaining actually my face is not covering anything except for the word search. So you would know, here I'm going to teach you how you can actually use this. First, I want to make an important distinction and it is very important for you to understand, even though vid IQ and to body for that matter, are painting this as a tag search too. And they actually allow you, usually, and actually usually used within a tag section of the YouTube videos, the keywords are not the same as tax. Youtube tags are different things and YouTube keywords are different things you did. Keywords actually are more broad term and tags are very specific thing that can be put in a very specific place, which is specific, in this case to YouTube. Only keyword is something else. Keyword is a text that you're videos will be searched with, not the tags. Tags are part of the keywords. Keywords are much more broader term. Keywords are used in titles and descriptions, in tags, and even in close captions. So keywords are basically, keyword is basically what a computer, an algorithm will understand what your video is about. This is what keyword is, and usually you must use keywords in your titles and descriptions first and in tags only afterwards. So let me explain what do I mean by that and why. It's a good idea to still use tax even though for the keywords and first searchability tags have practically 0 effect, it's more important, is far more important to you, the keywords in the title and descriptions than anywhere else. Mutually algorithm first looks at your title when you search for certain keywords or for certain things, then it looks in a description. And only if everything else will, I only have nothing else will work. Only afterwards. It will take a look at your tax on the LY. Last thing will be the tags and I think even tacks are going to be removed entirely in the near future right now it's actually there. If pressure less, you will not even see the tags as one of the more important things and it's actually hidden under show more. But for now, tags are still available, but I don't think that they will be available for a really long time now. Okay, We got that. So we are looking for keywords in titles and descriptions. Now, how we're actually going to look for keywords, okay, first things first, when you're thinking about YouTube video, you must think about how people will be looking for your videos, what they will be searching for in order to find your videos you don't want. Let's go into the example of pretty difficult keywords, and it is Fortnite. Let's go for the gaming ones. And Fortnite is one more popular games. It was when I was playing it. But when you look for a fortnight protocol, we get again keywords and its related keywords. So mitts, so that top ten videos, seven of them used what Fortnite, even though why don't know why more of them didn't use it by itself. 18 million in search volume. So it's a say newly lot, they're insanely a lot of videos that I looked, looking for. This video's competition is medium and overall score of 66. You might think, okay, fortnight is actually good keywords rent for, but it is not, you should not use keyword just like that. For the few words and things like that, you should not use this. It's far better to use keyword inspector in the vidIQ website. And I'm going to show me why you can't go with Fortnite. It will be very similar, but it'll actually show you a bit broader and to give you a bit more placement related scores. You don't have related score here. You do have it here, you don't have it right here. So it's better to use it from this place right here. But you don't have a number of words which is not that useful, but usually the shorter keywords are more difficult to rank. And you should also look at the trending videos. On the right. You see 17 days ago, 3.4 million views. There is another video, nine days ago, 1.5 million views. There is another video seven days ago, 1.2 million views. There is another video seven days ago, 1.1 million views. There's a video five days ago, 727 thousand views. Do you think that if you have a YouTube channel with less than a 1000 subscribers, to be fair, even less than a 100 thousand subscribers. Do you think you have a chance to rank for this keyword? Most likely not. So the thing is that you took keyword explorer is actually a pretty powerful, but it's not all that you need to be using. And don't worry, I will explain it a bit more detail in just a bit. But first, let's go and understand what every single one of the rows and columns actually are. So on the left, leftmost side we have the keyboards themselves. So first is the main keyword that you are looking for. And then there are related keywords. Usually when you put a keyword and you're going to have, you're going to have the same right here, but you don't know how they are actually putting this from the top to the bottom. But right here, vidIQ is actually showing you why they're actually doing this. So they're putting these words based on the related score. If you hover this one, you're going to see that discourse measures how close the is related to the keyword you search for basically what people are actually clicking. This is more important than this one, then any other thing. Basically, if people are looking for this one, they're more likely to also want to click on this one as well and this one as well, and lower you go the less related, it's become a part of Season 8. Really not related because it isn't, it can be for anything, data for Fortnite going to the TV shows and telenovela is and everything like that. So it's very not related. So it should not be only dependent on Season 8 keyword. So this is the related score. The highest is to relate the score, the better it is for you. For example, if you are creating videos about Fortnite, but you're creating about something a bit more specific. You want the keyboard, it is a bit more specific because the width for a specific keyword you can actually run higher. For example, if you are creating about Fortnite is an eighth mean the same thing. You can actually create fortnight Season 8, and it will give you a bit higher chance to write forward, even though the competition is a bit higher because more people actually creating individuals right now. Or you can go and create about fortnight tips, because Fortnight, Fortnight is not a new game anymore and a lot of tips that had been created in the past are pretty old. And so if you create it right now, you can't have higher chance to succeed. Or you can go for, Let's go to the lower competition for that man and what this is. But let's go down for now, update 821. It's much more specific. You're going to go with this one, et cetera, et cetera. Basically, the higher it is in the related keywords, rankings, the higher chance you have for the rent for it if you're gonna use it properly, which we're going to talk in a bit. Then the next thing is, of course, search volume. Search volume is on average, it's going to show you actually search volume is an average number of times. We will search for this exact keyword on YouTube each month. And this is average. Some month it can be hired, someone can learn. I think it's calculated from the six month average. I'm not sure the exact number, but it's why there's three or six months. More people are looking for this more search volume the keyword will have, there is a high chance that you will be discovered. However, there is also higher chance that more people are she'll creating individuals which balances your chances. And usually you should not aim for this high keywords to search volumes, at least in the beginning. Golden ratio that you should rank for the best thing that you should rent for an aim for is somewhere like around five to 10 thousand in the beginning. If you want exact numbers, I have 10 thousand searches per month. We'll give you more or less even field. If the competition is at tallest medium, it's competition is high or very high. Dual have a harder time. Let's find, try to find the keyword like that. For example, fortnight new item, you out to 2400 or 2491 searches per month, but the competition is actually high, so you have to have a low chance to rent for this one, go down. It's 20000 or for that update, 1821, 2352. And with a low competition, so you have a higher chance. Actually, 60 electrodes gives you the competition number 35 here is 73, it's four to four. And you have lower 31 here. You can't have higher chances on here, and you have higher chances on a bunch of other places as well. Let's go with this one. You have higher chance here, etcetera, etcetera. With the beginners in the beginning, you should actually aim for this golden ratio or the golden average from five to 10 thousand searches per month with the low competition, if you can consistently beat these keywords, then you can actually go and create videos for a bit larger audiences. By the way, what do I mean by creating the word for the certain keywords? Let me explain that and it's going to be extremely important. The certain keywords, keywords means that this worker, for example, fortnight tips. Let's, let's focus on this. On this, this are the main keywords in your titles and eat the beginning of a description and throughout your description, let me show what do I mean by that? And it should be in your title, it should be in your description, and it should be in your tags. That's what it means. It should be your main keyword that you will be targeting for the people that think that people will be searching for your video. This is the main thing, is we don't have ordinate tips in your title, or in your description, or in your tags, or rather in all of them at once do well, not most like to rank for it, even if the video is exactly about 49 tips, please have a smaller channel. If you have a larger channel, the YouTube algorithm can understand that sexual related to the 49 tips. And it will be still, and it will still be pushing to the keyword about 49 tips, even if you don't need it for nine tips for the smallest shells, you need to keep giving an exact name. There is no other option there. Now, let's continue. I'm going to give you a moment to go through everything in the keywords overall score asked to be fair. It's, it doesn't really matter. It just gives you an overall how good it is. It's just a ratio of this number and this number, which is not very useful, but usually the higher numbers means that you have higher chance to succeed, even though it will never, ever guarantee that it will actually happen. And the number of words is basically, yeah, you understand number of words in a title in the cure for tonight, new update their three words right here. And there's three right here. Rewards right here, through right here or there is like Fortnite Season 8, three words. It will say that it's the rewards. It's just that. Another thing that you should be doing is of course 0 and taking a look at the training videos and see how popular topic is. The recent days and weeks and weeks. The boulder is very easy if the topic is very popular and you see the a lot of videos with a lot of US post, likely you will have more difficult chance to succeed if you have love, if you see not a lot of view videos with a lot of US, that means either the topic is not very relevant now, or only one video is actually getting majority of the views or there's no one actually created the newer videos about that. That's where the age of the key word actually comes into play right here, average age of the video, That's what you should consider as well. If I highly suggest you to do a double search, a double research of the keywords. First is the keyword inspector. When you will be done away the key words and you're going to choose the best keywords for herself would say, you're going to choose, it's afford nine tips. You're going to press this one and we'll actually show you more video support for narratives as an example, as you can see right here, Twilio still doing pretty good. Even for my tips are doing like in Sydney. But as I said, like 47 thousand. I mean, for 47 thousand is not a great idea. And you can see why majority of the videos have tens of hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. So it's not a good idea to aim for it. But if you decide this and if you choose this, you're going to see much more detailed information about that. Look and say 49 tips and tricks, maybe that's what you want, or tips and tricks. And what do you want to do is actually to go and check whether the keyword, well, how are two key word performs in his search buckle, how many, what's the highest use every juice you have a subscribers the added last seven days. If you see that a lot of videos, I have new videos are actually gaining a lot of views. You will have a lower chance to succeed. And if you see that every subscribers are actually very high, you have lower chance to succeed. You see that every Jew's is extremely much, much, much higher than your average views on your videos. You have a large entity succeed, but not that much. Because like for me, I don't have that many views or have an average of my videos you can see on this one. But I still managed to succeed here. So it's not that important. Then times in the title, if you have a lot of videos using titles correctly, you have lower chance to succeed. But if you don't have hardships to see it succeed, Let's see fortnight tips and let's see how it actually, just in case to show you how it actually works. I hope I hope it's still clearly visible. The text is clearly visible. Highest views pretty high. Average US is pretty high. The average subscribers is way too high. Added in the last seven days. And it didn't last seven days is way too high. 10 1920s way to I times it a title. Three out of 20. It's, it's okay. It's okay. It can actually give you some chance at times an inscription 13 out of 20, that means it's way too high. But in my opinion, if your video quality is pretty high and it can create quite a good video, I think there is a chance to succeed in this, even though there's entire channel. Dedicated to Fortnite tips and he is just correcting out the videos like crazy as you can see, majority of the videos on the top are just millions or hundreds of thousands. And for this guy, this is actually, he's actually doing good. All cities actually figured it and also watched, which is 3D good. That means that you might have a chance to succeed as well. But when we see the videos with the low views, we actually don't maybe this 17 thousand, but it was actually 23 hours ago. That's right. It's that that little yeah, there is a low chance, low, low, low chance to succeed right here. Its way to oversaturated. Basically, you saw how we did research in this case, unlike my affinity versus Adobe, if you go right here, It's not that difficult to reach 3000 views actually. And when you go to select people or person is on top like number five or something with 790 views right here. So it's not that difficult. 3000 ten K, ten K, seven K, 12, K, three K will go down even more, 775 K. But it's completely different. It's about Procreate. It's not about Photoshop. That's me again. And the 1.5 k, 5.2 k, It's there is a chance and it is one of my shorts with 192 views. It's still there. So you can actually succeed. You can actually see it as you can see like combing through this keyword, you can easily understand that you can actually succeed with this even if you have a small general and with mice will tell the 2000 subscribers I was actually managing little succeed. And let's see if there are any channels that are actually smaller than mine. And this channel is actually on a par with my size. This one is actually smaller, but it's actually a completely different all about absolute different thing. Again, it has much more views. And then let's go now even more down. And there'll be inverse of India under ten minutes, even though it has very high like to dislike ratio, it's still is getting quite a lot of use in 624 subscribers only, which is not a lot of subscribers. Even if you're just beginning, it's still not a lot of subscribers. Anyone disguise like 54 subscribers. It's even though it's very highlighted is like refuse still succeeding. So as you can see, this keyword is pretty good. Now average age of two changed to five years. Now I want to show you one more trick that I've been recently discovered when he goes through and when you scroll through the videos from going down and down and down through all of the videos, you can find, you know, what happens if you go up, if you go back up, the vidIQ will actually recalculate everything and we'll show you this exact thing based on all the results. It will show you the results. In this case, I have opened 111 videos. It will show the results for 111 videos, only one video for 111 using keyword in the title, 13 of them have the using CCS and average age is five-years. Let's go and do the same on a fortnight. We're going to go down and just go and make this an extensive research for the vidIQ go down, let's go down even more. And I guess that that will be enough then that will be enough. We loaded like maybe it's 50, 70 videos. Let's see how to load up and do we have a chance to succeed? Let's say if we had a gaming channel with a similar size, we would we succeed or not? Let's wait and see what the results will be. We open 1970 videos and 39 of them, 3970 years actually use this keyword in the title and 63 uses in a description. And like 2500 been uploaded recently tendinous using CCS, average age is three years, and yet it's going to be still extremely difficult to succeed In this thing basically, but yet still cat. But it will be very difficult to succeed. And as you can see, we loaded all of those information, all of this information only through this one, and we didn't even need keyword tool for that. Yes, the key point here is that you need to use these keywords in conjunction or with the search term cards. This will be extremely powerful for you. If you're going to use this for yourself, you're going to see how actually videos are performing it, what people are just doing it, those videos. And what you're going to do afterwards is you are going to choose the best keyword. Let's say in this case it's a fortnight tips or you know what? Let's go and use like I'm gonna show you a film and TV are pseudo be the same thing that I've been using? And yes, this one and what you're hoping to do is you're going to find the best keyword that actually fits your videos, fits your videos, virtues, the prime key word in this case, if in diversity there'll be 221. And puts this in the title, in the title, how I did in my case if intrapersonal been 2021. And then choose your secondary keywords. We're going to be talking about in the next lecture, I'm going to show you how we can actually utilize these keywords. How again, you need to put these keywords in your video. So just wait for this lecture and I'm going to see you in the next lecture. And yeah, remember, keyword research with the search term card, use them in conjunction and you will be simple and suburban. I'm gonna see you in our next lecture. 6. Keyword Utilisation: Now that you know how to reach your different keywords, now we need to learn how to use these keywords because it is far more important to learn how to use them then just to find them, right? So now let's just think about what we found and let's focus on my video on questions. So this will be, we'll talk about this video and we'll focus on affinity versus Adobe 2021 keyword. Now, in previous video, I showed you actually that in 111 search results, only one video, my own right here is actually using the keyword in the title. And only two of them are using keywords in a description. So most likely the second one is somewhere near the top. Now, with this results, you can understand that you actually need to have occured in a title and a description in order to succeed. But I want you to look at one more thing here to see why my video is actually is on the top. At least one of the reasons, despite not being from a very large channel. Can you see it? Well, I will tell you of course, first things first is of course the title. I'm using the keyword in the title. But second and more important thing is that I'm using keywords in the beginning of a description. And as you can see, you see first two lines of a description. So it's just Photoshop Adobe. I'm going to show you where it ends. It ends right here. So this one right here, but this text is actually clearly visible in search results as well. Oh, remember when I said in one of the previous videos, why you should not put other video promotions in the beginnings of a title. That is one of the reasons. And you see that YouTube is actually the clearly highlighted. You can see it's even bolded a compared to any other words. It's bolder than any other words. Show you that it's actually important as well. And for other videos, for example, you see that affinity is Bolden right here. You see the Adobe's Bolden here. So it actually highlights the partial and full keyword matches as well that you showed you that it's from keyword, it's it from video description. So you need to be using keyword, your main keyword in the title and the description. But that's not all. Now when you go to see the full title and full description of a minimise both my videos, you see that I have very extensive description, but particularly all of it is very deliberate. It's not just you promote different links and promote different videos and promote different services. It's actually made to be optimized for the main keyword as much as possible and for the smaller keywords as well. So in my case, affinity versus a low bit 2021 is my main keyword. So this is why I can be discovered through this search term. This is why it's happening. However, I have another keyword here as well, best Adobe alternative, because this is another keyword that optimize for and this will end. Basically this is my secondary keyword. If you search for best Adobe alternative 2021, because the video is done in 2021 and includes 2021 entitled as well, you'll see that the keyword is actually a bit larger and a bit more difficult to actually rank for because it's actually hire views. And the videos are actually younger. And the two of the top 20 videos actually I did in the last seven days. But if you scroll a bit, CPU is they're actually rent for all Adobe alternative. So this is an amazing result as well because I'm using this as a secondary keyword. So first you need to have a title, your primary keyword, or rather long-tail keyword, in this case is affinity versus Adobe 2021. And the second will be used your secondary keyword if possible, and only if it makes sense in a title. Don't just put the keyword in the title because you want to rent for it? No, if it makes sense in the title and in my case, it did make sense, put eight there. But I want you to also see one more reason why this video is actually not ranking higher. Can you see it here? Of course, I'm going to say it again right now. There is no a 100 percent match in the title. You see there is 0. A 100 percent matches in the title because my data is not exactly the best Adobe alternative 2021, it is partial math because there is best Adobe alternative and there is somewhere 2021 in the title as well. And in the description you see Adobe 2021, Adobe, Adobe, but there is no best alternative and you don't have exact matches in description as well. So you need to have exact matches in order to at least try to rank higher. And as you can see, despite my video not having that many views, it's actually ranking given a higher. Then this video byline is active, which is exactly about Adobe alternatives, even though it's not using the exact keywords. So that's why I'm breaking actually right here. And I don't have Adobe alternative anywhere in the top of the description. I'm pretty sure if I will put it on top of description, I can rank higher, but what I do have an iterable description is something different. Do you have another thing? I have Affinity Photo Affinity Designer, affinity publisher, Adobe Photoshop, adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Basically every single software that I'm actually talking about in these videos. And I put there in hopes that the keywords, the main keyword and the secondary keyword that I have will attract views. And this in turn will increase the chance to rank for the difficult keyword like affinity 40 or even Adobe Photoshop. But in this case it did not work that well for me. But instead, if I've used like more relevant descriptions and more other keywords your description like Affinity Photo versus Adobe Photoshop. The comma f into designer versus Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Publisher versus Adobe InDesign. Then I would have ranked, then I would have a chance to rent for all these three separate long-tail versus keywords. But in this case I didn't do it. And I think I need to change this because, yeah, why not? But there is also another thing. Until here we learn these things. You need to rank for the keyword that you chose that you think that you can rank for and use it in your title and in the beginning of your description that policed somewhere in this line right here, this first ten to 15 words. And then try to have your secondary keyword in the title and possibly in your description. And you can also have your secondary keywords in the beginning of your description. But that's not it. When you were searching for keywords, just put all your keywords in the tags rec regular way, have it in your texts. So will your keyword research tool, don't worry, it will not harm you in any way. And if it's going to be beneficial, it will be beneficial. So just put them in your tags because you destroy, you will be able to see whether you were to rank for them or not. But there is one more reason why I should do that. If you can put them here, why wouldn't you just copy them right here, Copy All and put all these keywords in your description because description matters right, tags do not matter that much, but if you're using keywords and description, it matters. It does not matter that much but any help. But the beginning of your channel, Ruby, good out. So why wouldn't you put that at how I do that is actually create a separate section. It my description, which is called topics in this video, and I put every single keyword in the separate lines. This is what I do, every single keyword in separate lines because this way, at least I have a chance to rent for this key words. And I cannot put this many keywords in the title and I cannot put this many keywords safely the beginning of a description, because YouTube might think that I'm actually trying to spam. So I'm not putting them in the beginning of description and putting it summer right here. This is the thing that people are actually not doing. They just putting their keywords in the text and just forgetting about them. This is the thing that you need to be doing because if your main keyword will not help, this will, and if you'll see that you will run for any of these keywords. For example, if you go right, alright, now I can see that I'm actually working for Affinity Publisher versus InDesign with this video. So that means that I can actually add this more in the description in the beginning of description, as I said just a minute earlier that I need to put that right there. And I will be able to rank for this keywords as well, a bit higher. So now I know that because at, and this will bought at, this most likely happened because I have this keyword right here have been publisher versus InDesign. It's very last one, but yeah, I can actually rank for that one as well. So yes, use tags basically as a keyword as it's intended to be. And one more smaller edition that it's actually very small and actually cannot prove whether it works or not. But, but why wouldn't you do it? Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn't, but yeah, does not take a lot of your time and it's putting your keyword in your actual filename. Youtube is actually showing you the filename, the separate file name. I'm going to use it in your videos. Tissue will most likely count as some type of metadata and it will possibly help you with the rankings. Again, this is not proven. And with a visit to the types of videos that are creating, it's actually very difficult to prove that. But why wouldn't you do that, just do that as well. And again, remember the key point, the key thing that you should do while you're researching for the keywords from here is to put it in the beginning of your title and your description, beginning of a description, and then put a lot more keywords down the line right here, like I did in this manner, it actually looks not that bad. It looks looks pretty okay. Print untidy. I'd just having like bullet point marks in front just make it look a bit more clean and it looks much better than just randomly dropping all the different words. It looks tidy. It looks clean, does not look spammy, but yeah, do that and your videos, we'll start ranking higher and higher inherited also, remember, choose the keywords that you have a chance rank for. There is a chance that you can rank for very difficult cue words either way. But what, why you should take a chance, but why would you take chest chances with this one? Because most likely to lie happen there's very, very low chance to ask this, but there's very, there's very, very low chance of this to happen. So risky gets just for one in a million chance in our y's, just wrap for this work, he works at more and more videos, increase your audience, increase your channel size, and then you can take more risks. Or maybe you can take more risks even if you are small channel but don't make the habit of it. The soviet for this lecture and let's move to the next one. See you there. 7. Small VidIQ Tools: So welcome back. And in this lecture, I wanted to briefly cover the smaller features of vidIQ debt is extremely, extremely, extremely useful if you're running a YouTube channels. And these are more convenience features rather than features that will allow you to grow your channel in an exponential way. Or these videos are mostly made to save you time and focus on actually making videos and not on smaller tasks like changing descriptions, etc, etc. So let me explain what do I mean by that? And absolutely majority of these features are actually located right here, under this button or under this button right here. So unlike when I use competitor, which is to Buddy, you don't have a lot of different features right here. However, you have far more features available in pro license then, for example, in two buddies Pro license. So let's just start with an overall tools. By the way, if you want to access these tools, you need to be going to your dashboard, your studio dashboard, and then you need to click on content right here, this is where it is and this button is right here, the first button and the second button is located under every single one of your videos. I'll let start with the main button right here in front button is CSV export. And yet you are not going to be using this a lot unless you wanted to export a bunch of data about all of your videos, maybe you're moving to a different platform and you want to copy all the titles and tags, descriptions of a lot of videos at the same time, you might be using this in that case, however, usually it's very, very rare. However, if you want to use it, you can export this as a CSV file. The ones who doesn't know CSV is database file. And you can say, It's kinda like Microsoft Excel file. It's a spreadsheet file and you could just get it and get all the necessary information there. I never used it to be fair and yet most likely you won't as well, so I would not bother with it way too much. Next is very important and very powerful feature ideas, mass edit videos. When you press this one, it will allow you to mass edit a bunch of videos. And usually it's covering the description of this video. So you can actually select all videos, up to 3 thousand videos at the same time. You can select it by number of videos. You can sell it by the list or by the playlists. So list is enter video URL or video ID separate by comma spaces and line breaks. Basically. You got to enter the videos links right here and you can just select it this way, or it can go the first page, or you can just go with a customer. And let's say you want to select the last videos maybe and press Next. And in this case, the queue selected the five videos. And in this case, let's select the first page and press Next. So it's actually 30 videos right here. Or you can go back and select maybe a 150 videos if you want, and then press Next and it will load a 150 videos. In my case, I don't have a 150 videos, but yeah, it I have a lot of videos but not a 150 videos. So it allowed you to select this one. Oh, actually, no, I do have a 150 videos including the ones that are not listed. So it will actually select all the listed and unlisted videos as well. And what you can do is you can search and replace, for example, you can select it. This video's right here. So at some videos and search for YouTube, nail and then replaced with something like YouTube. I'm just select it and press Enter. And then it will search in all of the videos and you can select the thumbnail and repurse to replace it with YouTube thumbnails. And you're going to press through place right here and to just go and we'll be looking for in all of your videos, you can say, in my case, I have about 226 items and show me what did you tell me 126 or I could just go and delete this and now I use your YouTube in 245 videos. Or maybe I can go and look for, I don't know, like thumbnail template. I want to see how many videos to have in Tamil template. And I have 117 videos. And I could just go and just replace it with any word that I want. Usually I use this for the links. I go and look for specific links and change it with a different links. If something will change and it will be, seems like a lot of time you're going to press Next. Then it will just go and replace. And then it's going to mess edit older videos for you. It is extremely, extremely useful feature. I'm not going to be doing this of course, right now. Very useful, very powerful feature you need to be using this 100%. Next is must edit cards and screens. It is similar to the, uh, to the previous one, but instead of changing the words or the phrases in a description, you are just changing cards and n screens. But fair, I never use this because every single video should have. Their own individual cars and then squeeze. But for some, it might be very useful, so you can be doing that as well. And last but not least is description campaigns. Description campaigns is actually very powerful feature and it actually allows you to promote different videos or different features or different links or whatever you want across all of your videos, though you, what you can actually do is you can select right through 100 videos. In my case, I don't have more than 200 videos and I can write, Subscribe now. And I can add like your short-term URLs and getting it. And it will actually insert the texts, these texts like subscribe now or all the descriptions. Or I can insert it after all the descriptions. Now, how useful is this? I don't suggest you to use this before descriptions because the first few lines of the description actually is indexed in the search as well. So usually would not work. But if you want to insert after, it can be pretty good way to do that or otherwise, you can just insert this one temporarily across all of your readings if you want, if you really, really want, and if you really, really need to direct people into a certain YouTube video or certain link, you can't do that as well. It's actually is mass edit videos, but it affects all of your videos at the same time, you can press the Start the campaign and it will just start it. And this will be for all, this will be for the general features. And now let's go to the video specific features. These the copy cards. Well, pretty self-explanatory. It will allow you to copy card from this video copy and screen. Again, the same thing, Advanced Embed when you're going to press this, you can actually create the code that will allow you to embed this into different websites. Very powerful feature if you want to do that. And that in auto-play video show captions, you can disable keyboard controls where we can start to read it from certain 0.2 or you can look the video show annotations. I, even though there are no more ideas on YouTube anymore, how YouTube logo, you can have a look, the video, shall we, the infomercial related videos, etc, etc. And if you want to insert into your website, you can do this from here. Last but not least, is pretty useful feature for a lot of you who are not familiar with a good thumbnail editing. Editing is thumbnail editor. It will actually allow you to edit thumbnails or rather quit at some of those from, from here. So from the YouTube dashboard, right then there, even though I don't suggest you to do that, do you still can do if you want to do that? By the way, I have entire course dedicated to thumbnail editing for YouTube so we can check it out if you want and you know what, let's just show me. I will just show you how it actually works and we shall decide whether it's actually good or not you want, you can actually use the one of the frames. You're going to choose a frame and use it. Or we can go with this with a solid color if you want to use for the most, or just upload an image or just you add it the current thumbnail if you want. So we can go with the video still. Let's go and do this. Let's go and use this tail right here. That's a very dramatic. You can go press Next. Then you can add a bunch of additional features. Let's go with what that's, what it's about this. Where we can actually use the square for our own good. Can we actually change the shape of the square? You know what? Let's delete the square. You can add a shape, you can add a rectangle, ellipse or circle. You know what, Let's add rectangle, see how we can actually edit it. You can actually edit this in this way like that. You can even rotate it if you want. You can actually put it right here. You can just change your opacity. Let's make like really bad thumbnail. And let's go with a thumbnail, texts nail. You can choose helvetica is actually a pretty good font. Let's use Helvetica. In this case, we can just pull did it at texts, can use this text, rotated this way, boom, and increase the text size. You know what was selected square for some reason. We can increase it in size, move it here and you can choose this one. You understood what I mean by that. It's not a good thumbnail, but you can actually change the sum now. You can change the color if you want to read texts, you know what? In recent years that I was in times, yellow color actually worked much better than any other color. And yeah, it's a bad example of a thumbnail, but yet it means that you can actually do that. You can go press Next. And you can actually see how those look like in YouTube search on Facebook and Twitter if you want to do so. But we are not going to be using this because this sum that looks at Josh's. So this is, um, smaller features of vidIQ and that's all that you need to know about them. There's not much, but they actually can save you a bunch of time, especially mass edits of the videos. And we feel asked me whether you will use our annual those features. Often. My answer would be no, most likely you won't. This will be a features that you may be using once a month, maybe, or even rarer than that. You will not need to mass edit your videos very often it will be pretty rare actually. And you will not need to make thumbnails within the browser, uh, very often, so yeah, that's, that's that. And especially you will not need Jack's bored DO entirely to CSV. From the next lecture, we'll actually teach you how to start using the flag feature of vidIQ. End is of course it's keyword explorer. And I'm going to see you in the next one. 8. Daily Ideas: Welcome back. And today we're gonna talk about more unique features of the vidIQ, which is called the daily ideas. This is the superior available for molecular Pro and boost licenses. And the difference between those is that we dequeue pro-life. This is giving you 10 ideas per day and you boost licenses, are giving you 50 ideas per day. And ten is more than enough people ask me, but let's explain what it is. So it's basically a keyword add video title ideas that vidIQ thinks it might actually work well for your channel and it actually gives you the viewer prediction. In this case, it's medium, and it also shows you more information about this video. So let's just cover what it does. So you're gonna see this, this way in a car we add you can also, it's available or vidIQ dashboard are the daily ideas and you can't even see it in the regular dashboard. Right here on the left side is a daily ideas right here at Safeway. Any other place in YouTube where they ladies tab basically exists and you can have saved ideas, dismissed ideas at Delia, this as well. So if you just dismiss the ideas and think that all you shouldn't, I shouldn't have done that. The more it will be still available for you. And it's available either way like a tinder swipe, left, swipe right. So if you're going to swipe right is going to save you swipe left is going to dismiss and gives you the title itself. What can this case affiliate marketplace, which are best with three exclamation points? I don't know. I have no idea whether this keyword will have a good use or not, but still we like you fix that it will. And you can also skip this one. But there's also one more thing that you can see at it is show related videos. You're going to press this one, is going to show you related videos to this keyword and you'll see whether you will have to have some chance to rank for it or not. So what? You're going to search this keyword, usually this one will pop up and you see that absolute majority of those videos to year one, year to year 10 months. Then let's go to the right, five months, one year, one year, two year to year. The absolute majority of those videos are actually pretty old, so yeah, there might be actually a chance for you to rent for it and you know what? Let's just save this one. Then you're going to see the next video is beginner biggest beginner programmer mistakes to avoid all I don't know if it's qualifies for my channel plus some not good at development programming. So I'm going to dismiss this one at Anki algorithmics plays. This will make sense. I have no idea. I'm gonna go dismiss this then affiliate marketing. Explain all beginners should learn. Then I'm gonna see you show let him hear it because actually I'm actually doing some marketing as well. Let's see whether it'll work for me as well. And it's actually shows that almost all the same videos and almost all are pretty old except for this one. This is actually a bit newer, but yeah, you can actually rank for this. So you know what, let's just save this one. It's more than the next 15 is seven alternatives for marketers to watch in 2021? Well, I'm not very familiar with this one. So let's see what other people are doing far as to where maturity of sad, you know what, I'm going to dismiss this one, best website for web and graphic designers when n then space d, so mature a little bit. It will be good one. But next, it passive affiliate sizes outlay and nope, dismiss. But common mistake for YouTube SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021, YouTube SEO for beginners. So if you've got to make this video exactly subtle, so you're going to compete against those guys at yep. We look at this a month ago with 89 subscribers self-made and this exact video. And he has now for pretty well. So yeah. I'm smiling and laughing, but yeah, it's actually an idea that you can actually rank for that if you have small channel, if this 89 subscriber channel actually managed to get there in a month, you most likely have chairs as well. So you know what, I'm going to save this one for myself. Then all location of about allocation in the middle, I'm going to dismiss this as freelance marketplace. Not very good at this ones. I'm going to dismiss this and that'll be it for today. Basically, this is showing the ten videos. Tell me your ideas and you could go to Save ideas at you will see all the ideas you have ever saved and also all the ideas you have ever dismiss them. If you go here, you can actually, we'll delete this aperture covering with my face. It's actually some more ride here. You can see all this been buttons. So in order to delete this one, for example, let's go with crypto wallets explained for beginners, but I'm going to press this one will actually open this idea for you. And it will actually show you all the different videos that people have already created for this. And you can think, what are you actually can rank for this ones, or you can just ignore it. And we could just go and do the keyword research the same way that I taught you in the previous lectures. And you can decide whether you want to make video about this one or not. My that the daily video ds is not the make video about this. And you will have a lot of views type of thing. It's actually giving you some ideas were people might be looking for and what you might create videos about in order to boost your child. Because piano keys actually analyzes the types of viewers for your channel, the types of videos that you are creating. And it will actually see an intellectual look for videos that similar people in similar interests are looking for. Now, you might ask the question, I have a YouTube channel was about course creation, about consequences and things like that. What did it show me the idea about crypto wallets because the course creation usually add, make money online niche usually is very closely related and have very similar audience to the crypto audience. The crypto wallets lot to get rich with crypto as well. So that's why it's actually giving me this recommendation as well. And as for the developers, white shows me the programming side of things. Because a lot of developers and our programmers who are creating much of websites, who are teaching about this, are interested in my content as well. So that's why it's actually showing me this daily video ideas as well. So vidIQ actually knows pretty well what type of videos might work for my channel. And I highly suggest you to actually follow some of the ideas. And you might find it really few good ideas that might be good for your channel. Oh, that in order for ideas to be well-suited for you, your channel has to garner some views in the beginning, a little bit of yours because, and a little bit of videos because we need to understand what your channel is actually about. It will not understand that daily video recommendation will be way too random and way too general for you and way too difficult to read for you. So just know that in the beginning, not be that way, but as time will go, it will become better and better. Follow the daily ideas. Check it daily to refresh every single day, check it daily saved the ideas. You can just accumulate a dozens and dozens and dozens of ideas. And by the way, everything right here is actually giving you real time. For example, 52 for the beginner photographers. It's not save that I did two months ago. It actually updated. And as you can see, like not a lot of people's created new videos about that, not a lot of people. So I still have a chance to create it. And most likely this guy actually followed this one, this tip, I created a video about this. You can see the actual Rex for it, even though I have it doesn't have a lot of us because yes, I have a proper branding for the channel. That's why it probably doesn't have a lot of use them right here on the 300 subscribers and still ranks six days, pretty good enough. And with the dozens of videos like this, your channel will start growing in no time yet. This will be for daily ideas. Again, Pro license 10 ideas per day, more than enough. 50 V ideas per day only makes sense if you don't want to check daily ideas every day and you don't care about this one and you want to check it occasionally a bunch of ideas all at once. And you don't mind paying $50 a month, which I would if I were you, this will be for daily ideas and this motor next lecture. 9. Achievements: So this feature of the IQ is probably one of my favorite and it actually made you gamify your YouTube success in order to make it a little bit more interesting at every single small success to be transformed into larger treatment. And it is, well, you know from the title of the lectures, it is an achievement steps. So you can actually enter achievement from, I'm going to show you right here. It's on the left side. It actually can be entered from here and I think it can be entered from the menu as well. Yes, on the top menu you can just press achievements and need to open achievements for you. I'm not covering a lot of parts with my face, but yeah, they're just going to show you what it will do. So what humans actually are doing, it's basically giving you the list of your achievements on your YouTube channel. Basically the subscriber, the rounded, basically rounded up subscriber numbers, watch time views, uploads, likes, et cetera, et cetera. And based on how all your numbers are actually increasing, it will also try to project when you're going to reach your other goals. It basically gives you a some kind of competition with your cell type of thing which is always healthy and which is always great thing to have at. So what do you have right here is when you open achievements, you are going to see your key achievements and to show you your next document that will probably reach the earliest, I think it is. Yeah, it's right here. It says that I will reach 175 thousand channel use in approximately 15 days. And usually it should be fair for what I've seen. It has been mostly right maybe wrong with two or three days. Sometimes they'll is Joe sometimes less days. It's sometimes shows there is, but it's usually correct. For example, subscriber numbers right here. It said that I achieved my 2500 subscribers on September 1st, 2021, and I'm going to reach my 3000 subscribers in around February 18 of 2022. Yeah. Would this pace yes. It also will not, of course, account for the increased pace by uploading a new videos. It cannot do that. It just sees the whatever the number of views you are getting right now, whatever number of subscribers who are getting right now and calculates based on that, the same right here for the views. It said that I reached my views in August 1850, thousand views August 2021 and our reach 1111, basically 11th of November of 2021, 175 thousand views. It also shows you a number of uploads and you only 66 uploads. And he thinks that I will have 300 apples in 2023 may be correct, may be wrong. I don't know. I'm not sure about that. And it shows you also the number of likes. So I received 6 thousand likes in October 18 of 2021, and it says that I will reach 7 thousand likes on December 26th, 2021. It also shows you the watch time in hours right here, aka hours. It also shows you in minutes, how many minutes that you got, and also in years. So we almost got one year of watch tab, which is which I just thought about this is pretty, pretty good. Can one year of watch time overall in your channel MBIA, moral be of course better. And it also shows you the comments, 1500 comments right here now reach 2000 comments by the end of 2020 to, but while it's not the greatest numbers, but then it also shows you the top-performing months. Basically show me whether you are performing well or not. Uh, basically subscriber wise, it tells you that in this case, my best month was September 2020. I got 254 subscribers in single month. But right now I'm not reaching this goal because he had this not been very active on YouTube. And I need to fix that. It says that if I wanted to beat this outward, that need to be right here by the end of this month. But yeah, I'm actually only 30 percent of the way. So it cannot be this in any way. Possible. Yeah. And it says it made 120 one I had the highest number of views per month and right now almost 50 percent their uploads, yeah, Just pull in all the video this month. And my highest number of votes was 31, is actually what my day video challenge. When Apple did videos every single day, I will ever be this unless I do my another challenge. And the likes numbers as well because I haven't uploaded our videos a lot of watch time. I'm actually pretty close to beating my all-time high mosaic. I won't, but still pretty cool is that number of comments. A 155 in September 2020, I think I had some kind of challenge, Baghdad, and that's why I reached that many subscribers, that many comments. And it also shows you top-performing video right here. And it will show you actually when you are going to have some other milestones for your, for this video basically. And the main goal of this is to gamify a, to give you more interests towards your YouTube channel growth, except which excludes like comparing yourself to other Charles. Basically, it's basically this allows you to reach goals higher and higher, better and better each compete against yourself, which I always say is an only person that you should compete against. And with the treatment will be surprised how much you can squeeze from this numbers and how much more work you can do by following these numbers and seeing how you actually perform. Usually do, but this does not give you that clear the picture. You always feel like you are just behind something. But with this one, you can actually realize how really you are performing and what you can reach a certain goal is to have it having realistic goals is the best thing to have on YouTube. Well, I guess this will be all about detriments. And I'm going to see in the next lecture, Take care. 10. Conclusion: Well congratulations, you manage to go through entire course and now you know everything that you need to know about vidIQ, the exact thing that we promised from the beginning of this course. Now you know exactly how would you actually use all the keywords that vidIQ is actually providing to you and use all the tools that you need. You just don't forget to research keywords thoroughly and understand what they are for. And just don't forget to use daily video ideas every single day because, yeah, why wouldn't, you know, forget to check our bones like your four vidIQ offer. And I hope to see you in one of our future courses. Take care and see you. 11. Bonus: So welcome to the bonus lecture. And in this lecture, as promised, I'm going to show you how we can actually gain one free month of vidIQ Pro or books. So how we can actually get free month of Villa IQ. So all you actually need to do is go through the link in the resources of this lecture. And that's basically it. It will show exactly what you need to do in order to claim this free month. There is not much to do there. Just click the link. Everything is already done for you. You just click the link in the resources and it will show you how we can actually claim free 30 days of vidIQ. By the way, this allows you to claim both pro license and boost license. However, I highly suggest you, I highly, highly, highly suggest you to go for a Pro license. Do not go for the boost license because whether you will decide to continue after the 30-day trials, trust me, pro license is much, much, much more valuable that booze licenses, in my opinion, booze licenses, complete waste of money if you cannot afford it. So I hope this will be helpful if you haven't completed the course yet, police complete the course because you're going to learn a bunch of new things and you have completed, well, congratulations, this will be eight from me. And again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and hope to see you in the future lectures on future courses, team and thinking.