Vegetable Pulao, cucumber Raita and Lassi Drink. | Kosha Merchant | Skillshare

Vegetable Pulao, cucumber Raita and Lassi Drink.

Kosha Merchant

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8 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Making Vegetable Pulao or Fried Rice , cucumber Raita and Lassi Drink

    • 2. Ingredients for vegetables pulao

    • 3. Making rice

    • 4. Making vegetable pulao or fried rice

    • 5. Ingredients for cucumbers Raita

    • 6. Making Raita

    • 7. Ingredients for lassi drink

    • 8. making lassi drink


About This Class

Hello, my name is Kosha Merchant. I am going to share some of my favorite recipes with you all. In this class I will show you 3 different recipes, the first recipe is called vegetable Pulao, the second recipe is called cucumbers Raita and the last is lassi drink.


1. Making Vegetable Pulao or Fried Rice , cucumber Raita and Lassi Drink: So today we are going to make vegetable pulao or vegetable fried rice cucumber writer unless he drink. 2. Ingredients for vegetables pulao: ingredients for our vegetable pulao or reputable fried rice. We need half a cup off rice half got off mixed vegetables 1/3 cup chopped red onions two tablespoons oil So for our spices, we need 14 teaspoon muster seat 14 teaspoon cumin sea 18 teaspoon tumeric powder one teaspoon great chili powder 1/4 teaspoon ground masala powder and Saul to test 3. Making rice : So we're going to start cooking our rice one cup off rice do 1.5 cup of water. I'm going to add some salt, so you in Boyle's and cook together. So my rise has been boiling for good. Fine to seven minutes, and it's half a cook. I'm going to lower the he and make sure you have enough water. I'm going to put a lid on my rights and let it go. Finish cooking. K and R. Rice is all done, and you're ready to make vegetable fried rice. 4. Making vegetable pulao or fried rice : So we're going to start off vegetable fried raise. And my pen is getting hot today I'm going to end oil. Did the oil get a little bit high? That going to end? Our must see thing are a few more seconds. The oil gets hot. That's what I see you see have started to pop that I'm going to end my cumin sea. Give it a few seconds. So the color of the mustard seed gets brown Inyo mustard students get starts to pump. You hear the that. I'm going to end Miamians, remember, Let the onion be light. Brown will take about a few minutes. - Uh , onions are starting to change color so that I'm going to add mind mixed vegetables covered up for a few minutes so vegetables can finish cooking. - So now even go and all the spices that I'm going to and que Murray read should be founder. My phone don't put two months out. Solved. His old re arm rice is already salted that I'm going to add my girl comma pounds. Give it that quick. Make sure make make sure you're I mix it up and you can always if you don't like to spicy. You can always put a little bit less chili powder, and it's got on the border going to cope with something like the rice cooked with all the spices. - You can even add some buttery of your life. It's trying. Taste. Um, it's delicious. We're not afraid. Race. It's John. 5. Ingredients for cucumbers Raita : So for a cucumber raita, we need plain yogurt, half a cucumber solved and a greater 6. Making Raita : So I washed. And pew my cucumber there are going to go ahead and grade. Thank you. Come. Be careful. The That's pretty sharp in the so for this. Really? During all the war, you see Lara Warner, I try to remove all the water. So this is what it looks like. Do that. I'm going to go in and yoga some soul to taste. Comix it. So this is a cucumber, right? 7. Ingredients for lassi drink : So today I'm going to show you how to make lessee for less EU need plain yogurt, salt, cumin and water. 8. making lassi drink : Okay, so in a saucepan I'm going toe put my plain yogurt makes you really nice that I'm going toe and salt water do not too much for post. Make sure becomes like a nice taste. This is going to or it This is on. Let's see.