Vedic Astrology - Part 1 by | Joy Banerjee | Skillshare

Vedic Astrology - Part 1 by

Joy Banerjee, IT Consultant and Certified Astrologer

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13 Videos (31m)
    • Vedic Astrology Intro

    • Vedic Astrology Guru Vandaana

    • Vedic Astrology What is Jyotish

    • Vedic Astrology Download Astrology Software for Free

    • Vedic Astrology Introduction to Types of Charts

    • Vedic Astrology 12 Rashi and Lordship

    • Vedic Astrology Planets

    • Vedic Astrology 27 Nakshatras

    • Vedic Astrology How to Read 12 Houses

    • Vedic Astrology Rashi and Body Parts

    • Vedic Astrology Rashish Devided into Movable Fixed and Dual

    • Vedic Astrology Rashi Male or Female

    • Vedic Astrology Important Points to Remember


About This Class

This is a Vedic Astrology - Part 1 by and we are covering the Basics of Vedic Astrology and then we will deep dive to next part of Basic Vedic Astrology. 

You will Learn About Basic Astrology - Rashi, Planets, Houses, and Type of Charts in Indian Astrology 

For More information you can reach out to me via comments and also to our website and your comments will help me construct the next part of Vedic Astrology Class 

To Know About Me you can check Out My Website and some reviews and Also My Presence and Reviews in Fivver: Aacharya Joy Banerjee and Other Reviews as well

You can add you projects in the projects dashboard and you give anonymous names to your "personas". Please also add their date of birth and gender.

Good Luck and I am looking forward to seeing your projects.





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Joy Banerjee

IT Consultant and Certified Astrologer

Joy Banerjee an IT Consultant and Corporate Trainer has more than 14 Years of Experience in IT Industry.

I am also a Certified Vedic Astrologer as I am an Aacharya Degree Holder and Do Provide Consultancy -

Expert in Windows Technology, Virtualization (VMware / Hyper-V) Symantec Products Like Netbackup, Veritas Cluster Server (Infoscale Storage or HA)

Development - Wordpress & Drupal

Windows PowerShell (Scripting) and many other technologies as well...

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