Vector Illustration: Illustrate a colorful candy garden applying color fundamentals

Damilola Kajopelaye-ola, Interactive media designer

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. 00 Introduction

    • 2. 01 What you need to know before taking this course

    • 3. 02 Creating the line art

    • 4. 03 Creating the flat colour

    • 5. 04 Using colours to create volume part 01

    • 6. 04 Using colours to create volume part 02

    • 7. 04 Using colours to create volume part 03

    • 8. 05 Conclusion


About This Class

In this class, you will be creating a candy garden starting with the line art, adding flat colours, and finally adding lights and shadows to create volume. You will learn how to apply the fundamental knowledge of colour theory and the anatomy of light and shadow to separate objects and create the illusion of spatial depth with adobe illustrator. Apart from the several features in adobe illustrator that I will have to walk you through, you will learn how to use the gradient tool, the blend tool, the mesh tool and the brush tool to create the illusion of volume on a two-dimensional surface.