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Value and dividend investing, Competitive forces analysis

Renny Tan,

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    • S01 Introduction 01 Introduction and lesson Plan

    • S01 Introduction 02 Power Analysis

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 01 Concentration 1

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 02 Concentration 2

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 03 Volume

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 04 Switching cost

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 05 Product difference

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 06 Information

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 07 Profitability

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 08 Sales pull through

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 09 Portion

    • S02 Buyer and supplier power 10 Price sensitivity

    • S03 Substitute products 01 Introduction

    • S03 Substitute products 02 Price

    • S03 Substitute products 03 Product Quality

    • S03 Substitute products 04 Switching Costs

    • S03 Substitute products 05 Performance

    • S03 Substitute products 06 Features

    • S04 New Entrant 01 Introduction

    • S04 New Entrant 02 Economies of scale

    • S04 New Entrant 03 Brand identity

    • S04 New Entrant 04 Capital requirements

    • S04 New Entrant 05 Experience curve

    • S04 New Entrant 06 Proprietary Product

    • S04 New Entrant 07 Access to distribution

    • S04 New Entrant 08 Access to resources

    • S04 New Entrant 09 Government policy

    • S05 Rivalry 01 Introduction

    • S05 Rivalry 02 Industry Growth

    • S05 Rivalry 03 Intermittent overcapacity

    • S05 Rivalry 04 Diversity EDIT

    • S05 Rivalry 04 Diversity

    • S05 Rivalry 05 Corporate stakes

    • S05 Rivalry 06 Exit barriers

    • S06 Case study 01 Marriott International

    • S06 Case study 02 Cheniere Energy

    • S06 Case study 03 Herbalife

    • S07 Summary 01 Summary and conclusion


About This Class

Build your business acumen. Investment fundamental analysis of companies on the stock market without using financials.

What will I learn?

  • Learn Practical knowledge from an actual successful fundamental analysis investor
  • Reduce investment risks and increase returns.
  • Understand the business competitive landscape.
  • Recognize the market forces that can affect a company’s power.
  • Analyse a company’s competitive power in a systemic way.
  • Learn how companies achieve economies of scale.
  • Read the company’s 10-K and 10-Q with confidence.

Who is the target audience?

  • Folks who wish to optimize their investment strategy.
  • Folks who wish to do their own stock market research.
  • Folks looking to improve their acumen for business analysis.
  • Folks who are looking for others methods to improve their existing research.

As an investor, how often do you find yourself lost when you try to read the company’s reports?

Do you have the acumen to understand the industry competitive landscape? Is the industry competitive? Are there any barriers to entry to ward off new competitors? Does the industry have frequent price wars that will destroy the company’s profitability?

When it comes to fundamental analysis, most courses would talk about financial analysis, ratio analysis, PE ratios, and efficiency ratios. Yes, these are definitely important, and you probably are an expert on these already. But do you know the competitive forces that will determine a company’s success or failure? These competitive forces will provide better insights into what will happen into the future when combined with financial analysis.

In this course, we will be mastering the 5 forces analysis framework. This is one of the most powerful framework for us investors to determine the competitive landscape of the industry in a systematic manner.

We will go through the 5 forces in detail that includes

  • Buyer and supplier Power
  • Threats of Substitute Product
  • Threats of new entrants
  • Threats of internal rivalry.

Along the way, I will share my first hand business experience beyond what you learn from textbooks.

We will end off the course with 3 quality case studies. Each lecture includes a review question section to summarize your understanding.

This course shall be conducted by an experience instructor with proven track record.

Unlike some other courses out there where you just hear instructors talking endlessly, and you only see boring text in their power point presentation, this course shall include animations, images, charts and diagrams help you understand the various concepts and I guarantee your understanding.

I promise I will not be teaching generic ideas like you must buy low and sell high. Also, this is also not a motivation class where I preach to you that you must work hard to succeed, or you must have discipline to profit from the market.

In this course, I will teach you exact actionable methods and frame work that you can immediately apply to your investments.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to take action! Go ahead to click on the enrol button. I will see you at our course.





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Renny Tan is dedicated to empowering students worldwide with knowledge. Rather than traditional brick and motar lectures, or picking up knowledge from physical books, we believe in imparting knowledge through video to shorten the learning process.
We have our unique teaching style that sets to make courses a fun topic, intuitive to understand, and very engaging.

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