VSL Guide: Proven Formula for Creating Video Sales Letters | Tom Wiztek | Skillshare

VSL Guide: Proven Formula for Creating Video Sales Letters

Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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11 Videos (33m)
    • VSL Guide: Introduction

    • VSL Guide: Course Outline

    • VSL Marketing Concepts

    • Part 1: The Tutorial Introduction

    • Part 2: How to Get Their Attention

    • Part 3: Overcome their Objection

    • Part 4: The Tutorial

    • Part 5: How to Present your Offer

    • Course Summary

    • The Tools for producing video sales letters

    • Where to host your vidoes


About This Class

You are about to learn a simple yet powerful formula for creating video sales letters (VSLs).

By the end of the course you will ...

  • You'll know the 5 elements that make up VSL.
  • You’ll be given the exact words to use to capture a person’s attention so that they watch your entire video.    
  • You will learn the no.1 technique for teaching your prospect and conveying that you are a valuable teacher who can actually help them.
  • You will learn the 5 essential parts of the close so that more people buy your products.
  • And I’ll give you a template for the video sales letters so that you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to creating the perfect VSL.

Join today and learn how to create a captivating video sales letter, that is guaranteed to improve your sales.





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Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have...

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