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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Viking List Building Introduction

    • 2. Viking List Building Lesson 01

    • 3. Viking List Building Lesson 02

    • 4. Viking List Building Lesson 03

    • 5. Viking List Building Lesson 04

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About This Class

Welcome to Viking List Building
This is a special list building strategy designed to accomplish two things:

1) Get a list building apparatus set up within one hour and 
2) Achieve high opt-in rates.This strategy basically revolves around leveraging the appeal of video courses to generate opt-ins.

Why Video Courses?
People have developed “banner blindness” when it comes to eBooks, Free Reports,
PDFs, that sort of thing. It still works, especially if you have the time and money to invest
in making large, spectacular looking, high quality eBooks and reports, but even then, it
just doesn’t convert quite as well any more.
However, when we’ve sent traffic to opt in pages where we were offering free access to
video courses, we saw opt in rates as high as 78%! This is particularly effective when
you apply a special visual theme or mascot to your lead magnet as opposed to a generic
name with a generic image, but we’ll get to that in lesson 2.
We’re going to show you how you can make a Viking List Building machine just like that
in less than an hour. So without further ado let's have a look at this course.

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Patrick Kinsella



Do you want to be financially independent and make money online from home?

Well if you do then you need an education. Take my courses and start a new future today!

I have been making money online for years, and now I want to help YOU do the same.

Kind Regards

Patrick Kinsella

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1. Viking List Building Introduction: - way . 2. Viking List Building Lesson 01: Hello and welcome to Viking List building. This is a special list building strategy designed to accomplish two things. Get a list building apparatus set up within one hour and achieve high opt in rates. This strategy basically revolves around leveraging the appeal of video courses to generate . Often people have developed banner blindness when it comes to e books, free reports, pdf's and that sort of thing. It still works, especially if you have the time and money to invest in making large, spectacular looking, high quality e books and reports. But even then, it just doesn't convert quite as well anymore. However, when we've sent traffic toe opt in pages where we were offering free access to video courses, we saw opt in rates as high as 78%. This is particularly effective when you apply a special visual theme or mascot to your lead magnet, as opposed to a generic name with a generic image. But we'll get to that in a lesson to we're going to show you how you can make a list building machine just like that in less than an hour. So without further ado, let's have a look at this course Lesson one, the one you're watching right now deals with video content options. This is where we'll discuss how to either make or acquire video content to use as a lead magnet. Don't worry, you'll be surprised how quick and easy this is. Lesson two shows you how to make a gorgeous three D E. Cover graphic of your video content for your squeeze page. Lesson three walks you through how to quickly and easily design a simple minimalist squeeze page geared towards maximizing conversions. Lesson four covers various free and paid traffic methods and finally, your battle plan for implementing what you've learned. Remember, this can all be done within one hour. So if you're ready, let's dive into Lesson one. Create or acquire. So for creating the video lesson or course you're going to be using as a lead magnet or a free gift, you basically have two choices. Created yourself or pay for it. Let's look at the first option. Creating video content is beneficial because it can be done for free and somewhat quickly, though not as quickly as buying pre made content. Now there's basically three types of video creation options talking head slide presentation and screen cast. Let's look at the talking head option now. Many of you might immediately become a little anxious or worried about this option if you haven't done this before, so let's put the worry to rest. Go online, go to YouTube and type in violin lessons. Well, you'll see is a bunch of people staring at their webcams, or maybe their smartphone cameras with a fiddle in their hands, talking about the basics of violin playing and maybe even scratching out a tune. Now, does that look expensive? Nope. Doesn't look complicated. Definitely not well, unless, of course, you don't know how to play fiddle. But point is, you can create any sort of talking head lesson that you have experience in with nothing more than yourself and your webcam or smartphone. But what about those of you who have stage fright and wouldn't be caught dead in front of a camera? Well, for you guys, let's move on to the next option slideshow presentations for the slide presentation approach. You basically draft up an outline of your lesson and prepare it in a boat format via any slide presentation software like Power Point. Then you'd audio record your presentation, either with your computer or your smart phone or any device you prefer. Finally, you take that audio file and sink it with your slide presentation. Now the most common slide show software power point, actually has a function for exporting your presentation to a video file. And if you search YouTube, you'll see there's plenty of easy video tutorials on how to do that. And, oh, by the way, you'll notice those tutorials are actually recordings of a person's computer screen while he or she walks you through the process, which, incidentally, brings us to the last option. The screen cast method. The screen cast is our preferred method because it requires little preparation and can be done in an off the cuff manner Now, although we said creating your video is free, the screen cast method will usually require you to invest anywhere from 15 to $50 for screen capture software. That said, it's always worth seeing if you can find any free offers. But let there be no question a small investment screen capture software will pay off quickly. Basically, all you'll do here is record your screen and your voice while you go through and teach how to do something on the computer. For examples of this, you could go to YouTube and search for something like WordPress tutorial. But there's really no need since you already be seeing examples of this method when you watch a video two and three of this course. Okay, now let's have a look at the second video content choice acquisition or paid video content . There are basically two ways to do this. Buying pre made Pilar videos or paying an actor. Pilar stands for private label rights and basically means you can resell these courses usually along with the right to modify, rebrand or relabel them. And even put yourself down is the author for buying Pilar videos literally. Just Google. Pl our videos and you'll find plenty of online stores selling cheap Pilar video lessons on various topics ranging from Web design. Teoh Cardio workouts. You can usually find these for as little as four or five bucks, ranging all the way up to 2050 or even hundreds of dollars. Since we're looking at something to give away for free as a lead magnet, it's all right to stay on the expensive side just make sure your quality isn't low. Your leads will judge you by the quality of the gift you offered them. When you're browsing, don't worry too much about the look of the E cover for these Pilar videos, because once you've bought one, you'll want to rebrand it anyway, which will be covered in the next lesson. Now the other way is to pay an actor to do the video for you. An actor can either mean an onscreen talking head actor or even just someone who will do a screen cast recording or slideshow presentation video for you. Don't worry. The word actor sounds expensive, but there are ways to do this pretty inexpensively, such as hiring someone on Fiverr or up work, or even offering the opportunity to a local college kid or struggling acting student looking to beef up their portfolio. Whichever method you choose, you'll want to make sure the and the product looks great. To do this, you'll need to design an attractive E cover image, which is what will cover in the next lesson 3. Viking List Building Lesson 02: welcome to lessen to in this lesson, we're going to create E cover graphics for your video lead magnet. Right now, we're inside my e cover maker dot com, which is our recommended E cover tool. As you'll see, there are plenty of E cover templates to choose from. Since we're doing a video course will choose a DVD case. Once we're in, the Creator will want to choose an image. The first option is to choose an image from my E cover maker dot Coms library using the ad image button on the left. The other option is to click the upload button and choose your own image. As you can see, we've already got our own image uploaded here. This is something we purchased for a dollar on a stock photo site. So, for this example, will be pretending we're making a WordPress training course and that we're going for a pirate theme. Remember, as we mentioned in less and won, a special theme or mascot has a greater likelihood of breaking through banner blindness, then, say, a generic title like WordPress for beginners and a generic image like a photo of a guy at his computer. People see that type of thing all the time, and it's not likely to get their attention or look very original. We'll use the add text button to insert a title and a subtitle. Let's call this Captain Jack WordPress tutorial in my E cover maker dot com. You can choose from a multitude of fonts and text effects to make your title pop out a gesture, image and text to look. However, you'd expect a DVD cover to look on the front. And when you're satisfied, click the finalized button. Don't worry. You can always come back and adjust things if necessary. Once you're recovers finalized, Be sure to select the transparent background option and click download. When you're satisfied, you can click close to return to the dashboard. Finally, we recommend you use the same image to create an E cover image of an actual disc. Simply click. Edit this e cover, which will create a new copy of the one you just made. And inside the editor, click E covers and choose the disc template. You'll have to do some rearranging to make the image and elements look right on the disc. But don't worry. The process is just a ZZ as before. Next, we're gonna want to arrange the E covers into a bundle. Image will be using Creators seven, but you can use any free or paid image editing program you like. Now we've seen our highest, often rates when we offer multiple video courses instead of one. So for the sake of this example, we've created an additional video course that will be bundled with the original We're going to import, are transparent cover files and rearrange them to look presentable. Once you're satisfied with the look, you'll want to export or save the file as a transparent PNG in the next lesson will be looking at how to incorporate this image into a squeeze page. 4. Viking List Building Lesson 03: welcome to lessen three where we'll be designing your squeeze page. So for this example, we're using instapage, which is our favorite squeeze page designer. But feel free to use whatever CMS or landing page maker you prefer. For starters, we're going to choose from one of instapage is templates. We'll be changing things quite a bit, so it doesn't really matter which one we choose. Now we like to keep things pretty minimalist. So first thing we're going to do is eliminate all the extra rows, which can be done by clicking the delete button at the top left of each section. As for the background will go with plain white for this example, which could be done by clicking settings, background, background color and be sure to remove any background image that's already there. Next, we'll need to fashion a headline and sub headline. We'll just use the text elements that came with the template for the headline Let's try grab two of our amazing video courses for free and for the sub headline, Let's try something like Hurry This free offer and soon click the button below to grab your two courses fast. - Next we'll want to add the e cover bundle image, just goto. Add new image and upload the image from your computer. Click, insert and drag and resize the image to sit just under the sub headline. Finally, we'll need to add a button we recommend using the two step. Opt in strategy because it's been shown to have a positive impact on opt in. Rates will go to add new and select button, resize the button to your liking and then click edit. You want to change the button text to a C T A or call to action statement. Many marketers find that using terms from the visitors perspective, like my and me produce a higher conversion rate. So let's try get my free courses. Feel free to adjust the style options as you see fit and then click done next with the button. Still selected will click the Link Icon to bring up the click event Drop down and then we'll choose the pop up option. In this pop up area. You'll want to place another headline and adopt Inform click Headline and then click form to arranged a form So it's centered under the headline for the headline Let's try something like, Tell us where to instantly send your free courses. For the option, form the default name and email fields or fine, but you'll want to double click the button, click on button style and enter another C T. A. Let's try something like Send me my free courses and click Done. Next, double click either of the form fields and click on integrations from the top menu. This is where you'll choose your auto responder service and lengthy opt in form to your desired email list. When you're finished, click Don at the top of the page. The second to last step is to click the mobile phone button in the top menu here. You'll just want to arrange things to make sure the page looks good on mobile devices. Be sure to click on the button and do the same for the Papa Beria. This is typically where you'd click the A B split test button in the top menu. If you wanted to do a split test, that's not the focus of this course, nor is it a necessity. So we're going to skip that step this time, but be sure to check out our course on split testing. If you want to really max out your opt in rates, the last step is to make sure your landing page is compliant with legal policies. Typically, you'd see things like a non spam disclaimer and a clear link to a privacy policy so people know they're opting into a list. But just be sure to look up and follow whatever laws are applicable in your country. Finally, when you're happy with everything, click publish and choose where you want to publish the page. We always just choose the demo page option, which just means it will be hosted by Instapage. So now that our pages ready, we just need to send some traffic to it, which is what will be learning in the next lesson. 5. Viking List Building Lesson 04: welcome to a lesson for where we'll be discussing methods for driving traffic to your landing page. Now there's obviously an endless list of free and paid traffic methods, but for this course will be focusing on two free methods and one paid method. The first method to consider is the forum signature method. Now this is one of the oldest methods of driving traffic, but it still proves to be an incredibly effective one for marketers to this day. Basically, you identify a few online forums for your niche. So if you're in the Internet marketing that you want to try the Warrior Forum. And if you're in the pet reptiles and it's you want to check out Herp Center and so on, creating account at one or more of these forums. Once you've got a profile set up, go to the account settings area of your forum account or maybe the Rules section and figure out what the guidelines are for signatures. A signature is basically a little area that appears at the bottom of each and every single post you make within a forum threat. Originally, this was meant for something similar to an email signature you'd automatically have your name and contact info maybe proceeded by convert guards or something like that attached to the bottom of your message. These signatures have evolved into more of a self expression thing. People will often put a famous quote or an image in the signature. As a marketer, you'll want to put a link in there to your squeeze page, preferably an image that is hyperlinked but at least a text link. Now, depending on the forum, the rules will be different on how and when you can use a forum signature. Some forms allow you to start using as extravagant a signature as you want right away. Others require you to have been a member for a few weeks or to have a certain number of posts or something like that. Sometimes you can start out with a text only signature, and then you're permitted to add an image. After you've been around for a while, I figure out what the rules are for the forms you join and just start posting, become part of the community that you intend to market do. There's one key thing to remember, though. Don't post so much that it seems you're just spamming to get your links out there. People will notice that right away and you might get suspended or band. The other free method to focus on is YouTube marketing. This could be done a few ways. You can either make videos specifically designed to market your free video course. Or you can make general informational videos about your niche and then mention your free video, Of course, as a sort of go here to learn mawr kind of thing. Either way, be sure to put a link to your landing page in your description and consider doing the same as an annotation displayed over the video. These videos could webcam videos, talking head videos shot with your smartphone screen cast videos or slideshow style videos . Generally, the more videos you have and the more useful the content, the more traffic you'll get. Be sure to share your videos on social media, as well as to invest some time into typing up in S e o friendly and keyword rich description. Now, the pay method you may want to consider when you're starting out is so low. Ads solo adventures exist for just about every niche out there but the most common ones are usually ones like the I am niche, the weight loss slash fitness niche and the self improvement niche. A solo and vendor is basically someone in one of these niches who has a large list of their own, and we'll send out email to their list, promoting your offer or lead magnet and sending those subscribers to your landing page. They basically charge per click specifically for each time someone clicks through their link to go to your squeeze page. Some solo adventures will allow you to specify the subject line and message. Others will insist that they were both of those in a way that their list is used to the quickest and cheapest way to get your feet wet and solo adds, is to join you DME dot com and buy a small volume of clicks from a trusted vendor. They have a review and rating system similar to eBay or five or so you can tell who the serious ones are. However, you want to make sure your leads air, high quality and in the world of solo ads, you really do get what you paid for. So if you're noticing your you d me derived leads aren't particularly responsive. Try doing a search on Google or even within the Warrior Forum for big name, independent solo Add vendors. A lot of successful marketers also offer solo ads, is a side service and you'll be able to tell which ones produce high quality leads based on the testimonials of other marketers. Now, once you've got your feet wet, you should certainly try to branch out into experimenting with other free and paid methods in the room of social media sharing and pay per click ads. Compare your results with all traffic methods and use whatever works for you. So before we close, let's talk about your battle plan. You've seen how easy and quick it can be to accomplish all these necessary steps. Right now, I want you to record a video or by appeal our video, create an e cover, set up a simple landing page and start implementing one of these traffic methods. Don't make the mistake of leaving this video without taking action, or you probably never will, and definitely don't put it off until you've got everything figured out just perfectly. We both know that means you'll never get started. Start implementing these steps immediately, even imperfectly, and start building your list right now.