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VIDEO EDITING : Make video tricks like pro using Filmora 8.5

teacher avatar Martin Purnansyah, Design & Programming

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. What do you get on this course

    • 2. Take snapshot in filmora (freeze to live)

    • 3. Remove snapshot background in photosop (freeze to live)

    • 4. Edit snapshots from photosop into videos on filmora (freeze to live)

    • 5. (live to freeze) take snapshot in filmora

    • 6. (live to freeze) remove background in photoshop

    • 7. (live to freeze) Edit snapshots from photosop into videos on filmora

    • 8. (intro cool) Make an intro image in photoshop

    • 9. (intro cool) Edit intro images that have been made in photoshop into videos

    • 10. (intro cool) Combine intro videos with video footage and add music in filmora

    • 11. (logo glitch) edit logo images in photoshop

    • 12. (logo glitch) edit logo images into RGB glitch videos in filmora

    • 13. (zoom text) Add text in Photoshop

    • 14. (zoom text) Make an intro video from a text image made in photoshop

    • 15. (zoom text) Combine intro text videos with video footage in filmora

    • 16. (Drawing zoom effect) Make background in photoshop

    • 17. (Drawing zoom effect) Make video black and white

    • 18. (Drawing zoom effect) Make Transition in filmora

    • 19. (Drawing zoom effect) Combine background with transition and video footage in filmora

    • 20. ( Intro Like Marvel ) Make Background Like Marvel In Photosop

    • 21. ( Intro Like Marvel ) Process The Image Becomes An Video Intro Like Marvel

    • 22. (Teks In Waves) Make Background Text In Photoshop

    • 23. (Teks In Waves) Combine Background Teks With Video Footage In Filmora

    • 24. (Outro For Youtube) Make Background Outro In Photoshop

    • 25. (Outro For Youtube) Combine Background Outro With Video Footage In Filmora

    • 26. (Outro For Youtube) Add End Screen And Annotations In Youtube

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About This Class

Video Editing with Wondershare Filmora and 8.5

In this course lesson, besides using Wondershare Filmora software, there are some tricks that also use third-party software, one of which is Adobe Photoshop.

*update ( in this course, there will be video tricks updates every week )

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is used to edit images, create intro images and create text, does not require special skills, only uses standard tools, so this course can be followed by beginners, all you have to do is install any version of Photoshop software

requirements : Install Adobe Photoshop software for all versions

Wondershare Filmora

wondershare filmora is used to combine images edited in photoshop with video footage in filmora so the video will look pro, in filmora does not require special skills so it can be followed by beginners, video tutorials are made step by step to be easily understood

requirements : Install Wondershare Filmora 8.5 or Above

If you have questions about the lesson, send me a message and I will be happy to try and help.

what are you waiting for, press enroll now

Good luck Guys!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Martin Purnansyah

Design & Programming


Hello, I'm Martin Purnansyah.

I will teach design and programming, I have experience in teaching offline courses including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc.

so don't be afraid to start our course, because a lot of new knowledge will be received from me

best regards, Martin Purnansyah

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1. What do you get on this course: - you way. 2. Take snapshot in filmora (freeze to live): Hi guys. Indecision. We will make video phrase to live like this. Videos met us. If the object in the video move Just open the Fillmore application, then important Martin Video recording in the colder by clicking import media file here our throughout the important Manu Embarked Media files order in drop video footage. Truth folder like this I will first free field of video. Good for you that the video into the timeline expend the timeline said the position off the object to be made phrase I will set in the position 16 Here click the snaps that icon are You can use the control I'll today s then said this composition. Toby, freeze again. Do another snaps on then said the third Fritz position. Don't forget this night shift and finally said the four position Toby Prison snaps it again . If we already have four snaps up, right Bleek, find the target in the snap. Sort for the snaps of position and this is the result. After we get the snaps that emit, we will continue to the next state, namely edit being snap sort photos in the photo shop application 3. Remove snapshot background in photosop (freeze to live): Hi guys. No, we will add it for close up. Snapshot in for the shop. Police open the voter shop application I used What us up say, say 2017. If you have photos of person below, it can still be used because it will use the default for the Steptoe place like the first snaps it photo drag and drop the image in tow Photo. So, like this, we will take a home an object and eliminate the big grown so selling image off men object and eliminate the big girl. Can you spend toe zoom in emit using the control plus use depend tool to finish him it of Egypt like this I will speak up this video Make sure the selection off body parts until everything is connected. If it already connected right click and select makes election click OK, the object off the human object will be selected duplicate layer or click control plus g. Then in the lower right layer, there will be a new layer to see the result off not activating the other layer by clicking on the A one. The display here has been erased and only the object is live self this layer by clicking the file menu. Save us, name it Big five, then chose the former PNG for the first emit with happiness. Then we will add it. The following emit in the same way as before. They can drop the snaps that image to introducing the pento. Like the first method, the process is the same usedto rental until it's Venice. This process will be spit up when it's when it's like this, said the file with the name Picked sick in PNG for months place. Continue editing the three. Team it with the same process. I will spend up the process. It finished stuffing the image with the name Big Seven in the N. G four months and finally do the same for picture for used the mental as before. Until it's finished, the process will accelerate to For this Ford image. There is a big run that has not been erased like this part use depend toe to say like it. Then they let it for the same process. If you done right, click and choose makes a Lexan, then click delete on the keyboard to remove selection. You're seeing the control plus the it looked plane from the ground by saving this four image. Name it Big eight. In the end, the former until here we have added l snaps a picture. There are four for those that we will use leather in the video recording and this is the result for the state. It's finished. Then we'll go back to the film or a play president toe added video. 4. Edit snapshots from photosop into videos on filmora (freeze to live): hi guys at this state, we will go back to the film Aura and added the fourth State video. Please open the Fillmore application. If you're a film or a application still has snaps it like this, then you can delegate because we don't need it anymore. Then I will. They let the snaps off this one and this one by click Della. Enter the research off the photo that we have added in the Three Fears with the soap my drag and drop the image into the film aura. You sit to select for image at a time, and Reagan drop them into the film Aura. Hey, here there are pick 567 and eight drag the video recording in tow. The timeline are if the video recording is already in the time land like this track, you met five in tow. The timeline. Position it under the video recording, Please fill in the time line, then said the Pick five position according to the position in the video, said the image to the right position, like this click I can split are by using the control plus B cream of unused part Next process. The next image drag the big sick into the timeline the way it's the same. Look for the fix. Sick position that much. The video. It's right. Use a split to remove the A news back. Continue. Big seven. Drag it through the timeline, said the position under the pig sick the way it's the same. Look for the fixed seven position did much the video. It's right. Use a split to remove the unused back and finally dragged the creek. Eight. Tow the timberland and position at the bottom. This new position, according to the video, it's not long. Drop the stick it to the right like this until the position is red. With the video, increase the length off the image. So did we can adjust the position off the image with the video correctly for the rest usefully toe dellape it we see therefore image alluringly in tow. The video we can refute to see the results profusely. I would render it first so that the video does not like during the for a few by clicking this icon off pressing Enter on the keyboard. No, Chris played the free few You can see one more time. Okay, The video phrase to live that way. Um, it has been successful now, said the project. First click the file. Manu said Project and name it for its video. Now export the video by clicking Manno Export Export video like the former in Before Name It freeze to life and said storage and setting quality When you click the export button while until it finish, see the result by clicking the find target button and this is the end result. Poor decision is finished. Good like Bryce. 5. (live to freeze) take snapshot in filmora: Hi, guys. Indecision. We will make a video life toe phrase like this. If in the for a few position we made a video Freese to life No, we will make the opposite video with its life The phrase at the state We will take a snap set off the video footage If you have already practiced it in the free physician, you can skip the states for taking snaps of the process is the same. Open the Fillmore application, then important moment in video footage. Drag the video footage to the homeland Said the position you want toe the snaps and take here I will take this section, then click snapshots here I will take three pictures Snipes out right Click in one off the snap, sort and select Find targets here There are three sniffs sort like this. Okay. At the state we are finished. We will continue to the next step with this to edit the snapshot image in for the show 6. (live to freeze) remove background in photoshop: hi guys. After we take snaps an image in film aura. Now we continue by aerating the image in photo shop and the state. The process is the same as the video in the free fuel station. So if you are were already know at the state Police, skip it. Open your put the show, drag and drop the first snaps that image zoom in using the control. Plus we will take a home an object and element in the bigger on Used the mental then selection body by clicking on the body area And they're all the selection are connected. - If this election is connected like this, right click select make selection and okay so that only a human object are selected. Used the control plus t toe Duplicate the layer seen on the red. There are two layers consisting off the main layer and duplicate layer. To see the public it result place. Click the a econ Under men layer It looked like the bigger in his gun saved by clicking the fireman. Save us give the name Big one. In being G four months seen in this section, we have got the first victor. Next we do the same process for picture to entry, drag and drop be made to in two for the show used the same method as the first inmate, namely selects. And you're seeing the mental until everything is connected. It really selected, right click and select makes election okay duplicate Using the control pastie close the econ undermined layer to see the result said the image. And then it picked you in PNG for months and this is the result. Finally, for the third emit the submitted as before drag and drop they emit into photo shop because the process is the same. I will not explain it again. After all has been connected, right click, select make selection and okay duplicate using the control plus de plus the a a con on the main layer to see the rest of If you feel there are part that have not been cleaned like this you just dependable toe do the selection and the late select area and they'll all is connected Then right click select makes election Then click the lead on the keyboard tore him off Those election used the control plus d see if the image and name it victory in PNG for months. Okay, At this stage, we happiness. Then we will process the results off the snaps, an image that has been added in the film aura. 7. (live to freeze) Edit snapshots from photosop into videos on filmora: hi guys at the state we wills process snap, sort image in the Remora. Please open the film aura. Dragon Drop snaps that image that have been edited in the first few state in tow. The film aura you sip to select three minutes at a time. Make sure the video footage is in the timeline. If you happen like the video footage to the timeline, then continue it. Drag. Pick one toe the same line appreciation that emit below the video. Just the appreciation off the image, according the position off the object in the video like this. The difference between video free, stolen with Left off race is that if the refuse cement is on the life, then for this video, we said they emit to the right off the video position, said the length off the image with the video like this dense. Set it for the second image, drag it toe the chamberlain and said the appreciation corresponding to the video use. Drugs like this are split. I end of first position. It then split for the left side can be delayed, and the Langley compare with the feed. You continue to emit study, drag the image to the timeline and position it at the bottom position. That event, according to the video, After fitting your split delayed the left side and the language Compare with video after finish rendering first click the rendering I couldn't hear or press enter on the keyboard We've refuted the result by clicking Play Okay, we try again. Yea finally for decision we are fitness Don't forget toe Save the project by clicking the file. Manu save project Name it like priests Oh yeah If you want to export place Expert in the expert Manu 8. (intro cool) Make an intro image in photoshop: Hi guys. Indecision. We will make video into cool like this. Yeah, the final result off the video will be like this. Open the Watership application toe. Make the picture intro. I used Adobe Porter Shop CC 2017 Select Manu File. New file discussed. Um, said the with toe 1920 pixel and hate. 1000 active Pixar, according to the video footage that we have said the black background color, Then click the Create Burton Profuse Liz um off the layer First can use the control Mean place used, the mental on the left side, said the foreground color to green. Click for ground silly grin and OK, then, using the parental, we drove the area as desired. I will go some different Phil Drought, the Phylis desired. When the rowing make sure the point is connected after connecting right click Select makes election, then okay, looks like a broken line. Please add a new layer by clicking the layer icon in the lower right corner like this after the new layer is added. I used to paint back told toe color the area off the field. We have drone earlier. Click the area off the field so that it's become great like this to remove silicon can use the control plus d. Okay, for the first victor is finished. Placed the second Emmett in the same way as the first victor. Just depend toe, then emit this desire. If it connected right click select mix election. Okay, then at the new layer in the lower right corner and used depend back a tool to color the selected Phil. Remove the selection using control plus D continued Attard and for images end off same order. Powerful images don't have Toby the same according toe, the immediate in itself. So it lost. Interesting. If you feel that the field drone are quits with, we see her that there are four new layer beside the big growth. We save it to the four layer of this field one by one in the depict for months used the most. It'll make sure the order three layer are inactive by clicking on the icon in the left side . Off the line. You're like this. Just slip one layer, we said, by clicking the file. Manu safe for us. Deep the name in through on in the PD For months, click the safe weapon. Okay, Continue activating layer to by clicking under a con In separate the name intro to and the DPD four months Continue activating layer three by clicking on the A, then said with the name intro three ndp D for months. Okay, continue activating lay four or less by clicking on the Achon, then set with the name intro for NDP Former Until here we have starved for image, namely Inter One into Two into a tree and intra for That's why for the photo subsection Tobey finished, then we will processed the intro image in the film Aura at the next step. 9. (intro cool) Edit intro images that have been made in photoshop into videos: hi guys at the state. We will process the interim it that we met before in photo shop in film Aura, Please open the Fillmore application and important for refuse into images in broad can go toward this or controlled the important Manu important day of fire or drag and drop through the folder where you're safe for intra images. Open the folder where the images are store, then blocked the for images using the safe. If all four are selected, click and hold, then drag and drop into the film or are like this drag one by one interim aged in tow. The timeline. Instead, the inter emit one consequence until the first intro Image like this said the time of each emitted by clicking the A consideration befall for one image five seconds, so retained the interim it one toe one second. Next, the intro to emit an inter tree emit become one second. But for inter emit for two safes one second, then the result will be like this. If done, click it on the moon export. Create expert export with him before four months. Name it intra footage, then click the expert battle with until its Penis. If finish and instead has been complicated, we will continue in the next states 10. (intro cool) Combine intro videos with video footage and add music in filmora: Hi, I guess after we made the video footage before, we continue to create video intro call by adding new projects Important very foot admit for usually by drag and drop video in tow. Film aura. Then a four footed city videos drag and drop in tow. Film aura next at symbol color black drag included them. Land said the duress include to Shake Kids, then at city footage. Good a timeline off for simple color like this because the city foot eight video is too long. We only need a few seconds for the angel we will. But some part off the video using Split, I will put the video here and here and here and here. If so, the result will be like this then and enter The intra video footage include the Kremlin and the Second Land. Like this, it looks like this one's is still below, so I will add it first. Using split here, we can render if first by clicking the enter button. Then said the intro video for you Single green screen button. Choose make part off the clip transparence in the parents Color Cilic greens intensity level At 2 10 it's done Okay, I will render it first And the result will be like this if the same Ocala Too low. So he said, Do reason to just one second Then we can at next position the picks will a poor like these dense electrics USDA pills here are a lot off choice yuk and a lot are can use existing ones. I used to tow 40 drag and drop it into the timeline. We can sit the lane for the text ended by double clicking on the text Chang like night city and the small one becomes a club for funds that can also be replaced. Please change in this excel. The phones are the phone are according to the phone in your computer. Then said the position off the pecs like this. We can also reduce the take by pressing the safety that throat the corner, the color off the attack and also bureau place just with the click block That will be change colors if you want to change the color of the interior tax, look everything. But if only one off the letter we can just block the text, then just this desired color like this and we can also change the pics animations happing. So for a simple before we believe purse here it long animation from the left off all. Then, if we want to think the animation we saw, the pick will be think so. It is as if then, say, like the animation Manu and check it through this world double click to change it. If it's and not least, click the OK button and render first. Then we play for ofr if you at Jackson as this error here, I used excellent Primoz drag and drop son into the Kimora, then drag it into the timeline, said the back son position. According to the video. I will take the sun from here. I will split this initial part and at the end I our end. Then I spread it like this to make it look, Bush said. In and out by double clicking on son, then set in in bed. Or like this like Okay, it's done now we played the refuge. Gericault. Yea, it's Venice, they said. The project, by clicking on the file menu, say project name. The intro finally export by clicking export mental export video, said the former and them. The Night City intro also said the story and sitting quality. Then click the export button well until it's Venice. When export is complete. Recently research by clicking the find target button and try to run to the result, Yea says in this offer would like ice. 11. (logo glitch) edit logo images in photoshop: Hi guys, and decision. We will make the video intro logo glitch. RGB. The result will be like this. Please open the photo shop application. We added the logo first Selectman. No file, no file. Still a custom with a with off 1920 pixel and 1000 active pixel head and I wrestle. Listen off 300 pixels. Big round, select black, Then click the create button at existing logo. My use your own logo or use existing sources. Make sure the logo fell is in pain. G four months Drop and drop the logo in tow for the shop used the most tool to move the logo toe the Belykh Layer created area. If the logo is too large, used the zoom in our control men besides the logo with the control plus D, featuring the logo by pulling it from the corner off the image. Make sure the press the same button and turn. Don King decides by pulling from the side because it will become flat Just the size to your liking. Just the position in the middle of the layer effect under the logo, said the phone and text scholars. - If it's appropriate, place it the logo image by clicking the file. Manu save us. Name the black coat logo in depict for months until here it is Venice in the photo shop section. Then we will edit the film or as a set in the next state. 12. (logo glitch) edit logo images into RGB glitch videos in filmora: hi guys at the state, we opened the film or application import logo that was created alert by clicking on the apartment. Important media fire or drag and drop the logo emit in tow. The film aura. Drag the logo, emitting toe the timeline. Just images for 3.5 seconds, then add filters. Selects six. If nothing mean the film or a person you are using is below it by and five because the sick filter is only in the film or a person 0.5 and above select sake. Then use extreme filters. Bring it into the temple in and said its position like this. Add one more filter. Chromatic aberration. This winter will make the logo look at G B color dragged into the Temerlin and adjust its position under the S term filter. Just the laying off time like this, if it feels appropriate, we played toe free. Few it. First. We said the filter so that there is a post using flip cut in the middle off the filter and give a distant filter like this. Finally, report the hiss glitz on drag and drop in tow. Film aura. Drag it toe the same line appreciation to shown under the filter like this. You have rendered the file first by clicking and Turk. Then click Play toe Preview. Okay, finally, we have finished making the video logo glitter GB said the project first by clicking the Fireman Save Project. Name the logo Blitch RGB and finally expert by clicking Manu Expert Create export with Antonay Sport is complete. My expert result to see the final assault and they'll know our material is finished. Good luck, guys. 13. (zoom text) Add text in Photoshop: Hi guys. Indecision. We will make the video zoom back like this before entering the Fillmore application. We first great the text in the Watership application. Let's open the photo shop application. I used Adobe of What. The Shop CC 2017 with rental Watership opens, then add new filed by collecting Manno File new file. Place it the filing and with according to the video footage we have. If you want to see the sea, the site off video food did place. Click on the video letter at the bottom. There is information about its size for this video, for that is has at with off 1920 pixel and head off 1080 pixel. So the waters off file created is adjusted. Toe the sites off the video footage don't make to the foot the shop, police said. The wit and head for the bigger and color just black. Then click the create button at using the horizontal type toe place at incredible texts or other takes after it. Reese Performance. I use road Great are according to the Ways off age. Increase the size off the peg, according to the confess Give the ticks white then adjust devastation off the tape in the middle off the campus. If it's all right, click the file. Manu, save us and give name Incredible Lex. With the four month PNG at the state, the photo shop section is complete. Please close the photos up and we go toe the film or a section in the next video. 14. (zoom text) Make an intro video from a text image made in photoshop: Hi guys. No, we goto the film aura. Let's open the Fillmore application this important attacks that was meant in the potential before drop in, drop in tow film Aura, Dre in tow, The timeline said. Detect them how long it will upper on the video footage. Profusely. First slope at the offers. Blame on video footage that we have for 40 years. Hair. It has a total up 37 seconds. So I will said that. Take time toe 10 seconds, then select the crop and zoom in in this section. Select men and zoom on the left side said to start toe the outside and the inside. Zoom in to resist this ice. Do some. All the result is going to be seen in the right side. Said that the said to the Somali Zoom and position it in the center. If it's appropriate, you can play it. So she the results on the right side. If appropriate, click the OK button, then at transition work, zoom their money. Tourists off work zoom transition. Here I use work. Zoom three played toe. The Kremlin said word. Zoom in the back position, then the result will be like this if the consistent it's not first note reduced the transition with Drake toe the right looks like my own is right now. Then export the video by clicking Manu Export Great video named a Zoom, said the storage area and then said the quality toe base. Then click the export button went for. I spoke to complete export results, going to be seen by clicking the find target button. And this is the result. This is a Princess intake video that will be combined with the video footage that we have to convene their did the video we will see in the next step. 15. (zoom text) Combine intro text videos with video footage in filmora: Hi guys. That district. We will continue to come in the video that we already have, namely princes, and take video and video footage this open. Then you fell on the Fillmore, then import video food. It can be turned here Oto the important important media file. Or you can directly drag and drop videos from older like this. I use video for dead men, Slow Dragon Drop video in tow, film aura, then at the transition tech video that we created earlier at video footage toe the same line. Then, just at the transition, take video under 50 foot it like this. If done, click on the Trans isn't take video then say like the green screen menu. Select the compositing man in the blending more select multi fly for Appreciative Place said it Toe 100 and see on the right set off the fact that it's gone. If done, click OK button India proof you in the sex and we can play video and see the results. The results so that the tech has been integrated with video footage. But when the take just the syringe when it looked like screen for a few seconds, so we have to cut the end off the video to remove Lex create set it to the less zoom position in the section, then cut by clicking the split icon in the section or say like the split. Gone in the section are You can also use the control plus B cream off the end off the video and we consider the result no. Before I entered it first to render the video, then play to see the result. The video looks perfectly integrated until now. We healthiness, but so that the video is more interesting. Began at filter, namely chromatic aberration. Place trick in tow, datum line and place it between take video and video footage. Set filter for about five seconds longer, then to enter. Do render the video if you have a learn. If we fuel the video, click play and the result will be like this. Safe your project so that under order time you went to Ed Filter or US, we can immediately open it. Seen here. We have never said it, so click the file Manu Safe Project and them it zoom picks, then export the video. If you feel the video footage is too long we can reduce the duration. So I will cut the video footage toe about 19 2nd you Seamus Plate. It's so click on the export Manu Export Video. Give the name off the zoom finish, said the store and the resolution setting. Then click the expert battle well until it finished and find the target to the city. A result until now, the textual material has been completed off fully. Everyone can be followed this tutorial. 16. (Drawing zoom effect) Make background in photoshop: Hi guys. Indecision. We will make video drawings from effect like this. - The result will be like that before we have tohave the video footage. First I used Compare a drone video footage which has a witch off 1920 fixer and a head off 1000 and 80 pixel and for driving military material. I used this image so the picture was headed in for the shop to change that I blots black screen toe green are you can also use order image with the same process you don't have to use Image did are in this video. Other image can also place open for the shoppers Start adobe for the show I used Adobe Photo subsea See in 2017. Then we added the MIT material area See like the picture letter dragon drug To put the show first, take the mid size against this ice off the video for did youse for this emit the size can be seen in the image confessed says six l, which is a with off 1920 picture and head 1080 pixel. This image is compatible with video for that, it's not the same place said it in Michigan precise first thing to pick. Sold in size with the 1920 Hate 1080 Okay for the area that will spur the video is in the black screen off the table, the screen leather that we will add it in through a green area. This made out a place if you want to use order mitts, the tool that will be used to change that. They blood black screen, toe green. Using the mental, click the pen tal, then give a point in each corner off the table screen. I pre feels lissome first by pressing control. Bliss didn't give a point in each corner of the screen and bill. Is it connected? It's all connected, right? Right. Click makes election okay at a new layer first. So when adding green doesn't stack the original image, change the foreground color to green. Then using the buying back, it'll click the selected area so that the area becomes green. Disease is the process of creating a green area. This process played toe order image to eliminate this election with simply press control plus D. If there is still a black area, you can use control plus D Then we alert the green area until the Blake area is close. Press enter after successfully changing to a green area Saved the image by clicking the fireman. Save us. Name it big. The same green and GPD or PNG Parliament. Okay. For foot the show. The first test is complete. Click, minimize and see the results Until here we were helped. Finish it. We will continue in the next state. 17. (Drawing zoom effect) Make video black and white: Hi guys. No good toe the film or a six year In the first step, we will take a snapshot off the video footage and then make it black and white. The first step is tow it video footage on Para drawn into the film aura by clicking Dragon Drop into the film Aura, Direct video footed into the timeline. Then this play continue by taking a snap. Sort off this video footage at the beginning off the video. Place it at the beginning. Here, collect the snaps, that button on the right side or you can you sort that control Plus s If successful, this name said will increase here. So find out we're safe snaps on our guests. Right? Click on the snaps of sex and select target. Fine minimus first, If you haven't got a snap, sort off the video footage we want. This video can be dilated. Then we add the snap. So to the timeline, then the snaps that is staying to black and white by clicking field thirsts. Say like all. Then look for black and white, Select black and white one dragged into the timeline and place it at the bottom off the snaps up. Take the result first appropriate. Please select when you export. Create video King name, toe driving one king siptu ching, according to the survey address. Then click the export button it's been in, afford the video and continue to part three. 18. (Drawing zoom effect) Make Transition in filmora: in Part three. This will make the transition video from black and white the two full color still on the same project. Well, first at a new project by clicking on the file. Manu New PROJECT If there is a question you want to save the refuse project, yes, and so are no. Then at driving one, which was just exported, click drag and drop driving video one into the film Aura Click, drawing one toe the same line, then at the snaps up behind it. To make it look smart. We had the transition by clicking transition, see like old and look for color distance. Bless it between video and snapshot, so leather. The result will be like this. Then I spun by clicking on the menu expert. Create video named the drawing toe and click the export button close. If the export has finished it, then go to part for 19. (Drawing zoom effect) Combine background with transition and video footage in filmora: hi guys in this for four, we create a new project again by clicking the file menu, new project or using so Cut control Plus. And if there is a question, do you want to save the Ching's? And so ever know, then at drawing, too, it was just exported. Click drag and drop driving to in tow the film Aura first at the Black Color Simple Drug and enter it into the timeline, then continue to enter drawing toe toe the same line below the simple color import image that we have edited in the beginning Off state. One drag and drop images into the film Aura. We put it in the timeline for the image. We drink it, toe the same line and precision it at the bottom. Okay, we said this long, then what we do. Click on the big image off the green design. Then we use the green screen icon area. We click MCP or off the clip transparent, and we click the green area. So click the green area. It's OK, so here doing toe has already entered the April. Then we click on footed drawing toe. We increased decisive toe the size off the I put area by pressing the SIPC a on the keyboard the road did We can use this screen dot so it can be like this and I reduce it a little more. And this is the result we can see first. Okay, it's done. We export again by giving the name off drawing three our finish weekend close. And the last time we made a new project, the new project was the same us before we answered. No, because we didn't know use this project and this is the less project. So here we re entered the drawing. All three of us import click threatened hole in tow, the film aura after entering people here because this is too long, we can cup it. We can cut the video area. I couldn't hear I delete this one off for tour here, so we reduced their aria. If we have collected drawing for the three, we say like the crop and zoom we say like the pen and zoom. Then we click the middle and we make sure he is in the middle area. We can play. It's OK, so the result will be like this. Then position it at the in ones we click freeze frame So we had the freeze frame and then we can t let the end then present a live and then we enter the unfair during foot it Next thing we do is a transition our transition wormholes use wormholes three like this drag it and put it in here and let's look first. Okay for the snap sort part off the transition We said the snaps of the so the size off the transition we can click on the snap side than on the border. We drop us done toe those sites off the transition. Yea, this is upto dis ice. So now we can see Okay, let me render it first to remove Do red line. Try this. Try running it. Okay. After the transition is successful, we can use the energy big lit effect using off filter. I use chromatic aberration before we could it first so we can use Edison a filter to look better. And on the Embera fort it we are just the position at the end of the transition here we can cut this. Yeah, we could leather in the 16 here. We had the filter we use namely chromatic aberration. So this chromatic aberration has been fun in the Fillmore off person, it 0.5. And above I add it here. And then it fits the size. Did I treated It? Looked awkward because if in render it so, Aaron, the at first. Okay, then we can play Leslie. We can add the music place to be able to add more shit. I use music free music with early in battles. I pulled this in and I tried to enter here I take the section and ends and I realized that Leslie So that the sun is more united. We can add fed in and fiddle. So when it starts, it will soon slow first, then leather. The fed will also censullo. We give about 420 end ofit out. This were 120 already. Okay. Can you try? It's still looked broken here. We try to export directly before. Don't forget, we save our project first because we have never said at all that men We bay surfing the project and give the name off the drawing. Then we export it may export video, Then find the name driving zoom effect free nous then export. We were until it finished. Okay? The export is finished so it can close and we can see the result. And the result. Like this way. Okay for decision. We are done and hopefully we will have success. 20. ( Intro Like Marvel ) Make Background Like Marvel In Photosop: Hi, guys. Indecision. We will make a video into like Maher for, like this profusely takrit off video in throw like mirthful that we must have a little at least 20 D for an image. I use image from a mobile game that I don't not from Google for images. It doesn't happen, Toby like this. If you have a spirit image with good resolution, you can use it. Make sure you have at least 20 image. But if you don't have one place downloaded from Google, you concert for the cure. Mobile age in character Please don't let some image off the desired character. At least 20 images. If done lead from Google, make sure that the image is free or the image does not have copyright, because if the image is covering, we can't use it legally or commercially. I am precise here. I just give an example. So to insult that for images sold, be downloaded throat a website, that sir image for free, because if don't look for your Google, the image is not necessarily free, so please download the victor at least 20 for the picture to be difference. It doesn't have to be like this. Okay? I have downloaded the image after we have Do emit No, we make the tech in partnership. Please open your foot. The show I use I don't. Before the ship C C. In 2017 I had a new project by clicking Manu File new file Select custom with a red off 9 10 20 pixel and head off 100 activities for background. I used wipe profusely. Are you watching the big green color to the right? Please click for grown denting to read. Used the pain back it'll and click on the screen No, we're using the horizontal type toe. I will add text like this for the text. Please greet each one said that the Sharat phone and also their color off the attacks for more detail on a ranking picks, you can active it in the windows. Manu to take character Here you can adjust the text detail. You can set the density off text for space between lens at the church. I will close the taste like this. - Hold on control on the keyboard, toe the position, the text Position it in the middle off the layer. It's right. No, I activate the bigger and layer force. And then, using director Mueller Makoto, I will make a box make a box election that followed the text. It's elected, like using the control plus Tito Duplicate it sin in the layer six in there is already a new layer that's was selected profusely, right click on the new layer, then select Blending option in the style selects strokes for this ice. I said it then for the appreciation. Here there is an option outside, inside and center. I will use insight blending mode. Celik Normal. Let appreciate the and my collar will choose. What? Okay, No, we add more. Peck stood about, um, for the take Toby free according to the taste off each. I will three in size. Then I adjust the position. Click window, she lick. Or after I said the distance between leather told five hundreds. If it's so big, it can reduce a little precision that make sure in the middle of the book, it looked like we made the techs place. Collect the file. Manu, Save us makes your DPD former and name the more fullbacks. It's if until here for the state in the photo ship section it, finish it, Then we will go toe the next state, which is to make of the video in the film aura. 21. ( Intro Like Marvel ) Process The Image Becomes An Video Intro Like Marvel: hi guys at this state. We will make a video on the film aura before we already have the picture material that we will add to the film aura. No, we often the film aura for the first time we do that is importing the images that we have done loaded before you can import. Do this are important by Dr and Drop From Folder. I have several images I will select. 20 Image for May use in full Maura Block 20 Image didn't drag and drop them in tow. The film aura. Okay, there are already too intimate here. I will drag the entire image to the timeline by pressing control. Plus A. I didn't break it to the timeline. I will minimize this first scene in the temple and there are already 20 images. You can adjust the position of the mate. Did you on in front or behind it? Said said duration. All image will be three milliseconds. Click the said duration Econ and said three milliseconds, right click on the image Select Put off placement Select cropped off it for the second in the same way we said the duration toe three milliseconds, right click portal Fleischman propped ofit. Continued Attard image said Federation toe. Three milliseconds, right click photo placement select cropped to fit for the next emit. The process is carried off the same off toe. 20 images so dates I will speed up the next process. Okay, here I have arranged the world picture. Then we can a transition a useful, literal one transition dragon position the transition in the middle. But when images like this at transition it between images, if all transition have been added next we can export videos, collect the export video menu said the four months name footed more for one storied in quality, then click export. When it finished, we close in process. So the next states No, we create a new project. Click file New project. If there is a question, Do you want to save the profuse project and sore now? Because we already exported the video for this immense source. Weaken delayed it by cling control plus aid and deal it so that deserves in the media is empty. Next we important that takes. Did we made for the ship before? Drag and drop image to fill Maura, Add simple colors. Select Grady and sevens. Drag it to the TEM line, then dragged the text image below the simple color Add motion toe the the text image. Double click on the image. Select Motion Feds A mold. I hate this first double click to play. Then press. OK, then export this video name it footed Milford tow, then played the export button with until it's finished. No, we close. This had a new project again. If there is a question, Do you want to save the free fuels project? And so or no, no. We import video footage that was just exported. Should for a place to store it. Dragon drummer for the toe foot it video to the film aura. No, we add the simple color again. Use Grady and Safe ones Dragon to the timeline. Then enter muffles toe. Foot it into the timeline. The buckley on the video footage to add motion to its motions. Um, all tree double click toe play. The result will look like this then. Okay, Now we export this video. See, like expert video menu. I anim footed more full three. Click the export button with and they let's finish. This can be closed. This too continue now by adding a new project again. This one can be dilated because it's no longer use no import video footage. Mournful one. This one we feel force. We drink video forte to the timeline now, right Click Copy said the position behind, like this in place. Why do we copy the video? Because I will make a loping video with different spit. The bill. Click this video, said the video Spit toe 2100 soda video will be faster than before. No way, Pest control Plus begin double click again and said the spit go for 1000. Then we pass again. Double click and sit this spit toe 6000. It's OK. No Universal will be like this. The video will look Lennar and faster after we said the video to make a look faster. No important a video footage did Willis exported that is video footage more full three dry and drove to fill Maura dry to the Kremlin and said, Appreciation at the end Off the video like this proof you first, when the pre fewer first to be stopped because it is so heavy it's okay. This one affects the video result here I will create food it one and 40 tree murder by click for the trade and select green screen. Then select compositing in the blending would select exclusion. Actually, you can choose order in blending mood. But here the one that's more suitable for this video is exclusion. Then the result will be like this. If it's OK, the result will look like this letter. Here you can see the transfer from emit toe Take Estela Road so we can a transition fit toe the end off foot That one. I will reduce it a little. Render its first and letter. The result will be like this. The displacement will look softer and at the end of the video it will descend for like this . But we will be let the end because I want the video to arrive here. I will cut the section up your split or control plus B and we d let this and build. This is our more finishes. Finally we just need to add back, son. I will use the backs on Marshall if you want to use a difference on place drag and drops onto film Aura dragged the sun toe the tumblin make sure to place it in the show track position here I will try to force because the video is only a few seconds. I will set the right backs on. I will try stretching here. I will delayed this one. It seemed like it's still for way. It said it again. Starting from here. This one I delayed again. Okay, Right. I displayed the sun. And according to the laying off the video, continue reading Fit in and fade out. Okay? And I tried a good if it feels right, Please save the project. Give the name intro leg, nor for safe next export video for months sitting. Name it in through leg Careful store. It said the in quality when it is exported, would and they'll export is complete. We see the result by click King find targets And this is the soul. You finally succeeded. And for decision it finished. Good luck, guys. 22. (Teks In Waves) Make Background Text In Photoshop: Hi. Guess in desisted we will make a video text in way off The final result off the video will be like this. Okay, that story so letter. Now we just goto Photoshopped first. Please open the voters of application here we will create a text that will letter become band with video footage. Glickman, you file new file select custom said with 1200 active pixel and head 720 pixel for background, just transparent. But for what? The subsea CIA Toto Since defense in there is no transparent choice. So I used a with big run but letter It will be made transferring Click the create button I will make the big grand become transparent crisp a idea a new layer by clicking the layer icon in the lower right corner. So it will be like this for the with a big grin I will deactivate clicking the Achon here So the big grand has become transparence at that using the horizontal type two like this for the take place. It has decided for my phone. Using a road race for you can customize the fun toe Are your own leaking? We said the phone says by layer. The trick so that we can set up on to the left or read can use the control, plus the left mouse telling the phone color to white if it feel appropriate. No, we saved district by clicking the file menu. Safe us. Give them text with the former, be injured and click the save button until here in the photo shop station. It's finished. In the next step, we will combine text with video footage. 23. (Teks In Waves) Combine Background Teks With Video Footage In Filmora: hi guys at the state. We will continue to make the video in wife. No, please open the Fillmore application. I use video for that bitch away from Run on the material this time. If you want to use this in footed, you can open it by beautiful dot com said by a little bit away from drawn. Incidentally, I have opened in the video on YouTube. Seen in the comment columns. Many are asking whether the video can be used for free from the government. I. So there was a reply from applauding that you called used the video for free. So if you want to use the same video, please download it by the Utah Beach. No, we go toe the film aura, drag and drop the video footage that was done leaded, Really Earth direct video footed into the Timeline port First test video footage now important that takes. Did we have met in the free few stage Dragon drug takes into the film Aura Drug takes into the timeline and position to take in the desert position. I will position that takes when the waves are racing in the section, said the text. Laying like this pushes. Your winning is very important here, So the position that takes toe apart us, if it will be wish way by the with Okay, it looks like the right position here. Then we also said the text to the super against swept away. By the way, if the pace well and indisposition after the position is feel right, then we pull the fiddle footed again into the Tamerlan and precision it at the bottom. It can be seen here that the position is video for Dec's video footage. Click the less foot, it added. Then click the green screen icon in this field. We look for the rocks color off video for ditch after the color has darkened, then checked the more pratt off the clip trance parents. Then in the current color section, just the doctor scholar that we have Justin earlier in the intensity level can be added if it's filled. The tech is still not fishable, but here seem a nudge. We click the OK button. No way, said temporary result like this. Okay, it looks perfects. Then we can add motion toe the text by double click on the text. Select motion fed zoom in double click motion toe play. Next, click the OK button. I will render it first by pressing the enter key. Now we play video preview okay for Frakes because the video footage is too long. So I will cut the video footage and it will be spirit only in the next six years. I could it in here click the video footage above impressive and also played the bottom video footage. Dance played by clicking the Split I Can or control Plus B. And the video part here is dilated by clicking the lead. No, we preview again. Okay, after it feel right, we say project first click file menu. Say project. Give name chicken wife. Click the save button. No, we export video on the export Create video menu name and said the story appreciation and setting quality. Then click the export button who had until it finishes and see the result. A. Er okay for this material, It finished. Hope you guys took, said 24. (Outro For Youtube) Make Background Outro In Photoshop: Hi guys. Indecision. We will make video throw for your tube like this. - If you're happy to make video on YouTube, it's good to add a trophy video so that they look professional like this. First, what we have to do. Please open the photo shop application. I used Adobe. A photo shops easier 2017 profusely. I already have the background the same. I used this big run for the overthrow video leather. But if you want to use an inner, fragrant place, make sure the beggar in Stasis in accordance with the video footage use I use video for did with assays off with 1920 pixel and had 1000 active pixel click The new Button Select Custom said the sites with 1920 pixel and 1000 active pixel with big grown black. If you want to use me like a grown like this, you can. But here I will use the big run Greg and drop images in tow, photo shop, a realism, old force or the circuit control men. Then check the background size. Whether is it this is comfortable with the video footage. Collect them a new image. Just confess image retaking it the big sell. It's difference. Getting it first because video voted. It's 1920 pixel and 1000 active Excel, so I will take it according to size. If the image looks small, don't panic, because all reaching is the confess. To make a confess Sae's image use control blissed e clip. Sit on the keyboard breaking from the corner so that image Mitch decides off the confess. If it's all right, press enter here is decisive off the fiddle footed use. Then add rural India. Manou. Few select rules the rule. We usedto help when cutting the emits. So that letter it looked nip and right. Pull the rules from the top, then position it in the center off the image like this. Then pull the rules from the left. Position them in the middle if it like this weekend at a con and caption toe the left set off the image. I will add logos. Drag and drop to 40 Show like this used. The move told toe Direct the logo emit into a background image like this. If the sizes large use control Blessed E to recite the logo like this. Make sure when you turned on the logo through the corners. Appreciation the logo. So did in local. Right then, I add Takes under the logo. I will reduce decides toe. 30 funds can also, between us, this air. If it decides on the ISS still large, it can be reduced against so that it fits. Next. I will add a social media icon like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Try and Drug Toe Photo show used the move toe direct toe the Baghran image. Dessert tastes can be reduced with the control Post, E said. This is shell, maybe icon. Then we insert the installed government. Oh, profusely Recall. Change the color of the Facebook icon by right clicking on the Facebook layer. Select the blending up. Send and check the color off early setting. Blending more normal and the color is white. Click the OK button for the Instagram icon. We also taking the colors right. Click the blending option. Select colorfully, then click OK continued toe. The Twitter icon carrying the sites according to the icon beside it, said the color right, like the blending off some select color off for laid and click. OK, finally, the YouTube icon dragged. I couldn't toe. The big Grown said the size Using control plus D presidency from the angle angle, change the color by right clicking King The blending Upson Select color off for lady and click. OK, said the position. So for Aiken. So that is it for a If you have already added at the text below for the position off the operate and lower, it will be a Philip Baby video playlists for, um, YouTube. We will make it in the next state. Continue at the lower left text for the text. Place it just each one I will add. The video maker takes, then attacks again by duplicating the layer with the control plus G or right click. Select duplicate layer used the move tool to direct the duplicate layer used a her horizontal dive told putting the techs. Then I duplicate it again. Or control Christie directors in the move to and I changed the text. Then I said, the position. If you have finish it, combine all the layer by clicking on the top layer and the pressing safe and clicking the bottom layer. If you have completely block it rightly premiered the layers. So did the layer becomes one. Their news director, Mueller MK Marco Tool you're seeing this tollway will cut the background into three parts left. Red, upper and lower. Right. So, like the left set based on the land or there have been made. If you have selected, duplicate the layer with the control rusty seen in the layer. Six. In there is a new layer with the image to the left, continued the selection in the upper right corner. The same method used a rectangular market tool then say like the top right then press control Post E sin in the layer. There is also a new layer. Continue selecting the lower right corner used. The rector, Mueller Marco told. And select the bottom right then press control plus t. So here we have got three parts lower right tub, right and left. Save the three layer rich. We saved the lips set. First. Make sure the other layer is not active by pressing the econ on the left set off the layer . Select fell. Save us. Give big grow name one in PNG for months. If it's safe, then continue the aim. It in the upper right used the acre next to the layer to sit the feasible or enable layer saved a mate Click file Save us Give the big run to name BNG. Poor month less safe is the lowers. Right Bottom right, Feasible layer Click file Save us Give name, background three PNG Portman Until here we have finished making a fit deodorant Big grown for youth of infill Maura, we will continue in the next states. 25. (Outro For Youtube) Combine Background Outro With Video Footage In Filmora: hi guys and this dead. We will combine video footage with a throw image that we made in the photo shoot before place. Often there feel more application, drag and drop video footage to fill Maura. Then important the background image. One big run toe and background. Three. Using the safe for the trade. Block off the image drag and drop the mitts to fill Maura Drag video footage toe the timeline Drug make grown Oneto The Templin said the background position and then off the video I will set the background in the last two seconds. Continued like migrant toe, toe the TEM land with this imposition Asthma grown one and finally pulled background. Three. I prefer you to see the result at one. If the appreciation of the bigger and images correct. No, we add motion. Double click, big grown one. Select motion to the right toe DoubleClick toe play motion, then. Okay, Continue for by Grant to double click Big Toronto Select motion Done upto double click to play motion, then Okay. Finally, double click. Big country elect motion. Abdon toe double click to play Musson then. Okay, now we're free for you again. Yes, I said but it looked like at the end off the motion again it opens. We can watch it by IDing littered laying off the migrant emit like this. So when we re few when the motion off on the video for that is finished, I will render it first use enter on the keyboard because video footage is too long. I will do let some video footage. I will delayed the section using full split. Then the lib I will prefer you again and this is the result for the operate and lower part. We will add annotation on YouTube at the next state. So until now we have finished it making video a true for you toe saved the project. Select the file menu Save project Name it or throw for you toe then export the file by clicking the export. Manu Export video said the four months name. Place off the story and quality. Then press the export button. It exports is complete. We can see the result by clicking the friend Target weapon Double click to play for the export. We will see the at the inn off the video. The motion will open like this. So did the video part must be cut in film Aura. We opened the feel more argon at the new project and important video that we just exported . Drag and drop video to film aura. Drag it through the timeline and look for the part Toby cut. It's similar here you split or control plus B delayed the video section. Have you had a very exported click menu? Export export video, he said. The former name. Place up storied and quality. Then click the export button. Now we see the result. It looks now that the video image is good. Unless we just add annotation on your top. So did the atrophied. Do we make this for free? See you in the next state? 26. (Outro For Youtube) Add End Screen And Annotations In Youtube: hi guys had this did. We will add innovation in YouTube. Open the broad sword and open youtube dot com. Place the log in using it usual and passport. If not there, Place Wregget. Register first after logging in. Click on your idea like this, didn't you? Scratchers to you. Select video manager Select video. Make sure they are suffered video uploaded so you can add annotation for its video. With a minimum of 25 seconds, I will try adding annotation to the video photo for you to finish video that I uploaded every year how to click the URL here, then selling and screen and invitation letter innovations hitting window will burst. Here are some menus at the template. First make clicking. They used template button silica, one off business era templates. I will use this template, then click the select button play for free. If you and the result will be like this, a religious devastation off the video player Lee. So that is slickly centered. Then select Video one and video Toto be placed on the video playlists selectors a video for our Feliz click aided element, then collectors video or police. Then click the Save button continue to sell it. The order physio, After adding the playlist video now continued to set the time for the friends off the templates In the 16 we consider a variance off the template when the video will and florid toe the end until you live the last few second like this So that employed will appear at the end of the video like this. It's right. Please click the save button to see the result. Please click on the video title like this so we will look like this. Okay. Until here for the annotation material has been completed. I would like Gus.