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VEGAN Pasta Penne Alla Vodka/Grappa - Cooking With Friends Show

teacher avatar Francesco Samarelli, TEDx Speaker | Author | Father

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Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. The Process

    • 4. The Wrap-Up

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About This Class

Join host Francesco and Chef Mauro (Francesco's father) as they share their family's secret recipe. This recipe has survived decades and now even has a vegan twist. Students of this video will have the benefit of learning both the traditional (non-vegan) and vegan options. This is the first course in our Cooking With Friends series. Keep an eye out for our upcoming courses as we aim to demonstrate classic dishes in both their traditional recipes and with an alternative vegan option.

Meet Your Teacher

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Francesco Samarelli

TEDx Speaker | Author | Father



Simply passionate.

As a TEDx speaker & TEDx speaker coach, author and entrepreneur my goal is to humbly share with others what has helped me get so far. 

As the founder of and becoming a father, I quickly realized that we need to be the best versions of ourselves in order to guide others. And that is why I am here, to show our growing community that we have the strength within to follow our dreams. 

What am I passionate about teaching?

Public speaking (How to give a TED talk) Self-worth & Build up confidence Becoming Fluent in a new Language Cooking & more!

Check this out this video below to see who I truly am!

If you'd like to find out more, please do my SKILLSHARE profile, and if you're a fan of my ... See full profile

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1. Intro: welcome to pending Alla vodka or we're going to be doing another option is pending alla grappa. Today I'm with someone who is very special to me. This is Chef Mado, also known as my father. Today we're gonna be going over Hiss secret recipe that he's been cooking for the family for years. I mean, when I was a kid, this was our signature recipe to go over and have family moments together. And it's comfort food. It's it's delicious sauce that goes with pennies, pennies, pasta, but also something that we shared for many, many times for many, many years. So come and join our course because I really believe you're gonna enjoy not only the way my father shares his passion of cooking, but also how this recipe can change the dynamic and other people's homes for their dinner times. Whether it's something Italian dinners or of regular Monday night chef model about where you from, what part of Italy you've been cooking? You've been a chef for over 40 years, right? He was 45 years. So do you think you know penne alla vodka? You know how to do it. All right, guys, he's confident he's been doing it for so long. 45 years. You've been doing instances in Italy when he was on boats to come to America, working on ships and now we get to share with everyone in the world. Right? Get better. 2. Ingredients: way base. So talk about what do you think about this tomato sauce that's fresh. Tomorrow I met fresh homemade tomato sauce. And what else do we have? What is this pot that's coming from so grapes? Yes, that's with brain perfect in our brother, my brother, What made this? And what else do we have today? We have to do also Penny alla vodka because it will vaporize anyway because we're doing a vegan option. Today we're going to have vegan heavy cream made out of cashews in vegan butter made out of cashews, but also for the penny out of aka the traditional. All the recipe is the same regular heavy cream in regular butter. A few onions. My father will show you how it slice crushed red peppers. Bailey's and this is the possible going to use today. This is the pen name, and Penny is actually perfect because then it has a hole inside. You could fill it up with all that song when you mix it all together and the little ridges also absorb a lot of the taste. So that's why Penny is actually a great choice for this. An Arab occupants. What What do you like? You don't know Problem. That's the source of life. Perfect. So these are the main ingredients here. And now we're gonna be walking into the process step by. Step on how we're gonna make penne alla vodka, penne alla grappa. 3. The Process: All right, Minton appalled. Enter in the book, criminalise. So we're gonna put a little bit of olive oil, and we're gonna put the onions right. How much? Olive oil? Just just enough for the onions to caramelize. So first did the olive oil and then the onions. And then once the caramelization with the onions has happened, we put Ibaka or the simulation inside way should Where is your source is perfect. So But where is this Oliva? From this extra virgin olive or body. So this is from body way? Have extra virgin olive from Italy. Imported from there. Were trying to get most of the products from Italy to make it the same taste that he had when he was okay. That's so All right, Get ready for some flames, everybody. Focal stuff this for the Penny Alla grappa. That's so why do you think we put the grappa in the vodka? The grappa and Ibaka is calling analyzers. They actually help the actual juices come together. So imagine analyzer as water and oil. They separate right when you get added additive in there like a nebulizer, like the vodka or grappa that allows for the actual fusion of all the flavors and all the onions and the actual oil to come together. So the water from the onions from the olive oil all that comes together. So that's why they call Baqa and grappa the emulators. No, don't your focus. It's so good. So now we're just gonna mix and we're gonna let it sit. 20 minute DK W m expect out of, you know, maybe 10 15 minutes to be safe. So you wanna wait? Maybe 10 15 minutes and again the vodka and the grappa has the emulators are going to make this sauce a little thicker than your normal sauce is gonna have that consistence. So now that we're letting it simmer and let it sit for 15 minutes would want to put some bay leaves Really? If you want door. So the man that you put in is based on the way you like. But some people like a spicy than others. This will just give it a little bit of a kick. But again, it's up to you. So you could be a generous as you want with salt. It's up to you is really goes depending on your taste buds. right, A little parsley and a little bit. So again, the alcohol is the emulate Isar. It helps everything glue together. It makes it a little thicker. It you'll notice how the water, the oil that's made themselves, the onions, all that comes together a little more because of the alcohol because of the heat, because of the fire that my father just did. Right now, you're actually not getting any alcohol in their It all vaporized the way so anyone can eat this. Children. Anyone who wants to just understand that the alcohol just helps with the process. Just like chemicals. When you're when you're in science class and they mix things together, Same idea. But in this case, you're not actually getting any alcohol tastes you're getting on, Lee the together this the glue like the emu Leiser, which is the alcohol. So now that you put all your ingredients the other leisure, have fun and wait, have some coffee, some water. We, as Italians, we always like to drink, enjoy our time together with their espresso or some type of drink just to make our moment passport. Okay, we have a blooper. We have a blooper here So my father got his grappa bottle. He has a few of these for my brother in law. Makes good APA and he put the drop in. And I don't know if you noticed that my father was shot and put the flame into the pending . I like Anapa set up. It didn't go catch fire and we were all confused in here. Like why did not like this is even stronger than the box. So and you can also tell by here that this really fused together, which I told you many what alcohol does and here it didn't. So my father goes, let me taste the grappa. So my father gets this bottle and he drinks it and he realized this is water. So we have to figure out why did the grappa bottle have water in there? But either way, we're gonna set up again the penalty grappa so that we can make the authentic Piniella grapple, which we think is the original. Drop A is original to Italy. So we think the pennant grandpa must be redone so we can have this shared experience. So thank you for letting us have a boo boo water. Really good. AAPA take two. Now that that when using caramelizing and we have the drop it in there. Chef model was gonna give this. Whoa. I think I lost my eyebrows. All right, now, that's good. APA It's a little different in water. Give you play. You want to keep this on a medium simmer just so it can really use all the flavors in there , and then they'll eventually get sick like this. So now we have turned the flame off so that we can wait for this guy to catch up. Now that the secret sauce is simmering and we're cooking it, we're actually gonna put some water to boil and putting some soft inside. The worst of all, this is for our pasta for a pendant, but as much as you like, the idea is to make sure that that hasta softly and has a flavor that's gonna combine well with sauce. Some of my friends out there actually use oil inside their water that's boiling for the penny for their possible. The thing is, if you do put oil in that water and then the possible oils you actually making the pasta separate more, which is good if that's what you're looking for. But if you wanted to glue together inside your secret sauce of your pasta sauce, it's not ideal because you want this meal articular to glue together to be each by the same and having that fusion. So I recommend not putting oil into the water when it comes to boiling your pasta and said , Just put salt and enjoy the flavor of that with the sauce and making sure, if used together. But the sauce is ready. Yes, so now we're gonna put the pasta in. Yes, he is shooting more. So So what Chef Mouth is going to do now is make sure that they say truth to the recipe. Make sure this creamy pink sauce gets creamy and pick again. This is up to you how much you feel. He put in half a stick into this recipe to make it truly flavorful and creamy. And since he put his dairy products Mia's vegan, I'm gonna put my nondairy butter big sauce watch everybody inside. This is made out of cashews, and I highly recommend not only this product but any other vegan product that you like out there. They're very comparable to dairy products. Not exactly, but definitely compared with this. Okay, so now this is the vegan heavy cream. This is the normal heavy cream. That's the big, heavy green. I made this myself. I got cashews. I've boiled him in water. I Goldwater. And then I put the cashews in there, just making sure that water on top of the cash is two cups. And afterwards, I let it soak for a few hours, make sure that I blended it. That same blend actually gave me this beautiful product that can help me make this creamy and delicious. And also pain, which what we're going for Vegan. Now, that's a now the exact measurements. Again, it's gonna be up to you like a big guy. Read. I like this like my wife. That's not fair. Because now you're is Pinker. So I gotta put mine within battle. You We're gonna find out there's a begins looks dead Look is getting pinker. But again, he's definitely right. It's not as Pincus his. So he may win this battle. A final salute. Conquest. Coming. Changing my conquest would do it. Okay for Mukasi. Good. So right now we're blowing the pasta ming ensure that we're checking up on it. The main thing when it comes to making the pasta, make sure that its identity, what that means is you want to make sure it's not too. Once we want to make sure it's just right, so it still has a nice bite to it. If you overcook it, it's gonna be not ideal. It's up to you, of course, but we highly recommend making sure, then. Okay, so what he's doing now is to make sure that the pasta has a pink touched meaning that every single pending has a bit of the Bacchus sauce on it, like you did with mine and then afterwards is gonna put a little more on top so you could have the extra sauce. No, guys, it smells delicious, but we have to put one extra topping for the people who love cheese. You got to put that on top right now. We're building for my job, my friend. How much she's would you like? Tell me when 4. The Wrap-Up: There you have it. My father, Chef Molitor and I have accomplished something great. You made a vegan upended helicopter and we made a delicious pendant. I love aka. Together we hope you enjoyed. We're definitely gonna enjoy right now. We didn't quite cause that take on me. Uh, I'm gonna say whenever did with a potato A Next time you will see you again. Guys stay here.