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V-ray Lighting for Rhino (Arabic)

teacher avatar Hashim Hassan

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. General Settings

    • 3. V Ray Settings

    • 4. Sun Light

    • 5. Dome Light

    • 6. Rectangle Light

    • 7. Omni Light

    • 8. Spot Light

    • 9. IES Light

    • 10. Mesh Ligt

    • 11. Sphere Light

    • 12. Directional Light

    • 13. Camera

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About This Class

بكلمات عربيات قليلات أشرح انارة الفي ري

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Hello, I'm Hashim.

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1. Introduction: Kathy Raton here. But homage Orender Well Akin Liesel Very me. Nectarine Ariba Ramage! Shabby ETA Wachter Hajkova worked around the dominant feeble armed attacks me into a theater about Roman Releasable Burn images sell well. I can an attack Agility, Tafolla, Manhandle burn damage Netta Juventus The hecho tab might have been And then when this Hashem hasn't fee Hardy donor Selkoe Mugisha just eliminate very well here in our in our very was that stuff The move Very stable Manager Rhino. Merrill Me, Noah genital Very for Rhino. He and if so, I feel the rabbit. He enough to have this ketchup? Was that just a real cold? Children with Qatar, My is the shot before told me here without be I'll amital anomaly. 2. General Settings: a little better be sharp. Very home but ideal Barbara Options Nettles options. Someone would have done mouse What get meant Afraid how than they are. Huddle hair the fate, haven't they? Are you say I don't let that we'll roll it. Mouse Costa he'll upon. I'm not shy doing from a humble bubble I'll measured Have Over here was a bullet Orender by the liquid are Arrendel Bob a hobby? Ah, home billable shake in summer have options or meal options over your came at less length, Ma who? Even But Jonah, I'm so I mean at the end of one. Has a much had a lady. It already worried. Some have no options, but I kept men of ha named of you. The half off on my head have been an end of you. Some women say we'll send me out of you. View one Leo Quinn, move you one home. We have a message. Well, Suma Ah, home behalf a mesh head. Your father have Micheline save us Somewhat view too. Okay, well, that I couldn't fail. I are lost now. Where Smartalk were Gamble given record history. Where l fister so much How far I'll measure or very simply, Mom. Last event. Okay, I would say 3. V Ray Settings: on no home. We were our dad at surrender. No Combi, Giles. Very who are and ah render I'll default. Yeah, I know somewhere, right? It took a toll bar being a home. Be her a toolbar. Never really SN very all your Virginia. I cannot tell very to mine of Ah ha other a trophy and my can I let in our home when asked even Well, you don't have in my can Alon Nova elicit editor How the well a sit editor are the studio ona settings? No Allah setting does Carla Dana said thanks Oh Editor are the ascetics Thanks for how the hey if I'm say things like now Elector Rafia in advance No, Can't be I'm a Bob that my seven couple Hannah home the family render if there are the How so Well in the home Gamel Brenda How was it? Lena Showerhead came out that off in the Shasha Sold Uh huh Shape a focus over a year A 1,000,000 Orender Ledge Allah Interactive Interactive with China and no Calama. A great every year on my lapel Sittings so far. Yeah Mel, render Automatic e Fedotova and Nettie Jim Wash Everton three l friend before that have been, uh, an environment. Oh, really? How you have been, general cannot shaded background Bharat Lady Hadi El background alone and appeal. And with it, the average. But well, the marlin have been higher to my offer and global blue nation. But if l level in mission one Wow in our well men Aranda, over a year the quality is a law. Had the on a random said here, women as the camera I own a home be I'm a the frail exposure for out exposure Ah render out foot Ireland that I can about out footwear overhead will say frame other say frame who are ladies who had it framed Aranda in a sora By then our Mila and there's A without her women had the l hodoud coming with failing liver metal and el material over so far Material overwrite global totalitarian Jimmy Mako were not Elm Ash head so far. Yeah, full Orender baloney! Why had what will walked off? You haven't McCann off the high Latino alone? Ramadi had that as a judge One mark my father are the cream is the judge When Ma I want a feather alone l bunny one out of and lower it has alone. Fear is the judgment, Ma. But what did Russia father for material Hoste Leah's judge. Where? Elma earliest f me, Huh? MENA Milliyet and overlay after filled. Dire as the judge had our layer as a judge. Brighter click. I later must select object. Come Togadia as a judge, The Marjah either a city editor. Where have either in material Harvey and material on a material holiday. Non material, JSA. Let it team Albert Damage as a judge. Glass. How? The whole glass. Well, stop and no Ah Fathi. As a judge, the chef of a sloppy had our last ho the wolf you have in my someone. Uh, All right, take a look at a apply to selection. Women could start toe as a judge. I have the whore, Ellen, right. A click away from my practice election Come to be a bar fight as a judge, Villa material as the judge harm it is the judge is as a judge and more joint fee and measure island over a year. Landmark Ma Alverca Omar Mesbah have liquid liquid water. Ah, the hole where the water I want Ah ho Ah Houna, the more erratically Carly, he will have separate applied to selection. You don't let it come to be offered and material like an like in Mark Diesel and material belong Album material belong ever Marty over Charlie for her over on a friend before No, Give out a shadow. Ah, my loan. Hardy and material Ramadi. Ah, about that. That's year. Materialistic now. Yeah. Men alone at Ramadi. Stop on material! Aziz, help that Hamas! But that that some might turn out of the year. So much water has having an s pen. Well, override in. Hello. Hey, Tr can be over. Right in. Been with gentle, We have a lot of material and, uh that really glass orb Enough support You kind of tired Glass. What have you can be overriding? Welcome, Bill. How? Yeah, Give out a shared over in that. That's a judge Your one last bash has at Ceyhan and Ah render they handle it. Frame buffer The home now by Millie it Reverend! Come on, old friend. Much Had Houna Lydia Shehadeh shaded where they said he had it. A wire frame that wire flame? Yes. Lastly, Armiliato fee on top of you in front of you. All right? Of you. I'm Arthuis. Perspective then. No lying. If I meant you know what? She's doing The market work. Italy. Kevin, This bear. Yeah. Randall Orender of U s corn fires that really had them. Uh, what I understood there. I'm l'm I hope we'll Shane, I'm a little shading. Oh, shaded where shaded one is a judge. Well, ma, I wish Kida The home family is stiffness. Apparently, as a judge, Wilma meant a shaded when a shaded with the complacency holiday Brenda does have on display . What is it that to my attorney on T R object? Already been low stiffness as a, uh, glazed material glaze layer. Practically later, my select objects, Judge uh, enter Oh my Thumma of all well, I want master of under mode I don't and now has it as a judge. When my mother loan and Miranda 4. Sun Light: u tako one very mint and lighting when materials were render settings Camera germ A tree render element Ha the dollar Tuna Matassa Don't be a lighting. How that were toolbar, Levere. I rather just Coelho Maha fastly alighting. Oh well And we're highlighting ality. So far, no home should Hehir Well, sunlight How far a cell I told her, you know? And they are well, sunlight the alp on trot with he had options business that leap on threat Well, sunlight Malika Solossa Talk Sam here Keller with sky well ground una notte Our loan Vashem's Where Award This year alone the shams, Allah and mush head We're not at that apartment On first up, Esther was deaf, dumb And how at the end, one minute color mode actor was the damn and hell filter A marvelous metal intensity multiplier for here this year had the local what shops Allah and my shed will hit atom it Bastola a sassy a little altitude were worked. If our rush imps says I can multitude Cellasene Dodger quantity far ships for the heart and the whole there. Could this here a shams? That 1.2. How about a hero? LaMarca Letona team can let in arable mush head. I'm a big list burley and size multiplier. So who are Hajim course? Bishops. Father. I can't have him. Course The ships were ahead with the Ghana hamster. Kabul Hajim Course A shops where you learned is there that let had that a shadow? Others icann warhead Wow, that I can sense that we're hard that I can pressure tell it. Heard that a shadow? Was that the course champs? I might be necessary. Sky phone. Okay, It's Kym model. We're here at the end Apartment Sky model. I don't know how the hell be awful. Harare were Who are the No here. I'm a horizontal elimination for it s year in our hostel. Hard, Mr Were I'm a businessman. Little durability Our Al Khobar C l jo Phase I can is none Allah Al Khobar who asked? God bless Emma or Safia came a home of Judah. One CLR for Cora. Zina came in a turbidity dilemma Zadeh at a barrage Joe can Martin Modern. When ozone when I came Aton on ozone will suffer a menial job. Here are what I had. What other custom hot sauce Be alarmed for next Delta and Lonely Loves What island missed out on a medal. And imagine R B s Emma Mada and Image Loan on Earth. Big loan Osama while horizon offset Who are 34 are thought the fossil Boehner, Osama Ammar bin Isbell Options friend Dana Invisible Whoa! Off course. That's champs Over 30 he had a high left and of course, the Shams Bab had that. Now they are coarser shops where business blown a shadow of a shadow Well, hard work But the shams Allah diffuse well, testicular were misbehaving A little higher a fear because 64 tones Who are death year shot Deschamps photo not a shot A shops are away Most Eliud men more jot Come on the show I don't know Lan and took a little bag damage When What book are they more? A word of my Hegel can be What I did Mo Cardiff are a shops Let her better option somewhere No Had a son that I can't be done it Person of the year A son if he had I did high are not somehow ona No other assurance. Oh, no fee, Huh? When I had it hard and they are right now and not many will control that. I have that. Now You want to show you doing in some location? So far, no different has a fair won't. And I had the shaman I'm 100. Were the we in public tablet? A zawiyah. I'm a businessman. Position Do not learn I started. I know you pay shape. They are. I had that manual control that I have did know this Delta I know that here differ. Assurances multitude. Well, you learn on Welker. Oh no, I'm up in this. The day's over time, Mr. I know you're a date. You know Donna. What? I want a time I thought there and over here, huh? Hana, when I started a number of Allah now they had it. I walk it on for her. The center where the shot rather are the Asare we've been It's the location and I started on how the location Oh, yeah. Oh, no! Toe owner McDuck! Oh, no, no. Here it's hard that one. But that came on. Children handed out so much about the Iraq by that Alec Nets help! Illah Al Very when it take it a one winterfell l chefs NAFTA. Rhino documents on a little holiday. Now they rot. Satyr cooler, Higher odds. Allah will default! Venezuelan killer Been nest Berlin More intensity! Multiplier size! Multiply our cool, huh? Default! What options? Dylan, Patrick are 11 default. Who are what? Brenda Lira and that Asia? 5. Dome Light: turn you and wilding our lettuce open a tequila mwana here in her at dawn light in order to dome light here. Never in our a shams za and then in our but l ve inert healthier in our but l background Find that here in Earth dome lights over yet Lippmann Albert Damaged added so right, well background were here Noor El High dynamic range HDR at high dynamic range Picture here I borrow and Sora Paedophilia My Lamont Marley went on a shops Moke rations should that in Almaty shops lonely shops one that I did a light dawn light sofa Does holiday in a parliament rattle options while parliament rot? Come on Your show I don't wanna know Headed loan as a killer as a killer Dome light were harder longer about new restaurant I'll be every song Well texture here for a telcel Fear may now alleged er come up with where? In the Toronto film Who knows? Over too far Elena the intensity here should that l in our shouldn't we never hard the local sword hdr should that in after still Francois Hahaha said Munshi ha! Here Sora men and Sheila Kay for you had the Children tell Inara Towheaded. Hardly. Ella had lace it. Um, with a salad. Well, equal sore is the cool store. A happy man. Haslem will tell if you know where your heart d l came and stopped me and said Hardman Hana , when I started, I urban end recede Should that inert elements had been mental camera The Bill Cameron s data and digital in our college that in our l measure a unit owner HOA my here we had that in Armagh. A default e a skeleton like And what a phenomenal, uh had that Okay about Shahid on how the young who had that Oklahoman in our Larkin you fatherless Taqaddum scaler A shape on a Shakil l Dome light Who knock Karoui? What? It's off. Good. Are we? How? The holiday and nose off, Karoui! How The North Off colour Harder! The harlot! El Karoui! But an honor! Everyone should that Inara, that the author be going nuts off Kulasekara! We self with a quick little inara. Arkle Jihad! FDR innately el Karoui camel! Use the transform on the Temkin. He yuck! Full in a city as they are. Roger had a very dumb light Where's my mom? But I know my film measured. Be manna. Your Matija had done less afraid of area. Even by ground a one were so finish ahead A And the man has had a doctor. An adaptive who are Norman and matter cinema shed. A lady at Umatilla took semen. Picks a lot in my locality. Data allowed. Alec Yanni. Lower use. It picks last May shed. Will he? Faculty Ellmann, a totality dot, dot, dot Business bill. Options. You knock Aylan off. She came. Masha had now fia sunlight Una madre on business bill. Invisible matter than and ah, invisible So frequent. My should be harder A shake in that canon background grain The end The Dow average so far will have behind that second it I can did I can. Invisible What? Hell Fear. So that would be how the Shakil what you wanna that got visible? La huh? So far your lovely they not be hard that I'm checking effect Elsa And then my name Orender Li l so necessary and so does she killed How did the entry fee l photo shop Russia had only after Halit enable so far could be never Lati Bar Dom night. Whereas disable when a liar dome light relative are laughable and tycoon disabled diamond There are no value of healthy years over Arconada s help assess Help bitter here alcohol fear right now. And either an assault on the higher be but damage photo show. Well, come up with not hey, effect. I'll material material. Ah, Hamad. Uh, Mama. But you this texture resolution you had to deal about Al Attiyah to move here I that Are that the queen and message that lying, not tell Mama I am a little front acoustics foreign started to kill. Um ah ah Lee Harvey in our shops. But Thailand, Let's have you know Bob Book Hardly at Value Mart Measure Arena? No, that don't light be Mujahid and Navajo. She has on my can. So first, I don't know. I'm my can. So that is the next Our a Z are thought Aziz They are what left the heart left a predator. Doctor, Don't light where yours attend Be Ellen and turn a dome light you football And Nell. He death here l shops. Then it ate it and it's over. Duffin shot shops without the shells. My dumb light woman Hana, Necessarily on over a year be Wahadat. Well, intensity Hell Unit will come up with that. You trouble in after? Ah, network will intense do. I had 10 year Men held camera. Should little in Armagh Minister Unit Network Our default business bell shaped knocked our sphere Camel and Michelle Camel. What should I do? You know, Is that a gun hemisphere? So for your nuts off dumb light Naftalis Fear So, fellow, uh, don't like We saw a cannula adaptive aylan network who will transform. Come on, huh? The invisible Lana shadow. If I said Nellie and Elsa una for Captain Elliott elta when Columbia mammal render Lynn shot anesthesia How the unity J L Brenda ushered in a shot. A sheriff's a ha ha on my can. I stop and Odo were smashed. Head, come uphold little Her really rare Hardy s work a LeAlan as head has had illa Mr Tractor here. Uh, but sore at the John, so I would have a dome light through my arm. Melted were a star, you know. Well active Zawiya Little consistent Dodger about Enter How the hell, John? So I haven Patika okra Kabila texture it Ah, sorta women, huh? Let's have on a texture replacement when a rail rotation Horizontal Mahane lurking off our blue and know how your home in and my shed, Mamba Shelton? No, sir. No, I won't be out of it by Linda when the shot and that is a come on. The show I don't worry about it is that we had Macheda. 6. Rectangle Light: muzzle Nana to kill him. And in our what, dearie? Well And said the killing on a rectangular light A rectangle light Hardly hear what he had in sharp a rectangle light. If they are not Partain, some are on Miss our where understeer, rectangle light of her leading Evan help out on the total options. How the hell? But I'm crowd l Keller Will intensity or units? Cool article and narrowly Hasaba Kenema. A shape check plan. Almost a real Would that every well who? Natalie Russell. How the Hear about hell. Schickele l directional I ity Who? A teacher. The rectangular light. But I cannot suffer for in the hats that they couldn't be harder or behind. These are white oak cleaving the author man Intelligent. I'm a 0.5 that afternoon. A 0.5. But in the huh so far that could be harder. Shakil the even come So are by him. I'm still not how I had come out to show doing how the Yeah and the teacher that suffer 0.5 the Mahuad I'm a porta light porter Lights is a Malala This able for how the here nutty Asia the I'm not disable. Look it is after ana enable Jonah enable my tr simple ability would default Man City coun How the year in the teacher like it this afternoon A disabled What can Italy novel hard? JIA here dome light so far Taken hard in a teacher How do you disabled the Hallett as sunlight For how they disabled the Hallet. A dome light by a mile. Light port. Um hey, I said she did inhabit. What are we art in Abbott alone in our rectangle light men just sell fila ment healthier. Ha ha! Are tangle light How the Ivanhoe rectangle lies Wona Island? Well, no. I lent well on a tangle light. But how? These bombs clouds on that happy options. What options? Ale? One Hanukkah invisible when cool. Hadi Khan. I'm sure. Hey. Huh? No, T l a devil site was double side, but I can't disable So in the double side I can't enable for enough so far. Takumi Design. I know that I don't know how much one hope that book, not a top view. We're hopeful in what Inara with Kidman in that there's a snap start by candlelight. Come on. He headed a knuckle ola, but a lot of Allah shift had another Arthenia tomorrow. Matija. Right click. The added and not a mullah. But on Hana, not over that I not left on your shift. Well, it's a job. One is the number shift. But I'm not having the right of you. You know I didn't hear Inara. Estonia. No. Star Ellen are solid. My Aunt Eva about a vigil in Harare so far not to kill him. How about that on? I'm not the Queen Hardy in a red. It'll after the lasagna. What side is that? I am how the U S side. So come be necessary, huh? The l How the in a lot of our lacking the shot, Harvey Inara. Well, in a lot. Cooler, rectangular, light jog. It s fella. Sam s will be mine. And in Adams alibi, that s when I'm a mother. Thank you. Like there is a lot like china. Pamela, render you shot in the teacher. Come on, hold while the in the a one off. I'm a local for Bobby after limped off Feel in a really in a teacher in Americana. Let Ana Celcom, um, the half up shit that in our award off Mulally and I cannot. Sheldon, you should either. What I learnt, competed were And what for love? Yeah, As I said, Editor, the more I didn't intensity How my auntie bottom on other units. Units here, The fourth scaler. How the mama On whom? Damn it rotates Come down that rotates with an island It's in my are man that 7. Omni Light: muzzle inanity killin on very light. Helen. So Fernet had in a no ah Herman electoral omni light WellPoint light. Well, if he aylan part I'm Flatow options. Well, Paul on its art Keller while intensity Where Unit Minister Eunice Xterra is this damn and hell default units who are the while? Units and then hunt, sit and watch. I'm all intensity. Ekulama Sidna Bill Intensity of answer that l inara How the hell if tell um she had a little thing home smear of can Stella a separate I love world come small I'm a decay the whole of my holiday Who are anywhere and no decay Language it off will invest Huge it off, Man, We're an ever so square But he accepted her while kari here more about Bride Island When I came Crab aboard works over Welker yell in their syquest I'm a shadow radius. Okay? They can't suffer, can it? How off a shadow? Hard there dilemmas! It came in a shed. Radios. Colette had that on shadow. Let's have a little button image or notebook? Not only light, no Kohona. That's at the top of you. When a lot OFI and my car Whatever have bark interviews to the front of you. Well, right of you. Thank you, Devon. No. Have either a Sit it out. Come on, Take it. Mr. Only light when a computer cream album rattle options Well, in the were you alone, Mr. Men are tangled light on. I'm Cujo. The home be nascar here. Oh, no. Here we haven Hana. Not that I Kidman going. Units here. Default units. When are the committal intensity and how I had Not that I get in a decay even. And they're square. Well, should the estimates I'll Hotpoint twice. We're in the document. Definitely options l A normal in there. Who are the unity It Linda, who had a whole only light. 8. Spot Light: Meanwhile, in our one. Okay, here it is done in our spotlight. How the Here in our export league protector, we have another AL Parameters were on options. All parameters. Evan Attaway, Anil Khanna, Intensity unit. Could her contribution Alcorn Anger? Who is? Are we it tomorrow? Kalamazoo DNA ends aware. Tomorrow is the Hajim and Inara came out to show the number and go there were too lavish. You learn that I cannot suffer, friend. That and how After Kun had Oklahoma is Idna. Cream it with Anambra. Tango is there that Mr Had? I'll have a visual into Carmen about love. Have the concept I shirt with the fans that comes Akasha with Zo. Is that it? Where Massa had to kind about Obama? Is that it? A one? A number of fall off Monarch and Dana? No, I am minute the number of fall off No penumbra, No Alka Bish. Well you for But it's a damn really smooth cubicle, Mashaba Awa and inverse square for decay and decay. And if so, Well, what are you here in verse? Equal What should already has ever gonna be Sure. Hey, SAfrican! What option? I went cold, but the thought of. Not today, huh? Sauvignon Now that labour knowledge. Let's have a talk with you when I stop a sport light When I had it, my can spotlight when headedness off Someone has havina All right of you. Well, but upon a a shift start, I know what a hot spotlight. Well, Mr Herrick, spotlight both parties. Go, Manal Jr. We hold them in the river, the sport like judo Iran patterned shirt, the here a spotlight on a jar Have there been in front? Well, I built my kind at a spotlight in our spotlight a China, the hat and sport light fixture. You are live on top of you that I could You know what I have here in my town. And when I said a lot have in a last minute up for home But our deal and parameters member in the SDF them a default scare bottle intensity erotomania. We'll call it Jonah Nasha. You were in Andhra angle attracted men fall off. The data are smooth. Cubic For a minister, a shadow over. Well, I had the option at a car on a default. Well, over a year alone I'm putting who Men don't moderate Andy in. Ah ha! Welcome, Brenda Do shot and a teacher How the year in a row spotlight 9. IES Light: the kill em. Nafie. Um harbor Slavica on spotlight What we have, you know habas unethical. Um, on Well, I e s light. Well, I es light. Who, Uh, elimination engine society lights. Well, what light 10 man, The judge will be off, but, well, my heart Emery killing in our wealthy not fire my end that there was actually a in our elastic. In my opinion, if he ate one problem, barometer were option. Well, parliament Ivan. Well, intensity no Shardul intensity. Duncan and Columbia had an intensity mental file Al Motta give out to show. How you doing when I start the island and know how did it go? Oh, and I'm a sense about me. It won't know Sit, Mia the structure. And how did you hear that? We m Netrebko? Who? Men l file Omata una notte are I'll fire and Latifi him wasa bottle intensity your shape When I look at that A style a shape When I can no copy at the every We're all Karoui island . Well, shape my Holdman Neffa style file I need a shot on how the default default shape a lady who men filed IOS mammas I can assure you that any Faget did, Amita? Oh, no, I didn't have you ahead. What kind of a secular corner I haven't did that we took who had No Yashodhara. What owner on point light. Well, you know a damn it. Don't know how to do FEMA after she killed but on Venice. Barely an option if she could Not Sure, half he must've could be her Not yes. Light when headed a number. You know what? When I had the nuts off Qatar, the effort, I'm Ah, yes, light from one of the bill in front of you. Oh, it right of you. Number a shift had not frb sora Ahmadiyah Malala The minor headed and lasagna. Yeah, Holiday Dana Ah edge and not are gonna file a slight well that in a top and no hole beings Ali on the Internet on another front. Not that a light. What? No ideal in my can, Nigel, With that on future light, we're home. I am embittered. Were ill sport like a lady. A commoner being Shafee and we'll have a saga is Ah well let me with online indulgent Not far that either. No, during the height of you but I kept me on my camp. My can Yes. Light cattle Future light I love you No, have a lot. Us is editor, Mr Ho. Not that I slight when I'm not expand. No. And while I'm sat with options, a lot of options settle cocky Mahi noor defeat cachet in this little part on the card I am Shaka and the intensity one. Shape your home, mom. Bia bia have an intensity. Were shape meant and he s file shape were home. Verlander, What are the? Is it in there? 10. Mesh Ligt: No. Ah, Hardman. And what a light Feel VeriSign home? Sure. Hell. And what? I'll miss light. Other one, Miss light. Whoa! The will a on sermon and answer. I'll rhino light. Well, if you haven, but I'm a tryto options. Will Parliament thought Kara Well, intensity will, Units. Russia had intensity How the our this years there that l intensity has to touch up the Latino comes our Brian. What city I'm adoption for. Invisible. Not Debbie. Well, he heard awful on invisibility. Well, of my lad. No Decay Island. Awfully well, no decay Well on Awful have gone. Not having a double side has Ivan off while on the level side by a land that's happy Longer damage. So home the Armel lie to Nafie. How did Montag? It's in a humble offered little light. Necip, talk with you. Women. A top view, master and right. No object for here. I brought onto tubes. How the hell tubes sent home early, huh, Miss light, But the hook on Miss Light men. Very toolbar. Move up. Herman Bernama have diarrhea in army slight. Uh, the slight No. Really hurt them when I would expand Lean over a year alone What will intensity Not that below Nothing alone. Azraq. One home, Bezalel Intensity! We're in the home. Don't get up in there. No hotel in there, huh? Huh? And Miss Light. But they can never be sure he 11. Sphere Light: now. Ah, Herman in r v, race and home Sure, however, will see light her mother who are a little sphere of light wealthy l parliaments art Well, what I'm thought as I'm female killer will intensity will unit electrical nabish unhealthy her size We're size Kolyma, Zinnemann, Hajim Sphere light in Aral Correa that is Marco. What l inara even Kamata doing? I'm a been this badly. Options for even cooler home nabs your hair. No, that is that Bernam it Natal's few light the month another Alfie aim I can't no Hyla and editor when a home 50 aria But they are sphere light where no adult men help, um thought how much a home, but ideally, noor el size no Jalula or in five 0.5 Well, intensity about it and plan on a total options that car and I'll default. Never been on top of you were in the home Betide ill mocha and fear light Uh, so much No, there will be her villa and my can. And what Well, the half year nebula Barkley views are right of you. Not for you when it a kid a lemon mocha Aafia in front of you Thumma No movie family yet hard the year l fear Light Al Attiyah. Come now. Be sure 12. Directional Light: hood. And we're, you know, the reality sent home here The directional light, that directional light here but on in our way in my room until must stop. 30 Tjm Ryan. 0 30 minutes, John my an We're a Islamic lateral options could come now. Bishop Hair, fellow geography, Arshavin. Jaded. That's every labour Manage. Went home home test late about l direction and lighter Kalahari. Montag. No talk of you. Nata. Directional light. What? No. How did it is? A directional light. Never been all right. What? No ideal fee. Potiphar. Directional light. Well, I haven't no combat ideal. Potiphar and Mother. Mother in arable directional light. Well, I would not have been a front. Well, no active carillon. Someone had a Villa president Editor Later home be. I'm about to study that. A little directional light. No style direction. The light Thurman I did and shadow come busy Oddity. Well, you're 1.5. Why the Orender Welcome much. I mean how the literature 13. Camera: but the neck. Miller alighting the muhabarat savvy cart Alonso for Natore Illah al camera. Where? Camera lahat here. Career Allah In about l measured, we'll hear the tico when a lemon Dadar Honma Well, and at that, advanced either that Muta, Kadima. So that that land Mona nafta now Al camera hell, he extender hell here. VR virtual reality when esta manana and new makin a listeria Whoa! And tycoon on Yukon Aranda Illogical. So retain Metella Sick attain Where new far exposure man Hana in our I should the store on the tester Orender br dot dot camera You Frydo Hartman Oh, on Patrick the Fail Exposure Woon r p Mittal Exposure or Mukhin and Angela Michiko Polcari Weight after Anil Auto suffered you for Allah. Dana! Evan, how the Ojai are well, lady who are use it or you're khalil men and not with auto. Well, white balance, Mr on a top white balance Manana. Hello. Where I'd be up hell who were a circle who are monitored and way of lone Evan with a terrible Allah. I'll white balance where Elena thought an agile ho chi una messed up on the file dipped off field My whole adept are filled. Ho and Nigel McCann y n while the boxer Whoa! Hand Men Bockius Aura Commodity I don't be hard here also appear here. If you have a rubbish, Laffey, Mahuad will lead Iwata and I can hardly hear that depth. Sofield! Mahane with the focus, Nestor Unless it own local depth off men. Hana No, I'll focus Source. When I set out a normal focused stores were No I'm in Homa, not touch is tying a distance. We'll have the aisle icon. He Hallett is our Nata No by my una away I'll focus on Iona who have been Isbell effects who not attack Iran at the theater One edge on how off sort Arrendel Exxon Wilma Well, I'm a car sunny vertical style Ho ho edge on how off are sore Ahmadiyah? Other business Barely a cough I am a I'm a be Miss Maria Advanced alien and unknown A advanced camera parameter Jihad Aiso ELISA Well sensitivity has a see it either said l camera Mr On that How come we are manana? Who are the ampule and Al Hasan CIA for Coolum Azad It'll has a CIA that it in our El Mashad Oklahoma. I let in our little Michelle literature. Well, yeah. Ah, foot hat, camera. Maddock uber, but had L camera Coolum Azadeh Ocampa LF number kolyma Colette's that hat? El Camera Global tally Dilemma Call let for attack. L camera. Call it in Our Thelma Shadow column. Assad It's what have l camera? What's that? Like this, Sir? That that Eleana Fiona 0.8 now allows one he had it. Ls number eight Kamata. Done. Well measured. Axel Vilma will kill Emma. Kal El s number. Coolum Azad Essa Lackadaisical Amazon is done it in a lot of Michelle with the Kelowna. LF number dad for tattle Adisa Global tally Is that in our little Michelle? We'll shutter speed yesterday at a level Look surrounded. I look ah added Kolyma Zardad. So at a level Oklahoma Collet Serra alcohol at the delicate l. A. The whole boat execrable tally Is that in about Russia? But I can't answer at all. Ha! Look said I did. Don't can. And Rashad Muslim local Emma Colette Surat Al Valek Dilemma that it in a machine. We'll have a hair here, lady. Yes, tons be added. Chef A Rod Look camera Helen has had a liver damage. I understand much head Nesta Aneta had come be how Russell Camera men Hana Mennella Probability Kohona We have a live you listen l love you wanna know it'll Camera held here. Parallel Parallel cocoon Lovelock, Hula Muttawa Zia has the respective how the two point perspective at two point perspective the comb, FIA And how off Ahmadiyah Vertical Not all states TEPCO How off have been I am idea in a two point perspective Jihad l a prospective get much? I don't find that how far spot Marila places are more dear. Are there two point perspective Nevil and my shed it all right Now be a lot of less save. Give my nephew a saga. Some Hunnam in camera, less like No. How did Leslie what politician or location? Because my camera, we're gonna island Mr the Underwear with dark. It's Alan as a villa with a city editor When a phone bill that if a Jimmy and while in other my other dome light had the that s up camera Be enough, But I'll my shed in other less when you're not sitting So Mark that they couldn't inequality go out Draft NAFTA has camera? No, Star Randall with the right interactive. We're not money. When they came out, quote how they wanna know. Camera. Hell, you stand up. Oh, VR virtual reality. Well, you know if you have it. Sphere Panorama going. A few had it like you. No, no, no. I understand. Er exposure. Either home now being her l exposure. So fertile her in our camera. How in our But I doubt that camera with the common cavity. Fairly, huh? Nice that they're on. You know I did in Abbott. Okay. I'm ever manana when I start that manage Allah, auto, Hejailan, Lindell and TRD under stuff and his Idaho auto. Now interactive. If you had it. Injunctive auto, even a starter. And over here in our but a lot of men, Hana, depth of field, anyone That stuff. Before I left the field manana, I thought that was you and much of guerrilla combat. No, we'll focus. How about this, Eric? Out have been a top of you. Look up over a year on a no enough experience. A star? No, but focus. Oh, no. Okay. You know, dipped off. You find them? I was even a deft off field much. I don't find a hard month of a fuck up. Self a tycoon while we have them about it. And Michelle Sophia Conti Normal rubbish. Kmart, You're going where? Fuck up hard in our politics. Start to her while the homeowner Abarca and my shed as Baha here Rubbish effect suna kona busier that other there So for the coun How? But my said move Lima I really wanna the how off Hotel Hardy I'm idea. Oh much I don't when cycle as Baha Oh a hope A climate Diaz Mahatma in a mash head as Baha perspective. Like a laser two point perspective. Well, three point respective. What is your postal? Fine. Oh, okay. Ellen after on with the Kadima or if they had advanced camera parameter, we will see how well I can see Russia and the tardy little exposure value for inner team it . Aiso davillier were under the ideally Lee and the forecast for in their came it LF number will Aiso event that area said yesterday I know you're in our It dept or feel men Hana Oh, men advanced camera parameter Nesta Alan and Nova Ulama Kelowna Speed shutter that it in our little Michelle came a corner. Banespa, Aiso, Calama, Zina Men I za za that in a little too much I don't fade. And that Mister Watson. Ellen, like the method, Where are Bamieh who were ill left? Number the man you wanna cellasene? Oh, Salazar said Asa, for stopping a novel on Measured a mom Well, advanced camera parameter. Oh, men.