V-Ray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way | Jake Denham | Skillshare

V-Ray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way

Jake Denham, CGI Artist | Official V-Ray Mentor

V-Ray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way

Jake Denham, CGI Artist | Official V-Ray Mentor

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15 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Vray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way

    • 2. Introduction to Materials in Vray

    • 3. Software - Downloading 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop

    • 4. Setup 3ds Max and Vray

    • 5. How to Create a Chrome Materials in 3ds Max and Vray

    • 6. How to Create Gold Material in 3ds Max and Vray

    • 7. How to Create Plastic Materials in 3ds Max and Vray

    • 8. How to Create Wood Materials in 3ds Max and VRay

    • 9. How To Create Glass Materials in 3ds Max and Vray

    • 10. How To Create Nature Materials in 3ds Max and Vray

    • 11. How To Use The Vray Blend Material

    • 12. How To Use The Vray Blend Material with Glass

    • 13. Organising Material Libraries in 3ds Max

    • 14. Using the Resource Collector in 3ds Max

    • 15. 014 Opening Max Files

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About This Class

Create a Library of Realistic Materials that you can use over and over again in 3ds Max and Vray in under 60 minutes.

Designed for all levels of 3ds Max and Vray users, you'll learn how to create your own Vray material library. Materials are key to achieve photo realism in your images. In this class we will go through step by step how to create and save realistic materials using Vray in 3ds Max. Here's more detail about what you'll learn in this 3ds Max and Vray Class...     

Vray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray.

Do you want to make better 3d renderings, but don't have a spare 14 hours? 
You're here because you want to create photo realistic renders with 3ds Max and Vray, right?
Are you having trouble achieving photo realistic results?

In this course I am going to walk you step by step through how you can create photo realistic materials every time, no more hoping for a good result. You can follow along and by the end of the course you will have your very own Material Library you can use over and over in your own projects.

By the end of this 60 minute tutorial series you will have

  • A strong understanding of the Material Editor and the basic settings you need to create your base material library.

  • Have the knowledge to create realistic materials in Vray of most requested material types.

  • Know the secrets the professionals use to stand out from the crowd.

It's great to have you here. I LOVE 3D RENDERING ESPECIALLY 3DS MAX AND VRAY!


This course is perfect for anyone that wants to learn the quickest way to make Vray materials. These are the exact steps I have used when working with world famous companies and featured in countless international publications.

Whether you're an Interior Designer, Architect, 3D Generalist, 3D Visualisation Artist, 3D Artist, 3Ds Max User or just want to be able to make world class 3D renders - this course will help you make better 3D images.


  • Free download of the 3ds Max Studio Scene

  • Follow along to the step by step guide

  • What scripts to use speed up workflow

  • Access to texture files

What makes me qualified to teach you?


These are just a few projects I have worked on, not to mention the hotels, cars, apartments and homes. I have spent the last 10 years figuring out how to make world class renders. I did this through a Bachelors and a Masters of Arts from Universities in the UK, working for some of the best design teams in places like Monaco, USA and UK. You can get all my knowledge . Seriously, I will teach you the most important things that will get you making remarkable 3D images.

My Promise to You

I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.  I want to make this the best course on how to create materials with 3ds Max and Vray. So if there is any way I can improve this course, just tell me and I'll make it happen.

Knowing 3ds Max and Vray is a great skill to have that is in demand and highly marketable. These are the exact steps I use to deliver remarkable work to dream clients. I've landed many jobs with the skills that I teach you in this course.

See you in lesson 1!




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jake Denham

CGI Artist | Official V-Ray Mentor


I am a CGI artist and Official V-Ray Mentor who is passionate about helping aspiring CGI artists. Most of my work is done at Luxury Visuals - a site I created in 2011 to share my experiments in becoming a more effective CGI artist.

Originally from Cambridge, England I trained in Video Games and received a Masters in Digital Design from The University for the Creative Arts. This took me to Monaco to work for the yacht designer Palmer Johnson Yachts. From there I began working from my laptop and travelling the world. I hope you enjoy the courses and I look forward to seeing what you create!

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- Facebook Group

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1. Vray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way: I have one month of free DS max be bringing to those course my name's Jake. And together we're gonna look at how it used to be regular under engine to criticism. Previously, materials goal of this causes for us to create a base set materials that we can use an update as required. So, for example, will create a few would materials. And then in future, you'll be out too. Change the texture of that material and it should be good to go. This'll means you won't have to start. Every material from scratch on this will save you a ton of time and means you can focus on becoming a better eyes. We're gonna look at how we can create an dude bump on displacement maps on water, look out, blend these materials together as well as organizing them into a library. So this course is designed for people with understanding free guest Max. So if you want to brush up on new skills before takings classed and please help the introduction to Progress Max, pass on. By the end of this course, you're gonna have your own fearing to library that you use all your projects forward So we're gonna avoid too much. Very. And I'm gonna walk through house. Great, great looking materials, including time possible. Let's get going. 2. Introduction to Materials in Vray: hi, guys. And working to divvy reading materials class in this class, we're gonna go over how to make the basic materials you gonna need. On going forward, you're grabs update eats and Jews eases your base. Secrets modified these onto your requirements. For example, here we have This wouldn't cereal on and say you wanted to change type with just going here . Andi up. They it on this work, they'd bump map and only other things. So basically, what we want to do in this course is create a with zero library, we update it as per your requirements. Says it is basically your base that Tim library on. So this is my attempt to create system out, create materials, making it easier possible in quickest way possible. 3. Software - Downloading 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop: So in this video, I just want to go over where we can get for DS Max be Ray and photo Shop. So go over to work this Andi, They have a free trial. Freedia smacks. Even if you have free is Max, it's stored a previous version. I recommend using the latest version and getting the Fate Day free trial currently using 2019. So download that on install it. I'm also gonna be using V rates. You go to the rate we will feel next on. There's a fake they troll on. We want this free. Yes, be right for free. Yes, mats So that standing with that, it's still there On finally, we will be briefly using further show. It's not sure required for the course, but again, if you don't have five shop, it is. It's one of the key tools that I use every day, and you can get troll again on your adobe site. Down over with these. Install them on D open up for us maximal. See you in 4. Setup 3ds Max and Vray: So this talk about free, it's Max. Quickly. In this lesson, we're gonna look at opening up the material. What is the material? How to switch between slate and compact, Minty Renta. We're gonna look at changing the number zero slots. How did display of background material renaming how to show zero people on how to use the eyedropper tool? So open up Previous. Max, let's open up the scene that is in the resources off this section. We're going to be using this studio as the base for this whole close. I do have no course about studio lighting with the race so you can check that out if you're interested. First thing we want to do is open this material. It's us. It's open that we could hit em on the keyboard. Oh, here. So they zero editor shows previews of all the materials and when you click on them going to the sentence and edit them so we change it. Hundreds interior example here on if you're free, it smacks. It opened up this lame to read to you just go to Mo and compact on compacts. Fine, for we're gonna be starting today. So currently already into standard materials and we wanna changes in the race so you can do that. Make sure rendered engine is on your next. Then we go in. Yeah, we'll see the right. Unless you'd be right here and strange about that on the slots. It's now about these. It's all your materials. The new video. You can see that we have six slots. Onda, we currently have. I love 16 lots. Onda. We had two options cycle. You just prospects people. You see some fruit, the generals. So we're not limited to demand to shown here. Say, for example, if it isn't cereal, just gonna change the standard on blood to demonstrate authority. Much vellum doing moment, but on, say, all bomb to fill up on way. We have this ground material, right? We can still quite new. Do you slot? Start working on it. Change it on this zero. It's still unseen. We just need you the I drop to bring it back So we're not limited This amount of material slop if you are useful things to know in the Material editor is you click over here We've got the show that grand slop. So this is useful from a glass tools transparent or reflected zeros, we can see what's game reflected in the interior. Here is where you name your material. This is quite important, especially when we Creighton's material library. So let's get in invention along the lines of wood type. Would many more than one off that site, and then we also have the options. Shows your own. You call. So if we had a zero but this cross, you see, it's not displaying. People check. This barn is gonna show texture. She's quite useful. So zero is top layer, and it's what goes on the object. So this is the material on This is what gets rendered on day material is made up of textures and colors, and we call these maps and you match their part in it is map section, so the material dictates the sentence. How light will react with it. Andi, the maps. You take what it will look like. So an easy way to remember that is the images a mass plug into zero. So about this, his text job, this is interior on the texture plugs in. Over here we have e zero library. You get the materials. You see that we have quite a few options here. This class with using the right on here and zero is well used. My story who used to blend at some point as well in an area of the maps, but hung in Syria. So if I just jump over TV is slated to run it, he explains better. This is striving. Job this over here. This here is on cereal. So this is what is gonna render and then hear his voice have been These are our textures is there are maps these and I'm going on quite a bit about this. But it took me a long time to kind of work out. It was two in Texas materials on maps. So I just want to make that today to jump back to compact Teoh on. The last thing is this pick do object, which is really handy. So if you've got an object in your seen, you can just use this. I drop toe to grab it. I'm breeze 5. How to Create a Chrome Materials in 3ds Max and Vray: all right. Great. Really excited to get going on this goes. So let's start with some metals. So in this lesson, we're gonna have a look at making some chrome some crime, Matt on a brushed chrome material. So we're gonna look at how to copy materials, how to use the reflective bossiness. How to use a noise map ongoing. Explain what bump map is. So let's get started. These metals. First, we will open up the material editor. So gamma, put em on the keyboard on. And if you're in Slate tear editor just hit modes and go to compact. So the first thing we're gonna do is apply this toe object this material on I'm gonna name it Crow. So it's really important that we keep all of our materials name correctly, especially as we're building this material library. So next up, let's change to diffuse. We want it to be black, but we don't want to actually fully black. 000 is actually not achievable in reality. So therefore, we don't want to be doing that in three D. So let's put this is close to blacks, plus sports of +111 will be fine for what we're doing. So just remember that in reality that nothing is pure black or pure way. So let's avoid using those colors. So that being said, let's change the reflection to pretty much why we're just gonna make that again. One off. What? So let's click over here and turn our background on them. We can see what's being reflected. And if we turn Fresno off, we can see quite a nice crime material. So what I'm gonna do is open up from yourself so you can click here. We can first after 10 and I'm gonna go severe. Eight stopped the Ray Interactive on. That's looking pretty good for a crime material to stop that in this Jake and dropped this across. And let's name this one chrome matte. So this is essentially the same material. If I double click on this material slot, we can see it here on. We can change. This reflected blessedness, and that's gonna make it more Matt s. So it's just you something. My 0.7 and this Apply that to our objective. Used this bomb assignment, your selection. Just make sure you've got your object selected. Andi again. Weaken, Run the interactive Brenda on again. That's looking quite nice. So if you let it run drought there end up living quite nice and they stop We're gonna have a look at creating brush to fetch use in maths. So again I'm driving Drop this across and I'm gonna change just to Ukraine Matt brushed. And then I'm gonna go down to maths, which is down at the bottom here and in the bump. Matt, On the clip on I'm gonna choose General, and I'm gonna cheese noise. So how bumper works is in a similar way. Teoh Alphas is based on black and white. So anything, that's why it will be extremely anything This black will remain the same. So if we click this button here, show and result in turn that off. So this is actually the noise map there's on material on this isn't exactly living much like brush Mel. So it's based on black and white. So anything that's great. Well, kind of smooth out the edges so we're gonna do is bring this down to zero the tiling and zero Z. It's unsealing of these these brushed marks. And if you bring the size down, I want to make this really fine so we could actually bring this all the way down Teoh. That's fine. You see, we got his brushed Lions offense. Now, if you run an interactive Brenda should have to see these brush bonds. We can see the method is correct. So we can do is. Actually it would change the tiling from the why to visit access and that she cleared up. There's a brushed correct and enough thing to note is the amount. Death on the bump map is dictated by this saying here. So furry is erectile we're doing. If I pumped this up to 100 we're going to see it the brush martyr a lot deeper and again if you just called that down to one that be very subtle. So generally fairy thought. It's OK what we need here. I wouldn't flies going over 100 for any of these seconds. If you are, then there's probably something up your map, but that's cool. We've got first free material. So next up, let's take a look. A gold 6. How to Create Gold Material in 3ds Max and Vray: So gold is gonna be quite similar to the crime Cyril Almeida idea. So we can just drag the crime I ever. And we're gonna name this gold and we want to keep the diffuse black, and it's actually the reflective color that causes the gold color. So let's change. That is somewhere around one in 5 75 10 to give us an orange color made its darker even or light. That's something around. That should be OK, Miss Running means right, Brenda, On the second Grieco on, you can see that we can change this kind of here not as affected yes, and quite nice reflections as well. So much like the chrome. Let's self a mat on this also. So the bump. So we discovered this gold as you did the crime and something that bringing loss in its towns. Seven and this light out render. That's a really nice and saying in dreading drugs across look with his brush. Now, something that's quite useful is in the maps. In these material slots, we actually brightly copy and copy over a bump map from our chrome brush gold rush. His pace that in as a copy, misapplied its or object on. We'll see that the brush gold is now, you know, a tear of slough. That's another free made. But, um, the next 70 was gonna look out plastics. 7. How to Create Plastic Materials in 3ds Max and Vray: So in this video, we're gonna look at making a glossy plastic mat plastic and then a plastic your bump. So during this, we're gonna learn how to make plastic materials. We're gonna work out what Fresno reflections are. How too much color to a photograph on how to use a bump texture. So let's open up. The material added. So I'm very Maty ruin here its name, this plastic glossy and we might miss any color we like. Let's make it and ice blue. And that's applied at time zero. And for the reflection again we're using. I understand that background in a similar way to there bump were using Black will be not reflected. Why it will be very effective. So let's put us on around one fully. Are you okay? And then you'll notice that we have Fresno on Andi with the males. We had this turned off. So for personal refers to the way that lie works when it comes into contact with material. So D for 1.6 is fine for the plastic. But let's run Aranda. That's kind of co. So if you want, match a color Teoh an image you go tearing their style you emit. I'm just gonna have not been aiming for net from another course you've done so. This is now. I have nothing for yes, math. So if we go to defuse flick on this, I dropped a tool and weaken sample any color from this image. So if you got reference image from a client on they want to be color match. This is a good way to go about it. Celeste, use on the brown lever from the bed. Yeah. Okay. So now our plastic will match the color off that phone. So now you can change its color. The color is plastic to anything you want. Andi, just use This is your base plastic so we could make the map version by copying the over chemical. This plastic mat I know we need to do is bring the blessedness Teoh 2.7. As above, This would look quite replaced. It We're gonna need to apply that to object. Good on again. This at a to this. So this guy down on, we'll add a noise again. I'm just gonna leave in trying to run into it and see what happens. Only applied its understand that show shaded to on people. We could see it. We cannot. She see a bump on there, and I think that's because size of it is too large in a minute. Does this bring that right down? No. Stop seeing it. This pair on one on this. Also bringing the effect off. Let's try 60. Help pulled out. You see these? We can start Adan's and texture to this to find, but you have a play around with Bump Matt on. That's plastics done, so let's move on to would. 8. How to Create Wood Materials in 3ds Max and VRay: Okay, so we can have some fun here with wood. It's gonna be a little bit different tonight. The last free will kind of repetitive. So let's go to a new tier of slow. I'm gonna call it wooden planks. And so far we've only used colors Onda noise map. But we can bring any image we like into our material. So let's click next to diffuse where we were changing colors. We can click on this bar here and go to bed. And if we get to the textures, photo guys would on decide not wooden planks and you're seeing that now shows up No. Zero itself. So they supply that and showed up into with people. And then let's make the reflection meet Grant. Sorry is somewhere somewhere on here on would change your effective closeness to point a on that's run Orender and see what we get. So this looks all right, but I think we could do much better and we can do that in a couple of ways. So next up, let's have a look out and use Photoshopped to make bumps. So we've seen how bomb maps work. They work using black and white and similar weight to a lot of the maps. For example, Europe, the reflectiveness on Alpha's. So it's basis. So it basically is black and white information to determine the height. So let's open up our wood planks material a wood planks texture go to filters. Freedy generate front man push up has a brilliant tool to save us tons of time. Just wait for that to do its thing on this. Make sure detail scours on 100%. And then we're gonna here. Okay. And that's kind of come out a little bit blurry. So we don't want to shop, Not the image a little bit going shopping on sharp mask and saying around 100 50%. And I've got 2.3 picks. It was on here. No shutting that up on the most. Gonna put a levels on top just so we can get the most out this image. So I'm gonna pour these in. So now we've got So now we've got some contrast in the image, so we don't want to say this is a J pecs and go to file save as, and then switch this to Jay. Peg on. I've spent a long time there in that, but I've actually found a quicker way, which is file export and quick explores a J peg. Now, if you want to go, Teoh changes to a J. They go to export preferences and changes to Jay back here. Okay, so, no, I've also changed the shortcut to shift control Cure. So if I hit shipping joke you, he automatically saves as j picks. I know in just it wouldn't planes bum ends up and I've already got in. Yes, and that's heightened. Could be saved as J pegs. That's going to save you. Time to time. Now let's go back mats and in our bomb I mean, I have been that and we're gonna light up the wooden planes. Now it's running, Brenda, we'll see you got more that fall ready. Where these panels up, that's looking better so we can turn up. The bump is well again. You don't really want to be going 100 with this, but it does. That's, um death. Is this another way we can do this if you haven't got photo shop or you just want a quick solution? Andi, for this method, let's go over to slate zero editor on. I've been a drag and drop I would into the people making an instance, and I'm gonna delete this bump meant so we can see how interior works in the material. I've got this texture. They include the incident Diffuse on. What we can do is right. Click on, create a map. You can also find these over here as well. In general, this at a color correction. Then if we drag plug ah, wooden plants bitten into the color correction we condemn, it changes. So I'm just gonna monochrome to make this black and white. And then I put that into the bump That's gonna work in a similar way. You bring up back down to three also with this powder, correct. We've got contrast, which we can pump up. She's quite good. Now, this one Orender and see how that looks and the results aren't that dissimilar from what we create inside the shop. Now let's take a deeper look into this lame to radio on what's happening here. So over here we've got the material is seen and we got access to the materials we can create to divvy ready zeros. You can just drag and drop them here of all single access to the maps so we could drag in we like into here and start plugging them in different places on. And as I've said before, this texture plugs into the diffuse to dictate how the material looks. And then we have the color correction which can manipulate that material certain it's black and white or changing the contrast or brightness. You can double click on any of these maps and change the same small materials it. And if you double click on him that the biggest you can see about you can also minimise the materials. So you is just to show you into itself, which is quite handy, and you can use the middle mousepad to zoom in and out. We can also select all of this and holding shift. Just gonna drive you up and that's gonna make a company on. I'm gonna rename this wouldn't planes color and I want to drag and drop this into our sample slots as we will be using them later on. And I'm gonna make that an instance. It was a copy. It would only it would stay the same in any updates will be updated over here. So we'll give you an instant so it stays upstate. Andi, I'm just gonna right. Take up here. Go to maps, General Color correction. I'm gonna add another color correction in here. Just like I'll defuse him. And then we'll drag and plug this into the diffuse. It's now connected the actual color off the wood. I used the huge shift. Do that. So if you wanted Greenwood or if you just wanted to make it more red, for example, that's how you could do it. You could also use the huge Jew shift down here. So it's you tent. Click on that on if we want to make this, uh, blue, did I? Yeah, Onda, we need still just pump up the strip leave the top is 100 so you could come up more blue. So now we can manipulate the diffuse texture is in color correction and you consider that that is updated over here To know we have this base would weaken, actually update with any Wouldn't here we like and it doesn't have to the plants. So this grabber with plants among the shift drag that across and I'm gonna right click. It's maps, general bit maps. And let's load up this rough wood. I'm just gonna put that into the fierce. I'm also gonna plug that into a bump. Now, it doesn't look like this would be a reflective position going to the material. And that's as you bring the classiness down 2.1. And maybe we could pump bump that up to about 60. And another way, Teoh, apply this material. Is we complete contract right to you? No, that's from a Rendah. No, See that zero working in the people. So let's drag and drop that over. Yeah, Bacon instance. And we conclude his rough, Which on one more example, That's dues Chipboard. So I'm gonna copy that. I ever Don't click on here, Chipboard. We just started late on on this bit map on day after day here, chipboard. See how that's working. I'm gonna apply that to selected object on the run the render again so you can see just by quickly updating the texture and plugging into the color correction, we can update our materials quite quickly. So again, let's move. Diving toe a library and with stunts brought up quite nice. Library year of based materials. Okay, so now let's take a look. It's a glass and well done for sticking to class. Up until now, I know that if you are new to this is gonna be a lot to take in. And if you know some of these steps, my seem repetitive. But we are building our base library so you won't have to be doing this over and over again . And once you have these basic materials, you'll be able to create any into so consider these D fundamentalists fee to build upon. 9. How To Create Glass Materials in 3ds Max and Vray: So let's take a look at some glass. Andi. Soon as we won't be using any maps, we can just go back to the compact material and itself. I'm just getting cycle free so you can see some more sluts. Let's go over here in this great glass. I supplied it to our object on. I'm gonna turn the background on so we can see what's happening when we add when we had the transparency. So again, let's make this diffuse as black as possible. So 111 good for us. Yeah, okay. And the reflection to mid grey. So I've got one for five here and then the refraction, which is pretty much all transparency. Just off what? So to create two should work. So let's run a interactive Rendah and that glasses looking quite cool. We concede that the glass is casting a shadow on transparent objects. Don't actually cash shadows. So let's take on effect shadows and what this will do. It's actually stopped the glass from casting a shadow, so that is not a thing quite realistic. So see how we can make frosted glass and click track that cross glass first it onda we need to do is bring the bossiness down two point a. Apply that to object. We're gonna run. Render again. You can see that that's not first glass on. Now that this object is less transparent, we can actually turn the effect shadows on, so it will cost some shadows. So now how do we make this colored glass? And that's quite straightforward. Let's just drag over the frosted glass Onda. We conclude our colored that's applied is still material, and then add color is this folk color here so we can make this bright red. You can see that that is that in the color here, you can also do this with clear glass. Just copy over glass colored fly it and let's just make that never got blue glass. 10. How To Create Nature Materials in 3ds Max and Vray: nice. So let's take a look at some materials out in nature, so grass would be an obvious place to start. So let's go to the slate. Material Editor on Another wakes access days by clicking and holding on this material. Wait, it's Obama and taking on this lame to read it. You can actually create a new view up here by right clicking on creative You. We can just go this nature and we never clean pupils walking. So another way to you add textures into this. Beautiful is in Windows Explorer. You could open up your windows on Well, guys ground and we can just drag and drop these into the view port frame. These be the free materials with that With grass, we got some stones and then we've got some clay. So let's drag this material interview bookmaking instance, and that's name it grass. I'm a plug with grass into diffuse. I'm a double click on it. See, that's looking so with our spheres, Let did. I'm just gonna sign up into selection. I'm also gonna show this in people, and if we run a Rendah, we can see it's just the few, so it's not exactly looking realistic. Now, Robin, using a bump map this time we're gonna use a displacement, Andi in a similar way. How we create the bottom right click. It's maps, general color correction. Plug the grass in. Now I'm gonna plug that into displacement. Double click on the color correction on make it monochrome, and you see them Zero slot is not exactly representative off what we actually get in the interactive Brenda, you can see it looks very different. So that's why the interactive Brenda's can be quite important because I think that these the render and supple differ. But you can see what the displacements, then, much like we've been using the black equals zero on, Why was one you see how that's extrude in. Now, this is far too much and it doesn't look realistic, but we could bring this displacement down. So go to maps and this Bring that down to around 20. Also have fun with the interactive. You need to stop it on a restart. The interactive actually see how that displacement is affecting the material and that stance look quite good. So using the same technique, I I'm gonna just copy is down by holding shift. I'm gonna rename this one Stine's, and I'm gonna put Stein's into diffuse on into our color correction. Then I'll go apply that to our selection and referenda on that maturity coat. And one more that's display there's gonna rearranged, even just taking dragging. That's Freeman cereal right on. We will plug this into the diffuse and this incident color map so you can see how easy. Now we've got these bases. We just plug bit maps in and changed our here. Here's the play. So let's. But these over two into our slots as instances next time we're gonna actually look at creates a blend materials that things were about to get a bit more. And so I in 11. How To Use The Vray Blend Material: so you're getting tired. Cradle these forces and material. So let's take your bits. Fervor. Start combining them and explore the power of using some of these maps. So let's open up on T Read, sir, and we will create a new you on. Let's drag in aggress on well, driving all Stein's as well. So what I want to do is combine these two materials on. We can do that by creating a blend material. So in a right click, materials fear A on a very blend material. And how this works is we have a based material, and then we have to. Cote said. The base will be off stance because that would be the ground. And then grass is gonna be, oh, code one. No, If I make this a bit bigger, you can see that we've got blend off the stones on the grass. So if I apply this land material, run a Rendah, we can see what's happening. It's not exactly realistic. It's no how Grass and stones would really react, but it does conical. Let's stop that and look at how we can use a map to dictate the blend. So what we want to do is use a black and white map to dictate where the grass will show so white being it will be shown on black where it won't be so. I'm in right click and create a map. General noise on. Now if we plug that into the blend one, which is also here, you can also plug directly in up. Yet it's the same thing. Now we can see because this light grays it's no really blending to heart. So if I show this in beautiful, we can see we need to make a noise smaller for a start. Someone a double. Take on that a hard time Seeing everything get um, maybe this I'm gonna close. This made this across. That's better, Andi. So let's make this a lot smaller. Then we can see how that's affecting object. So this might that about seven suggests. And then if we do run a Rendah, we'll see what I still but because it's great. Still been a blend half and half, which we don't want. We don't want either grass or stone. You don't want kind of a blend because it's kind of on greatest it. So to solve this ongoing. Change your side with turbulence and see that we've got harder edges. But we can actually go even further by using this output. Andi Turning on color man on. I want to add two more points and it and uses Move stole and you can see what's happening down here. My one that pretty much just black from white. So if they're on top of each other that way, we see what's happening here. We just got black and white dots. Just click in an update in that numbness. Run around up and see that what is pure? What we can see the grass. So now we can make this size a bit bigger. Turn this on enough to see what's going on. Uh, maybe around 50 let's run Orender again. And actually, we've interactive on. We just update this. So I reckon if we make this around six dame, we can see more more of the grass on working full days up down to show more, to show, more or less said more white than more grass they'll be. And then if we pull this up, we should probably see a lot less cross. So put it somewhere you want. You see, Now we've got patches of grass on our stones. I also think that that cross zero is probably of scalp. So if I go back to a texture here, I'm gonna change your tiling to So what that means is is gonna look a lot smaller and hand because it twice tiled. So we're not limited to just noise maps. We can actually use any of these maps and create some quite cool affects. So you could use then, for example, or anything this black mourning that just plug that into blend, showing people on D C. We get There's also a sinner smoke a marble effects. So this could be quite handy if we go to tools. And I found Material Browser again. Bring out playing. We can actually plug that play into our base. And now we're gonna have plays the basement. You'll Robert and Stone's. So that's how easy we can up that this. So try some combinations, get nothing that glaze way out scale. But just for this example 12. How To Use The Vray Blend Material with Glass: Welcome back, guys. So now we're gonna take a look. Blending material was using glass on our details. So let's drag the glass material into. Are people making instance on Let's right, click materials be right for you. Blend material on. We're gonna plug this into our base, and I also want turn on background since it's a glass material. And if we go now, I'm gonna right click General, open up a bit, Matt on. Let's open up the luxury visuals academy logo, which is essentially a black more image on. I'm gonna put that into blend one. Let's at all gold Matt material and we'll plug that into one. No, we can see the luxury visuals. Andi logo is showing up on the glass. So this is our maps. Anything in white will sharpen the glass. And then what? That what material is dictated by one so we could add anything in here? We're blood in this plastic and we have this plastic like stick up. Now we applies, so object on his Rendah, we will see luxury visuals logo on this glass. So this really is just the basics of what you can dio I want to see you guys kind of explore this further. Have your own details to the glass on. Do you play with these blend materials on the maps and just see if we can come up with 13. Organising Material Libraries in 3ds Max: my guys in this video, we're gonna look organizing materials. So take a look at how to create a material library. How? Toe updating material Library on how to collect the textures used in these materials through the classes, up insane to move each material to a slightly material. Read it up on. If you're in a slanting tear editor, click up here on boats and we can change too. Compact. We can see what materials we create here. And the reason I told you to move them or over here was just to make it easier when we wanted to create our library said, we click here getting zero. It's gonna open up these windows, neither ourselves, lots, citizens on an instance of this here, close that down. I was gonna rightly and like, New Zero library. We're gonna go to space materials and you can see we got up here. So no, we have to do is drag and drop cross of materials. I didn't see that coming up here. We can right click here. We've been new. Library was drained and just display as large iPhones. And then we'll be out. See our materials. If that snow loading like my laptop is, then that's medium, so we can go ahead and just pull what a volunteer was across. Now we have a material library. You can organize these how you like by just clicking and dragging. And if you were praying quite few variations would, for example, you could actually create a new material library. Cool woods. She's now here. We just click and drag. They sedated citizens here. It can be in more than one material library, which is quite cool. Andi, it's changing display again to medium. Then we can have a would specific library. So if you make updates as a showed you in the classes on, you can drag and drop them over here. So because we've updated these material libraries, you see the stars, and that means that they've been updates. If you right click, I hate site here. You see that that's no longer there on D day, the same woods thinking, rightly, you close interior libraries and you can also open them up. All right, thinking I do library on. We've not the base words. So we needed to use one of these in a scene where he was click and drag it across. They would light up material, right? It's up. Then we apply to our objects and then say We wanted to update one of these so we could click track that Cross said she could. She Bush Andre wanted to make it chipboard so And this is for a color correct on there. Well, at a huge but is now got this green chipboard so we will make sure that we named that different meat toe original, and then we just click and drop it back in here and guardian say, that's how would update that material if we made up these Teoh chipboard here and say we changed the reflection on it already quite reflective. Return Fresno Reflections is bad, bad example. But you can see it's updated here and no here. So it's key to remember to drag and drop any updates across the uncovered of the original. These aren't actually being instance. Over here, he's removed and it's here from library here. So that's how we can creating your libraries and used them in other scenes 14. Using the Resource Collector in 3ds Max: Okay, So one thing we need to remember when using this material library is there are some textures associate with it. So on the plastic, for example, we have procedure maps which building 23 ds max. So you don't have to worry about these, but textures with paths. If you move to another computer three days maximum would be hard to find that path. So it's important to collect these textures into one folder, said it. They're accessible. So what advises to copy or of the wood textures on the natural textures? Incidents here was library folder. There is also a resource collector. Andi, this raw resource collector actually collect materials in seen not from the zero editor. So let's take a look at this. Skated a top view on great with you cookies this and then I'm gonna go and apply anything with the texture on. So let's start with this grass and then apply Stine's We've got the to 20 was there, So let's apply to play the book. This would and check board to these old Auntie Rose that have textures on. So what we can do is go to the resource collector. We're gonna turn on click bit maps. Copy. Update. Zeros, Brows. We're gonna browse Tonto Library. He's pop. And if we hit again and see that's doing something, we have not hung to his like following you See it. We now have all these textures in there on if we have a look at our paths there now mapped into library. So right, textures air in more places. So this is great on. That's how you can organize your into your libraries. 15. 014 Opening Max Files: Hi guys. In this video, we're gonna look at how we can bring materials from other Freddie s. Maxine's in without actually opening up the scene, so it's quite straightforward. In the same way as you open a dot matt file, you can go intimate zero editor and actually opened up max files. So if we open up the material editor, I go to get material and in the same way as you can right click down here on Open Material Library, you can also click this arrow here and you'll get the same options. It's just open up a material library and I'm just gonna go to my desktop and you'll see we can't see any Max follows here, and we have to do is click this drop down and you can choose dot max and that will show your free DS max files. And you can select your file here and here. Open you see, or the material is open up here on. We can right click on display. It's medium icons and then you can go in. Andi, you can start Teoh, move things across into material editor, update em and do as you please with them And then when you do make updates, you can just right click on Save as Andi. Yes, and you'll just save it as a new dot map file. So I urge you to go ahead on and open up so you arm for yes, Maxine's. Andi, bring some materials him.