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Utreon Masterclass - Ultimate Guide to YouTube Alternative

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction To Utreon

    • 2. Why Utreon?

    • 3. Utreon Platform Overview

    • 4. Registration Process

    • 5. Channel Manager Overview

    • 6. Video Uploading Workflow

    • 7. Channel Subscriptions

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Access Utreon HERE

Welcome to Utreon Masterclass - Ultimate Guide to YouTube Alternative!

The only course you will need to start with Utreon, one of the best and newest video hosting platforms and YouTube alternatives for aspiring content creators.

Utreon is a relatively new video hosting platform that allows you to host your channel and content and gain access to large and untapped audiences that is simply impossible to reach nowadays on YouTube. For that reason, Utreon is deemed as one of the best YouTube alternatives today where creators can reach large portions of audiences without inhuman amounts of effort.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Utreon, including but not limited to:

  • Basics & Interface of Utreon;

  • Tools and Features of Utreon;

  • How to Become a Creator on Utreon;

  • Uploading and Scheduling Videos on Utreon;

  • Everything about Content Distribution on Utreon;

  • Video Customisation;

  • Utreon Content Monetisation;

  • Practical tips & Tricks;

  • & Much More...

Everything you will learn here will be based on My practice as a content creator and Utreon creator and Everything shown step by step as I am performing everything live on video.

And don't forget that Instructor is here for you. For any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Join me in this amazing journey and I hope to see you in class :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction To Utreon: Youtube, it is becoming incredibly difficult as years pass, YouTube is not becoming any easier. And no matter what a lot of craters are telling, you know, YouTube is not great for beginners anymore. Competition and oversaturation is becoming a huge problem of YouTube. And for good or worse, it is becoming more mainstream than it ever was. For that was a new craters are finding it more and more difficult be seen. But fortunately, there is a solution for that. Hi, my name is Nick. Nick's in and I will be your instructor for this course today. And in this course I would like to introduce you to nutrient. Nutrient is the video hosting platform not dissimilar to YouTube, but unlike YouTube, it is not oversaturated in, overcrowded with a lot of un-useful content. So what this course is all about, in this course, I'll be explaining YouTube as a platform, what it is, how it works, and how you can be successful there as a creator. Because first step to be successful on any platform is understanding platform. And this course will be all about that. Explaining and understanding uterine and what it's like to be a creator and why it is a great opportunity right now to become a greater there at this very moment. So welcome to the course and let's get started. 2. Why Utreon?: So while you try on what should even care about your churn as a platform? Or especially why should we care about nutrient as at YouTube alternative? In this lecture we will be discussing the main reasons why you should be you chew on if you are a video creator, first things first, if you are a creator on YouTube, you literally have no reasons. Nach GB creator on YouTube on as well, because nutrient allows you to import and sync all of your content on YouTube directly to your nutrient platform. So that means that if you are creating videos already for YouTube and you are uploading videos on YouTube, or you have uploaded them in the past. You literally don't need to do anything in order to become create your own nutrient. All of your content will be saved and as you upload new content on YouTube as well, it will be uploaded on YouTube. So important thing is a great feature, reason number 2, approval system, approval system really differentiates you to and from its competitors. If on YouTube you had like a dislike system any towards per video. Here is it's something like Reddit. So you can upload and download videos and you can do the same thing with the comments as well. And with that, you actually accumulate your approval. So that means that every individual is actually accumulating this approval rating. And to be very precise, this will help you a lot differentiate the genuine comment from a trolls and this is extremely useful. Third, very important thing distinctive to your tree on is no ads tracking. So basically this is a great thing for you as a viewer because if you are a creator, most likely to your viewer as well, so you will not be tracked on like on YouTube or any other video creation platform and be bombarded with an ads. Here, you're just not tracked. That's all it is. Next very, very important feature that cannot be overlooked, that simply is non-existent on YouTube is the reachability of the staff. I want to ask you a question. When was the last time when you heard that someone successfully reached the staff of YouTube and successfully resolve the problem that they had. It practically nonexistent, doesn't matter how big you are or how small you are. It is incredibly, incredibly difficult to reach anyone on YouTube unless you know them personally and have their personal numbers in your vault, it is practically impossible to do that on YouTube, and it's kind of understandable. Youtube is a huge, huge, huge platform with the millions upon millions of creators on YouTube. You don't have that problem. Any member of staff on nutrient is very easy to reach only through the e-mail. And I'm pretty sure you will have a very often contact with them because it's just very easy to contact them. I have never waited more than 24 hours unless it was a weekend or something to wait for the response from nutrients staff members, It's just that easy. And when you're a creator, you often need help. And thankfully, here you will actually receive it. Next very important thing that I'm absolutely sure that absolute majority of you will have a question for it as a monetization, how the content on YouTube and is actually monetized. And the best thing is that it's monetized directly by your viewers. So you're John has a few monetization features. And as far as I know, there are few more coming up in the future as well. But the main mantissa, if you picture is through subscriptions. So basically your viewers can subscribe to your channels, not dissimilar to Twitch or Patria, where people are just supporting you directly. And if you're interested in the revenue share in the subscription create, your will get 75 percent of the subscription share while you churn will get only 25 percent, which is a great reminisced political asked me, and the last, but not least, probably the most important feature that you are interested in, as you will be just early on the platform. They eukaryote is still in Beta for content creators, and it is very early on the platform, and you should start right now. You're all chances to shine. It's like jumping on YouTube in year 2008 or 2009. Imagine what would happen if you started that, then it's the same thing right here. You can jump on a platform right now and, and grow because your content is good, not because you are not saturated niche or you just went viral, etc. etc. You will have a chance to grow here because they're simply not a lot of people here and you have a chance to shine. So these are the reasons why you should be on nutrient. Yeah, don't miss the chance. And the next lecture, we're going to go deeper into all of those topics. And I'm going to see you in the next lecture. Take care. 3. Utreon Platform Overview: So this lecture will be all about overviewing the nutrient as a platform because you need to know how you can navigate the content, not just as a content creator, but as a viewer as well. So you would know what other people will see when you upload your videos. And you also need to know where you can upload your videos from. So without further ado, let me just jump into the computer and I'm going to be explaining everything right there. So here is our usually on a homepage. This is what you're going to see when you go to your tree on a.com, this is how it looks like when you already login. If you're not registered, you're gonna see a login or sign up button right here. And that's all you can just sign up from. What we're going to talk about Creator sign-up process in one of the future lecture. So stay tuned for that. Or S4, the homepage itself, the homepage is actually divided into a few different sections. Firstly, the following sections. Basically your sub box, something similar to sub box on YouTube tab this week is the content, the top content of that week. And then you have a browse window. This is something like a homepage of a YouTube, but unlike YouTube, you can actually control it. What do you want to see right here that I've selected the random content this weeks of this soon Xiaomi just random content that was uploading during the last week, which is a great thing because maybe I want to see something that is new. Maybe I want to see something go like I just said, like old time if I want. And it will just select the browse content from all the time and it just randomly select different videos to show me there. Now as you can see, this is the random videos that it's selected some upload a few years ago. But if you ask questions how there is a seven-year-old content, if the platform is new? Well, because this was actually taken from YouTube and on YouTube it was uploaded seven years ago. So you can select whatever you want to see and you can select the different types of the content, tab content, trending content by use of newer content, controversial comment on random content. You can, of course a parameter as well. And you can also select the base, whether you are following the content creator, you're subscribed content creator or just all content creators, but it also doesn't know what this followed and subscribe needs and what's the difference? Followed contact is something like the YouTube subscribe button. So basically, the content creators that you're following for free subscribe, There's the content creators that you are directly financially supporting something like the Twitch subscription. So if you don't know what it means on nutrient, It's the same as on Twitch. So following is the following subscribing. Subscribing on the left side you're going to see your number of the follow channels, and you're going to also see the recommended channels as well. So you're going to see different channels right here. And if you don't know what channel to watch, you're always going to have a recommendation of the channels. But there is one thing that you also need to take a look into a neutron and 80s topics because maybe you're not interested in all the random topics. And you want something very specific. You just press topics right here and select whatever topic that you want. Let's say select the business. When you select the business content, you're going to see something that is similar to the homepage, but only with a business topics. So you're going to see, you're going to select something with the, use, something with a new, something with random. And you will see all of it right here. Plus you're going to see the random different channels on the topic and actually refresh it just to check which ones you want and look at this. That's me, a hacker, the channel here as well. And it's branded as a business. And I have it right here. And because of these divisions by the topic, it is a very, very easy to find the content that you can do watch for example, you are into a technology. You don't press technology, and you will see only videos and channels that our technology base, which is just great. Now let's get deeper into your patreons. On the right-hand side, you see your notification panels is where you get all your notifications. And you're going to see also your icon menu right here. All nice. You just press it and you can actually see a lot more information first things first, dark mode. Thank you just to have dark mode selection right here is an incredibly powerful which are, I love it. Everything should have a dark mode and I just love it. You can also select the language of the content that you want. You can go and send a feedback because nutrient is the albedo. It uses press feedback and you're going to have an access to the Twitter to e-mail or just even direct address of the uterine as well where you can send your males, I guess if anybody is still doing that and also you can access the settings right here. Let's go through it said settings really quickly. When you present settings, you, you're immediately going to be taken to the public profile. You can actually do this by actively pressing your photo as well and just press edit is the same thing. Basically pressing your photo here, I just will take you to the public profile. This is your viewer profile, not your creator profile. So just know the difference because you can actually have multiple creator profiles. And here you're going to see your display name, your picture, your social media, and you can also exit your account information, basically your username, your e-mail, or a phone number. The phone number is basically required for your verification because when you login on YouTube, you actually need to have a onetime password every single time. You just know that you can even permanent account you here. You can select the payments right here for the ones. Just, just to let you know the difference. This is payment that you will pay as a subscriber, not that you will get as a creator, that's a big difference. The payments for you as a creator will be on a different spot. There's subscriptions, basically we challenge you are subscribed to you and basically your notification settings. Note that this is located under your profile and the settings. So one more thing that we didn't cover was all about the approval system. Remember one of the previous lectures, I said why it is one of the most differentiating factors of the nutrient. Here is what it actually does. So when you go to your profile, you actually see that you have approval or judgment in my case. I don't have it here. So approval or basically your upwards and downwards and with this, your profile will actually accumulate disapproval. So when someone else will come to your profile, they're going to see your approval or judgments as an example, here you see the comment section of one of the videos and you can see different commenters writing comments. And you can see the upwards and downwards for each of the comments. And you can actually go and check out each and every individual and see how many apples they have and how many downloads they have. So basically, you're going to see their reputation or to understand who those people actually are and how active they are in community. And this, of course, concerns you as a content creator as well. And as you turn will grow, this will become a very, very powerful feature that you might want to use as a creator to differentiate really genuine commenters and creators from just a trolls. Next is another important that we'll have an entire dedicated lecture. But I'm just going to go through it very quickly. Add it's your Channel Manager. Basically this allows you to see your different channels and you churn is actually allowing you to have multiple channels, which is very powerful thing. In this case, this is what you have. You will see the number of channels. You will see your role on your channel because you can have multiple roles. Because you can have an access to multiple channels with a different goals, not just owner, and you can also create a new channel. At the moment, you cannot access this button, but we're going to talk about this when we're going to talk about the registration as a creator and just go and press your channel name and you're going to have access to everything, whether it's basically similar to the creator studio of a YouTube, you can change your title, your handle, your, your icon, your background, basically your banner. You can set up your trailer. You'll language your socials, and you can also set up your subscriptions right here. Subscriptions will not be available for everyone, but I'm going to show you, I'm gonna, I'm gonna be explained this in one of the future lectures. Then you can access your content right here. This is basically where everything about your content can be managed and uploaded, not just viewed, you get your views. You can also see different information. You can add multiple core measure it again, we're going to have a separate lecture about that because that's needed. You're gonna have your comments. I don't have any comments right here, your subscribers and your payout. So basically, when someone would subscribe to a channel, this is where you get your payouts and go to your channel and you will go to your channel as well. You're going to see a number of videos, number of subscribers, number of followers, number of approvals. This is basically an upvoting system and the number of US. You can also see the videos. You can see the posts because yes, you can upload dedicated posts as well, not just video and you're going to see your followers as well. You can press the folder right here. I'm following myself vesicant see right here. And you can also hit subscribe and you can have an access to any dedicated social media. This is what you can see on any other channel. Let's say, let's press nomad capitalists. And it's the same thing right here. You can see the followers. And I think what follows, yes, some right here. And you can see the videos right here. You can see the posts, which is not here. And yet there are a lot of different things that you can do. Again, we are going to be talking about the creative side of things in a future lecture. But this is what you need to know as a viewer on a nutrient. So in the next lecture we're going to be discussing the registration process and how you can actually become greater nutrient. And most importantly, who can become creator on YouTube unless you, in the next lecture. 4. Registration Process: So here we are going to be discussing the registration process or the Patreon as a creator, which is fairly simple, but you just need to know some nuances about their registration. So let's get started. So first things first is registration as a viewer. It's extremely simple, like, like on any other platform. You're going to press Sign Up button. You're going to select your image in an oppressed sign-up, and that's it. It's very simple, very fast, very easy. One very important regarding their registration or nutrient, you actually don't use password. And I'm going to show you how it actually looks like when I try to login right here. As you can see, it doesn't ask me for my password, it asks me for my e-mail. And when I type in my email, I actually get one time password or my e-mail address, just type it in and that's it. You're logged in. You don't need to do it every single time because each element remembers your browser and you don't need to do it every single time. Of course, if you don't login for a while, it will log yard automatically and you will have to use this onetime password and just know that because of this feature, the security of nutrient profile is actually much higher than many other places. However, the registration as a creator is a bit different and I'm gonna be showing it to you right now. So in order to become creator, you need to have a channel. So in this case, channel and creator are a bit different entities for your trial. You are a one creator, but you can have multiple channels and you can have multiple different roles on this multiple different channels, which i'm, I'm gonna be telling you in the future, but as of registration in the future when the neutron will be out of Beta all literally you just press new channel and you can register a new channel right there. But right now in order to become a creator, you need to contact you trio directly. And there is the limitations there. In order to become creator or nutrients. You actually need to be already create your somewhere else. It may be, of course, on YouTube. So if you've never created any videos and if you're just starting and want to jump on a bandwagon, just because you can, unfortunately, you cannot do that. You Tian is for all newly serious creators who are willing to create the content. And if you are not one of those, then well, unfortunately this is not going to be for you. But if you're already creating a content on YouTube and you are just struggling at once. You just diversify your content portfolio or just become maybe full-time conduct later on nutrient. You can do that easily through an email. And I'm just going to be explaining how I did that in order for you to do that as well. So all need to do is just contact Email a Beta at youtube.com. This mainly because eukaryote is in Beta for now and it will be in Beta for foreseeable future. And you need to be Hansel actuators needs to be hand selected. So what do you need to write in an e-mail them? Don't worry, I got you there as well. First thing that you want to write this, what username that you want. So in my case, it was at knick-knacks and then you're writing your YouTube URL. If you wanted to sync with your YouTube channel, it's extremely simple. Why wouldn't you use that yet if you have a YouTube channel dissented and tell them to sync your channel. Next is your nutrient username. Basically the username that you registered as a viewer as well. So they would tie your viewer channel with your creator channel. Then of course, you're going to tell whether you want to import content or not. Maybe you want to upload it natively on nutrient. I don't know this your choice, then you can just answer a few questions there, basically on why do you wants to become a creator or neutron? How did you find a U-turn? And if you are hearing the first time, you can say that you are coming from Nixon. And if you are intending to promote uterine fewer audience, basically if you have a huge bond, is, why wouldn't you say that you are creating on nutrient as well? Just write that on an email as well. Well, that's it only to use crater well-crafted e-mail like well-structured, very professional, it would increase your chances to become greater nutrient and that's it. Just send it. My case, it was actually less than two hours before I was accepted. And I'm not a big YouTube creator. I have 2000 subscribers on my main channel. So it took only two hours for me to register there, and it took a few days until my content was sent because I have a lot of videos and actual upload daily on my YouTube channel. So it was a lot of contents to import. Just wait around 24 hours and you are going to receive a response. And remember, they are accepting all the serious creators. It doesn't have to be the top creator, but you have to be serious. You have to be creating content. And if you are not creating content and just wanted to be on a platform just because you won't be accepted. Remember that? Don't get mad if you won't get accepted because of that, do that, register as a creator and then you can continue learning all the craters that I want to teach you or you can just continue doing that before even you will get accepted as a concrete and it's your choice. Choice is absolutely yours. So do that and I'm gonna see you in the next lecture ticket. 5. Channel Manager Overview: So now probably you already completed your registration process and as you probably have seen, it's pretty easy, but we haven't, We can still go through this lecture. I'm going to show you how actually Channel Manager works. So let's just jump right into it. So first things first, let's access the channel manager. Let's go right here. And I'm going to be explaining basically where everything is located and how we can actually work with the channel manager now, okay, First things first, what you will see right here is that actually have two channels and yes, as I said in one of my previous lectures, you can actually have multiple channels. Add not just that, you can actually have multiple roles for the different channels. So that means that I can be not just owner of the channel, I can have a different roles in the stem channel as well. And here I'm going to show you a different roles that you can have all the different channels. And so for example, if you are an accountant, all the channel and you want to control into financial part of the channel, you can actually have that role as well. So that means that you can have access to multiple roles, which is a huge thing and amazing thing on nutrient. And if you want to add a new channel, right now it's unavailable, but you only should you just press new channel right here. We can see it right there. It will be available when you turn, it will be out of the Beta. But right now we just go said only way to actually add a channel and just contact nutrient directly. Now we can just go into the channel itself. And here is the general tab. And you can see that there are different tabs on the channels right here. And you can also select the different channels from right here as well. So let's just discuss what do we see right here. Here is the title of the channel, basically the name of the channel. And if you hover over the question mark right here, it's gonna show me exactly what it is, is a typical the name of organization, brand, or personality. And here's a handle, which is basically your URL name. And here is also a description of your channel. Here you can set up an icon of your channel, basically a profile picture background, which is basically a better trailer. I'm going to show you how to actually set up the trail I actually used one of my videos is trailer. You're going to set up the language of the channel, which is important as well. You can set up the socials of the channel. So if you don't know what those mean, I'm going to show you just go to channel. So basically when you go to channel, this is what you will see. This is basically a profile picture. The banner will be on a background. So you actually don't see the banner that much. And here you will see all the socialists that you have added. So again, you can add multiple different socials if you want. You can even add a Discord if you want to read it, Snapchat, even your Spotify profile, Tumblr, Twitter, and everything else, which is which are normal like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter, and even your own website. You can add all of those and it will be available for everyone to click. Now, this ones are pretty self-explanatory. And like this two things are pretty self-explanatory is only if you want, for example, to use different assets of a U-turn, for example, icons and things like that. Always you suppress this one and you're going to get all the assets that you need. By the way, I'm using those assets. And here is basically joining the discord community of nutrient. If you want to take an active participation in the growth of uterine, you can actually join a discord as well, which is a pretty great thing. Now, what you will not see probably is this part right here. This is subscriptions. Basically, this is where you control your subscriptions. And basically the only thing that you control here is a description of your subscriptions. This is how your people who actually subscribe to your channel. If the subscriptions will be available for you at first when you create a channel, it will not be available for you. So just know that in order to gain access to that, you need to request an access to that at the beginning. If you don't have a lot of followers, if you don't have a lot of following on your channel, you basically don't need it. But if you wanted, you can request the same way as you request a restriction and it will be enabled for you and you can actually select the subscriptions right here. And don't worry, we're going to have an entire dedicate lecture subscriptions. So stay tuned for that. Let's move your content. Content is basically where all of your videos are located. It's like everything that YouTube Studio is all in one place control from once a simple spot. It's a bit difficult to understand at first, but it's actually very simple at all. Did you know that all your content is located on the left side, basically your videos. There is also an ability to have video groups, which is basically a playlists and your posts. And when you press any of the posts, you're going to have all the information available right here for you. I'm not gonna go through all of this right now because we are going to discuss all of these in the next lecture when we are going to talk about uploading the videos themselves. But know that you can have controlled from here. And also remember that if you want to add a new videos, you have an ability to do so from the Plus button right here. And you have also ability to control everything from this cogwheel right here, for example, if you select any of the videos, one number, this one. You can have a control for medulla can repress the view. It will simply open the video and press Copy. You are all well, it will copy the URL says trailer, the trailer of the channel for the ones who are not following you. You're going to set this one right here, or you can just simply delete the same can be done on every single thing, including posts. And let's go through the poster real quick. We're going to press the posts if you want to do so. And basically this allows you to do anything that you want for an apple to share, different things, etc, etc. You could please set up institutions here and press Saved enable attachments for the disposal, right? But basically if you want to set up the subscription, select it here and you can just attach whatever you want as well. It's basically a regular post with a title and a tax, which is extremely simple by the way, you want to delete this on depress. All need to do is press color wheel right here and just delete and just write the word delete right here. And that's it. You're done. And here you're going to also have access to your comments, which is empty for me at the moment, your subscribers and your payout. So remember in a previous lecture, we saw the Payments tab. In that Payment tab, it was for you as a viewer. Basically, if you're paying for subscriptions to sell on here, this is where you are getting paid. So if someone will subscribe you, you're going to see all your net revenue balance and the monthly payout. And you can request a payout from here as well. So you know that everything will be located here. Now I just want to quickly touch the video groups or if you want to call playlist, you can create a different place from the videos and you can actually set up it from a right here. You can actually set up the handle, the title, even a thumbnail. We're going to talk about this a bit in detail in the next lecture. But if you want to know how to look like if you go to your channel and if you go to your videos, you're going to see that you have playlist right here on the top, separately from everything else. So we can actually set up multiple playlists on the top and old ju just press one of them and you're going to be taken to the playlist itself or video, but I will probably call it always a playlist, but its real name is actually groups. Third powerful and very useful feature that you should use. So this is basically it about town manager. There is nothing exceptional, difficult. The most difficult part, part is actually the content, which is very easy, very, very easy to control. You're going to see all the views here. You're gonna see all the videos. And of course you can upload the videos from here as well, which we're going to talk about in the next lecture. So without further ado, let's jump to the next lecture then. 6. Video Uploading Workflow: So in this lecture, we are actually going to upload a video and I want to show you how upload process works on nutrient. So here we are at our channel manager and this is our Content tab and all need to do to start uploading video is just press plus right here. And that's it. We will see one thing that is very distinctive from everything else on nutrient is that you actually don't even need to have a video to start uploading the video. This is the huge thing because MY myself, I often want to start working on a video even before my video is really just to get this out of the way as quickly as possible. Nutrient. You can actually do that as you can see, you can actually fill out all the information. You can actually drag this one if you don't want to publish it, but you can select all the information. You can fill it out completely without even uploading a video which is done through here. Manuel, of course, explain it to you as well. And as you can see, everything is doable, fillable without ever doing anything, which is insanely huge thing. Now, before I'm going to be explaining everything right here, there are actually two ways to upload videos on insurance. First is through the native uploader, and the second is through YouTube synchronization. If you already requested the synchronization from YouTube, As your video will go up on YouTube, it will go up on nutrient as well. Remember that the future now is in beta and sometimes it will have a delays between uploads or sometimes you might get uploaded a bit later that on YouTube it may take few hours. In worst-case scenarios, it may take a few days, just know that it's still in beta. So in the future it will be fixed. But now just accept that you cannot do anything about this. Nobody can. And the second way is of course, through the native uploader. And this is exactly what I'm going to be explaining to you. By the way, sometimes if video is getting delayed, you can actually upload the video here and just add an information about video is through here like YouTube video id. Add a YouTube video ID on a huge from YouTube. And the automated software simply will not upload it again. So if you want this video to be as quickly as possible on your trio, just uploaded on YouTube run natively. This is what you can do here. Now let's just go through everything on an upload workload. So first things first is, of course if you have a video already created, you can just upload it through the browser right here, or just press Browse your actual, just open your file browser and that's it. You can just upload it here, or you can just drag and drop it right there. That's it. That's all that you need. Next is, of course, title is pretty self-explanatory if you want to create or shortly know what title is, just so just click on the title. Next is description. Description is again simple as well, but one thing that nutrient is allows you is usage of markdown. So basically what Markdown is, it allows you to format your description just beyond the regular tax. So if you press the mark down right here, you're going to be open. You are to be taken to the markdown cheat sheet basically to be explaining what you can do. So basically you can add different types of headings. You can bold, italicize attacks. You can add a block codes, you can are there lists? You can add even a code. You can add a horizontal rules, links, images, yes, images in the description. You can add tables, you can add codes, you can add like heading, et cetera later we can, these are all the things you can add basically with a basic and extended syntax. It's very, very amazing thing to do and just utilize it because it's incredibly powerful things that I haven't seen actually anywhere except maybe I'm wrong. Just tell me if I'm wrong. All this, you just fill it out and that's it. That's an extremely simple. Now let's quickly touch one thing that is very important but might not be obvious to everyone at first, and it is the thumbnail. Where can you get the thumbnail? And similarly, you cannot see where you can add thunder, but it's actually very simple. All you need to do to edit thumbnail is just add where somnolence should be. Press here, and that's it. That's all that you need to press set, choose any thumbnail that you want. I'm just going to choose very random thumbnail and that's it. All materials press Done, and that's it. You're going to have the thumbnail. It's very easy thing to add. Now the next is of course group. I don't have any groups, but this is basically a playlist. If we have any playlist, you can add it on play this as well. And the next is type. Now this is a bit different than everywhere else. With a type, your video upload workflow were to change based on what you are actually uploaded. So if you are at specific video, all we have is just a language, but you can actually change it to V as well. So basically you add the year of the movie. If you want show, you can actually add the showTitle shows his initial episode. If you are doing this in a shallow way, music video, you can add an artist and a year of release trailer. It's basically the same as a video, so there's not much there, but you can actually calculate as a trailer commercial the same again that my changes, but you can actually titled as a commercial. And next is presentation. So if you are doing a lecture type of video, maybe something like this, then you can simply add the present or maybe you aren't having to have multiple presenters and you want to showcase them. You can do this here as well, an ADA, your results. A great thing to have any types of videos. Again, we could do a language as well. Next is, of course, topic is the topic of the video. Usually the topic by default, will be chosen for you if you chose the automatic transfer from YouTube. But you can actually change this as well. So it's pretty simple thing to do. There are bunch of different topics. And it will basically decide which topic on nutrient homepage your videos will be painted tube, which is amazing to think you have that there is a table of contents. You have something similar on YouTube, and you can just take that and put it right here as well. You can add a different type of content and it will show up as a chapter's on the videos. And the next is very important thing which is related video. So what you can do is just add a related video. I'm going to show you how actually works. For example, I'm going to search for any videos. Let's say just start with the name of my channel because you can add a relative video. So basically everyone. And let's add ready. Next. Let's add, basically I want all the videos dedicated to YouTube and let's see what it can show me, what I can add it as a related video. So basically now, now it showed me and I added video mistakes as well because I want to very specific title. And I can choose any of those videos right here into edit as unrelated view. Now I'll actually show you how it actually looks like from one of my videos because I have added in related videos right here, I'm going to view it. And I'm going to show it actually looks like. So as you can see, as the video actually plays right here, when you go down, when you go down, you have a related video section right here. So it's basically a, something similar to the suggested videos on the right. But now you can have an own row of the news, which is a great thing. It is something similar to YouTube cards, but like YouTube cards, which just shows on the right corner just for a split second and just goes away. Here. You can actually add videos themselves and people just go through videos and just watch them. That's simple. And as I told you before, there's, there's YouTube video ID as well. You can add an ID of your video here if you don't want the automated system to upload it here as well. So let's now cover video groups a bit more in detail because they are very powerful feature. And just for you in this lecture, I'm actually going to be deleting one of my groups and I'm going to be creating it from the beginning just for you all. So all need to do to create a playlist is just to get right here and press plus. And then you can start, of course, creating the floor. This I'm going to title it tips. This will be the title of the playlist. And here you're going to have a URL of the playlist, basically, what it will look like in a URL section. You actually don't need to change it because it will take it from a title. But if you want it to be something different, then you can, of course hybrid here. You can of course type the short description of the video appears on this case, you are not going to do that. You're going to press Create. And here now we have a playlist so you can actually add a thumbnail to the playlist. It's actually very similar to the videos. I'll need you to just press the black, basically thumbnail placeholder right here. And then just press set and it will open a file explorer. You actually don't see it right now, but I'm actually in File Explorer and I'm going to choose one of the thumbnails. And it will just load the thumbnail right here. And that's it. You're going to press Done. And now you'll have a playlist. And here you can actually choose whether you want to play. I have a playlist or show. In this case it's just a playlist. So that's all that I need. And I'm going to actually show you how to add the videos to play this just in a second. Okay, Now let's now add videos, our playlist, or basically a video group. So I'm going to choose one of the videos, and it will be this one right here. And I want this to be added into ViewGroup or police. All I need to do you just press group right here and select the That's it. That's all that you need to do. It's as simple as that. Next section, this was all in the details section. Now let's talk about rating section. So reading section is something like it's very self-explanatory. You give a rating to your videos basically to see whether your videos are for adults or for every one for general use of whatever it is basically explaining what your video is all about just to not show the adult content or things that people don't want to see or to everyone. If you wanted to use this, of course, you need to be very careful with this because you need to give very accurate representation. And here are actually the four different weightings that you can have, four different things that you can have your videos. It's a language during, during their order, your sensitive substances or reference and adult content, each and every one of them. When you select this, I'm just going to have additional information and can actually see all the information that there is that you can add it just you can rate your videos accordingly. Every single one of them has their own dedicated sections. So basically you're going to rate your own video and just give a very honest opinion of what your video is actually all about, which you should do. Because in the future, possibly if there will be any additional need to just filter out, maybe there will be ads or maybe there'll be something or maybe someone who sponsored video, things like that. They are going to see what your videos actually rated. They're called You give you. Maybe sponsorships may be ads, ad rates, or maybe some like that accordingly. So this is very much needed and unity use it. And last section, but not least is of course, visibility. Visibility is again, very self explanatory. You can just select what do you want to read it to go public. What do you want to schedule a video or whether you want to make videos private? So public is basically videos available for everyone. You can go and schedule the video, basically the time where it will go live, including you can select the time zones as well, which is amazing. I love this. And the last but not least, a hint here, like in this section is visibility to private. Basically, if you don't want anyone to be your religious except you can do that as well. And if you will select this one, this will make something similar to YouTube unlisted. Basically, that means that anyone who has a link will be able to see this video. And the last thing of course, video uploading workflow will be the subscription. So you can select whether you want to make your video available for subscribers or to everyone. Again, this will be available only if you have subscriptions enabled, just know that. So basically you can make this available for tier one subscribers or above THE subscribers or about all only tier three subscribers. We'll basically transform your video like paid and your paint video basically to put your video behind the paywall than the sexual, The great way to make income from the nutrient. So this is all actually about uploading more full eat is incredibly simple to do. This is a very simple thing to do. And again, if you are using automated uploads from YouTube, it's great, but sometimes it does not work that well. Just check out in a few hours. If you have mu is not up after it's uploaded, gone after it's been uploaded on YouTube. Upload video here directly as well. It's very simple, just copy all the information or just uploaded for you here directly. If you are, if you, if you are using only U-turn as your main content, upload video here directly and just add your video video ID if you have, if you have video available on YouTube. So which would not take the video from YouTube again, it just not make the duplicate video. So just do that. Again. Great feature to have an extremely, extremely simple upload workflow that anyone can just start using just right away. This will be it for this one. And let's move to the next lecture then. 7. Channel Subscriptions: So now that you know how to upload the content on nutrient and how can you utilize your churn as a platform? Now we're going to talk about the most important parts that you probably were waiting for. A, it is monetization. How you can actually monetize your content on nutrient. And why do you need to know about that? Because no matter how altruistic you are and no matter how much content you wanted to make for free, they will be a time where you will want to get paid for it and you churn has a few ways to do so. In this lecture we're going to talk about it. The most important way to get paid on nutrient is through subscriptions. How do they work and what you can do for them. So, what does subscriptions mean? We're talking about that in previous lectures, but to say it's short subscription is direct way to support you by the viewers. And this is how it looks like when you've, when they go to your page, well, if they like your content and you basically provide some additional content or some additional value to subscriptions. Or maybe they just want to support you because they like you. They can go to your page and just press the subscribe button right here and they can choose how with how much money they want to support you. This is monthly payments. They can support you either monthly or they can induce support your onetime and this will be it. And if you want to know which part of this money is going to you, it's 75 percent goes to the creator. In this case u, and 25 percent goes to huge area. But when you'll actually start on nutrient, you will not have this button available for you. Churchill request the monetization. And to do so, this is how we can actually go for you, can actually e-mail You Tian at monetization at q tree on.com. This is a malware. You will contact them and they will enable monetization for you. Okay, great. Let's say you have subscriptions enabled, what your viewers will get in return, supporting you is pretty great reason to subscribe to you, but they need to get something more, chew up Danny, to higher tiers. So these are the things that you can actually provide. Nutrient is actually giving you a few ways to monetize your subscription. So let's go through them. The first is you can actually give an early access to videos. How he can't do that. Remember one of the previous lectures when we were uploaded content, you can simply make your videos available for subscribers only for some time. Then you can just take off the subscribers only and it will be available for everyone else. This is one of the reasons to describe to you, you can create an exclusive videos for your subscribers. It can be a long-term videos may be excited, tutorials may be extended cuts. Maybe you doing short movies, whatever it is, you can create exclusive videos for your subscribers. You can also provide additional downloadable content. For example, if you are a drawing the structure and you are just showing how to draw different things. You can provide different templates and things like that. Like maybe if I do mutual growing, you can provide a different brushes exclusive to subscribers. And the subscribers can use that. You can actually utilize this feature using the post switcher of Futureo, you can create an exclusive Q and a session, again through the post session, but making it subscriber only, you can actually give away a unique badge to the subscribers should be a digital badge that everyone will be able to see that in order to be able to use that unit to contact with Joanne about that directly as well. You can also provide extra content like bloopers, behind the scenes, et cetera, et cetera. You can include your support is in credits of your videos. You can include them in a credits, in a description, or you can just give them access to your Discord server or whatever it is. Maybe exclusive access to your Facebook group may be exclusive access to your Slack group, whatever it is, you can't just give them exclusive access to that as well. Overall, just make sure that you are providing exclusive content. Something additional to your viewers who subscribe, because this will be an additional incentive to subscribe to your channel because they are going to pay you money for this, make it well-worth it. And again, you can set up this different additional bonuses for the different tiers and make it available this way, I'll be including a link to this article in the course materials so we could go through it yourself. Remember, it's all about providing value. I'm pretty sure you can do that. And I'm going to see you in the next section. 8. Conclusion: I guess congratulations, are in order. Congrats on finishing the uterine course. Now, you know everything that you need to know to start creating on the platform. Uterine is an amazing platform that is still in its infancy. And possibly it can provide the opportunities that no other place can. And as mentioned before, there is no reason for you to not be there as a creator with it's simple yet robust content uploading system, content management system. And to be fair, very amazing approval system. It will be a pleasure to be not just a creator, viewer as well. And any addition to everything, the age of a platform allows you to be very free in this under saturated environment, you can create whatever you want or you can watch whatever you want without being afraid that somehow disrupt an algorithm. You can just create. And in more cases than not, it is all that you might need. And of course, with a robust ways to earn with your content, it makes it even better in the future. You chorion is planning to implement even more features and I cannot wait to see what will be these platforms future. Thank you for being here. Thank you for taking this course would be, I hope you learned something I should have tried to teach. I'm gonna see you in other courses and most importantly, I'm gonna see you on nutrient. Take care.