Using your creativity to create a positive mindset | Shane Kluiter | Skillshare

Using your creativity to create a positive mindset

Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

Using your creativity to create a positive mindset

Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Positivity course intro

    • 2. Positivity course module 1

    • 3. Positivity course module 2

    • 4. Positivity course module 3

    • 5. Positivity course module 4

    • 6. Positivity course class project

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About This Class

It can be difficult to keep a positive mindset. Occasionally, it can feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. It can feel like we are bombarded with bad news and the struggles of life. The troubles can feel like they are piling up with no end in sight. 

How can we stay positive?

How can we use our hobbies to maintain a positive mental attitude in the face of all of life's struggles?

There are tricks you can use to learn to create a positive mental attitude. In this course we will go over how to create that positive mindset along with the skills you can use to maintain it. We will then talk about the importance of achievement and how you can use your current hobbies to maintain your positive attitude.


  • How to be positive
  • How to maintain positivity
  • How to fight negativity
  • How to make positivity a habit
  • How to use your hobbies to create positivity in your life

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Positivity course intro: you wake up and you know you have to go to work. You know, you've got kids to feed, You know, you've got a dog walk and you know, all of this has to be done in 30 minutes, less time than normal because you slept through your alarm again. E mails are already flooding your inbox and work. The day has started and you're already overwhelmed. It's not even 7 a.m. can often feel like the way the world is on your shoulders. It's easy to let a small series of events start your day off wrong, but that isn't how it needs to be. In fact, most people don't know that positivity is a choice. You were not born a positive person. You are not coordinated person. Somewhere along the path you started habits that lead you to where you are Now. We tell ourselves we aren't good enough. We tell ourselves we can't do things, wake up and we made the mistake of saying that we are going to have a bad day, and that's how it starts. That's not the way things need to be. It's not what it should be. Happiness is a choice positivity is a choice. This course we're gonna go over easy tricks, easy tips, ways that you can change your life, adjust your mindset and begin thinking in a positive mental state. We'll start with how we can get our minds focused on the positive, build some routines and work on a long term strategy of maintaining that positivity. A big part of this is taking a look at our hobbies. You mean you draw. Are you a writer? You sculpt, taking into account or hobbies? We can better understand how we can achieve mawr and have that feeling of positivity in our lives and use our hobbies to create a more positive mental attitude to 2. Positivity course module 1: when you first wake up, What's your first thought? Never stop to realize what you're thinking first thing in the morning. Is it something good? Where is this something bad? Is it a thought you wish you could avoid is the thought that stresses you out? Are you thinking about things you need to do and accomplish immediately? Are you putting stress immediately on yourself? This is how most adults start their day. You wake up, you have to go to work. You have stuff to dio. Time to get moving. It's time to get things done. It's stressful. It doesn't need to be stressful. It doesn't need to feel like a rush. The morning is when you set the tone for your day when you first wake up. What you do in that first hour of your day really impacts the remainder of your mental state. So if you wake up and you sigh grown and you say I don't want to go to work today or mumble out, I hate my job. Get out of that and slumped toe work. That's the tone you're setting. It's negative. You may not really want to go to work, but the majority of people also would say they don't want to go to work, something we all have to do. So I choose to view that as a negative. That's the first thing that we need to establish here. Your thoughts are a choice. You choose to allow yourself to think things. So when you wake up in the morning, you make sure your first thought is a positive one, and you set the tone for your day practices. When you wake up, say it's going to be a good day going to be a great day to be the best day ever. Say it aloud, say when you wake up, put it on a no and tape it to the wall across from you. So that's the first thing you see when you open your eyes. Make a statement that defines how you imagine this day being Keep it with you, repeated throughout the day. Put positivity out into the world. How often do you get asked how you are, I how things are going? You first get to work when you first get around the primary People around for the day has asked quite often, How are you responding What are you saying? Everything you say becomes internalized. If you generate a little bit of excitement and put it behind your words and let out a small amount of energy, you will feel more positive. So how are you? I'm fantastic. Is going to be a great day. It's a statement not hoping it's going to be a great day. I have stated it's going to be a great day and I put that out into the world. Tell someone that start saying it. It might not feel natural at first. It might feel like a lie. After a few days, slowly start to feel real. Your words and actions will begin to drive towards a new, more positive future, and you'll be on your way. 3. Positivity course module 2: mind what you say in mind what others say around you. If you were working and someone complains about the job, your instincts is to chime in. Talk about how unhappy you are because of whatever changes are going on in your department . Stop yourself. Take a moment at the start of each conversation to check the tone and direction of what you are becoming involved in. Ensure that if you're becoming involved in a conversation, this is a conversation that is moving towards a better future towards something positive. It is good practice to identify when others are being negative and exclude yourself from the conversation or situation. It is not on Lee to distance yourself from negativity, but we'll start to help connect negative statements with your mind, with the idea that you should stop thumb and that will help you with yourself. So by practicing list with others, you then give yourself more of an internal skill set to realize when you are being negative yourself because oftentimes we don't realize it. Building a habit of countering your negativity will help you to remain positive number. It's easier to be negative. Negativity is contagious. Be mindful of your thoughts and the people you're spending time with. They're spending time with people who are all negative. You may need to distance yourself from them and find friends that have a positive outlook. You are forced to be around people who are negative, exclude yourself from conversations or change the subject. Bring positivity into the conversations. Put out the positivity you wish was there be that person who brings that outlook. It takes time. It takes practice. But once you become that person, once you've tried for long enough, eventually people start to expect it, and that's a good feeling. 4. Positivity course module 3: and this part, of course, we're going to go over practical tips for your whole day. We want to find positive friends, mentors and coal work. Want to find people who embrace positivity and help you remain positive people who make you feel more positive just by being around so that you can grow into that kind of person yourself. These are the kind of people that when you find them, you think, Wow, I wish I believe that. Then you need to start allowing yourself believe a more positive futures there on someone who always sees the good, spend more time with them. Another great tip is to focus on the present, focusing on the present letting go of the past. You'll be able to move forward into the future, forgetting about the future and what could happen. You free yourself from the doubt and the fear and the negativity surrounding your decision maker. Don't imagine that bad things could happen. Focus on the present. Hassan What you can control. Bad things will happen no matter what. We can't stop focusing on the present. We let go of the past and stop saying if X y Z hadn't happened to me. I would been able to do this or that. I hadn't broken my leg last summer. I would have gotten that scholarship were running. Thinking about that isn't worth it. Done passes over. You cannot change to stop blaming the past for your problems. Instead, focus on what you can do today. What action you can take right now. Achieve your goal. We also want to turn failures into a lesson. I need to change how we view failure. Failing sucks. What's worse is failing and not learning from it. Every time you failed was the opportunity to get better. Every time you fail, it's only a true failure if you fail to grow. So focus on the good things. Focus on what you learned. Focus on a small every day. Something good happens in your life from someone holding the door open for you or you lending a hand to someone else. They're good things all around you. You see what you look for. If you go out into the world and you seek to find bad things, you seek to view the world in a negative light. You will see negative thing. You will see people doing bad things, people being mean and you will miss the joy and the love in the world. You'll miss the positive thing because you're not looking for them. You're looking past him for the negative, so look for the positive. You will find them. Just have to look. Give affirmation. Studies have shown that by giving affirmations others, you will feel good, not even about them so much. This is about yourself. They benefit you benefit, telling people nice things, showing gratitude. You feel better. It's good for you. It's healthy. It affects the way you think and is better for you is a stress relief compliment. Others you will feel good and more positive by making other people feel good, too. Does not want to feel appreciated. Thank you for taking this course. 5. Positivity course module 4: creating something will really help your sense, positivity. We'll give you a sense of achievement. So I wanted to think back and think of how humans came into existence. Think about the nature of all creatures, humans when we're first evolving. Before we really even have society. What do we have? We have the need to go out and achieve the same three things every day. We need to find food. We need to find water. We have to make sure we have shelter. These were the basis of our survival. These were our initial achievements in the life as a species. When we get older now as adults, these were all taken care of pretty much for the time I wake up right. We've grown past or evolution, and mentally we need to achieve something. Still, we feed on that sense of achievement that affects how positive a person we can be. Think about the positive people when you're like they're achieving things, right? They've done something. They're always working on something. So have a goal. Have something you're working towards. Find a creative outlet that will help immensely. Something that can represent effort. You're putting towards something you can have it be something physical that's even better, so you can set it on a counter or you can physically cease all sculpture take shape. You can physically see you getting better at painting over time. You can look back at your writings and see you've gotten better at writing year over year. Something was just for you to give you a sense of achievement. It doesn't matter really what you're achieving as a matter of what you're really working towards so much that you are doing it. That sense of achievement could just be simple as painting. Designing a new T shirt you're putting somewhere for others to see you're buying for yourself. Sculpt a new stature. You could sculpt a vase once a week once a month by the end of the year. Compare where you were at the beginning to where you work the end in. Just see your progress because you are going to get better. You brought something into existence through creation. Doing so gives you a feeling of power. Doing so helps create that thought. That you've achieved something in achievement is a good feeling. We need that in our lives as humans we need to feel that we're progressing. We need to feel that we're achieving something, because if we don't it's easier to get down on ourselves. And if that happens, no one wins. When we start to lean to a more negative future, we want to stay positive. So remember, go out achieves something. If you're a painter, paint if you sketch sketch. If you right, right, play an instrument, get better at playing an instrument. Always have something Ah, hobby you're working on. You're achieving your growing as a person and you will feel more positive. 6. Positivity course class project: for a class project. What we're going to do is we're gonna create a statement that defines how we imagine the day This is the statement that you want to put out into the world every day. This is the first thing you'd want to say. When you wake up, be a simple is it's gonna be a good day or it's gonna be a great day or today is gonna be great. Something positive, something simple, something you can say every day, something that you're comfortable with, something that feels like you, something you might not tell others, but something that's correct. I want you to write it down or, at the very least, write down. It's going to be a good day it on a stick, you know, put it on the wall. So it's the first thing you see when you wake up. Put on your steering wheel if you have a car, so it's the first thing you see when you get in your car. Put it on your desk. So it's the first thing you see when you get to work. Remind yourself every day, all day, going to be a good day and make sure you give yourself the tools and reminders. Remember that Now that we have this statement, let's take our hobby. Let's take our paintings, take our sculpting. Her hobby is. And let's integrate this statement into it. The statement of positivity. Let's create something with this positivity in mind so that we always have that reminder.