Using the Spatter Brushes in Photoshop to Draw and Paint | Chris Scalf | Skillshare

Using the Spatter Brushes in Photoshop to Draw and Paint

Chris Scalf

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About This Class

Here are a few short videos to show you how I use the spatter brushes to create drawings in Photoshop. These brushes are great for so many textures-- including skin, hair, fur, eyelashes, wrinkles, etc.

These exercises will help you strengthen your ability to draw faster concept art in programs such as Photoshop.





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Hello, I'm Chris Scalf.

I am a professional illustrator/animator working mostly in the commercial art industry. I have also done some published work in comics industry and science fiction and fantasy books. A lot of my followers previously knew me as CGSBGS on youtube, where I showcased a lot of dragon speed paint videos in the mid 2000's. I will be adding a lot of different videos and tutorials on here, anywhere from traditional medium to digital, and animation/3D. Please feel free to...

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