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Using an Isometric Grid in Logo Design

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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10 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Isometric Sketch 3 Measure

    • 4. 3 Measure Isometric Sketches Part 2

    • 5. Three Measure Iso Sketching Part 3

    • 6. Isometric Guide in Illustrator

    • 7. Digitising Isometric Symbol 1

    • 8. Digitising Isometric Symbol 2

    • 9. Digitising Isometric Symbol 3

    • 10. Final Word

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About This Class

Discover how to design effective and creative professional logo design symbol using the Isometric Grid!


1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: in the following lectures were going to be looking at asymmetric design. Isometric basically translate to having equal dimensions. An isometric grid, however, on the ship's it's composed off is what we generally associate with isometric design. He is my isometric part. It contains nothing but a lord of pages with the isometric lying grid printed upon it. I do recommend that you buy one of these. They are available on Amazon for a fair price. An alternative to this, however, is to print your own and you can find an isometric grid. PdF and the resource is to do exactly that. So this is the part I'll be using. A sketch out symbols making use of the grid as a guide will then be heading in the software toe. Work with the digital version of the grid, on which real develop digital versions off the symbols. 3. Isometric Sketch 3 Measure : here we have a total of 14 symbols which I've sketched in my isometric grid sketchbook. I term these particular designs as three measure or three measure isometric. Since if we study each symbol, you're saying that the measure for each side is three units a unit being the base of the triangle, the three measure as applicable to the bottom sides on top of each symbol. The only exception is this symbol here, which took a course that ended up with only two measures of the sides. This serves as a means of contrast to tell the difference not how its height is on ley the size of two triangle basis. So focusing on the three by three by three just to keep things simple, un consistent. This basically gives us a figure of cube to work within, which is three by three by three units. Although this would appear to be quite a tight constraint, you'd be surprised at how many variations are possible. The three by three by three is ideal a work with, particularly when you're first starting out sketching on the isometric grid. What's more, rock solid professional design concept can be made from it in this type of three measure symbol due to the form on its constraints. We'll be mostly dealing with figuring of lines and the symbol, which consists of one measure thickness, though there will be lines that consist of to saw that covers the overview of the isometric grid on the possibilities of designing symbols, using it as a guide. 4. 3 Measure Isometric Sketches Part 2: So let's go ahead and study each symbol. There was no plan in mind as I sketched these, since I merely want to demonstrate the possibilities whilst explaining the concept of the isometric grid. So focusing on top left you might spot something familiar. But if not, I'll touch upon there soon. Not how the cube shaped is prominent, and the feature is the negative space, which holds a kind of a wrench shape. The symbol alongside it has an interesting s shape in the cube box form. This would be an ideal solution for a business with the name beginning with the letter s who specialize in providing some form of physical or virtual package to reflect in that box form. So moving down on the symbol on the left, this version is the same as the one above, with the introduction of a second gap at top Right, which might give further hence to what I was talking about previously assembled with right of this sees a cube shape bringing out downward pointing arrows with a square in perspective, up top or a diamond ship if you wish to perceive it and non three day, this appears to take on the shape of a chevron, which has bean seen previously moving down. The symbol on the left perhaps takes amore unsightly form with nothing interesting happening non, the less we go, where the pencil takes us and even lack lost. Their designs can give birth to brilliant ones. The symbol beside it takes on an interesting form, which could represent an abstract face or a mask. This form reminds me of a simplified version of the transformer symbol. At the bottom of the page, there's a design which takes on the form of a capital E. Whilst there is no concrete rule to make a symmetrical ogle, the form of the symbol looks quite imbalanced, but it's there for inspiration if I wish to improve upon it, so that covers the first page of the isometric symbol. Sketches already weaken, say how the grid convey, utilized to form, tidy under in most cases, nicely formed symbols which wouldn't look out of place alongside suitable text to form a creative and professional log or design 5. Three Measure Iso Sketching Part 3: on the next page, a top left. I have a version of the very first symbol I sketched in this instance. The gap, however, appears on the right. Beside Assemble, I have a very simple yet potentially effective design, comprising of three drawn hexagons to represent to hexagon shapes central UN surround big brands. Keep it simple. This could hypothetically be a contender and the right application where a hexagon is relative to the business. Moving down the symbol on the left features the same central hexagon with arrow shapes. A top and bottom the bottom are all being the largest. This gives a feel of direction, so it may be suited to a company which harbors this kind of aspect to the right. Of this, we have assemble, which slightly breaks the three by three by three rule. Since it's only two measures high as mentioned. That's where my pencil took May, and the measure was necessary to manifest this design, which appears to show a winding X shape beneath. On the left, you'll see, I have a version similar to assemble on the previous page, a bottom right in this instance. However, a joint has been made between the two downward pointing arrows. As a result, the Empire assemble could depict a creative abstract s shape. This just goes to show how a very subtle change in this case one figure of square can give an entirely different look. Onda concept. The symbol next to it takes on the form of an M. The shape of the top could depict an upward pointing arrow or the rear oven open box again . A company who offers packages of some sort could benefit from this design. It almost reminds me of the magenta or log or pretending your business. Who offers e commerce packages moving on the final log or design of the bottom? You might be able to see now what I was referring new earlier when commenting on the first log, or you'll see that this design is actually an isometric version off the circular golden racial ogle created in the Ally's in project. It is quite literally, a square or cube version off that same symbol tilted 30 degrees, so this gives us something else to consider. If you've sketched out a circular log or another paper bear in mind, its potential to turn it into an isometric aversion. So this covers all of the sketches nor doubt you can see the potential of using a simple three measure isometric grid, much like the notes of a piano. The lines are already there for you. You just have to select which ones you want to use. 6. Isometric Guide in Illustrator : So here we are an illustrator To begin developing this sketch symbol on isometric paper, I needs to open the isometric grid document. Coincidentally, this is also the document that week and prints if we don't have an isometric grid part with this done, I now ready to place the sketch. And I didn't begin to replicate the sketch on this perfect digital grid that we have here. Now, you might be wondering why we can't use the isometric grid on the paper. However, this would be less than perfect. I place my sketchbook in the Scalia as an example. So it's gonna naturally have subtle curves and the pages which affect the straightness of the lines of the grid. And so this is why we utilize this perfect grid within illustrator. We transfer what we have on paper to the perfect grid and the software. So if it needs any explanation, he'll say we have to a 30 degree angle diagonal lines again with the vertical lanes, the lanes are colored scion and their nation light, color and thickness, so that we can see our work upon the guide. So their services a brief overview of the plan to transfer the isometric sketch to the software or with this guide in place 7. Digitising Isometric Symbol 1: So here we have the isometric grid open and illustrator just so that I have plenty of room to work with on Gotta hide the air four Art board by going to view hide our port Now I have the expanse of the whole canvas to work within. Now I'm ready to place the isometric sketch by going to file place I then look it The file I hold shift to keep proportion and I drag it out onto the converse. So now we need to call heads and isolate my chores and symbol and the symbol I've chosen as this one here which represents that abstract cube shaped s shape. So I'm going to use a square selecting the rectangle to you wanna drag? Let's square out over the sketch with it Still selected holding shift and want to select the sketch beneath. I'm gonna go to object clipping mask and make So here we have just that isolated symbol leg , and I now much this up very roughly to the grid behind. So you'll say that isometric aerate in the sketch roughly matches the size of the grid in the background, which I'm obviously gonna work upon. So now that the sketches isolated. I'm not distracted by the other symbols on the page, and it's perfectly clear for me to go ahead and replicate this on the isometric grid. Saw the sketch highlighted. You'll see that it's placed in a to respect lovelier in the layers panel called sketchier. So you have sketch and we have the ice or grid Lear. So moving on the ice or grid, I'm gonna ensure that this is locked so that all the lines don't appear as we work on top of it, as you will see. So selecting this, I'm going to go the ice or grid Lear and I want to click next to the ice assemble so that the padlock appears the denote that less Leah is now locked, regardless of it being locked, weaken still draw on top of it, making use off the anchor points. He'll say the word and a sect piers as we go over and anger point. And this is what we need a use as a guide when we draw on top of the isometric grid so that I have clear space to work with them. I'm gonna move the sketch down so that and work up top here on in the layers panel. And when a lot of scats alert, it doesn't move around. Next, I'm gonna click, create new Leah on I'm gonna create a Lear for my digital version. I want to double click upon the title and I'm gonna call this symbol with that done on with fissile ear selected, I'm now ready to draw the digital version onto the isometric grid. So we nor the symbol to be a three measure The three measure means that each side is the length of three bases of the triangles. And so we do exactly the same appear on the grid with the pan tool selected with North Phil selected on a stroke of black selected I'm going to draw out the area where we're gonna work within so clicking upon any UNCA point in the grid when we see the insect appear this denotes that were on Uncle Point. So clicking here measuring three of these triangle bases to the left, I'm gonna look for the UN appointed again until in the second appears on now. Want to do the same on the horizontal? Going down clicked upon that under point, measuring three triangles again until in second appears, clicking again on going around and doing the same for each side. So a fact on you can now see the hacks of gone, which denotes the space that we're going to develop the symbol within while stuff drawn out . This hacks a gun just to demonstrate this point. You can perhaps keep it here may be taken your passively down around 30% and use it as a guide simply and sure selected, and you can lock it down in the layers panel and create another layer on draw On top of it , However, they shouldn't be necessary because replicating the shape from paper to the isometric grid in the simple former is a breeze. So let's just go ahead and delete this with the pen to Let's go ahead and click any uncle pointier up top. Let's measure outlaws three triangles again and click the young appointed towards the left . He you'll see in this sketch beneath that want to go down one triangle like so, finding that a point and you see that the next line extends downwards and is in line with the original again three triangles We're going to go up one on the diagonal top, right? We're going to go up one and we're going to go to triangles towards top left. I'm going to click out towards top. Right. One triangle. We're gonna come down here. This area I want to click that a point here. On there we have it. We have the first shape of the symbol perfect on the isometric grid. So let's jump in and do the last clicking this the left going down one always referencing this sketch at the bottom. I'm making this arable shape on there. We have it closing the shape. We can select both of them. Holding, shift, ensuring non selected for the stroke. Selecting fill on selecting a black color. On there we have the completed isometric symbol transposed from paper to the soft way to give the final digital form. And this style of isometric symbol can be used as an effective solution in any log or design project. 8. Digitising Isometric Symbol 2: So let's go ahead and design another one of those symbols re sketched. So let's go to file place. Let's grab that sketch once again. Place holding shift. Dragging this out. Now, the wall have decided upon this time as this one down here which represents that abstract M box shape with a rectangle tool, I'm gonna pull out a square without still select that. I'm gonna hold shift. I'm gonna go to object clipping mask make so that I have this on its own without, with structure will increase it in size until the isometric grid in the sketch roughly matches that of the one on the art. Bored with that. Confirmed, I'm going to go into the layers panel and I'm gonna lock that sketch down so that it doesn't move. Now I'm going to add a new olia by clicking. Create new Leah on. I want to call this symbol Andi. I'm going to select the pan tool with the symbol earlier selected. Andi, I'm going to select North Phil. I'm going to select a black stroke before commands work. I'm just gonna turn off that are bored by going to view hide our board just so I'm not distracted or confined to that single a four sheet. Now, looking at the symbol, you can see that a consists of two shapes with one of top, which represents the upward facing arrow or the back of the box on. We have the larger M kind of shape down the bottom. So first I'm going to do the one at the top, and you can see that it consists of a total of six triangles. Or if you imagine this to be a box in perspective, you could see it as three squares or three diamonds. So with that in mind, I'm going to select the pen tool, and I'm gonna draw that out first. Now we can always zoom in if we need to, so that zoom in a little bit more just to see the young a point. More clearly, click upon a nunca point without in a second appearance that's click downwards. It's a length of two squares on. We click up here, always looking out for that in the sect that would and Pink on completing, shaped like so now, moving on to this shape at the bottom. Always reference in this sketch below So you say we're meeting the flush edge of the shape of both now and we collect downwards for a measure of three triangular basis. Or you could still regard those as this squares. I'm a click down here, but across downwards. Now we meet the central of Vertical. This is Din ordered to buy that vertical pink line on the Intersect. Appears to tell us that I'm on that one point. Now, this is two lines. Thickness are so you'll see down here. So I'm gonna click appear on I want to complete the M like so, selecting both of these ships, ensuring that there's North stroke now on. Finally, I'm gonna color it black, so haven't replicated this symbol perfectly from paper that marks completion off the isometric end symbol. 9. Digitising Isometric Symbol 3: So it's design another one of these symbols in the layers panel. I have assembly a sketch, Leah and the isometric grid. Leah on the isometric Gridley A is locked. I've just went a file in place. So holding shift. I'm going to put down that sketch again on I'm going to select one of these. Now, the next want to think about digitize is perhaps this one here, which looked like the transformers mask. So I'm going to select the rectangle tool again, pulling out square, isolate and ensure that lasts up top. You wanna bring a front? Andi? I'm gonna hold shift, selecting both of those gone object clipping mask Onda make. I want to drag this out. Saw that the sketch roughly matches the grid. And that looks almost perfect. In fact on, I'm going to begin work before I do so. However, I want a lock down that schedule ear so that this doesn't move. Okay, So ensuring that there's no Phil on a black stroke selected on the pen tool selected. I'm gonna click in this time. In fact, I'm actually gonna zoom in this grid because you don't have to work at the extent zoomed out like Ideo didn't just zoom right in particularly useful If you haven't got good eyesight, Orphee just wonder and sure that you nail those anchor points. So let's go ahead and make a start. I'm just going to scroll down so that the sketches in view I want to click in and make my first UNCA point. Now we're gonna be making a grid which is basically four by four squares, an isometric view, or we could consider this as eight triangles. So let's go ahead and click downwards towards the left, towards the right, up towards the right, onside once again on we're gonna clause that shape. So this represents the first shape as we see down here on the sketch. So let's make the shape down here. This T shape. I want to click up top when a click down here because that's one measure. Next is a to measure across A to measure down one measure to the scent or point denoted by that vertical pink line on, and I want to do exactly the same on this site. On the right ongoing clause, the shape like so So that's a top shape on the central shape complete. All that's left now as these two squares at either side and that simple enough. So let's go ahead and fill laws and and I'm going to do exactly the same on the right hand side on. Let's select all those strokes and select nor stroke. Let's give it a black fill on that marks completion of the isometric mask style symbol. This process gives life to the fact that a simple yet effective symbol can be developed to using the isometric grid. 10. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.