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Using a Square Grid in Logo Design

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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16 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Square Grid Sketching Intro

    • 4. Square Grid Sketching Part 1

    • 5. Square Grid Sketching Part 2

    • 6. Square Grid Sketches Part 3

    • 7. Square Grid Sketching Part 4

    • 8. Digitising Square Grid Sketch Symbol 1 Part 1

    • 9. Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 1 Part 2

    • 10. Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 1 Part 3

    • 11. Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 2 Part 1

    • 12. 9Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 2 Part 2

    • 13. Square Grid Symbol 3 Part 1

    • 14. Square Grid Symbol 3 Part 2

    • 15. Square Grid Symbol 3 Part 3

    • 16. Final Word


About This Class

Master the square grid to develop interesting, creative logos quickly and easily!

A square grid pad is recommended though you can print out the supplied sheets!


1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: Hi, My name's Daniel Evans. I'm a professional ogle designer. There are many ways to go about designing a log or design symbol. We always have the option of drawing the symbol entirely free hound. But we do have grids at our disposal, which give us a rough guide for the sake of accuracy and consistency. One of the most common grids which have no doubt seen before, is the square grid. This is the grid which usually comes to a person's mind when the word grid is spoken. Despite its implicitly being composed of only squares, we can use a square grid to develop a vast range of different shapes, which compose a vast range of differing symbols. Unsal. We're gonna experiment with those possibilities in this concise course as we explore the design potential of the square grid to develop an effective uncreative log or design symbol 3. Square Grid Sketching Intro: in the forthcoming lectures were going to take a look at symbol design using the square grid. This is the square grid pants that I use as you'd expect. The pages look like this, and I use the lines as a guide on a measure these books are available on Amazon. Or you can print your own sheets from the Pdf files, which have included in The resource is to this lecture. I'll be using a similar version of the grid in Illustrator, and we'll be recreating the designs in a similar way to develop perfect digital versions. The square grid is simple enough, innit? Form. However, there's a few things weakened due to utilize it, and this is exactly what we're gonna explore in the forthcoming lectures. 4. Square Grid Sketching Part 1: here we have a total of 12 sketches, which I've drawn out on my square grid sketchbook. Some are very simple and form, whilst others are a little bit more intricate of designed freely. But I've found a few principles in mind which I wanted to demonstrate, and I'll discuss thes as we review each sketch. So each of the sketches is what I call a five measure. This basically means I'm designing within a five by five square area. The five by five area allows me to keep things simple, simple yet effective. Log or design is always something. The icon, dawn and saw This is appropriate found a fortunate born us for the sake of teaching on learning. As in north. However, naturally any number of squares could be utilized in any given racial. In the five by five, the figurative Phil ist possible line weaken utilize is one square in thickness. You see down the bottom. I have a couple of more bald looking symbols which utilize two squares thickness. This results in greater consumption of surface area and consequently gives a more bulky and simple image. So I covers the overview of the square grid so let's proceed to take a closer look at each one of these sketches to explore the grid further to discover its design potential. 5. Square Grid Sketching Part 2: So let's analyze each one of the sketches, starting with the symbol at top left. The overall symbol here consists of a singular one square line winding from top right toe bottom, right thought assemble appears simple and form. There are principles that we can observe here, not how the majority of the symbol utilizes the actual form of the squares, but we have curves to We have a square which is occupied with half circle up top to give around it end. We have a similar rounded end ship here, too, as the line curves around. We also have a foursquare court, a circle on the left here, up above and down below, which function as the bend on nor doubt. You'll also observe them at the top. Here on, we have one here, this time of form around, it pointed end so an assemble week and observe that each square can be used for the purpose off, forming an actual square, forming a one square half circle to give around it end, or to form a four square quarter circle to depict a band. The overall shape of the symbol takes on the form of high tech modern law Kiss day. Any company warning modern or high tech qualities with the name beginning with the might benefit from such a design resembling a snake. Also, there's hint to the symbol traveling outwards with the top rounded end being the head of the snake on the bottom end the tail. Next we see assemble what you ELISA, similar form of the previous, this symbol to we utilizes those half and quarter circles to form a curled shape, which resembles a lower case. A. Needless to say, we also have the feel of a snake here, too, as you'll no doubt seethe symbol off. Papa right ear looks like the number nine. We see those half and quarter circles again contained within the individual squares to give Forman floor to the overall piece. The next sketch down below resembles the middle symbol up top fourth, taking on the form of a law case A. In this sketch, however, we see the introduction of square corners rather than rounded corners. In addition, this the central endpoint has bean flipped so that the rounded portion is now below. This gives a much greater an effective feel oven abstract snakehead What s'more The head on the negative space share the same form, so this gives great a wit to the attractiveness off the symbol. The form also reminds me of an eye to, and it gives me the sense. Oven Egyptian Hire a cliff. This symbol, albeit simple in its form on development, could look exceptional in the correct application. So that covers the 1st 4 sketched symbols on the square grid paper and assures how we can utilize the square half circle uncaught a circle in a compliment, refashion to develop overall effective piece. 6. Square Grid Sketches Part 3: so focusing on the next symbol in the middle of the second raw. This symbol consists of a you ship utilizing the four square quarter circles to give the rounded sharp end points as well as the rounded floor of the bottom portion. It also features a central shape which sees a point al its top with curves meeting at the center of the top of the SKWAY. This point shape represents another possible option to introduce variation in the square grid design. The two shapes together could give the overall suggestion oven obstruct W The point. Give the symbol and aggressive feel, hint and awards the form of horns. This is a symbol design, but again, in the correct application, such simplicity can make for an effective an instantly recognizable brand. The next symbol features three shapes. The top shape is similar in appearance to the one below it. On the other shape at the bottom is an actual primitive square. Yet it serves the overall concept creatively, the all over concept being an abstract upper case F ship. The court, a circle rounded point ends lend towards a feel of energy and speed. This symbol serves as a fantastic demonstration of how three simple ships, one entirely primitive and to like conserve together to stand as an aesthetically pleasing symbol, moving down to the symbol on the next row on the left, we are immediately greeted with an L shape present in the two shapes. The naked of channel on the symbol as a whole, they assemble makes use of court circles to give a pleasing around field, which almost makes it look cloudlike or architectural. This example ghost ashore how those court a circle curves can give either an aggressive or melo feel, depending on how they are placed. The symbol in the center of the third roar strikes us with a pleasing shape of an abstract capital D. This is emphasized by the form of the surrounding shape, the negative space under Central Piece, which stands as a filled quarter, four square circle. The surrounding ship is quite rigid on its left side, free of curves, whilst the right side sees the line floor with quarter circles, curved top and bottom. This is another tacky feel symbol, simple but potentially effective in the correct application, particularly if irrelevance. Ca NBI, given with shapes saw by a way of these examples, we've seen more creative possibilities by adopting the square grid. What's more, we've seen another potential element, which we can use the point of shape, which resembles a curve triangle. This ship and all the aforementioned got ashore that we aren't limited to the form of the actual squares were simply using the squares as guides UN containers. 7. Square Grid Sketching Part 4: so jump again on moving onto the symbol on the right. Although simple, this is a peculiar one, which resembles a person with outstretched arms. The what bears little resemblance to any character in the English language. Like the other symbols, it is perhaps reminiscent of an Eastern character, this symbol cut of a multitude of applications when meaning under association has made between form uncomfortably product or service not how the ends of the figure it of arms have curves on the undersides, which gives a suggestion that the palms of the hands off facing upwards. This gives light to the fact that additional and deep meanings conveyed derived from the most primitive of shape, moving down to the symbol beneath. On the left, we have a single shape, yet we have the illusion that there's three separate ships. Overlapped thes ships are essentially rectangles with court a circle points, giving them a form which look similar knife blades in the form of an upper case. H. This is an interesting design and one that's quite unique as far as I'm away and would serve brilliantly for a business beginning with an H where blades or food might be concerned. The Mac symbol is composed of three primitive shapes. A vertical rectangle two squares thick, round two circles, four squares thickness, compose naturally of the quarter circles, which we're familiar with already. This to goes to shore that other shapes can be made by way of grouping and shores that we aren't confined to using square shapes. The symbol could depict an abstract be. And, as it happens along, my sketch in was for Your in this symbol or one very similar represents a skateboarding company called Plan B, having considered the symbol, knowing this fact, I can see that assemble also depict a skateboard on the vertical, potentially reflective off vertical ramp or vert ramp, with the rectangle standing as the board on the circles as the wheels. Brilliantly simple, not to mention memorable. Finally, we have another simple and bold option. Comprising of two square thick shapes. This symbol al it's form as a reminiscent of addidas, which symbolizes higher heights and peaks of achievement. This specific symbol in this case demonstrates that we can also simply use the squares to go from corner to corner to draw triangles of any size. These could hypothetically be used in place of the rounded point that ends in the other symbols here in so a covers the 12 symbol sketches on the page, and this concludes a demonstration of how we utilize a square grid to sketch simple, effective symbols on paper ready to be taken into the software. 8. Digitising Square Grid Sketch Symbol 1 Part 1: So here we on Illustrate. I have the square grid document open. This is also the document that you can print if you wish to do your sketches upon it. So I have the layers panel here, and this is named Leah one. I'm gonna double click upon this. I'm gonna call it square grit. Now, with that done, I'm going to go out of you and one go hide our board so that I have the expanse of the canvas to work within rather than the A four page. Now, I'm gonna go back to the layers panel cause I'm now ready to place the sketch. It's going to need it on leer. So clicking create newly at the bottom of the panel here. I want to double click Leah to I'm gonna rename this to sketch without done. I'm ready to place a sketch, so I'm gonna file a place when I locate the sketch file on my computer. The J pack clicking place Hold and shift to keep proportions on when a drag out the sketch image. Now the sketch that of chosen as this one. A top left which resembles that lower case de someone work on this one first and foremost. So I'm gonna go ahead and isolate this saw off the rectangle tool. I'm gonna hold shift to keep the proportion of a square, and I'm going to select the sketch behind it. Whilst this is still selected, I'm gonna go to object clipping, mask make. So now this sketch is isolated, and I'm not distracted by the other sketches. So now I'm going to zoom in, and I'm gonna will lie in the squares of the sketch with squares of the digital grid hold and chef to keep proportions. I want to pull this out. I want a position as close to as possible to the squares on the digital grid. So now we know that the shape of the top needs to be on this role on the ships at the bottom need to be on the bottom role and so forth. So the five by five grid on the sketchbook is now aligned with the five by five digital grid. So let's take a quick look at the form of the symbol. We know that we used a circle shape up top or rather, 1/2 circle, as discussed in the sketching stages on. We also used the's courter circles which are present here, here, down here on day at the end here. But we also have cut out versions of these two shapes. The circle on the quarter circle. As you can see here, we have a cut out of the circle or cut out of the half circle on. We have a cut out here off the quarter circle. I will discuss how to create these later. First, we're going to develop the circle on the court, A circle So going to do this using the Ellipse, too? I'm going to go to any one of the squares on. We're going to locate that center point donated by the word center and pink holding shift Onda Ault Shift keeps a proportion on both and Scheuer's that the shape expands from the center like so, so holding those to shift and Ault have pulled out a circle that meets the very edges of the skway. Now, just to ensure that this is perfect, I want to go into outlined Lord, someone to go to view outline and I need to ensure that the edge of the circle are these points at north, east, south and west Meet the edges of the squares. Now, this is protectively important because we do need this level of precision when we come were lying all the shapes because at the end, we want all of those shapes to appear as one tidy flowing unit in a similar fashion. We want to ensure that the quarter circle is also stringent to the same accuracy. So I to leave outline moored by gonna view preview. Andi, I'm gonna pull out another circle this time I'm going to use the center point here of these four squares. So I wanna hold shift again holding Ault so that it increases from the sander. I'm meeting those points again at North, east, south and West. Like so. I'm gonna go back in outline moored to ensure that that's correct, that these points are meeting the edges, which they are, So I can come out with this by going a preview again and the view dropped out on I want to use the rectangle tool and I'm gonna look here to the center part of the circled in, ordered by center and pink holding shift, pulling out towards the left with a square. Still, select that. I'm going to go to object. Arrange Bring the front. So about a square, as on the top. Just give it a collar so you can see that on holding shift. I'm going to select the circle beneath in the past. Find Lebanese Shia towards ongoing a select in sect. And I'm left with this quarter circle. They should be perfect to just a double check. I'm gonna go back. Another outline board just to check that this quarter circle meets all the edges on the right onside. He and down the bottom aunts to ensure that this curve is perfect. So now we have the primary two curved shapes and we're now ready to begin building the symbol. 9. Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 1 Part 2: so now is the time to place the shapes into the grid. Comprising of the circle, the quarter circles the squares on the rectangles on. Once we've done this will work on those cut outs discussed earlier. As we place each shape, we need to remember precision or will hit problems when we come to uniting the shapes. So the first thing we need to do is ensure that we have smart guides switched on. But we don't depend upon this alone. Regardless of the fact that we might see the cursor precisely over an uncle point, we always go into outline moored just to check that our shapes are actually a wound on where they should be. You'd be surprised at the minuscule gaps which can cause problems when we come to uniting all ships and a single ship. So whilst the placement un development of thes shapes is very simple, the focus, which I'll emphasize again, is accuracy in the placement. So before we place the ship, so we need to go ahead and create a new earlier. So I'm gonna click, create newly at the bottom of the layers panel, double clicking on the layer name and I'm going to rename this symbol. Now that's done. I want that Ensure that these two shapes here are in the symbol ear, which they're not there in the sketch. A lier. Currently, some will unlock the sketch. Leah, I want to select both of these ships. I'm going to go to court. Andi, I want to select Assembled here again. I'm gonna goto edits on peace and place on There they are again, but this time there in symbol earlier. So it's placed the shape starting with that circle up top. I'm going to make a copy of this mall is going to keep these two shapes here, certainly copies of each to use as and when I need them. So with Alton Chef time gonna drag down the circle holding shift a lot. But on the horizontal here, I'm gonna drag it over this square. So using these five squares toe work within. So as you'll see when I place that the in a sect appeared, you can see the vertical pink line on. You can see the horizontal pink line as well as the in a sec tax. They so next, going to take a look at the sketch and see where these curves are. We have one here, one here, one here and one at the end. So making a copy of this with Olten shift on one A rotate. Let's put my cursor a top right, until laws two arrows appear on the double pointed arrow. I know one. Rotate that and I'm gonna place it perfectly in position. We have a comment of two from the Circle 12 and we have one to he had to reflect that. Next is this curve here on that 1234 cross we can't for 1234 holding shift on all to drag over that ship on going to rotate that like. So when a countdown to Alton shift to copy the shape. Rotate this again holding shift at to make a copy of this old on shift rotate. That's Onda. We have those in possession, so we have the man portions of the symbol in place. All that remains now as to connect more shapes. Undersigned the cutout shapes sort this point. We can make the grid invisible. This serves a very useful purpose, since those problematic little gaps which were mentioned earlier usually come about as a result of clicking on the point or paths of the grid itself rather than the actual shapes that we're developing. So off the grid made invisible. We know that well, may see an uncle point or path. We're actually on the shapes themselves, not the grid. So, having zoomed in, I'm not gonna join the ship's starting with a circle on the court of circle beneath with the rectangle tool. Select that. I'm gonna look for the West Side point of the circle. The anchor point. Want to find that when I click, draw out a rectangle until it meets the West point of the Circle on I'm gonna pull down and meet the young a point on the top right off this quarter circle beneath. So I'm going to join these two shapes now, doing exactly the same. I'm gonna look for that Uncle Point. I want to pull out a rectangle and meet the UNGA point on the other side. Now look for the opponent on the bottom of that shape on meet the anchor point on the top of the other ship at the bottom on. I'm gonna do exactly the same here Uncle Point met on those two ships joined. So all that's left now is to introduce those cut out shapes at this section on Dhere to give a nice end to the negative space as per the sketch. But before we do that as mentioned, you want to ensure that all of these shapes of connected as they should be. So we're gonna end outline, Lord, bygone of you outline. And the first thing I want to check is this circle and how this rectangle connects to it. You'll see that the rectangle meets it perfectly at the center point and therefore also meet it perfectly at the west and the east points of the circle. So that's absolutely fine in some cases on my undershoot or overshoot that central point. So checking in outline mortar is beneficial. So scrolling down just to check the rest off the symbol, you see that it meets this line fine there, quarter circle on the rectangle as it does here also. So just scrolling across this joint is fine. Also, as is the one at the bottom scrolling down, you'll see that these joins are fine also adds to the last this joint is perfectly fine as well. Now there is something we can do is the ultimate test, which is quickened symbol. We select all of the shapes. We got the Pathfinder panel beneath shape boards. We click unite, and as a result, our efforts to avoid glitches. We have a perfect, singular shape. 10. Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 1 Part 3: Now it's time to introduce the cut out shapes as mentioned. One will go here at the bend on the other one will be here to form around. It ends to the channel of negative space so that you can see all the shapes that the symbol is composed off. I've undone the previous unite function. This will also allow May to take a copy of the circle. So let's jump in and develop those shapes. I'm gonna want the grid to be your visible for this. So in the layers panel, I'm going to ensure that the eye is present next to the square grids earlier. And I think see what now see the grid. The first thing I want to do is select the rectangle tool with black selected just to match everything else. I'm going to go to this square here, and I'm gonna look at that center point, then ordered by center in pink, hold and shift to keep proportion. I want to pull out a square like so, and I'm gonna meet the edge of the shape din ordered by the pink line here. Now we need to ensure that this is flush with the shapes and not the grid itself. Again, we'll be checking in outline more just to make sure next I'm gonna place a rectangle here I'm gonna go the central point again. But I want to start at this unca point of the shape. Having found that I wanna click drag out to the central point of this square while spring downwards to meet the path of the rectangle below. Once we see the word in a sec with a vertical lying, we know that West send it. So this is the result. So let's go ahead. Ongoing outline more just to check that these shapes are actually flush with the neighbouring shapes on we're gonna turn off the square grade just to judge this so zooming in, we can see that this square has nor gaps and it also doesn't overlap. The overlap wouldn't necessarily be a problem, but the gaps would, in which case we just go ahead and make the corrections here an outline morte Now these shapes could have bean made an outline more. However, a chores preview mortgage just assure you the solid shapes to make things clear. So, looking at the next, we can see that this, too was also find the top is flush with the bottom of the shape appear on those two sides. Meet edge to edge the ship here. And the new ship on the bottom of the new ship on the top of this rectangle. Absolutely fine. So I'm going to switch on the preview moored again on turn the grid back on. So next I'm gonna make a copy of this circle using shift and alter just to drag that across on. And I'm gonna place it in the central point of this Skway you can see in the sect appear as I d like. I don't want to ensure that this circle is on top, which it isn't just gonna color green so we can see it. I'm gonna go to object. Arrange bring front with that. Select that. I'm gonna hold shift and also select that square in the Pathfinder panel beneath shape boards. I'm gonna click minus front now the circles deducted arm. We're left with this nice curve here. So this is all coming together. So taking a copy of the circle again, I'm gonna locate that sent a point off this square down here you'll see in the sector appeared with a circle still selected. I'm gonna color it to see where it is. You can see it's at the back. So I'm gonna go to object, arrange bringing the front without still selected. I'm gonna hold shift. I'm gonna select that rectangle. Also in the Pathfinder panel. I'm going to do the same again beneath shape boards. I want to click minus front, and here is the result again. I'm going to switch off the grid. I'm gonna go into outlying more just to check the shapes. Starting with the first that we drew. This looks absolutely fine. The joint here on the joining down below, moving on the next. We have a perfect joint top on but the sides on the bottom on. Here's the final test joining all ships by selecting unite in the Pathfinder panel. On there we have it. A single perfect uncompleted shape. Onda completed log or design symbol, thoughtful yet simple and at form. It's this technique which can be used to explore undeveloped, effective log or design symbols for any type of business. 11. Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 2 Part 1: So here we have the square grid document once again in the last panel, I'm going to call a square grid. I'm gonna lock us down by clicking next city I for the padlock to appear on the bottom on one click. Create new Leah. I want to rename the sketch like so I'm gonna go to file place. I don't want to look for my sketch file again. There it is. Clicking place. I'm gonna hold shift to keep proportions. Dragon it out on to the converse. Now I'm gonna go to view hide our board just so I have the expanse of the Congress to work within. I don't want to select one of these to work with. Now, I'm going to select this one here because I quite like the way it looks like an eye under letter A So I wanna isolate that. I want to use the rectangle to I want to pull out a square with the square. Still select that I'm gonna hold shift, selecting the sketch in the background. I want to go to object clipping mask make. So now I'm not distracted by the rest on what are a size that so it roughly Muchas those squares on the digital grid. So now I'm ready to begin developing the digital version. Now, before I do so I'm gonna analyze its form. So zooming in slightly I don't see that we have a court of circle here. The rest is pretty much squares or rectangles until we're at this point. This corner is rounded and a consists of the court. A circle here on the quarter circle cut out. We have a right angle corner here on we have the rounded corners again. With the quarter circle on the quarter circle cut out on at the end, it finishes with another quarter circle. So I'm gonna lock their sketch down by going the layers panel and clicking next to the eye until the padlock appears on. Want to create the new earlier? And I'm gonna name it symbol and endlessly at our place, my digital version. So the first thing we need to do is to develop the quarter circles salt with the Ellipse tool someone ago, or cross section on the grid and find an anchor point. I'm gonna hold shift in Ault and pull out a circle so that meat the edges of the surrounding squares like, so I'm just gonna zoom and slightly next. I want to select the rectangle tool to pull out the square, finding the anchor point on the grid holding shift, pulling out a square to meet that central point over the circle, ensuring that the squares on top, which it is given a different call it the confirm holding shift to select the circle as well as the square in the Pathfinder panel beneath shape boards. I want to click in Sect and I'm left with my quarter circle. So now it's time to build the symbol. I'm gonna work on this part first on the left. I wanted to get a copy of this. I'm gonna place it into the square and I'm going to rotate it. I'm just gonna ensure that it's dead inside of the square and you'll see it is by the SEC tax and pink light. Next, you'll see that this is a right angle. And so I'm gonna put the square at this point. Someone account across 41234 And I'm gonna put a square in this area looking for that uncle point. The top left whole and Chef pulling out a square nexus this curve down here. So I'm gonna take a copy of this. I'm gonna rotate it on. I'm gonna place it Foursquare's down from this 1234 on just ensuring that perfectly in place, which it is. Next, you have another right angle at bottom left. So copy in the square, Alton shift. I'm gonna place that in position also. So, making a copy of this again, I want to place this in position. I'm holdin shift a lot that on the vertical because it was in the CME column. So making a copy of this, I'm gonna do the endpoint coming across 212 on. I'm going to rotate this like, so, ensuring it perfectly inside of the squid. So now it's time to join up the shapes, and I'm free to turn off the grid, so I'm not distracted by it. Uncle points to end shoe and meeting the younger points of the actual shapes. So I'm gonna click invisibility for this layer, and I'm gonna zoom in, and I'm simply going to join up these ships using the rectangle tool finding the anchor point at the corners of each shape. So the top right on corner of the ship, I'm gonna follow a rectangle on. Meet the anchor point at the bottom left hand corner of this ship. I want to do the same again. Bottom, right and caller. And I'm gonna meet the top left hand corner of that ship that's joined these two finding the anchor point of finding Young a point on the other. Pulling out was square for this after finding young appointed when adjoining it with the the shape of the bottom. And I'm gonna do the same up here, back down and we'll check in outline mawr just to see if these shapes are as they should bay flush with each other. This looks fine here, as does this double check. Let's hear that looks fine. Also, as does that ask, Does this shape here on these here? So now I'm gonna return back to preview more on the moment of truth to confirm that those ships are joined on one of select all I'm going to go the Pathfinder panel Beneath shape more than one a click unite. And here I have the perfect singular ship on. We're now readied in reduce the cut l chips here. Andi here 12. 9Digitising the Square Grid Symbol 2 Part 2: So let's begin developing the cut out shapes First, I can copy this square across here. Hold and shift. And Ault, I'm gonna move that until the in effect appears on one. A copy. This shape I want to hear. I'm gonna rotate it so that it matches the shape here. And I want to bring it across until it's flush with a square again marked by that in a sect . I'm gonna give it a color that ensure that on the top, which it isn't. So I'm gonna go to object, arrange bring to front with that done and want a select both of these ships. I'm gonna go the Pathfinder pile body shape boards. I'm going to select minus front. And here I am left with this shape on. We have a perfect floor here, which reflects that in the sketch on, because this section here also shares exactly the same shape or Indian there was copied across on Rotate it. So I'm gonna do exactly that With a shift in Ault, I'm gonna rotate that like so and that marks completion off this symbol. All that's left to do is just a double check that it's fine an outline more that all of those shapes are looking good and all look to be that way or flush with each other. Appear on this curves working perfectly with this here, Andi. Everything's looking in order and, of course, what we do as a final test. We select all of these shapes. We got the Pathfinder panel beneath shared boards. We click unite, and there we have a singular perfect sheep saw that another simple yet effective symbol created using the square grid, and this could potentially serve as a quality piece in an appropriate log or design. 13. Square Grid Symbol 3 Part 1: So a square grid document is open again. Here in the layers panel, I have a square grid Lear, which is currently locked. Have a sketch earlier on disassemble leer. So I want to hide the are bored by gonna view hide aboard. So that the full expanse now I'm gonna place the sketch file place. I'm gonna look hit that file on my computer. I wanna click place holding shift key proportions dragging out. And I'm going to select one of these to develop and the one off chosen as this one. A bottom left, simple in its form, but interesting. Non relax. And I want to see you. What, like the make of this? And so I'm going to select the rectangle tool to select the square holding shift to keep proportions. When a dragon out on with that. Still selected. I'm gonna hold shift, selecting the sketch in the background. I'm gonna go object clipping musk. Make Andi, I have this now isolated, so zooming. And I'm just gonna match up those squares on. Once done, I'm gonna lock the sketch in the layers panel by clicking next to the eye until that padlock appears so analyzing the form of this symbol as discussed in the sketching stage. Although this is a singular ship, it gives the impression of three shapes the figure of blades crossing each other. Now, due to the simplicity of the symbol you might be asking, why not just draw this with the pen tool? And you'd be right and asking, Since if you know the principle of the square grid on, you're fairly competent with the PAN tool. You can do exactly that on in a few different ways. If you're more confident and you feel you can navigate around the five by five square area , you could draw the entire ship in one fell swoop. This is actually an enjoyable process to, since it's like a many puzzle personally to tackle assemble, I choose to save time and lay down the three rectangles and at the Court of Circle Points at the end of each. As it happens, if we use the pen tool exclusively, using the grid is a guide. We end up with small imperfections in the quarter circles, and I'll touch upon the soon so let's get practical and developed, assemble and each one of those ways starting with the most difficult. If you can call it that first, we'll do a version drawn as one with the pen to next. We'll do a version developing three shapes and finally will do a version comprising rectangles unquote circles Saw the pen tool selected Onda a black stroke. I'm gonna work as close as possible to the sketch just so I know which role to work on. Also, I need ensure that I'm on the symbol earlier. Some do my work on this eligible there. So let's begin by placing the first unca point a top left on. I'm gonna hold shift to keep it locked onto that vertical. He you'll see it snaps from horizontal, that diagonal 45 to the vertical. So it's useful ahold act on. I'm gonna find that uncle point down here on a click back soon AXA tackle the first point. Now there's a way I'm going to do with this and then I'm gonna show you why it's perhaps inappropriate later. So to do this, I'm gonna click on this anchor point. I wanna hold Chef to keep it locked on the vertical, and I want to drag up the handle until it meets the anchor point above, and I'm left with us pleasing curve here. So moving up here to the next, always using the sketches a guide obviously are moving in the next, moving down, undoing the same as what? I don't here for the curve. When I click on this under point hold on shift, I want to drag the handle up until it meets the young a point above. So doing the next line. Clinton on a point to make it a caller. Otherwise, it would have remained a curve clicking the next one. I'm doing another curve holding, shift clicking tongue. Appoint a top right and dragging up to meet that unca point up a both like soap Clinton Uncle points to make in a corner. Moving across. Finding this anchor point on what's left now other was simple right angles, which I'll draw out like so and finally close this shape. With that done, I can ensure that North Fell is selected under and now select fell to show. The result, which could be considered, is the completed symbol 14. Square Grid Symbol 3 Part 2: So I mentioned previously that when we draw the complete symbol with the pan tool, we're going to come across issues at the curved points, at least those with good. I will come across these issues unless, of course, they're told of it. In reflection of that fact, it's a small issue, but since we strive for tall perfection and log or design, it's something that needs to be mentioned. So let's take a look at the point. Here is an example, obviously all of the same. If we develop a court of Circle Point, as we have done previously, un compare it, you'll see a difference. I'm just going to select the rectangle tool here just to establish the quarter circle. Now what to make the comparison? I'm just gonna flip this around sort matches that of assemble. Ever put this over the top here, give it a different color. You'll see, in fact, that the curve we drew with the pan tool isn't a perfect court of circle here. You'll see that it's actually bulging around this area, so this gives rise to the fact that if we use quarter circles, it's going to give us complete accuracy and that's what we're aiming for now for using Illustrator. There is an alternative from using the court a circle shape. You can use the Ark two now if a click in the top right hand corner of the square on dragged down to meet the bottom left hand corner. Unca point. You see that we have this perfect quarter circle curve just assigning a stroke to that. Let's give it nor 0.25 stroke on. You'll see we have this curve. Now we can draw office curve using the pan, actual clicking the anchor point on continuing a draw. So let's go ahead and redraw this using the Ark tool and the pen tool. So to keep things simple, I'm gonna develop three shape apps and then I'm gonna unite them so ensuring that I have a black stroke selected, I'm going to select the Ark Tool first, and I'm gonna tackle this same point. So clicking the top right hand on a point, clicking down and finding that one a bottom left of the square. I want to do the same for this point here when I click with top right under anchor point on the bottom left on a point on the last here, pop right and anchor point to the bottom. So that's the point. It curves in position for each one of the three shapes are now ready to use the pen tool to draw those rectangles. So I'm gonna work on the first ship with a pan tool selected. I'm gonna click. It's Uncle Point at the bottom. I'm gonna move up here to the Uncle Point at the peak. I'm gonna move to the rights to find that uncle point on. I'm gonna clause that very first shape de selecting using shift command and e on the Mac or shift control and e on the PC, I want to draw the second ship. So clicking on that point at the bottom, moving the unca at top, left under a top, right and closing that shape. But the point de selecting again, I'm going to work on this horizontal shape. So I'm gonna start at this point here. I'm gonna click across the find this on a point. I'm gonna move up on going to close the shape here said, already a select all animal ensure that North Straw was selected on I'm gonna select a fell in this case, black on in the Pathfinder panel beneath shape modes, I'm going to click Unite to make it a singular shape on that marks completion of the symbol composed of three different shapes developed using the Ark tool on the pen tool. 15. Square Grid Symbol 3 Part 3: So let's finish by making assemble with the shapes as we have done previously. So I'm going to select the elects tool. I'm gonna place a circle on the grid here at the cross section off the four squares. I want to pull it out until he meets the edges of the foursquare's using the rectangle to on a droll square. I want to meet the circle at the centre point holding shift to keep proportions. Once done, I'm gonna ensure the fourth of selected in the Pathfinder panel beneath shape boards. And when I click in the sect and I'm left with my perfect quarter circle, which I'm gonna move down holding shift and I'm gonna rotate to reflect the sketch Next, I'm gonna grab the rectangle to on go the anchor point a top left. I'm gonna pull down a rectangle until I meet the anchor point of the shape. And I'm just going to switch off the grid here just to make sure it did do that. And it looks like they're double checking and outlying. Lord, I want to make sure that this is perfect and it seems that it is having nor gaps between those two shapes. So going to preview mode once again switching the grid back on and won a copy of the ship. I want to use Ault and shift the locket on the horizontal. Copy it across and I'm going to reduce this triangle by bringing it up to here That in a sect on obviously, I'm gonna bring up this court. A circle saw that it sits flush. So I'm gonna take this shape now and bring it across and I want to rotate it in place in position by making at flush with the shape on the left On Finally, I'm going to rotate the shape on this. Looks complete. Let's go in the outline. Mortar. Once again, let's hide the grid and safety shapes looking good and it looks like it sends there's nor gaps so zooming out to do the final test and preview more. That's select all these shapes and the Pathfinder panel beneath shape modes. I'm gonna click unite! And here we have that singular shape again on such a simply made symbol. Using square grid could be perfect within the right application 16. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.