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Using a Professional Email Account to Maximize Sales & Decrease Costs

teacher avatar Alan H. Jordan, Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Trailer for Using a Professional Email Account to Maximize Sales and Decrease Costs

    • 2. The negative impact that using a throw-away email has on your credibility/sales.

    • 3. Get More Out of this Course - Use Skillshare's Notes Feature

    • 4. Illustrated Advantages of Using a Professional EMail Account

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About This Class

The chances are that you have an email account something like or or  These work fine, but they don't do squat to help you increase your bottom line.  In this brief class, you'll discover how to cost-effectively create email accounts that will maximize sales and decrease your costs.

Why will you increase your sales? Prospects trust an account like better than they trust an account like It just sounds professional.

Why will you decrease your costs?  Here are four of the reasons. Take this brief course and see how many more reasons you can find. Then, share them with us in Your Project.

  • You'll save time and effort creating accounts,and time is money.
  • You'll have better control over your email accounts, particularly ones that a contractor or employee uses on your behalf.
  • You'll be able to quickly and easily update passwords
  • You'll be able to collect responses to emails from various sources in one place, and analyze the responses. This empowers you to make cost-effective changes in your marketing and customer service efforts.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Alan H. Jordan

Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers



Thanks for stopping by. I'm new to Skillshare, but not to writing and instruction. (I also teach on other platforms.)

I have published over 30 books, hundreds of magazine article, many blog posts and more.

My award-winning book The Monster on Top of the Bed is popular with children and their parents. Check it out on or

My passion is to motivate people, particularly children, to learn to love to read and write.

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1. Trailer for Using a Professional Email Account to Maximize Sales and Decrease Costs: but they're a talent drink. The chances are you haven't email account something like John Me and 2012 at yahoo dot com Or build 2017 at hotmail dot com or Mad Hatter 25 at gmail dot com. These work fine, but they don't do squat to help you increase your bottom line. In this brief quests, you'll discover how to cost effectively, create email accounts, and that will help you to maximize sales and decrease your costs. Why were you increased yourself? Prospects Trusting account like e support at Mahon bed dot com Better than they trust you can't like age. Jordan to support at gmail dot com It just sounds professional. Here are four reasons why you will save money. Take this proof course and seeing your reasons you confined, then share them with us in your project. One. You'll save time and effort, creating email accounts, and time is money to you. Have better control over your email accounts, particularly ones at a contractor uses or that employees is when your behalf three. You'll be able to quickly and easily update passwords for you'll be able to collect responses to emails from various sources in one place and analyzed the responses. This empowers you to make cost effective changes in your marketing and your customer services. Let's talk about your project. I break it in a different deliver bubbles to make it easy. Or if you really are advanced in the way you think about this, you can skip the beginning, deliver balls and jump right into creating email accounts. I think you're going to find it. You're gonna be very happy you took this course for years to come. You're going to be saying that was one of the best investments that I ever made. Don't forget to do your project. If you do your project, you're gonna be really DeLay. But you'll get feedback from other students and I'll try to give you the best help that I can give you. Two. You're going to really, really enjoy this process. Looking forward to seeing you take care now 2. The negative impact that using a throw-away email has on your credibility/sales.: Hi there. It's Alan. And let's talk about trust. Watch what happens when we look at the responsiveness of this search. You can email me at hello at hotmail dot com. You can email me at johnny at yahoo dot com. You Can you nail me at beer? Delius at hotmail dot com. You can email me at rick t o D d gmail dot com. You can email me at rod ca Pulliam at gmail dot com. What do you notice about each of these accounts? I think you're the equivalent of a throwaway cell phone. When somebody doesn't want to get their email anymore, they just don't check it. You can email the at a B c a d e f g dot com. Well, that all depends what d E f G is. Frankly, it sounds like a throwaway to me, and it might not be, but I don't have a lot of faith and trust at it. It just looks like it's not credible or that they're trying to make it easy for somebody to going spend money. Let's look down here at this one. Now that looks like it's a domain name that ties in with I i p management dot com. That seems riel, and the concept is speaking about a commission voice. I believe that that one has some value. How about e Nail your nudes into one new with me at one of dot com? That has a lot of credibility to me. Stitch by Crystal a gmail dot com DOESn't do a watch for May Bill at w m hawker dot work That seems OK, WN Hawker data work might actually be a valid non profit organization, but it makes me trust it more than stitched. What was it up here stitched by crystal a gmail dot com she has stitched by crystal dot com Why doesn't she used an email that ties into that? That's kind of a shame. Let's go look. Next page our new sweaters around Parisienne Nail me, Robert at camp, whatever that has credibility to me. Email me at Bozzi ICOM Care stock net. Okay, Comcast dot net. It's a step above Gmail because it's an I S P, and I believe that if I needed Teoh it or something really went wrong, I could talk to Comcast dot net. Let's look at mail dot med dot u p dot a. D U and noticed that he doesn't want to be spanned because he spelled it out. That has very high credibility for me and the reason it has high credibility. It's an established organization within E. D. U extent, which basically means that it can't be just given away for free. The University of Pennsylvania gives it out. How about Gary at varying your media? That has some credibility for May I like that Robin Moses brushes at yahoo dot com. Sounds like a throwaway thing to May. Now here's something composing. Email include some time I follow up, then CC. So what you're doing is you're using their follow up, then dot com Do me and you're putting a timing I might buy into that. That makes sense to may you unique Call a at yahoo dot com. Hate to put it this way, but it sounds like black slang. What else do we have? E mail me a gary. Add vander media dot com Credible. Please contact me at email Susan 14 63 at gmail dot com Really? Susan spelled wrong number. 1463. Get out of here. You can get a better re male than not. If you're serious, what else do we have? Email me at sea driving school? This isn't even correct. Email address. How could you possibly do that? Let's look at a couple more Gary Bush with daily star dot co dot UK. To me, that's very credible. That's a newspaper outlet in the United Kingdom. I wouldn't worry about sending any now to a person there. It's not like I'm sending email, too, Uh, off a Gmail. What does he say? I like getting mail. Who doesn't like that email? There's a lot of people who don't like getting it. Now. You could reach me a burke. Whatever it is, I want to be far not stalked, but followed. That tells me a while it gets stolen. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I react to it. Let's try one or two more pages just to show you the reactions that I have, and I think a lot of people have Rawson, FX work dot com or Ross Rucci at Gmail here. It gives you a choice. You can go to either one. I might go to find out what FX work that column is if I resent. Let's see what FX work dot com's. We'll go here. We'll create a incognito tab with the FX work dot com. Well, that's a pretty valuable site. I happen to think that this might be highly credible. It's about special effects and a professional creature of excellent off effects artist. I had to push your creating, contributing many my characters in film and television. I think that guy's got a lot of credibility. What about you to go back and look at a couple more evening on the senator? Schwank. Let's see what this guy says. Okay, this is credibility because it's an official senator. But you're not using an email using a form, and you could be pretty. Do ensure that form is going to get to your state senator. That's highly credible, but it's not email address that you have. She hasn't won tons of span. Now let's look at some websites. Let's look at a site that once you give them money, do you think they use a Gmail account? Absolutely not. It's giving a u N R E D. What about Harper when they must home? What about Harbored? Were pretty well known when they want you to give them money to ask for gifts at harvard dot e. Do you? Then let somebody use a throwaway address like Harvard University at gmail dot com. Whatever. Thanks. Try to find a place to send an email in the city bank's site or in this chase site. You won't do it because before you can send him any now, you have to log in and then you can find a place to send a secure email. Just goes to show you. When somebody really insists on trust, they're not gonna take even a regular email. They're gonna want even more security. How about Easter Seals? They want you to donate money and they use a subscription. They also use SMS. Uh, you can find out more about what they do, probably, but it's not easy to find an email on this. They don't want to take you. Oh, here it is. Let's say Easter seals contact us. There you go. Easter seals Info at Easter seals dot com. Do you get the idea when you have a domain name, you have credibility when you have an email I can't associated with that domain name, you have more credibility. Why would you want todo and sacrifice all of your hard earned work using an account? There's likely to be considered to be a throwaway account, just like people by throwaway phones. Utah. If you're investing your time and your money and your energy and you are going to do marketing, get a new email account that helps you don't use a throw. 3. Get More Out of this Course - Use Skillshare's Notes Feature: Hello, it's Alan. In this video, I'm going to show you how to take advantage of the notes Future of Skill Shirt to enhance your enjoyment of my classes and other classes. Noticed that we are at 53 seconds into a video and it is paused. And then when I'm off the video, you don't see anything special. But when I put my cursor on top of the video, we get this bar to pop up in the bars of UAL Notes section. If you click on that, something magic happens. You actually get to see the news that you and other people have put in in the public. Now let's click on two minutes and 20 seconds. We immediately go to that part of the video two minutes of 20 seconds on you can look at what? That your comment. Waas Here We're talking about Jake's profile, the actress 10 classes and it takes us right to Jakes profile, and now I'm jumping to one of my classes, and I want to show you that if you were in a place he notes on there, you would find that I have made in nude or two in many of the lectures, and I'm encouraging you to add your own newts. You can go in here if you're gonna make a private Newton just quick. Only me and only you will see that where you can make it a public note and put in whatever you want to say here and then post it. And if you do that that other people will be able to see it. Of course, it makes sense at a Newt that really has some value. Not just a bunch of s is in case. The point is you will be able to jump directly to the points in this video that are most important to you. If you make notes also, you'll be able to see what other people say if they had made in public. This can greatly enhance your enjoyment in my courses. I hope that you will use this feature and enjoy. Take care now 4. Illustrated Advantages of Using a Professional EMail Account: Hi, it's Alan Jordan. I use DGS to dot net to register my demeans and to quickly prepare email accounts that provided tremendous man flexibility. Here are few itty advantages off having a DGS to .net email account. You can use professional sounding email names versus throwaway names, things like Hotmail accounts, Yahoo accounts that people often perceive. It's just having the real value. You can create email accounts for single use purposes. You can create and easily open email accounts on the fly. For different users, these users might be employees. They might be contractors. They could even be a vendor that you want to have an email account. You can create highly customized order responders, which what you get back to people right away right away, you can monitor the efforts of contractors and employees you can respond to. Behalf of employees and contractors doesn't cost very much, and you can create customizable emails with the single quick, just quick one button, and you got an email already to send out after you customize it. Let's look at some of these advantages. For example, if you were to look at customer in tow at big business benefits dot com that sounds a lot more professional than customer info. BBB at hotmail dot com or a lot more and much more pressure old and w e er 12467 at yahoo dot com If you were to look at e support at lbc l l c dot com that really sounds like a countess dedicated towards providing support on the Internet or Elektronik Lee. Hi Rohan. Celebrity magic dot com doesn't make a lot of sense unless you happen to know that you are using a Harrow account. Hacen at big business benefits sounds much more professional than Hasaan. 127652 at yahoo dot com Herbert LBC L. L C. Sounds like somebody who's going to reach out to be friendly to you when you're right. An inflated vantage press dot com sounds like you're going to send some information into a mailbox that's going to be reviewed by several people. Let's talk about the advantages of DDS to dot net with creating email accounts for single purposes. So kick start Mon bed and Monberg dot com sounds like a crowd funding effort through Kickstarter and this one kindle or big business benefits dot com goes very well. If you're giving away a kindled everybody who sends in a message to you and you hook up in order responder and gang to get the answer right away, you can create email accounts on the fly for lots of different users. So the advantage of doing this of having a lot of different users that you can create email accounts on the fly for is that you can have different you RL's and each you are. L can have its own email accounts that are relevant, and you don't have to spend a lot of money going out and getting Yeah, 18 different accounts. You have one master account where you can do all this with all the girls that you have registered through. DDS to dot net. You can watch any email without remembering it's password, because all you do ever hear this hit the launch button on the and it opens up. So the avenge of doing that is, if you've got 12 different accounts for different people, you don't have to remember each person's email address and each person's log in information . You just go to a central location hit the launch button and check out what's happening in what they're progresses. Oh, and by the way, you can change your passwords pretty easily, too, or you do is quickly nous and enter a new password. You can create highly customized order responders. That means you can start it a certain time, ended a certain time. You can put in exactly the message that you want to say and you contested before you use it . You can respond on behalf of your users. You just once their account, look at what their responses are from the emails they sent out after sick or if they're unable to handle something, cause they don't have enough of the skill set. Simply respond on their behalf and then asked him to look at the response. You start now. You can monitor the efforts of your users What I mean by that I mean, you go into the different user accounts and you look at what they're saying and this is great for training new people because then you can point out what they've done right and what they could improve upon. But don't forget to point out what they've done right. That's really important. You can create customizable e mails with a single quick. This is done by using a template. It's a template that when you click on it creates an email for you. And then you just put in certain information that is particular to that email. Very, very good. Sort of like using a word template. But when steroids. Now let's talk about what you might want to do with ease and how you could please share your thoughts with community as each person shares. All of us will benefit. So go to your project, your quest project, and do a few deliver Bols. It's a good idea to do a delivery herbal before you try to do a great big thing. There's a lot to learn in this section, and I think you're better off taking it in small bite size chunks first. If you don't mind, tell me how you can use email accounts that sound professional to get better results and then tell me when you would hire someone was service like Fiverr dot com and give them an email account to use on European half. I'll give you a hint by creating email account. I allow them to use it. And if it doesn't work out well, and sometimes things in fiber don't work out well, I control the email account. So I just changed the password and a story. They can't send out any really nasty emails or anything like that. Tell me when you would respond on behalf of one of your hires. So you have these email accounts here that you can monitor on that they can use to. When would you go into it and see what they've written and possibly write a response? Would it be winner in training? Perhaps it's when yours a crucial sale that has to be made. Maybe it's if they ask you. It helped them think about that and tell us what you would do now. These air some optional activities. They're optional because most of them cost money. I don't want to see anybody spend money when they don't want to. But the 1st 1 is free, which is Go to DDS to dot net and open an account, then purchase one or more Domain names were going over this earlier, and of course you know why you'd want to purchase a domain name. You probably have a feeling for domain names you'd like to purchase by this point in time and create a master email account that allows you to make multiple email accounts when a mix and match basis. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean this where you have Kindle at big business benefits dot com. Who is a jeweled planet dot com. Manu Ella underscored allen at Mondi dot com. These air multiple email accounts going to different domains, and it would be need if you create one of these and activated order respond to you were no little pit out of that. This is very optional. Don't do this. Wait, wait. Hire A freelancer could be a part time freelance or somebody. It's only working five hours a week or something like that, and a sign them an email account that you can monitor. How are you? Could just share it with them Once again, If you're hiring Jennifer, you might be jen at and then a domain name. You pick. This is mondeo dot com that relates to in the Monster on Top of the Bed, which is a Children's book that I wrote. If you want some fun. Go to mon bed dot com and check it out. Or go to one of the sites where they sell my book, the monster on top of the bed, like amazon dot com and buy a copy. I think you really like it. I hope you enjoy these money making email features. They're available to your dgs to dot net, and they're probably available on a lot of other sites. But each I S P has its own rules and its own regulations, And I'm afraid I can't really help you with how to do it on the other ones. If you stick with DJ s two dot net and you have a question or a problem and you post it for everybody to know about, I'll be able to help you. Well, best of luck. And I'm looking forward to hearing how you're doing. Keep me updated in her quest project. Take care of