Using Tarot for Successful Decisions: How to Get Guidance from Tarot Major Arcana | Elsabe Smit | Skillshare

Using Tarot for Successful Decisions: How to Get Guidance from Tarot Major Arcana

Elsabe Smit

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About This Class



Learning to use tarot cards can be daunting. The cards contain so much information, and the meanings can differ for each person and situation.  This course aims to provide details on the symbols captured in the tarot major arcana cards, and helps you apply the knowledge to your problems and challenges.  You don’t need to recall or memorise loads of information.  You only need to respond to specific questions on the card you draw, to get guidance on your challenge.

Master Tarot Major Arcana Easily Using the Card Sequence and Symbols to Guide You

  • The journey through life and the conflict resolution process
  • Explanations of the symbols on the cards and their meanings
  • Specific questions and guidance relating to the content of the card.
  • Quick and impartial guidance when you need it

 Be Inspired by Tarot Major Arcana to Find New and Different Solutions to Your Challenges

There’s no reason for you to always consult an expert on tarot when you are facing challenges.  You won’t always have the time or money to find a trustworthy expert to guide you.

 By mastering the details on the tarot major arcana cards, you’ll see your challenges from different angles, and find innovative solutions.  The hidden language in tarot card illustrations contain the key to information that will guide you through every step of finding the best solution for you.  You’ll also understand why you’ll always have a challenge to resolve, and how your solutions get better as you grasp the steps in the journey through the four gateways of life.

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 35 lectures and more than 100 minutes of content.  It’s designed for people who don’t know tarot or the tarot major arcana journey, and who want to become familiar with the cards and their meanings and applications.   People who have some knowledge of tarot and want to use the cards for finding different solutions to their problems and challenges will also benefit.

 In this course, you’ll discover the four gateways through life and how they contribute to resolving conflict and obstacles.

 You’ll become familiar with the richness of the illustrations and symbols on each of the cards, and the information and knowledge that is captured on each card.

 Finally, you’ll get access to specific questions that are unlocked by each card, and guidance from the wealth of symbolic knowledge on each of the cards.

 By the end of the course, you’ll be familiar with the entire conflict resolution journey that you repeat all the time in all areas of your life.  However, now you’ll be more awarene and understand the journey and its purpose.  You’ll also be able to draw a card, and consult the relevant lecture to find the questions and guidance for you to focus on.  You’ll identify the one or two aspects that relate to your issue, and be able to move forward towards a solution. This process will also guide you towards using your intuition safely.

 You’ll do a quiz at the end of each section, to confirm your new knowledge of the meaning and content of each card.

 Who is the target audience?

  • People with no knowledge of tarot or the tarot major arcana journey, who want to become familiar with the cards and their meanings and use.
  • People with some knowledge of tarot who want to use the cards for finding different, individual solutions to their problems and challenges.

 If you want to start a business consulting for others on tarot, then this course is not for you.





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Elsabe Smit is an international psychic and spiritual, personal and business coach.

She has published numerous books based on her unique approach to life and spirituality.

Elsabe does strong, unique psychic readings without using any cards or other aids, and has confirmed the information she obtained in this way by researching various branches of science and philosophy.

Her courses are based on her wide knowledge and practical approach, aiming at helping people to un...

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