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Using Tarot for Successful Decisions: How to Get Guidance from Tarot Major Arcana

Elsabe Smit

Using Tarot for Successful Decisions: How to Get Guidance from Tarot Major Arcana

Elsabe Smit

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26 Lessons (1h 36m)
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About This Class



Learning to use tarot cards can be daunting. The cards contain so much information, and the meanings can differ for each person and situation.  This course aims to provide details on the symbols captured in the tarot major arcana cards, and helps you apply the knowledge to your problems and challenges.  You don’t need to recall or memorise loads of information.  You only need to respond to specific questions on the card you draw, to get guidance on your challenge.

Master Tarot Major Arcana Easily Using the Card Sequence and Symbols to Guide You

  • The journey through life and the conflict resolution process
  • Explanations of the symbols on the cards and their meanings
  • Specific questions and guidance relating to the content of the card.
  • Quick and impartial guidance when you need it

 Be Inspired by Tarot Major Arcana to Find New and Different Solutions to Your Challenges

There’s no reason for you to always consult an expert on tarot when you are facing challenges.  You won’t always have the time or money to find a trustworthy expert to guide you.

 By mastering the details on the tarot major arcana cards, you’ll see your challenges from different angles, and find innovative solutions.  The hidden language in tarot card illustrations contain the key to information that will guide you through every step of finding the best solution for you.  You’ll also understand why you’ll always have a challenge to resolve, and how your solutions get better as you grasp the steps in the journey through the four gateways of life.

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 35 lectures and more than 100 minutes of content.  It’s designed for people who don’t know tarot or the tarot major arcana journey, and who want to become familiar with the cards and their meanings and applications.   People who have some knowledge of tarot and want to use the cards for finding different solutions to their problems and challenges will also benefit.

 In this course, you’ll discover the four gateways through life and how they contribute to resolving conflict and obstacles.

 You’ll become familiar with the richness of the illustrations and symbols on each of the cards, and the information and knowledge that is captured on each card.

 Finally, you’ll get access to specific questions that are unlocked by each card, and guidance from the wealth of symbolic knowledge on each of the cards.

 By the end of the course, you’ll be familiar with the entire conflict resolution journey that you repeat all the time in all areas of your life.  However, now you’ll be more awarene and understand the journey and its purpose.  You’ll also be able to draw a card, and consult the relevant lecture to find the questions and guidance for you to focus on.  You’ll identify the one or two aspects that relate to your issue, and be able to move forward towards a solution. This process will also guide you towards using your intuition safely.

 You’ll do a quiz at the end of each section, to confirm your new knowledge of the meaning and content of each card.

 Who is the target audience?

  • People with no knowledge of tarot or the tarot major arcana journey, who want to become familiar with the cards and their meanings and use.
  • People with some knowledge of tarot who want to use the cards for finding different, individual solutions to their problems and challenges.

 If you want to start a business consulting for others on tarot, then this course is not for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elsabe Smit


Elsabe Smit is an international psychic and spiritual, personal and business coach.

She has published numerous books based on her unique approach to life and spirituality.

Elsabe does strong, unique psychic readings without using any cards or other aids, and has confirmed the information she obtained in this way by researching various branches of science and philosophy.

Her courses are based on her wide knowledge and practical approach, aiming at helping people to understand the mystery of Love and Life, so that they can regain control of their lives.

See full profile

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1. Final Video: welcome to the course, using terrible, successful decisions. I'll teach you to use that they're a major are gonna cost a week and powerful guidance. We knew in a tricky situation and you need an owns it now you will not need to share personal information or pay someone to help you decide. My name is Elsa B. Smith. I've been practicing as a psychic for clients all over the world for nearly 20 years. I'm also the published author off 10 Kindle and eight audiobooks on various aspects of spirituality on Amazon and more to come. I've studied Tello because I was curious about lots of information I received by a psychic readings and without using any cards. I wanted to confirm the information because I'm also a skeptic, and I wanted to find physical proof off what I was telling clients. This course will explain how you can Mike Baker decisions by using terror major or colonel cards. You'll discover the difference between major and minor of Karnataka cards. Each car to draw will have a clear message for you. When you follow them. Use it. You'll discover what is holding you back and deal with any obstacles You'll also find some new and different solutions to difficult problems that often take time to resolve. There is no single right answer. These are the skills you have. At the end of the course. You'll know how to find quick and impartial guidance in situations where you need to move forward. I know that data can be daunting because there are so many guards and so much spice for reading between the lines and gays were This course will provide easy guidance so that you can focus on the right questions and answers for your situation. The questions raised by each of the cards will help you to think out off the books and find creative solutions. You'll answer questions that you've never thought off and find ways to resolve your problems that don't work for you. If you've ever been curious about using intuition in business or in the relationship, this course will teach your help to use and improve your intuition safely. You'll see your problem from different angles that you never thought of before and find good solutions. You'll like innovative decisions based on the ancient knowledge that's captured in the drawings on each of the guards. You only use the 22 powerful major Khanna cards rather than the whole deck. This will give you much more specific and focused guidance, and you get from 72 possible cards. The girls will give you clear guidance from each guard and help you focus on the problem and the questions that you need to answer. You won't need to get what to do next. Each God gives you specific guidance. All you need to do is accept the guidance and act on it. There'll be no need for you to pay someone else for guidance. You can get it yourself by consulting the guards not more than once a week. The course will teach you why you should not use the cards more often than once a week. The course focuses on using better cards for problem solving. You'll not get any general information that still makes you wonder whether you got it right . You will not need to case what the meaning off the Gardez. Nobody will profit from you consulting the cart. Other than that, you get peace of mind and clear guidance in any area of your life where you need to make decisions. The courts will give you some background on the history of data cards and what they mean. You'll become familiar with terror journey and the information and wisdom that has been hidden in plain sight on each card for hundreds off years. You'll understand how each major Khanna card can help you find a better solution and make more informed decisions. Your focus on specific questions raised by the car and find answers that that apply to your Putin or situation. This course is for you. If you need to find practical solutions for complicated or even the routine problems, the course will work for you if you're responsible and take ownership of your own life and your actions. The course will also be a good introduction if you're curious about the spiritual side of life. But you're a skeptic like me, and you like dealing with facts. If you want to develop your own intuition, this course will help you understand how to use the better cards so that you can benefit immediately and be clear on what to focus on next. Off course. If you're not satisfied with the content, you'll have your money back guarantee from the supplier. Thank you for your interest in using terror for successful decisions. Why not join me right now and start getting quick and impartial guidance from an ancient source off knowledge and wisdom? I look forward to helping you with your journey. 2. 01 Module 1 part 1 2: welcome to the course, using better for successful decisions. My name is Elsa, Be Smit. That, of course, have been fascinating for many people. For as long as we can remember, I've also scared many people because they are cards with names such as the Devil and Face. When people ask for a terrorist E and these cards or the tower come up in the reading like its scale, and I don't want to know anything about the guards, they simply assume that the courts getty bad news and that those who understand the language of data are to be feared. There are many theories about the origins off the guards. I will just tell you about some off the here. One theory is that the Knights Templar had access to mystical knowledge that they wanted to protect against the Christians. The Knights Templar was a holy order of knights and warriors from around that time off the Crusades. Various crusades were launched about 1000 years ago by the Catholic judge. We wanted to conquer Jerusalem and three Christians from Muslim rule. It appears that the Knights Templar had access to a court knowledge or secret knowledge off many subjects, including the Kabbalah and the three off Life. The Kabbalah is a book off Abriel teachings that describes the basic truths off the universe. The Kabbalah contains information on science, a six or the knowledge of what's right and wrong and the reality off us. Living on ISS, The Kabbalah describes a diagram that is called the Three off Life. This symbol off a cosmic three or three off life indicates out everything on Earth and in even fits together, and it is referred to in many different religious traditions. Apparently, the Knights Templar wanted to find a way to keep all the mystical or secret knowledge they wanted to have access to it in a way that would be quite visible but at the same time only be available to the initiated or those who they believed should have the knowledge. Other people believe that the knowledge one time thing that I was carried forward as part off the gypsy tradition the Gypsies are people will live in a medical life like Don't has a home in one place, and they travel from one area to another. It may be, but they originally came from Egypt and therefore they were called Gypsies. This belief was probably boast on the dark complexion and the exotic and colorful trace. The Gypsies speak a unique language. Gold Germany, which originates some sense script a language had evolved on the Indian subcontinent, so it is possible that they've migrated from India. People tend to think off Gypsies as always, being involved with better cards and fortune telling. A certain group believe that terror was created in the 15 century when the printing press was invented. They think this because the oldest known copies off terror cards are printed cards, no hand thrown car starting before the printing presses have been found. Yet it may be that until the invention off the printing presses, the knowledge was transferred from one generation to the next by using Orel storytelling. How old batteries, where it comes from, isn't that important. The information that's contained in terror is far more important. In the next module, you'll discover more about the terror major Khanna cards and how you can use them for problem solving 3. 02 Module 1 part 2: in this module, you'll get an overview off. The terrible major are gonna in a take off that of course, you'll find Major Khanna and Minor are gonna the major Khanna cards unnumbered in the Roman numerals from zero, which is the fool two x x i or 21 which is the world. You get this list off new models as a separate hand out in the next module. The rest of the courts are the minor are gonna like ordinary playing cards. The minor are Khanna. Card consists off four groups off cards. Each group start with an ice and ends with the king. One group is known as tentacles. You can see the round coin on each card because spectacles they represent material things like money and how you deal with them in your daily life. The cards with the Schwartz on represent intellect. For example, when you say a person as a sharp mind, the short cards indicate how you manage your career and work life. The guards marked with cups represent your emotional eyes as in the same my couple months over with joy. The final group off cards, a present spiritual matters and they all asked once on him, like the ones used farm additions to create magic over time, a version off the minor Akane attend into the playing cards that we used today in casinos and for entertainment at home. In this course, you will not look at the minor off Ghana cards in detail. That's a discussion for another day. You just need to be a way way off the different decks off minor are Khanna cars because this symbols are also used on the major or Ghana cards. Imagine are gonna guards tell the story off your journey through life. I tell you what you can expect. Do you remember that Shakespeare wrote the poem called The Seven Ages Off Men. In this poem, he describes the last off a man in these stages. First is the helpless baby who needs to be noticed and taken care off all the time. Then there's the complaining schoolboy. We'll find fault with everything, even though he doesn't know that much. Next, you have the emotional lover who is willing to commit to another person and have a relationship. Then you have the devoted soldier who fights for what is right and protect weaker people. Next comes the wise judge who has seen life and become clever. Eventually we get to the clueless old man who needs help and care again. And then there is the corpse will leave this world. The terror major are Khanna cards followed the same boss, but the cards described the journey in 22 steps. And no, the days card doesn't relate to the old man becoming a coupes. You will love the meaning off the day's card When you get to it. People like to think off better as cards that are only used by some psychics to provide information on where you are now. On what the future holds for you, however, this much more the data. The's cards contain a rich collection of information that can be used for many purposes, that you know that they are writers who use the major or Khanna to design these story plots and to help him create good story lines. You will use the cards to get insight into your earthly journey through life and to help you use your wisdom to resolve your problems that courts themselves don't provide solutions , but they do provide access to solutions that you confined inside yourself. Don't worry, it will be fun, and you will learn a lot off useful stuff. Each one off the cultural use has a general meaning because each card represents and archetype what's an archetype? It's a typical example off a person or a sing. If I refer to a clown, you know the clown is different from a priest, so you can refer to clowns and priests as archetypes. What's fascinating about instead of major account of cards is that each card represents an architect that you already know well in your unconscious. That's below the surface. With this course, you will be reminded off this knowledge you already have and how you can draw on the knowledge to resolve problems in a manner of speaking. The court will not resolve your problem, but it will be for your brain to the based solution in the library Off solutions at your disposal. Then you can act with confidence on each of the guards. You'll see highlighted items and people. You'll discover how these items and people are symbols that carry specific meanings. For example, this thing's car remind you off your own inner strength that you often forget about. We dumbs are tough. When the tarot card is reversed, it has the opposite meaning. For example, when the Sun Strengths card is pulled from a date but shown with the woman and lion upside down, you are reminded of how you don't recognize or use your inner strength. In this course, you'll focus on the meanings off the major are gonna and how they explained the four gateways off life. 4. 03 Module 1 part 3 2: first guideway is childhood, where you learned the rules off life and what tools are available for you to use your parents and other adults, teach you how to do things and what you should believe You didn't move into the guideway off adolescence. You experiment on your own and discover what works for you and what doesn't make sense to you. This is where your question but your parents and other authority figures have told you, You like to think you know bigger and you learn from your mistakes. The search gateway lead you to adulthood When you're an adult. He has a lot more clarity on what you believe and what no longer Mike seems to you. For example, your parents might have believed in giving your good hiding when you were naughty. But as an adult, you choose. Do the other, explains things to your Children and help them. Mike. Better choices. The fourth and final gateway lead you into wisdom. Will you prove your complete mastery of the teachings from your life? Younger people look up to you and that Ask your advice with these decisions and choices. These guide ways aren't related to help Old you are. I really liked you where you are in the process off resolving a problem or conflict when you use the better cards for decision making, the courts related to the problem you want to resolve and not to your age. For example, in your past, still life you get to an age where you get a little things you no longer me because you want to make your life simple. This step is represented by the day's card and in your journey you will get through this stick when you are well into the adulthood face. However, when you think of a problem and you drew the days car, the question isn't how old you are, but how much you have experienced in life. The question is whether you are making the problem or complex entities or whether you need to find a simpler and more effective solution. If you do the modules in this course in sequence, you get an overview off the journey. If you don't already own a takeoff data cards, you can print copies off the major. Are Khanna costs from the Internet? Let me tell you how you will get familiar with the guards put the full down as distinct it off a circle. The challenge that Major are gonna cost in a clockwise circle around the food, beginning with the magician. Follow the Roman numerals on the cards, starting with one or I and ending with x x I following the hand out in the next module to get the sequence right. 5. 09 Module 2 part 2 Final: the fool has no number. All the number is zero, which is eternal and unlimited. The full describes you as the child while you journey through life the foolish, ignorant and knows nothing about life or what lies. A. You walked over the cliff into the unknown, just like a baby. Relief the wound and gets born and then needs to learn how to breathe, Walk and survive the Seder in the hay trees off the food. The first to mark the Egyptian goddess off truth who had a hostage feather in her hair trees just like Mart War has seen it. You come into this life to learn many things so that you can decide for yourself what the truth is. The white nose on the car means that you have a new beginning. You have a clear worthless, namely, could live your last, the things you want, that's simple. And you don't as a me he didn't agendas. For example, when you are a baby and you cry for food if you're hungry, you don't think off manipulating your mother and you don't want food. If you aren't hungry, your intentions are clear and pure, like a white that owes the dog is an ordinary domesticated. Oh, this dog is barking and tries to present the food from leaping into the unknown. The dog is like one of those watchdogs who are self, frankly, that they'll jump on the burglar toe welcome them rather than texting away. The dog isn't a Greece is like a wild wolf, but the law that wants to hold the food back. The dog doesn't want the full to do the journey, but this fool is doing excited and ambitious. I didn't notice that the dog is more careful and not a grace is like a wall tools. What is the food tell you about your decision? Firstly, you are at the beginning off the journey. You don't get no what you're letting yourself in for. You don't have clarity it on what the new issue is that you need to resolve. You will learn a lot while dealing with this issue because, like the soldier are walking into the unknown, you must be willing to learn. Certainly, if you think you know it all already, think again. You don't know what will happen when you step over that age sink. If there was anything that you might have been negligent about. What have you not considered? Even though it's a really important as this problem being created? Because you saw it, you knew everything that the problem occur because you were not there to ensure the light. Things happen at the basics are in place. Next you will meet the magician. 6. 10 Module 2 part 3: your first listening. Your journey through life is with the magician. The figure that looks like a sideways eight above the hit of the magician shows the knowledge off the magician is eternal. That figure represents eternity, which has no beginning or end. The magician holds up one off. The point is you want to heaven and the other arm points down to Earth. He's telling you that the heavens are reflected on theirs. Remember, you learned about the Kabbalah, which contains the April mystical teachings. The Kabbalah tells you that there's another dimension or place from where you get inspiration or ideas by using the words as above so below. With these arms pointing in the line upwards and downwards, magicians shows you that is bringing knowledge from above or heaven to be long or remember even isn't necessarily a place up in the clouds. This isn't symbolic pose, which tells you these knowledge somewhere else, and you are accessing that knowledge and bringing it to where you are. The items on the table represent the minor are Khanna. Remember in a previous module, you briefly let the meanings off. The four groups off minor are Khanna cards only beaten here. Duty, spatial memory. The pentacle represents material things and how you deal with him in your daily life. The pentacle is associated with the element on earth. When you say a person is down to earth, you mean there's no pretences? The, um three. Tactful and they're quite forthright. The sort indicates how you manage your career and work life. Have you heard the expression? He's an air hate. This means a person isn't very clever because there's too much air in his head on a more serious. Now, the sort relates to the element off air, which is associate ID with intelligence and creativity. For example, when you say a person has a sharp mind cup, the presidential emotional life as in the same my Cup announced L Z was Joy. We associate the cups with the elements off water because when you cry with sadness or joy , you let the tears off. Water so want represents spiritual matters like the ones used by magicians to create magic . The wonder is often used to create fire, and that also refers to your spiritual side. Besides, which gives you fashion and guard your major decisions in life. The magician tells you. But these dummies magic with his want you must now decide in which direction you want to move to lend your mind, Lee, since in life you choose your life pass before you incarnate into this life. And the magician ask you to concern that decision. If you don't believe in reincarnation, do you own research to find the science behind it? The flowers on the magician guard our roses and lilies. These are cultivated flowers and they tell you that you are here. Two cult divide haven on s like you heard before even isn't the place. But there are that a mind Cito attitude where you are closest to your natural through loving self. The magician wants to help you clarify the based approach to take with your problem. Do you want to apply this sort of your mind and find a solution with the facts are clear is the problem involves people and relationships You might want to rather at the more into this approach off the emotional cup. Are you a creative problem solver who will use the magicians? Want to create something new that will resolve your problem? Oh, do you want to see a physical solution that you can even buy with your spectacles. The petition also asks what you are really concerned about. Do you have clarity on what the problem is? When you choose the object that feels out for you, you'll be steered in the direction that's most appropriate for the problem. Maybe you just need to decide what the true problem is. Don't resist the solution. Remember, there is nothing new under the sun, and you might want to reject the solution that you've never used before. But that might be perfect for your problem. You will now meet the hybrids stays. 7. 11 Module 2 part 4: you've now chosen your destiny and you meet the hype is this. She offers you the mysteries of life and off inner knowledge. The high priestesses, the garden off the great library off all knowledge and wisdom. This library is also known as they are Caution records, which contains a book on each of us, including you. This legendary book documents your entire existence and everything else in the universe that's linked to you. The high Priestess keeps all records and our memories. The twin pillars on either side of the high Priestess represent yard, which is yes or positive energy and base, which is no or negative energy. The Harper States is neutral. She doesn't judge or discriminate the pillars. Are they doing mind you that you have the power to say either yes or no, but you aren't using that power yet. You can choose light or darkness, and the time will come for you to choose the hybrids. Thes holds the Tora, which could refer to the Jewish law and traditions. However, in terror, the tour represents the collective unconscious for those things that you know but only become a weight off as and when you required them. Here is an interesting example of what the collective unconscious means. He schooled the hundreds monkey. You think some scientists who is studying the behaviour of monkeys on the Japanese island. They state the monkeys sweet potato starch directly from the earth did. One day a monkey decided to watch he sweet potato in the river water. This might the sweet potato taste matchmaker because there was no more grinding is and mud on the soup potato. Over time, about six years, all the monkeys on the island first washed the sweet potatoes in water before eating them. These scientists noted that monkeys on other islands and even on the other side of the ocean out of the blue started washing the sweet potatoes in water as well before eating them. It's some unseen level that simple knowledge traveled from one small group to other groups were no physical contact, and soon, most monkeys in different parts of the world. We're washing the off the food before eating. It seems that we got this confirmation off the collective unconscious only in the last century, but the knowledge was captured on the terror cards long before that. The count off the hybrid city shows the waxing full and waning moon. This links to the Celtic mythology where the i breast. This is reflected by the woman who is the maiden, the mother and the crown all in one person. The cults were an ancient race that inhabited parts of Europe and the United Kingdom. A few 1000 years ago they were politest, which means they worship different gods. The waxing moon, the presents feminine energy or the maiden who is filter the full moon reminds you off. Mystery, as in the mother who has all the answers and dispose of practical and loving the waning moon remind you of your own wisdom with a groan or grandmother has all the wisdom off a lifetime and probably even psychic abilities. The moon under the feet of the high priest states also reminds you off the inner knowledge that you already has embroidered background behind the high Priestess contains palm leaves . In some religions, families are used to signify wolf power and the victory off the faithful. You can also see pomegranates. They signify desire and fertility. You gave it these two plants from the seeds off. New possibilities cross to give it with the Tora shows that the high Priestess learns from different traditions without judgment. What guidance do you get from the high priest days? She tells you two. Always trust your feelings and inner knowledge, especially in the stun off change. Don't get us. Sit back and listen. Remember that you will get sore with the combination off sites and desire. What do you desire and what are you willing to work hard for? Because you believe easily. You need to remind yourself off what you are passionate about and then look for new possibilities. The high priest ease also tells you that there is something you have only surface knowledge off. She encourages you to dig deep it before you decide. Remember, you have access to the collective unconscious. You make the increase next. 8. 12 Module 2 part 5: that out off the Empress's to teach you about your feminine side. It doesn't matter with the Euro mile or FEMA. We all have a feminine site, which we display by being emotional, loving and caring. The embraces the mother figure, and she has control over the forces off night here, her pearl necklace reminds you off the seat off creation. The Empress takes pride in what she does. She's a home lover and comfort there. The heart shaped shield also indicate such is very protective towards the people she loves . The female symbol off a circle with a cross, a mind you off femininity. The wonderful indicates that she is a caring and protective person, just like a waterfall provides pure drinking. Would that while you can hide behind the four embraces the same person as the high Priestess, and she also represent your inner self. How is it the IMF initially presents a different side of the character of the hybrids days , namely the material and physical sign. Many green plants on the card, don't you that she represents the material side of life. The more comfortable zone shows that the Empress is a more mature version off the high priest days. The increase with account off stars, which tells you she has a mystical connection to the heavens she also holds, is sick there, which tells you that she's in control and has power over life. The Empress asks you to consider this at lies. What's unraveling what's being created here. Hey, lacks and you'll see more. You are in control. You must focus on the task at hand and keep your feet on the ground at the same time. You need to keep listening to your inner voice. Be jingle advocating. This starts with you. You need to first get about yourself so that you will have the energy to care about other people. You now have an appointment with the impotent. 9. 13 Module 2 part 6: The emperor teaches you how to be independent and grow. You shows you your masculine side. The emperor sits on a sound made of stone, which is firmly in the material world. The emperor shows his masculinity with four grams IDs which will present Mars or the Ram in the Zodiac. They are four Ramsey's and I represent the four corners off the world. The number four is also quite significant in many different religions and philosophies. For example, in Buddhism, the other four noble truths which formed the basis off the philosophy in paganism. The other four elements, namely, is a fire and water. In Christianity. They are four gospels in Judaism. The Dietrich limit on contains four liters, namely why H W H, which is the name of God. In Hinduism, they are four Vader's or holy scripts. They are four archangels in Islam, and there are many more examples. This tells you that the emperor is the master off divine law and wisdom. The emperor has a white beard like the ancient off days who is mentioned in the Kabbalah. Although is a loving father figure, he can be stand when necessary. The embitter doesn't show any emotion. He tells you to get mental clarity by getting rid off. Your excessive emotion he holds is sickening in the shape, often junk. In one hand, the monk is an Egyptian ridiculous, which tells you the emperor controls life. He holds a globe in his other hand. This tells you that is firmly in judge and it dominates the Earth. The Emperor did issue this stead. Advice. Remember that you are in control. Don't doubt yourself for a moment. You already have a wealth of knowledge that you don't give yourself created for. Get rid off your strong emotions. This is the time for a cool hate. You need to use your inner strength. Are you acting like a child being edl and face your problem? You have the wisdom to deal with it next to meet the hair fund so that you can choose how to practice your faith 10. 14 Module 2 part 7 2: the Hitter fund will travel with you through life. The night hate of fund comes from the Greek. For one who shows or brings to light, the refund is your spiritual parent and can be mild or female. The figure is traced in medieval church gob off a gown at the elaborate head race, this show shoot that the hit of fund is the intermediary or middle men between the people seeking guidance and the divine. The hitter front is also image off yourself, connecting with the internal source. The crosses on the clothes, shoes and stuff indicate your ability to bring the teachings off heaven down to Earth. The year flaps indicated a refund can closes years and be clear. Audience, in other words, clearly hear the voice from within or open his ears and listen to the wisdom off others. The keys are there to unlock revelations. They indicate the combined ability to use the conscious, which is what you're aware off and the unconscious, which is what you have access to and converting into your awareness. With help off the head of fund, you can choose which professional role you will take and resolve any issues around your choice. The hitter fund is giving you this advice. You must do two things. Listen to your inner voice and consider advice from other people. You can't do one without the other. Be extra vigilant and watch out for any signs and clues that give you more information. Ask questions and you might get answers that you don't have access to until you ask the questions. Are you acting weak when you should be strong? Are you being overly kind because you don't want to cause trouble? You meet the lovers next. 11. 15 Module 2 part 8 3: you choose a partner to keep still out your life. You can't go back once you've made your choice. This doesn't necessarily mean that you can have only one important love relationship. It's rather means that you must love yourself, and if you don't you must work on it. The reasons off the OC and Europhile indicates that your higher self it's completely devoted to making your whole and loving you unconditionally. The two persons represent Adam and Eve. Adam is self conscious, and he looks at ease. Even the event looks up at the Arcanjo because she's liberated and free from the constraints off her physical body. They tell you that before you can look up to the angel of higher consciousness, you must deal with your own self consciousness and accept who you are. They both nude because they have the courage to stand naked with the thoughts and feelings and to be themselves without shame. You need to be willing to climb the mountain and use your potential to reach the highest and bigger paste you could be, especially with the support of your partner or by fully accepting yourself. Behind Adam is that three with 12 leaves. The leaves represent the 12 essential tops off human consciousness. First, the other five senses off seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. Then there are also the seven mind chakras, or energy wheels. These are the centers off spiritual power in the body. They are known by these names. The base chakra is at the bottom, off the spine. This shocking are related to physical safety, creativity and procreation or six. The second shocker is just below the navel. This shocker helps you form social relationships with friends and colleagues. The solar plexus chakra is in the bit off your stomach, and it's the center off control of the environment. At your living, The heart chakra is in the heart and manages your love for yourself and the people you encounter. This shocker is also the breach between the world you live in and the spiritual world. The search chakra is at the vice off your neck. This chakra helps you with clear communication. The third chakra is in your head between and behind your eyes. This is this psychic Shaka, which gives you spiritual experiences like premonitions, deja vu, inspired solutions and daydreams. The Crown chakra is a right on top of your head and the connection with the divine. Behind Ive is a playoff knowledge. This three represent spiritual knowledge, which is more complicated than the knowledge that's represented in human consciousness. The three off knowledge is described in detail in the Kabbalah. The lovers have a lot of advice for you. Do you use the information related to the problem that you can get from your senses? Are you listening? Do you see what's happening? I don't. You? What do you sinks? Even if it's subtle? Naser the scarred information that you can sinks Imagine the shockers in your body and feel with any of them are out of sync. They like action to re balance that chakra for the bys chakra, which really likes to procreation and your sexuality and creativity. Do you feel threatened? Do you feel safe? And therefore you don't act when you shoot for the cycle shocker that helps you form relationships and be social? Do you feel lonely? Do you feel cared for and cherished? To the extent that you become impassive for the solar plexus shocker, which is your sinker off control? Do you feel you no longer have control? Or do you have too much control? And you need to let go for your heart chakra, which is a sinker off your love and the breach between the more earthy shot across and the higher spirituals chakras. Do you feel heartbroken or are you do accepting for your third chuckle which rules your communication? Do you feel you are being silenced? Or do you need to reconsider before speaking uterus for your third eye or psychic chakra? Do you feel afraid or do you just too much? Do you ignore your psychic conscious for your crown chakra? Are you waiting for a breakthrough or are you too complacent when you shoot act? Congratulations. You have now completed your spiritual childhood. Next, you will learn to write the chariot. 12. 19 Module 3 part 2 2: At this point in your junior, you have a family off your own, this maiming a traditional spouse and Children. It might also simply mean that you have lots off friends or you like to see yourself a spot off the world around you, the Julie until now, and the character search of May has helped you to master your senses, emotions and desires. You've learned how to control your temple and your last. In general, you're going some balance, and you know that obstacles can be overcome. The astrological symbols, the moons and stars on the guards indicate the help and prediction that's always available from the heavens. The crescent moons on the shoulders off the charioteer reflects sorrow and joy in complete balance. The deuce sphinxes show the balance off in which is the negative dark feminine energy and yang, which is the positive light, masculine energy. You know, young all from an ancient Chinese philosophy, and they remind you that one can't live without the other. The balance provided by the sphinxes indicates that this chariot riders can have many at rangers and you will always have balance. Knife is exciting. The winked emblem on the charities from the Hindu religion and symbolizes the union off Heaven and Earth or mile and Female. This wing son also tells you that you have a connection with the divine and that you have a lot off power, that its symbol below the wings son is called Lingam. It is a simple, off divine energy to create new things. The charioteer is asking you to consider these questions. Do you understand both the advantages and the disadvantages off the situation? What obstacles if you already overcome, if yourself some created for those what obstacles are still in your way? Are these obstacles clear to you? What plans can you make to overcome the existing obstacles, asking your mind for help and prediction like a silent bree? The heavens are always listening and supporting you. What exactly is the dispute or issue? You ask clarity. And can you see both sides off the argument? How can you use your freedom and flexibility to create your future or find a new solution? You can now take some risks because you have the power and was using twice knee. Next you will discover the source off your street 13. 20 Module 3 Part 3: in a manner of speaking. You now learn to slay the dragon while holding yourself back. The strength card shows a woman coming a lion. This means that using love is by far the best way to become a ruler. The strings car tells you to be positive and have self control. You now use your inner strength, your character rather than outer strength your muscles and check things easy. The woman takes hold of the lion in full daylight because taming the wild animal inside off you requires full awareness. The Figure eight is used on this card. As with the magician as an infinity sign, you're told that your strength is eternal and infinite. The Infinity sign remind you of a state of balance and interconnectedness between heaven and earth, mind and body, human and animal intuition and instinct and so on. The woman would times the lion realizes head powers by applying everything she's learned so far to the challenges off daily life. By doing this, she dominates the lion with her love. Here's the advice from the strings cart. When you act, ensure your action is deliberate and sold through, and not just an emotional reflex be a weight off your inner stings. You can act with love and compassion and vacating while at the same time being soon are you hate heart and got aligned. You need to understand what you want to do. You need to feel in your heart that your intentions are sincere. You need to feel that you are doing the right thing. Don't act until you can say yes to all three questions that your head, your heart and your gut are aligned. We are you abusing your power, lady? Someone else abusing their power. When you've answered the question, ensure your head, heart and gut are aligned and then take action. So how does all this knowledge affect you? Make a hermit to discover for yourself? 14. 21 Module 3 part 4 3: as you matured, you become wise and independent. You become like a person standing on a mountain top, shining a Landon so that those below my fine the way up the mountain. The six pointed star indicates that the God Oakland A's is reaching down to those following you. Like the ship, it who watches over the sheep. You become the sort of person that other people want to be, and I look up to you for advice and guidance for him. It's eyes are closed to signify his connection with the divine, but his feet are also firmly on the ground. He uses the wound to keep that link between what's above and below the hermit issues. Thes warnings cut down on the South conversation. You know that those starts mulling around in your mind do more damage than good. Don't gift. They made spice. Don't allow them to spoil your day. Find balance in your thoughts by reaching out and talking to someone you can trust. Kelvin. Use adults. Reduce the power off those negative and self criticising thoughts. When you tell other people what you think. Listen to your own words while you tell someone else about your consents, you will either realize where you're going wrong. Oh, you will discover what's the obvious next day. What's important is that you shouldn't allow those thoughts to keep mulling around in your head. Find a silent space and you spray to ask your question. Simply think that during the prisons off a very wise person who will always have the answer you're looking for and put your question in anywhere to one thing. Use medication to still your mind so that you can receive the answer. Don't expect to get the answer immediately during the meditation. You won't get the answer in many ways, and you will always get focus on your inner healing. But don't get stuck in it. Confirm your sort by putting them into words. Then listen to the seat back. Yogi. Those from the people you see the results with and from your own wisdom. Dracul. Fear out you do the open. This is the best way to mastery the usual creativity to find the opposite off this year. Did you know you use the same energy to create fear or the solution? You can do it. Trust yourself this we'll take you to the wheel off fortune 15. 22 Module 3 part 5 2: actually reach maturity. You learned to make things easier and see how things go rather than straights about the future. You really get to understand the choices you might when you make the magician and hero fund earlier on in your journey. The wheel of fortune shows it spiritually. You're always in motion and growing. You need to take your time and let go of things that don't belong to you anymore or that you no longer need in life. Off course, you will feel quite alone at times, and the leaders on the wheel show you the way the leaders spell data. But they signify many things. The wilder Ryota hints at cycles and evolution. You live your life in cycles and you learn and grow from each cycle. The word tora refused to the divine knowledge. In ancient Hebrew scripts, you have access to that knowledge. Even if you don't own a daughter. The word or that means article and only cook issue hidden knowledge and divine purpose. That would, for example, be when you consult an oracle to get information. They were our first, the teachings off truth, which leads to enlightenment. How is a Chinese word for the way or the path. The world Star is an abbreviation for thoughts. The Egyptian messenger of the gods and goddesses and adviser to King or Serious Soft is also believed to be the inventor off writing. He was the clever guy who first and spoken words do it in symbols. The word arto is a shoot nine for Hathor, the Egyptian goddess off night here, Hathor was also known as the Sky God is because she represented heaven on Earth. The work terror embraces all this knowledge that you now have access to by simply becoming quiet and clear in your mind. The Jackal headed figured it carries the wheel of fortune is a new base. The cells guide through the under full. He gives you the assurance that the hand of God is available to help you. Even during the darkest times, this finks sitting on top off the wheel of fortune, insure that this always balance between dark and light. No matter how the wheel Dent's. This like on the side of the wheel, is a symbol of life and death, destruction and rejuvenation. Design, energy of trickery always complete balance. The four angels that are mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible are the cornerstones off the wheel of Fortune card. The Wind Man represents humanity and the people on Earth. The ego represents divinity. The lion is a symbol off king Leanness and dignity. The bull brings teachings and knowledge. This card wants you to do some thinking. If you discovered that you need to look at the bright side as well as the dark side. How, as your program reminded you that you are only human, did you get any inspiration that Might you think off some divine intervention that you have any clever solutions? Did you find new dignity in your attitude? Do you feel more in charge off the situation? Are you calmer now Because you found some new wisdom that you didn't realize before and answers that you don't otherwise have access to in your own way. You are now ready to learn about justice 16. 23 Module 3 part 6 2: you are now lady to use a short off discernment to eliminate injustice and the scales off balance. To understand the consequences. There's a difference between judgement and discernment. For example, you hear that very nasty piece of gossip about your friend Mary. You repeat gossip by telling another person and adding, You know, I've always thought that is something bad about me. That's judgment. Were you act on here site, repeat the story and judge mating without giving her a chance to defend herself. You also don't feel good about repeating the story on the other end. You might hear this gossip and think, I'm not sure whether it's true or not. Either way, it will be her true to Mary if I repeat it and I won't feel loving towards anyone. If I say those same things about, maybe I won't repeat it because I won't feel good by doing so. That's discernment. When you apply the justice cardio problem, you weigh and measure and critically analyze the circumstances. You look at all sides and think about the potential consequences before you act. The Justice Guard tells you to think about balance and harmony and communication. How is it. Justice isn't necessarily blind. You may want to apply the later off the law to your problem, but that my Micra situations so much worse that it isn't worth the effort. Think about it before you demand justice onto the following. What bias do you need to remove? Are you judging the issue on the situation Most on ideas that you believe in but that no longer feel right. What do you need to reconsider so that your solution is faith are the effects that you would have preferred to overlook so that you can get your way? Are you sure you have the full truth? If you have any doubts, dig deeper and find more information before you act. Apply moderation. Do you really want to go in with guns blazing? Because you know you are right. Sometimes you need to lose a battle so that you can win the war. Have you considered all angles? Is it possible? But your approach and your solution might be to severe Should you just calm down and see if you can find a more peaceful solution. Even if you know you are right and you can win, you are now ready to move from adolescence into adulthood and meet the hanged man 17. 27 Module 4 Part 2 2: Once you've reached maturity, you learn to take things easier and see how things go. You understand that at times you need to sacrifice your own needs for those of others, the hands behind the hanged man's back shows you that the man has surrendered and given up personal control. He has he speak in the air and you again see that straight line linking heaven to Earth this time through the body, off the men rather than through a want the end meant teaches you to sacrifice those things that you must give up even if you don't wish to. Why are you holding onto things or ideas that are outdated? The hanged man tells you it is okay to sometimes wait and see even if it might be stressful . The man looks contained. He understands that the bones and constraints off daily lives are still they. But he also knows that everything will be OK. The hangman guard comes after justice and remind you that the world isn't a place to struggle. You are maintained to enjoy life as the path back to where you came from before you were born. This card tells you that it is time to wait for physical change to happen. The end. Ben is asking you these questions. Do you feel you are out of your comfort, sir? Are you willing to stop struggling and resisting and instead trust that all will work out well? Are you being selfish? Maybe it's gonna do not focus so much on your own wants and needs and just relax. Do you sacrifice too much? How about changing your mind, See, so that you let go of what you no longer need rather than hold on, do what you want to keep, even if it's even relevant or no longer necessary. Are you willing to wait for the change to happen? Can you find your place off piece and just relax? You are now mature enough to understand what days means. 18. 28 Module 4 part 3 2: let me first say that the days guard doesn't mean anyone is going to die. On the contrary, with these card tells you that you're going through a spiritual rather than a physical change. In spiritual terms, you are now at the guideway to adult hurt. You've changed from a material being to a spiritual one. Death clears the fields off life so that what's date will not hamper new growth. This would be like pruning a plant in winter so that the plant will grow and flourish in summer and a beautiful fruit. You will notice that the white rose is the same one that you started your journey with this spiritual death experience help you to re clarify and pure for your consciousness so that you can have a new beginning. The skeleton is a symbol of taking out the old to bring in the new. This guard tells you that you are at the new beginning into a consciously spiritual life. This is nothing to do with the religion or spiritualism or any other dogma. The guards simply reminds you that you are more than just a body. As the saying goes, you're a spiritual being, having a human experience. The days card indicates a beautiful new beginning and ask you these questions. What are you letting go off? Because you no longer need it. What baggage are you getting? Notice the son in the background. This sunrise tells you that it is a new day, a new dawn and you are in good hands. The horse indicates an increase in your own power. How does your new beginning look? Can you describe what now? Make your heart sing? Is your problem still the same or half? You tramped down everything that's no longer need it so that you can clearly see the issue . What action do you need to take so that your new beginning gets underway? Are you still carrying ideas or prejudices or any stuff that will not help you move forward ? Now that you no longer carry any baggage, you can practice Tim Parents 19. 29 Module 4 part 4: temperance thank you to the next level of spiritual understanding. The Archangel Michael on the card is known as a guardian angel. In alchemy, temperance means refinement. Alchemy describes a magical process off creation and transformation, and it is alleged that with alchemy, you contend any Mayko into gold. You. This car tells you that you continue current knowledge and wisdom. Do something special when you increase your own consciousness and open up more options for yourself. The Ark Angeles one foot on ISS, which represents the material world. Yes, he ever foot in water, which represents the spiritual world. This tells you that you have reached a stage off balance and wholeness. You can see how the angel calmly and patiently I was walking from one cup to another one. His head is buzzing with light and ideas. The triangle represents the number three in numerology, and that's associated with wisdom. The triangle is over the heart chakra, which is also the bridge between the earthly and the more spiritual activities. The cartels you to listen to your heart. Probably the most important advice year is to stay cool and be patient with yourself. The cart asks these questions can you stay calm and become a weed off the balance that you didn't has in the past? Nature. So it's wonder and see what comes up. Are you willing to spend some quiet time listening? What does your heart tell you? What pass believes that you had are now clashing with your new insight and knowledge and experience? How have your beliefs changed of this time? Have you accepted this change, or do you still need to let it just sickle in Like the sun rising in the background on the cart? It is now time to meet the devil. 20. 30 Module 4 part 5 3: because you've come through dark times, you know I have access to wisdom and enlightenment. The figures have changed around the necks. The chains are lose, and I can easily remove them. This tells you that any bond nature has is by choice, the devil card tells you that you have freedom off choice. When you act and do things, you bear the consequences and learn in that way you think handle situations as they arise. The figures have risen Adam and Eve. They know that they can move out of the darkness and shame, guilt, fear and ignorance that told him in bondage, it's their choice. Adam is linked to a symbol off the tree of life if it is linked to a simple, off the tree of knowledge, both these symbols for tails as if they're afterthoughts and not the focus. This tells you that they chose to make silly decisions, even though they've got all the knowledge that they know big, that the Bengal gram or five pointed star is a symbol off healing. This indicates that even when you might be wrong choices, you can recover from those choices and he'll The word devil is the word lived spelled backwards. It reminds you that when you make these kind of choices that go against your true nature, you exist. But you don't live. It isn't pleasant. You only started living when you shake off all the issues and emotions and other obstacles a told you in bondage on it and you become your through loving self. This car three beats what the here front and the lovers have already told you. And it reminds you that you have options. With this card, you need some introspection. What weakness or pickiness do you need to deal with? Do you mean that you have all the knowledge and you know already where you are on the wrong path? You have the devil sitting on your shoulder egging you on so that you knowingly do cease that. Don't feel right for you. What do you need to do so that you can move from dark to light once you know what to do? Your action will be simple because you couldn't move that chain from your neck in seconds. What perceptions To use the life that do not do you justice? Do you discriminate against people for no reason? do you have happens that damage you or your loved ones? Do you have emotions like hatred or resentment or a great that are holding you back? What's simple things that you do to shake them off and move forward? The tower will now help you accept responsibility for your choices. 21. 31 Module 4 part 6 4: the our car teaches you the consequences off running from reality you've seen on previous cards. Being nude signifies openness, honesty and truth on the tower card, the figures always close. This means the opposite off nudity. These figures are dishonest, immature, narrow minded, and so on. The tower cart is that you must face up to things in life and these no escape lightning symbolizes change, anything that as oppressed you is being released. The Tower guard tells you that you must learn will stop ignoring or breaking some bicycle off life. Now the crown has a twofold meaning. Firstly, a crown being dislodged means a change from one king to another. This is a big change because no king will simply give up his crown. The huge golden crown that was dislodged by the bolt of lightning indicates how big the changes the crown being dislodged by a bolt of lightning also indicates that there may be forces at playing this change that you have no control over. You might as well accept the change rather than fight against it. The second meaning off the clown being dislodged is that this big change can happen to anyone. The godless off the status or their positions. Life doesn't look at how rich or important you are. Life changes happen to all of us, regardless of our situation. The devil cart showed that you are a weight off your dog side. The tower guard makes it clear that it's necessary to face this dark side. Otherwise, you won't evolve further spiritually. Once you could deal with these questions at the tower car prizes, you are well on your way to success. What are you not facing? What would you rather not acknowledge? What you could I just fear. Take that fear out in the open and see how it shrinks in daylight. What stands between you and openness, honesty and truth. Remember that you have access to a lot off wisdom. Are you using that wisdom to get peace of mind? Now you are ready to reach for a star 22. 32 Module 4 part 7 3: this star remind you off hope and a positive attitude. You now have control over your emotions in a clear since off where you want to be. He's calm after the storm, off the towers upheaval and you are cleansed. You might feel very tired. After dealing with the issues that the tower forced you to deal with. You are turning over a new lease. The figures stays into the water as part off, so searching and reflection the figure is nude again, feeling comfortable in the body and bearing all to the world. The business foot on the water surface remind you off the medical off. Understanding, revelation and discovery. You've concentrated on some soul searching and found inspiration. But it both in the world that in mind you that when you listen to your inner voice, the piece you find ripples out and makes the world a better place to live in. The big yellow Star of Hope reminds you that these air power outside a few looking after you, understanding you while you think about life. This is advice from the starting gate. Your problem resolved. It started in over a new leaf based on what you've discovered you can now safely risk because you understand what you're dealing with. You need to spend time being quiet and listening to your inner voice. Meditation will be a good idea. Or, if you don't want to meditate, listen to music will be out in nature. What might you still feel powerless? How do you need to act after listening to and trusting your inner voice? You've now completed your adult it and you are ready to discover wisdom. 23. 36 Module 5 Part 2: the moon connect you to your psychic ability or spiritual knowledge. You're confused and you doubt yourself, just like the moon hangs between the two towers off religion and spirituality. Right now, you don't know what to believe, and you question all your choices. On the one end you have the wolf, which represent your unkind feeling, starts and actions on the other end. Yes, the dog, which represent your conscious time feeling stones and actions. You still have two sides to you. You have a uninhibited side, which can like foolish choices without thinking and the wiser side. When she listens and think before acting, the moon closes its eyes so that you could choose which side is most appropriate for the moment. The lobster coming out of the water. It's a symbol off your spiritual awareness. Playing a much stronger girl in your consciousness. The lobster reminds us off the star sign off cancer in the Zodiac as part of the bigger picture. It's also a symbol of coming out of the dark into the light. The bars on the moon, God leads up the mountain to the source, and the boo stems from the source. You've now made many changes. Since you become a weight off your issue, The moon is asking you. What do you believe? Which believes are now clearer than before? Do you understand that you learned something from all your choices, including the rash ones. If you think back which choices were wise, which choices could have been big there. What can you do to make the situation more stable now that everything is in place? Often the mood you experience the sun, which is the next card. 24. 37 Module 5 Part 3 5: At this point in your journey, you feel totally happy and complete. This is the happiest card in the deck. The nude child has an open heart and loves the world. The lives ing the child rides a horse, which is a symbol off power. The tell doesn't need a saddle or rains because he feels totally comfortable with his own power. The wall in the background Primanti off the obstacles and restrictions that the child overcame on the journey. The combination off state and wavy rays from the sun indicated the light is active as well as best. If this means that the light always shines on you when you have difficulty as well as when you have a smooth both, the light is always there. Whether you think it's light or dark, the sunflowers introduced new life and new direction. The four sunflowers represent the four sets off the Mylar are Khanna. This means that the new growth or new direction is in all aspect of your life and not, for example, only a new relationship or only a new job. It's a whole new but and positive new beginning and huge cause for celebration because everything is conspiring in your favor. The sunflowers also indicated people now look up at you because I recognize how you've grown and they want to share your Western. The rate banner represents power, mo mentum and triumph. The color also indicates an expansion of your awareness and consciousness. The flag is a sign off victory. This is a court off joy and celebration. Few questions are left. What obstacles have you ever come? They might yourself off what you've achieved. You have more knowledge and skills than you give yourself credit for. How do you show your power? Do you use your power by being happy and making people happy? Do you need or want to do anything to feel more content? What's your plan of action now? It is time for judgment on your baby. 25. 38 Module 5 Part 4: you need to understand whether you've learned the lessons you were meant to lend and took the right pathway. The Ark. Until Gabriel, who is a messenger of God, sounds his trumpet to bring down the walls off any reminding on reality, the brief voice or word from the most high is channeled through the trumpet. This is a cut off triumph. The iceberg indicates that everything becomes crystal clear. The Nike people rising from the coffins indicated you have also mastered your karma. Karma is unresolved issues that you bring from previous existences as well as C to plant for future experiences. The people are Nike. It unashamed off would what they are, that's all turned their backs on the world, and they are reaching to heaven. The Red Cross on a white flag, is known as STIs in Georgia's cross. This flag was used by soldiers during the Crusades, which happened around 2000 years ago. The flag hints at miracles. This card sees that you are your harshest judge and that you need to give yourself some credit and not just look for your mistakes. If you look for your successes, you will find medicals. This is a cut off introspection where you are the judge of your own actions. If someone asked you, what's the greatest wisdom? You kind from your experience. What did you answer? What has become crystal clear to you on your journey? What have you done? That really well? What are you still dragging your feet on when you need to decide? What final weakness do you still need to overcome? You've now post judgment and you become the world. 26. 39 Module 5 Part 5: When you get to the world car, you've completed the whole circle of life. You've reached the end of projected and the chief Texas The dancer is floating and in this world, but not off this wall. The once they present creative energies and the magic off a journey successfully completed . The downside is half nude and house covered. This tells you that you still have some mystery live because after all this life, he said, blimp on your eternal journey, it's okay to not know everything and still have some secrets that will be resolved in your next life. The Guardian's off the four corners of the world. Sit down. The dancer the men indicates that you're human and it's okay to be emotional and sometimes file. The eagle reminds you off your connection to divinity and you're striving to become more whole. The boot Dimanche off the lessons you learned from the experience. The lion indicates that you know, have dignity by storm or maturity, and it is out going to be proud of your achievements. This card indicates that you've traveled to the four corners off your world and complete your journey through love or towards the full resolution off your problem. How is it they may be some final questions? Is there anything stagnant that you need to add laughter? What will you do if you've completely resolved your problem? What's the greatest teaching you are taking away with you? Congratulations on following your journey to the You are a brave person and your place.