Using Tab Bar in iOS 12 applications | Samarth Paboowal | Skillshare

Using Tab Bar in iOS 12 applications

Samarth Paboowal, iOS Developer

Using Tab Bar in iOS 12 applications

Samarth Paboowal, iOS Developer

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to build a tab bar application from scratch. We're not going to use Storyboards in this class, we're going to build everything from scratch with pure Swift programming.

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Samarth Paboowal

iOS Developer


CODING is my Passion first, hobby second and job third!

I am Full Stack Developer from last two years and I love building scalable web applications and modern websites with new technologies.I started with my web development with PHP and then I moved on to FULL Stack JavaScript which basically includes MEAN STACK.

MEAN => MongoDB as a database, ExpressJs as server framework, AngularJs as front-end framework and NodeJs for backend work.

My aim is to teach each and everyone how to CODE!!

I thus bring to Skillshare my experience in Full Stack Development and to teach you how to become a better developer to solve real world challenges.

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1. Tabs 1: Hello, everyone, This tutorial So basically in Distrito really are going to see how we can implement a tab back and cooler for our lips. So without wasting any time, let's start by opening up The X Cotwell, which is basically right now in the bitter, wasn't so right now exclude time. So let's open So basically really created a new export project on we have to create a single application because we are going to do everything from scratch. We are also we can also use a tab application. But since we are going to build everything from scratch, we are going to use Mersing just right. Next, um give the name off the product, let's name it taps and just next, make sure that the language you swift not objective. So basically, you see that actually created a project for articles. So I will choose a simulator to be fire us on so many interferes I will be moved to me and fires because I like to work with court. I don't like to use storyboards basically like first to need that you can put your file which is automatically created for export. So we basically need our tab you controller? So what? I went. What are we going to do? Is we are going to create a new file in our export project. It will be a covert touch. Glass on it will be a subclass off you a can't buy controller on next. Name it. Controller hit. Next on. It created the project forward. So here is the cord act we don't require about it is to connect. So election coming okay to I never really building and up with altering storyboard way have to configure Frustrated Linda did finish launching with options. Abdullah, get fight. So what we're going to do is we are going to create a window and give it Give it off so we can do it like this. When they were you window on begin simply Ritter flee so frame would be equal to our whole screen on. Then we have to make our window visible. So for that we can do in the dark, Nikki and visible. Now they have to assign, are going pull it for our application. So we can simply do We don't know what would have been told the name of the file that we want to launch basically eaters that control in our case. So basically this deterrent three lines that we have to write whenever we are not using storyboards and we are building ever have things are court. So in our tab, I concluded, we can simply do you dark background sequitur, doctor. So let's try and run this up on Let's see what we have got to. So the bill has successful. So now it should launch the app in our iPhone by the military, which I already opened for us. So that the student running like a pillow to disappoint and background color to date. Okay, so I think our apple running and you can see that the bagged uncle is a so we have successfully incorporated a basic time by time by controlling our application. What we need to do is we need to add my people. You can told us so that we can suited on tapping steps. So let's start doing this. So let's say we want to create four different taps and our application. So for that we have to clear it for different fights. So let's start. I'm creating the 45 they treated first new violence. It will be a cooperative class on. It will be a soft class off you control, um, legs named this profile. This will be our first time. And for the second Dad, let's create on another file. Let's name this feed, uh, toward fine. Let's name it would begin doing begin, Nimitz suds. I know you have to be food, tub and execute to file for this lex name. It what? We can name it settings. Okay, So here are the four different files which will be our for different types. So what we can do is for the first time, we can do the background color to relent. Okay, on for the second. What we can do is you don't background color. It should be going to green on for the towards Doug. We can simply assign the background color could be blue. One more time is left. So what? We can do it. You can assign can orange color. Whatever. So, basically, we have a signed four different colors to our four controllers. So anyway, we talk on the part of the top. You can see you can see that the tabs changing. So now let's configure the depths to protect what we introduce in a bag. And Olivia property called you Controllers originally called, which is an area off you print yours. Okay, So what we have to do is we have to add all the four controllers in this, but before that, we have to do something else. For a decade or two. Began, do it became simply clearly the first step. Begin to do it by using, like, profile equal toe profile. You control that. Okay, we can do. Profiled are down by item. People do your that. You ate at by item ongoing changing properties to it. So I think we should use this. So title with the name of the tab that you want to use became Give it a profile image. Next. Keep it a little more now on that, I give zero. Okay, let's do this for Second Avenue, which is feed so we can direct. Like Cedric will do what type of seed going through, and then we're going to see dark down by item. According to do that by item, like you seem constructive on the title would be sleep. Let's keep mention it on a scientific to be one Now let's do the same for the tired controller can do it like surgical do church you've been drawing now begin assigned it Attacked by item. It's me and my foot he made will be little right now. Next, Do this for the last time. For the fourth time that we have the name of the tab would be settings. You can have any name that you go on under. Tag would treat the state. Okay, Now we have to use the property cause you control this on, it will be equal to all that You can go. Let me abuse the first minutes Profile 2nd 1 This feed on the toward one there's sort and afford to sex looking. So you have that. So next time, round this up and let's see what we have got the We got off up for different types, like we were trying to get home. Okay, So the property name is you. Control s not even cooler to be just order asked and turned off it. And excited looking case or the really succeeded. That means they have no idea record. So they see what people get in our app. So for the recap. You can see that for the first tab to color is red The second it is green for a target, Blumenauer. So basically it's in the order off red, green, blue and orange. So you concede that our app is open and here is the first start, which is quite profile and they lose, right? The second governor, Waas Green deterred Waas blue in the last was college. So basically you will see that some things are missing here. So what we're going to do with in the next tutorial, we are going to add images to our taps so that it will look nice on. I would also I'm sure you always so that you can had a navigation controller in your each and every particular taps. Right now you will see their dear known navigation body, the top where there is a way Begin at you date for each and every tab. On the next tutorial, we are going to look into it 2. Tabs 2: friend of everyone on when come back. So in the last tutorial we started by building our time. We've been doing in our eyes to adapt. So let's continue, right So us whatever is do is we will see what we have been so far So let me put under app again Bloody See what we have so far So they didn't starting up again And that sweet doesn't seem Yeah, those starting that's wait for some more time. Okay, so now you can see there The app is running the first tablets right second it is green toward his blue and fortis porridge. So first of all they're going to do is they are going to add some images to our tap so they look nice. So let me stop the and the way the conard images We can go toe food regard xy, SX and our project. And you can add a likens that you want here, So I'm just going to decreed decide on here is the folder in which I have all the different Aiken's I think you can use. I'm going to copy all of this for now, you know, I think 200 different Aiken's We can use what our app que kiss with These are all dykan that we can use. So let's choose what are the full different taken that you want to use. So I think let's search for home Is their home keyword okay? Considered home made that we can use. The name is home under school seven. So I will go into my Dan Barr files on for the feed image we can use The name of the five Name of the file is home Hyson. So I don't know I explored is not completing this waters. I think this must be a bugging the Beetle Asian. So we're going to named. The name is Chevron. Okay, so we are done for the single image. Looks tired of my note, William Means so let's try search. Onda name is sort high from seven. So let's just again. So for the search was the total tab we are going to do is mate. You're going to name the perimeter and we're going to, so it's high from self. Why we need to for profile and sightings. So, like search for profile on my team. That's the person. There's nothing from ST So it's for shopping's. Okay, So nothing so elects looking to them one by began. Simply use on anything. Any eye condition. So I think we should You was this four? Citing switches spanner high from seven. So let me I just let you I mean, boss, spanning from seven. Now, we only need one image for the good fight. So let's get that can do it again. And she think again used, you know, local Excuse ground for now. In the same article, we can use the same article on high from smiles. My high from seven. Okay, so we're going to do you image? Yeah, they're going to be the first constructor will be marked car price and my so So here are the four different I can indicate views. Now let's try to run our up and see how, though I can Let's wait. Give Our project has been explored, but I wasn't getting sometimes being God, it is very slowing this in many books. So we have to read for the wire, that debate for us. Okay. So you can see that here under the taps which have different in may. Just let us what we can do is we can also customize the color off all of these Bacons and the titles we have down there. So what we can do is you can simply do you can simply toe te bar doing together invited. This will basically Culebra pretty for you to be tried by different colors that you want. But in this video, let's focus on the mean technically want to it. So till now we have created a simple bar controller which has four different types. And I didn't give me just what I would. Four different depths. So now what more we can do is we can also navigation control just basically navigation bar at the top off each Debs for a directory living to make slave Jude and certainly just creating profiler dolar. We can use navigation control reporters and then we can use the total dollar begin to label this. So what defends this will make it are clearly Well, we were just using our profiling doing, but now we will use our navigation control which has our route controller to be a professor . So let's say we only want a navigation bar for the 1st $2 so they would only make the stage Florida for student voters. And we would not, even for the total in fort. So next time on the up and you will see the difference that time talking about. Okay, so you concede it for the floods job. We have a navigation by the top for the second. We also have an eviction by the top on for the tower. Date is new navigation. But because we have directly used research on for the fort, you just navigation by because we know that it used its acting so you can go. So basically, this is how you can create a tab going to live where I rest. Well, application on. Let's say, if you want to change the color of the navigation bar titled Do It, you can simply go toe each and every particular file and you can add cold in there. You can simply send in the biggest entitled and all those properties. You can customize it as you want. Thank you. For what