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Using Skillshare Premium to Increase Income!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Welcome to increasing income with Skillshare Premium!

    • 2. Making the most of Skillshare premium

    • 3. Tips for increasing income using Skillshare and Upwork

    • 4. Fiverr helps with discovering ways to monetize skills

    • 5. Thank you for watching and what next?

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About This Class

How can a Skillshare premium membership be used to increase the amount of income we earn yearly especially in receiving a higher hourly wage?  I hope this class provides a simple and effective answer for navigating through the 15,000+ classes available with a Skillshare premium membership and translating that into an increase in income by freelancing on Upwork or Fiverr along with applying the skills locally to get the ideal job!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to increasing income with Skillshare Premium!: would you like to learn how to increase your income? Using a skill share premium? I'm Jerry Banfield. I'm a skill share premium user, and I teach 70 plus classes on skill share. But I'm a student just like you. I want to learn and build my income online. I love skill share premium because it is the lowest costs, highest quality option I know of to get access to information that I can immediately use. And I have been immediately using to develop my career skills to develop skills that I can then use to earn money for the cost. You get a month free trial and then it's $12 a month monthly or $8 a month annually. It's absolutely an amazing value, which is why I pay for it. You get off line access, there's no ads, and there's over 15,000 classes, with new classes being added nearly every day. The cool thing is that supports teachers. As a teacher, I'm very grateful as it when skill share premium members watch my classes, I get five cents a minute. That's 100 plus times more than I get when someone watches a YouTube video, which gives me the ability to keep showing up here with you. I am making a class here about how to increase your income using skill share, premium. Here's how you do it. Based on exactly what I've been doing, I'll first show you exactly what I've been doing. I've been learning about music lately. Four. Learning most of my life. I just went to school. I brought 40 plus $1000 telling a bunch of skills I didn't even use. Now I'm working on making music online. And guess what? On skill share, there are 1614 classes about how to make music. That's probably more information than you'd get doing a complete masters degree on music, all available on skill share. What I have been doing, then is searching for very specific topics. And then I've found instructors like my friend Thomas George, who teaches on Skill Share Premium, and I've taken one of his classes recently. I've been one of the first students and music theory for electronic music producers. I've been watching the video class, and then immediately I'm able to start making tutorials and videos showing what I've learned on YouTube and I've even done this with FL Studio. I may I watched NFL studio class and to FL studio classes, and then I made my own FL studio class. It's literally that easy. But if you don't teach video class online, here's another amazing strategy you can use with skill share premium to level up your income. And this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in education. Now you might not know what Python is, but now that you're watching this video, you do. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It's a pretty easy language to learn. Did you see up here? No, because my head's blocking it. There's 57 classes on Python. You might think, Why would I learnt? Wanna learn python? I don't care. I've been learning about Python with Jessica McKellar in this class because unskilled share . If I'm curious about something, I can just search for it and take a class. I don't have to go buy a class and then feel bad because I didn't watch any of it. Look, I can start a class and watch it. So what I've done, I started this class with just coming, Keller and I found out, Wow! Python is something I can download and learn and use for free. Now I personally have been getting more into music. However, you might be more interested in learning something like Python. Why? Because Python is a really valuable skill, I say Valuable in terms of companies, employers and people needing help with anything involving Python are willing to pay for your help, and not just in the USA or the UK, but anywhere in the world. I'm on up work dot com Right now, the world's largest marketplace for freelancers online. I just randomly search for freelancers, and I did ones with at least an hour build. And you can see these are people all over the world earning money based on their experience with Python, $10 an hour with thousands of dollars earned here in the Ukraine, $25 an hour here with thousands of dollars earned in hungry $8 an hour in Egypt, $20 an hour in Russia, $9 an hour in Canada now, depending out where you live, some of these might be really good or really bad. I started our earning $7 an hour as a cashier in high school. The basic idea with earning income is the easier it is for everyone to be able to just jump in and do it. The lower the income. When you have skills that the general population does not possess, then guess what. You can easily start demanding a higher and higher and higher income. That's why if you look on my website, I charged $5 a minute. I'll move my head out of the way. I charge $5 a minute to talk to me. That's $300 an hour. I charge. Why? Because I've got a set of skills now. After years of watching video class after video class after video class after doing tutorial after tutorial after making and doing all these things online, I have a set of skills that few people in the world can match supply and demand a small supply, big demand. I can charge $300 an hour, and I'm grateful I have had plenty of clients that actually pay that I got my highest paying client ever. Paid $1000 an hour to talk to me about Facebook ads. The amazing thing is you can just watch video classes on skill share, learned these skills and then start freelancing with them almost immediately. Why? Because the demand is so high and most hardly anyone relative to the whole world population has these skills. You can learn the skills of the video class, practice them. For example, on python, if you have a Mac Python is already installed, ready to go for free. You can practice, learn python and be earning a good hourly wage on up work. Or you can get a job. This stuff is not hard. If I can do it, you can do it. And that's why I'm sharing this. I want to give you the hope, inspiration, the proof that you can learn something new. I've made eight songs, eight songs in the last three weeks. Why? Because I've washed video class about music. I bought the software FL Studio to do it. I made a class about it and I've been producing it. It is that easy to learn new skills, but sometimes you might go look and skill at something and say, you know what? I don't want to do that and That's why skill shares so good. You might search for Python. You might watch three or four python classes and say pythons boring. I don't want to learn python. That's great, because you can browse. You don't have to commit on skill. Showed a buying individual classes. You can simply browse and look around. There's 15,000 plus classes. I guarantee you you can find one thing you like to do and learn. And when you find at least one thing, I guarantee you that will increase the income you can earn. And the MAWR things you find, the more things you learn. You suddenly get out of that cash year phase, where anyone who's not dead that can walk in and operate a cashier in a grocery. Store it when you start learning these skills you very quickly. No things that most people don't know, which makes you very valuable when your valuable you get more income. When you get more income, it's much easier to have a comfortable life. Feed your family, not be all stressed out. Do some of the things you've been wanting to do. Make your dreams, riel. I'm grateful today that skill share premium is helping me with exactly what I'm sharing here with you. Would you sign up for skill share premium If you would like the same experience I'm having in my life of continuing the level up my income as I learned a new skill after new skill after new skill. Would you please use my link to sign up Aziz? Well, either directly from this class Or just use this link because I get $10 when you sign up, and that helps me to be able to continue just teaching and sharing what I know without trying to sell really high price classes or without letting all my time getting taken up with clients. If you enjoy learning with me, I'll show you exactly what you can learn just with me, that you can level up your skills to an incredible level where I'm at today and where I'm aiming to go in the future. Thank you very much for getting started with this class. I'm so excited to have the chance to share my passion. My love for being ableto work online today and I hope you have the wonderful in time going through signing up for skill share premium and I hope to see you on the inside of the class 2. Making the most of Skillshare premium: thank you very much for enrolling in this class and learning more as a skill share premium member. I'm honored. You've joined me on the journey off being a skill share premium member, and I hope to share my experience using my skill share premium membership with you so that you can have an easier time than me. Let me tell you a story. When I started trying to learn online, I had this ego that blocked me from admitting how much I didn't know. I liked to try and grab on the things really quickly and pretend I knew about them like Facebook marketing. After just months of trying to do Facebook marketing, I tried to go around and act like I was an expert at Facebook marketing. And guess what? People were able to see through it pretty quickly. Video classes give the opportunity to learn in so many different areas that it can be overwhelming, and it's better to take a shot at that because what I did, I tried to stick to certain niches. The problem is being a specialized often doesn't work very well because all rest the world tends to specialize. What video courses help out with is being well rounded to figure out things. You don't even know that you don't know why, because I find I'm totally helpless if I don't know what I don't know. And video classes fill that void in. It took me years to learn about Facebook marketing and advertising because I didn't even know what I didn't know. At the same time, learning music has been way faster and easier on skill share. When I just I learned Facebook ads than marketing the hard way spent, I didn't hardly watch anyone's video tutorials. I spent thousands of dollars just learning for mistake after mistake making my music. I've been going through classes on skill share. I've been watching class after class. You'll see these all three recent classes, these air, all classes on music. What the magic of video classes. I learned things I didn't even know I didn't know, and that's how rapid learning happens. Why am I learning music? Because I want to, because I'm excited about it because I think it's fun. The nice thing was skill shares I can learn without specifically regarding how much income I'm going to make when you have that well rounded sense of learning. You can often contribute a lot more wherever you're at, and that will tend to give you better opportunities. For example, working online with clients. My top client that I've had, I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars working with. I was able to do that because I could continue to offer so many different services What I like when I find a freelance sort of work with. I like when that one freelancer conduce you everything and they don't have to do it perfectly. But I like when one freelancer can handle graphic design, can handle making ads, can make a blood post, can publish a book on Kindle can do a transcription I love when I can depend on one person to do so many different things with skill share that seems to me to be the greatest way to increase income is to just watch these classes in all different fields, and you just do what you want to. Instead of feeling like Okay, I have to sit down on Lee. Search for Jury Banfield. Now that he sold me on this, I have to search and watch Onley Jerry Banfield class now. Not that you'd ever feel that per se, but you might think, like, OK, have to learn about Facebook ads or Facebook marketing. I have to learn about Python because Jerry said pythons you used for I have to learn about , I don't know, history making money, online music, wire cast, whatever. What I find is that learning about all different things really powerful because I can bring concepts in from one thing into another. For when I learned about making live videos online, that translates very well into being able to do a podcast and of log life when I learned about Instagram. Now that's helping me learn about Facebook. As Facebook owns instagram, they integrate features in. If you want inspiration, would you try watching some more of my classes? For example, I've gotten 7.5 hours explaining 100 different ways. I've made money online, and this is a good class you can listen to without watching. If you want to, just put the phone your phone in your pocket. I like listening to just audio, so this is mostly audio. You just turn put it on your mobile device, download it, throw it in your pocket and then listen to it. And I find listening that things is really helpful. I try and read, listen or learn from five or 10 different things every day. Like I'm reading the dollar a day Ching or something like that. Tout down, itching. I doubt so just butchered that I'm reading a course in miracles. I'm watching several video classes on making music. I'm reading the Bible. I'm reading Tim Ferris's Tools of Titans. I learned from a ton of different stuff every day. If you're not sure what to do on skills share, you can just browse around. You can look at Well, I mean, obviously, I recommend watching all 77 of my classes first because I get five cents a minute and there's like 100 hours of video there. So you do the math. No, no, you do the math for Major. It's a lot if you watch all my classes, you might not even like me is an instructor, though. There's lots of other people you can learn from, from building companies to doing hand lettering. Seth as a moderating marketing workshop. There's logos, there's designing. You might think you have no potential will be a graphic designer. But you watch enough of these video classes, and I bet you'll be able to do graphic design at least decently well, to be able to do it for clients. And when you browse around, you'll see so many things you might not even have thought toe learn. And to me, that's one of the best parts about skill. Sure, you don't have to commit to something. You can just try and look say Okay, maybe I'm going to learn about animating. You don't have to buy any of the software either. You can just watch the video class to see if you get excited about it, and you don't have to beat yourself up either. So what if you watch 50 class, you can't find anything you like. Maybe then you after watching 50 of other people's class, you'll come back and be like, Oh God! All right, maybe Jerry Banfield. Maybe I should just watch his classes and you might come back and say it got all these air so boring. And then you might find one where you might say, Oh, look, this t spring campaign okay? And you might say, All right, I want to make T shirts, not the way he does. His are ugly, but you might get motivated to start trying and doing something. Now I don't recommend T shirts is a business system. It's a good hobby, but you might find something that you just get excited about. You might say, Oh, look, live game streaming. Wait. You mean I can make stream games to make money? That's so cool. What I do is I just keep trying. I've tried some people's classes and I just didn't enjoy them. And guess what? I didn't pay a penalty for it, And that's why I love skill, share, premium. I know it's intimidating. There's so many classes and the ego says you're smart, you don't need to learn anything else. And it's humbling to sit down and say Look like a music theory class like look, honestly, I know almost nothing about music theory, therefore, probably a good idea for me to keep watching more music theory classes since I want to make music. I'm very grateful today that I've essential I'm doing what I'm sharing. That's why I'm sharing it with you because that's what I'm doing And don't all of us just want other people dance how we're dancing. I'm dancing this way. So don't you want to dance while I'm dancing? That's the basic thing I'm sharing here. So thank you very much for getting started with this skill share class with me. I hope these tips about using your skill share premium membership have been very helpful for you. 3. Tips for increasing income using Skillshare and Upwork: How do you actually turn your skill share premium membership into increased income? The bottom line is that investing in me is the best investment I've ever made in my life. The more skills I know, the more different strategies I can use. The mortuary ices I have in each situation just watching video classes and attempting to practise the skills, for example, watching a video class about python and then actually going in and trying to do some python programming like I've done. That's the best way to learn the skills. Once you've got the skills, though, it's a matter off putting yourself in a position to get employed using those skills. I've done it in lots of ways that have not been effective, and I hope to share with you the very best about what I've learned has been effective. Since you are a skill share premium member, you have access to my course called Employed. If you would like the very best, most complete, comprehensive total system for turning learning skills and watching video classes and practicing them into a employment for life and employment. Jury use correct grammar into being employed for life. I think you will love my class employed to find it. Just go on skills. They're scared. Skill. Scare the go on skill share, search for employed and listen to my class. I think you will love it The basic I will attempt to summarize the class quickly. The basic point I make in this class is you want to invest in yourself what you're doing with skill, share, premium. Build your skills, which you do by watching video classes and then practicing those skills and then just iterating that over and over and over again. Video class. Do it video class. Do it with me. I watch video class on music. I make music video class in music, I make music. Repeat that process. That's the main thing end in the process of learning these new skills get to know the skills you already have. That's called inventory then the next big step is to work on relationships in your life. The easiest way to get employed. I would think doing most of these things is to work with the people you already know in your life. Almost all of the people I know have some rich uncle brother who has a great job, entrepreneur online. Everyone in my life knows me, and I've paid my friends hundreds of thousands of dollars to help with my business. I've literally told them, Hey, I've got this work to do. Will you learn how to do it? Because I know they don't know how to do it. And my friends then watch classes and literally learn how to do work that I need them to dio on demand. That is one of the easiest ways, and the more you build deeper relationships, it's much easier to get a higher pay rate from someone who knows you. It's much easier to get a great job when you know someone at the company. It's a lot harder when you don't relationships to mere the key to having an outstanding experience. What I'm hoping to do here is build a deep relationship with you. The third key thing, then, to leveling up your income using skill share premium is to get discovered instead of depending on the hunt. What I did for most of my life is hunt like a hunter goes out and hunts for animals and kills them and eats them after gutting them and All right, Both burials. Little graphic. I'm trying Stand up comedy. If you like the little random laughs Ideo, I don't know if you should watch it, though. What most of us doing what I've done most of my life is instead of focusing on ourselves and self improvement and building our skills and looking our relationships well, most of us do is we go out on the hunt. The hunt is sexy. The hunt is glamorized. I'm gonna send my resume out to 100 different jobs. Look how hard I'm working at this. I went on the hunt for clients. I hunted down hundreds of clients in 20 different countries clients from all over the world . I hunted them down. And guess how many of them I still work with today? Hardly any. Why? Because hunting clients down tens, not toe work. Very well. Just like hunting animals down and killing them. You then eat the animal and have to go hunt for another one. What I'm essentially explaining is the difference between hunting and farming with farming . You go on, do your work every day and you get a predictable return. What you can really do to make your skill share premium membership worth it. It's start learning how to set up a system where people discover you when they need help. YouTube is one of the most effective methods for doing this as his Facebook in different contexts. Guess what? I've got hours and hours and hours showing you exactly how to use Facebook and YouTube to get discovered. I have hours and hours and hours of more classes showing you other ways to get discovered. The basic mind switch is to think about people finding you and offering you money to do stuff for them instead of the other way around. That's how I'm able to charge $300 an hour today because I'm not looking for new clients. I'm not sending my resume out saying, Hey, will you hire me for $300 an hour? I'm sitting here. I show you what I can do. And if you want to hire me, you pay my rate or I don't work with you. There's no middle ground there, and that's what's beautiful about watching all these video classes and learning all the skills you will find exactly how to set yourself up for discovery. I've got a ton of classes employed. I go into this so much more. But I've got a ton of other classes that are extremely helpful for this exact same subject . You can see exactly how to set your YouTube channel up. You're a set up and make the most out of Facebook you can. Here's one I just did. A podcast in vlog Live shows you how to do a podcast on a vlog live like I'm able to do. And the more of these things you do, you build up the chance to get discovered and where you get discovered, you can get really amazing opportunities that way. I'm grateful for these opportunities, which is why I tell you about all of them. Now there's another thing you can dio to turn your skill share premium into money right away I realized that you just made not want to be sold on the discovery. You want to go hunt, and I respect that. Once you get set up with more skills, what you can do is look for all these different skills on up work. See what jobs you can just hunt around and look for freelancers on up work and see how much money people are making in different skills. And when you find say, you look and see OK, these guys air Python developers. Oh, and then you can just keep looking hop from one person skills to another. Okay, you might say, OK, that's Python. How much does a Web developer How much are they charging? You can just look through all these different people and see how much they're making and that you can use filters to even sore like, Well, you can view the actual numbers here on up work. You can view and say how many people in Web development are making $10 in blow and you can see Then, while 19,000 most people in Web development are making 10 to $30 an hour and say the only thing you thought to think look up was Python. After hearing my suggestion, now you can go back and search and say, OK, instead of just Python. I want to learn Web development and you'll find there's 2002 1006 125 Web development classes. Now if you actually watch ah fraction of those and try and make your own website. There is no reason you can't get the same or higher than these freelancers are already getting. No reason at all. And what better way to show you can do Web development than a build your own website? And guess what? With skill share premium, you can very easily learn Web development. In the process of searching for Web development, you might find other software and you might say, Oh, maybe I'd rather do Java. Lett's Take a look at Java classes There's 111 Java classes on skill share. Let's see what the Java developers you can search around for Java you can look and see. Oh, well, there's thousands of people making good money on Java thousands making 30 to 60 an hour. Doing this process repeatedly will allow you to do the same thing a grocery store does with their inventory. They look around and see. What could we put on the shelf that will sell? You can look at yourself like a empty shelf in a grocery store. What skills can I stock up with that will sell people on hiring me? What skills can I put on my shelves that will get me hired for twice as much, five times, 10 times as much as I'm currently making. I'm learning right now. I'm asking the question. What skills do I need to learn to earn $10,000 an hour? Those are the kind of questions I'm asking, and I right now keep getting the answer. Just keep learning music production in teaching what you already know. You're on your way, so to speak. When you ask, What skills do I need to learn to earn $50 an hour? $100 an hour and you search around on up work, you'll figure it out. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this video is helpful, showing you how to use your skill share premium membership to increase your income. 4. Fiverr helps with discovering ways to monetize skills: if you would like another idea about how to turn your skill share premium skills into money , I think you might love hearing about fiver dot com five or dot com is one of the world's largest market places that I know of for offering freelance services. It has a significant advantage over up work while up work can be difficult to get your very first job, and it can be challenging to find a good job to apply for. It can also be challenging, even figure out what skills you should pitch on Fiverr. It forces you into the simplicity of simply offering a service in exchange for money. I'll show you some examples and let's take a local. Just stick with the python examples of you search for fiver on Fiverr. You'll notice that people have made these what is called a gig. So on Fiverr, you make a gig offering things you will do in increments of $5 when you search for a specific word, then you get gigs related to that. As you can see, this person has said, I will help you with your Python script. They have when you click on this I've never searched for this before. I've got a fiver account, but I'm just signed out. Then you can see what this person I'll move my head. You'll see what they offer to do. It says I can help you with your pike a thon Code coding improvements or fixes All right Python scripts or applications for you. Now they take 15 days of delivery, which is a lot. So in terms of a gig that might not be ideal. I'll, uh, I'll go over here. This says I will develop python assignments and projects. This says I will do the best quality possible. You can expect clear code explaining everything, an answer, any questions and you can see this seller has 28 reviews on their service, and they generally get back within two days. And once you set your gig up than you can ask questions, this is a simple approach, which makes it much easier to just test things out. It allows you to quantify exactly what you can do. If you're not sure about what you're capable of. I find it making gigs on Fiverr is a good way of diagnosing what unique opportunities I have I set up some fiver gigs for making Facebook and mobile ads, and when people started ordering those gigs, I realized that I had a good service I could offer at a higher price on my website. Testing these gigs out on fiber can be a great way to just make that 1st 5 10 or $20 online . And then you can consistently injury. Just try different gigs and see what you get out of it if people order your gig if you make money with it. If you enjoy doing the work, then you've got something great. If all of those elements don't fit in, if no one orders it, if you don't like making doing the work or if you don't make much money out of it. If any of those don't fit in, then it's not likely to work on the long term. This allows you if you say go on skill share and work on learning your graphic design skills, one of the best class subjects on the skill share, and that I've seen his graphic design. There's thousands of classes, tons of different types you can learn to do, and then on Fiverr you can set up a gig offering to do a custom graphic design. One opportunity I see for a gig is to do a good job designing a self portrait. So, for example, you can search for self Portrait. I've found it difficult to find some gigs that do a good job with this, and this allows you when you search and look around for these different gigs and you test these different gigs. All this. It fits in perfectly with discovery. You can figure out these little things you can dio that people will pay you for and that you enjoy doing. There's tons of different categories graphics and design, digital marketing, writing in translation, video and animation music, for example. If you want to do voiceovers or you can even get paid to produce the song, there's all kinds of gigs you can make on fiber. I think fiver, if you combine fiver with everything else I've shown, I think that fiver provides a well rounded approach when fit in with up work and fit in with building your own brand online to do an amazing job discovering where exactly you can turn your skills into money, what I've noticed is everyone has skills that other people will pay to work with. The question is, Are you willing toe look and learn the skills that will make you the most money and that you'll enjoy doing the most. The miracle is that I'm here doing what I love, and I'm grateful for your help in being able to make money that way. That is a symbiotic relationship that is an ideal formula for being able to work. And I'm grateful today to have that opportunity. Thank you for learning about five or with me, and I hope this is helpful for you in turning your skill share skills into actual money. 5. Thank you for watching and what next?: thank you very much for finishing this class on skill share. Would you help me to make this a better class and help to teach your fellow students here? The easiest way you can help is to post a question or comment or discussion in the community and to make a project where you show exactly what you learned and did out of this class. I know it's a student. I love to read what other people have done with the class and have to say about it often. I'll read that even before I do much with the class. If you want to promote yourself a little bit and get people following you on skill show, this could be a great way to do that as well. If you've enjoyed the class, would you please hit that? Leave a review button? I have a rule. If I learned one thing, one thing in a class, I leave a good review on it, which means I've pretty much leave a good review on every other instructors class I take on skill share. Would you leave a review on this class if you didn't learn anything in this class? Total is the waste your time and feel free to it that no bun, and put this class the etcetera. I hope, though it's been helpful. And if you give me suggestions, for example, if you say Jerry, I really would have liked to learn this. If you put that in the community, I will plan to add a video or I will hope to add a video. As I've added hundreds of videos to my other classes based on student feedback, I will plan to add a video, especially for you. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope it's been helpful. I appreciate you being here with me on skill share. Would you continue to learn with me on skill share? I think employed has a ton of helpful information, but you might want to start with learning something else. Would you take a look through the rest of my classes and see if you'd like to watch another one? Thank you. And hope you have a wonderful day today.