Using Procreate with Illustrator to Enhance Your Vector Drawings | Lisa Glanz | Skillshare

Using Procreate with Illustrator to Enhance Your Vector Drawings

Lisa Glanz, Illustrator & surface pattern designer

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14 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Quick Intro to the Class

    • 2. Equipment Used in the Class

    • 3. Choosing the Correct Canvas

    • 4. How to Avoid Brush Overwhelm

    • 5. Sketching the Character

    • 6. Refining Our Character

    • 7. Creating Textured Shapes

    • 8. Creating Shadow for Dimension

    • 9. Exporting from Procreate

    • 10. Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

    • 11. Applying Colour to Your Drawing

    • 12. Adding Character Details

    • 13. Bonus: Create a Quick Pattern

    • 14. More Examples and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Procreate is an amazing digital drawing tool! But if you're a die-hard vector fan (like me) that loves Adobe Illustrator, you might be wondering how you could use Procreates' raster artwork in your workflow and still maintain the vector-based flexibility. The great news is, you can!

Since discovering how to successfully integrate Procreate into my vector work, it has become an essential tool that saves me hours. Not only can Procreate add a new dimension to your work, it's proven to be a great partner to Illustrator resulting in an authentic hand-drawn quality in less time.

In this class I'll take you through a step-by-step workflow I use to create my vector drawings. Learn time-saving tips and techniques that you can integrate into your creative process, and use Procreate more effectively in your work that’s 100% vector.

In this class you'll learn:

  • How Procreate can add texture and dimension to your vector work
  • A simple workflow you can adapt to fit your style and work
  • Why there's no need to buy additional Procreate brushes for great results
  • The best texture settings for Image Trace in Illustrator
  • Techniques you can apply to any vector project! 

You’ll be creating:

  • A character of your choice using the techniques and textures from this class.

If you're looking for quick, hassle-free techniques to adding texture and a lovely hand drawn look to your vector work, this class is for you! 

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