Using Powerpoint animations to link realistic sequences | Caitlin Cowen | Skillshare

Using Powerpoint animations to link realistic sequences

Caitlin Cowen, Designer

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Overview- Cause and effect sequences

    • Part 1- gravity

    • Part 2- Kinetic Energy

    • Part 3- Conductivity

    • Part 4- States of Matter

    • Part 5 - Pressure


About This Class


n this class, we will create Powerpoint animations that can be used in realistic sequences. Powerpoint animations can be linked in sequences that mimic cause and effect events. We will explore animation sequences by learning to build a Rube Goldberg machine, which accomplishes a simple task in many steps and by definition is 'ingeniously or unnecessarily complicated in design or construction'. We will keep it simpler here, four steps to accomplish the end goal- to fill a balloon with air. Along the way, the sequence of events will be used as learning tools to talk about gravity, kinetic energy, conductivity, states of matter, and pressure. 

 We will talk about content slide by slide, explaining how to make and animate each object. You can use this class to make this Rube Goldberg machine, to create your own machine, or to guide any of your future animations.





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