Using PicMonkey to Create Beautiful Youtube Thumbnails - Why Consistent Thumbnails Rock! | Amy Norton | Skillshare

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Using PicMonkey to Create Beautiful Youtube Thumbnails - Why Consistent Thumbnails Rock!

teacher avatar Amy Norton, Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. PicMonkey Intro - Why Consistency Matters

    • 2. PicMonkey Example #1 - Creating a Series Theme

    • 3. PicMonkey Example #2 & Outro

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About This Class

Using PicMonkey to Create Beautiful Youtube Thumbnails! PicMonkey is an awesome, online editor that makes creating Youtube or Skillshare Thumbnails a breeze! I have been using PicMonkey for several years to create Youtube thumbnails and absolutely love it! The program is pretty easy and intuitive to use. In this skillshare class, I take you along as I edit two youtube thumbnails for a series on my channel. In this video, I show how I like to create consistency with my thumbnails for series on my channel. Creating a series can bring in a lot of views and subscribers who are ready for more! I like to pick a color scheme, font, and similar layout for these thumbnails. This creates consistency and your viewers will recognize your videos quicker and associate them with your series. In this video, I am making my purple series thumbnails and keeping a similar theme for each one!

I hope you enjoy this class! I am so excited to share this quick tutorial with you. Let me know down below what you thought of the class and how you like to create your thumbnails! Thanks for watching!


My Youtube Channel: MissAmyxo

My Instagram: MissAmyXoo

My Email: [email protected]

My Cute Boston Terrier's Instagram: Nickel.Pickle.The.Boston


Meet Your Teacher

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Amy Norton

Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz


Hello there! I'm Amy and I'm so glad you've stumbled on this page. I am really excited to be sharing videos here on Skillshare and Youtube. I am very passionate about being as productive and creative as I can be. On Skillshare, I am sharing videos about different productivity techniques that I have studied and had success with as well as writing, freelance, and entrepreneurial tips that have helped me as I build my writing business. I love to use my time to the very best of my ability and I love trying new practices to stretch my time out. When I find things that work I am so excited to share them with you, so I hope you will check out my classes and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and have a fantastic day! 

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1. PicMonkey Intro - Why Consistency Matters: Hi, guys. Welcome to North. Still share class. Thanks for joining me and the skill share class. I'm gonna do a continuation of my previous pic monkey class, and I'm going to show you how I'm making a Siri's thumbnail. I'm doing a weekly series right now on my channel for five days straight where I am talking about purple products. So I wanted to make my thumbnails looking uniform where they all kind of have a similar look. So we're gonna go through, I'm gonna show you how to make something like this. And the importance of this is that when you have a Siri's, you want things to look similar because it's going to eventually register to your subscribers and your viewers that, hey, this is part of that Siri's that they're doing on their channels. So if you have things that look similar, it's going to really help you to catch the attention of people cause it's going to be uniform. So that interest you go ahead and click on to part two 2. PicMonkey Example #1 - Creating a Series Theme: Okay, so welcome to part two. Go ahead. We're on pick Monkeys Homepage Go to collage and computer, and we're gonna go ahead and just highlight any of the pictures that you want to look at for this particular thumbnail. Okay, So I immediately go down here to resize for thumbnails for YouTube and skill share. They recommend 12 80 by 7 20 Go ahead and hit the unlock on. Here's that year. Able to put in whatever numbers you want. You should end up with a square instead of my previous tutorial. We're going to leave these boxes, rocks. You're gonna have multiple things going on in this thumbnail. So go ahead and pick which picture you like best. Okay, so I really like this picture. The best. Go ahead. I'm gonna edit the exposure a little bit darker than I would like it to be. Make sure you have the sizing down before we go to editor. And then to make this colorful, I'm gonna go with my purple theme. I'm going to use the eyedropper here, and I'm gonna make it the color of this bottle of nail polish because I really like that color. I think It's bright. It's vivid. I'm going to reduce the spacing. I don't want a strong border with it. I think it's just a little too much to have a really thick border here and then have all this purple. So we're gonna do that, and then I'm actually gonna take I'm actually gonna take a secondary picture of my nail polish here and use that as some pretty as something pretty to associate with this. This video is all on purple nail polish. So I have a row of my purple nail polish, most of which are featured in the video right there. We're just gonna go ahead and send her that. And there we go. Okay. So now that I have the state, the spacing as I like and the pictures focused as I want, we're gonna go to editor, make sure you have all that set because it will not let you just that once you would editor and then we're going to go in and everything right now looks pretty bright. I'm going to see I want to increase the exposure just a little bit, but I don't want to. So going to cancel? I'm gonna go to the so we're gonna go right into touch ups. I'm just gonna quickly edit my teeth that make them a little bit brighter to make something pop to make your thumbnails pop. It's really nice to increase the contrast, make everything a little bit brighter, a little more colorful. So we're going to go in and just brighten my teeth up a bit. Perfect. And then if you want to go ahead and make any other edits to the face right now, I'm pretty happy with this picture. I don't have, like, super crazy lines. I don't have super shiny forehead or anything like I sometimes have. So we're gonna leave that picture as is, and go into text for this series. I picked the font bidder, so we're gonna go ahead and place the text in this corner. So in this one, we're talking purple nail polish. So, like I said in my like I was talking about my first pick monkey tutorial. You want to make sure that you do not have more than like five words on your thumbnail because I can get so compact and you know, when people are looking at things on their phones. It's really hard for people to read what is on there. So you want to make the text is biggest possible and as concise as possible. So in this case, we're doing best purple nail polishes. So that's pretty concise. And it's gonna pop really nicely in this corner. So just go ahead and resize that I'm also going to go ahead and center you. You can change the alignment of the text with these ones right here. Right now, it's pushed to one side, so we're to center it so even and I'm gonna go ahead and go in with turning this white, Then we're gonna go into effects right here. And I like to do the type drop shadow. So what that does is it gives you some contrast so that your text is gonna pop more, gives it more dimension. So what I'm gonna do is I like the distance in here. I'm going to increase the intensity so it's a little bit stronger. And if you change the blur here, as you can see, you can get very, very crazy. So you want to keep that kind of low. Otherwise, it really pushes outside the line. So I like how this looks. The white pops. I have a little bit of dimension with that drop shadow effect, which really creates a nice touch. And I actually have kind of a little bit more room here, so I think I'm gonna throw in a fun emoji or heart toe, add a little more personality because I do have a kind of casual fun channel. Nothing too serious. So what? On the deuce? And when we go into this quick click on this butterfly here, which is overlays, and I'm gonna go ahead and check the happy icons here, see if there's anything that I would like some of these air fun. I like the heart one. I think that's cute. They also have Pickman emoji hair, which is some fun. So I have the hand here. I don't really, really like how that looks, So we're gonna try something different. I actually think this is cute. These little this emoji with the heart eyes. Since this is a video talking about the best, I'm gonna go ahead and try that, and you can't adjust the color on this one. But I think that's cute on its own. I'm gonna resize it. So just fits right there nicely in the center of my little purple box. And like, you always want to make sure that your thumbnails are as clear as possible because a lot of people are looking at these on their phone or a tablet or smaller screen. So I like to zoom out here and see how readable that thumbnail is. And I can still at this tiny, tiny little size here, I can still read this pretty clearly. I can see the nail polish I know roughly with the videos about. So I'm happy with how this looks. That's gonna be our first. Um, nothing there first, Siri's one. So I'm gonna go to export. Just go ahead and label that and make sure you have exported. That's that it saved. Perfect. So let's go ahead and go on to our next example 3. PicMonkey Example #2 & Outro: Okay. Example Number to go ahead. Back on pick monkeys home page. Go ahead and select your pictures. Awesome. And as always, go ahead and resize your picture first. That way you don't forget 12. 80 by 7 20 I'm gonna go ahead and see which picture I like best. What's gonna fit? Well into my little square here. So if I zoom out a lot, it doesn't fit well, so I might have to cut part of that and just use this. Okay? So I like this picture of the best. I'm gonna go ahead and move its you kind of see the eye shadow. I'm gonna increase the exposure real quick. Just so it's a little bit brighter. Yeah, actually, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and do on this size clothing that looks a little bit better, Medusa. I'm actually going to zoom in. So what I did, so I'm actually gonna use this size of the picture. I think it looks better replacement wise, but I'm gonna take that same picture down here, and I'm gonna go ahead and go to the edit and zoom, and I'm no zoom in on those other pallets that were cut out. That way, I have something to put in that corner right there. And again, I'm gonna raise the exposure. Just the bed, just like I did with the other one. Okay, then we're gonna go back to the paint usual here, background, and we're gonna go ahead and pick purple. I'm gonna try picking another purple from the ones I have down here, so it's making them look a little bit muddy. But im needs that for basic placement. Then we're gonna make it a little bit more on the purple Psychics. That one's kind of dark. Okay, Emily, make the spacing thinner again. That way it's not as thick. And I like the placement. So we're gonna go ahead and go back to send to enter. Okay? Like example. One. I'm gonna go ahead and quickly Just add it. My teeth real quick. Make them a little bit brighter. And we do that just by going under the touch up option and then teeth whitened. I'm gonna zoom in close, so I have a good look at that, and I'm just gonna go ahead and click that brush right over its My teeth are waiting on that. Okay, Museum out. And I'm going to go ahead and faded just a little bit. So it's not as crazy like toothpaste, commercial, white. Perfect. So I like that. I'm going, going, going to text. We're going to keep using the text bitter as our Siri's font of choice And this one we're talking about eye shadow palettes, Purple eye shadow. I'm gonna go to the center it again with our alignment over here, I'm gonna turn the text white, and we're just gonna go ahead and increase the size for this box here. I'm just size that. So if it's nicely in the box, go ahead and go to effects on your text and drop shadow just to give it a nice bit of contrast on there. And I like how it's angled and everything, so I'm not gonna adjust the settings on that. We're just gonna go ahead, stick with that, okay? And that's just another quick part of that. Siri's again. It has a similar look. We have similar placement. We have the same text and fought and color, and then we have a purple background, so just kind of fun. It's gonna kind of click. And when the U. R sees it lined up on their subscriptions or the channel, it's gonna look very uniform. Thank you guys, for tuning in for this class. Definitely check out my other classes, and I hope you will have a great rest your day for your project. Go ahead and link any thumbnails you've done for any Siri's. Or, if you have any ideas, jot them down in the comments and the project for us. We'd love to know what your tips and tricks are for getting a really great thumbnail for whether it's a skill share class or YouTube. Anything like that. Share your thoughts, share anything you've made or produced. We'd love to see Uran results, and I hope you have an amazing rescue day by