Using Oil Sticks to Paint a Face | Cherie Burbach | Skillshare

Using Oil Sticks to Paint a Face

Cherie Burbach, Artist, Writer, Poet

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Oil Sticks INTRO

    • 2. Oil Sticks Supplies

    • 3. Creating Skin Tone

    • 4. Adding Shading

    • 5. Creating the Nose and Forehead Area

    • 6. Painting the Cheeks and Eyes

    • 7. Painting the Lips and Hair

    • 8. Finishing Our Oil Stick Girl

    • 9. Oil Sticks Conclusion


About This Class

Join Cherie Burbach as she shows you how to paint faces using oil sticks. She also covers the basics of face drawing and simple proportions that you can keep in mind as you learn (and break!) the rules to create art in your own individual style.

You'll see the step-by-step progress from start to finish, including all the small details that make mixed media paintings come alive with texture and color.

Project includes working:

  • on a canvas
  • using oil paint sticks
  • blending paint colors to create a skin tone

You will view the creation of this project from start to finish. Taking Cherie's "Sketching a Face" class ( will also help with proportion and face creation basics.