Using Linkedin to find work: utilise Profile, Networking, Content and Tools to find your dream job | James Moloney | Skillshare

Using Linkedin to find work: utilise Profile, Networking, Content and Tools to find your dream job

James Moloney, Start up & Recruitment expert

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction: What we will cover today

    • 2. Your Profile: What to include

    • 3. Your Network: Who to talk to

    • 4. Content: What to post and engage with

    • 5. Premium: Leverage the tools available


About This Class

In this class I will explain how to utilise LinkedIn to find your next job by reviewing your profile, contacting the right people, posting content and utilising the tools available on LinkedIn. 


1. Introduction: What we will cover today: Hello, everybody. And welcome to this video on using, linked in to find your next job. So in this deal, we're going to cover lifted your profile. What should be on there? What you should be emphasizing in terms off qualifications, how it's made yourself east to find four recruiters and hiring managers and has re showcase yourself to the best of your ability, we're gonna move onto your network how to contact people who to contact, who should be in that network. The difference between recruiters and hiring managers in terms of growing your network and potentially useful contacts. From there. We're gonna look out constants. So both your own content, what you should be posting on publicising how to get engagement with your concepts on, also how you should be engaging with other people's concepts and finish off. We're going to look at the premium features that are available on linked in so we will cover free trails what the different premium subscriptions do. How in males work on how to best utilize the limited number of in males that you receive with those trials 2. Your Profile: What to include: Okay, so here we have the, uh, linked in profile screen. So this is showing my profile moments so you can see here we have a picture, a header image officer, your name, job title on a location. Now, for these are the important things are this is easily readable to someone. So if you're currently in a role that it makes sense, simply have you know what it is you do on And the company you currently work force. Let's say you know, sales manager at Google, for example, on now, for the what employed all those crease seeking work should say when you I would probably go with just a job title. I doesn't. Is any point in putting currently seeking opportunities or anything like that? Because no one is gonna be searching for that. Really, What you were doing is hitting key words here. So if you are a sales manager who worked for the likes of Google, you software sales manager or something, so most around here do that for the picture, I think it always makes sense to have a picture on linked in that. There were some people who say, Oh, it increases your chance of being discriminated against for your appearance, having on image of yourself when you elected. I don't particularly by this, to be honest, let's face when people meet you, they are going to see you face to face in an interview situation. Anyway, So I would go with a nice clip, professional looking picture of yourself, please nose off selfies or nights out pictures. You know, a good, clean, professional photograph of yourself In business attire. It is always best profile header images. So this thing here, I think you can take or leave these. To be honest, I have one was branded with my business. But I think generally speaking, it's not really a necessity to have that scrolling down. We have the about section, so I like to keep this quite short, so just put, you know what it is you do a couple of key bullet points around us, but I think it makes sense to have your conflict details in this section as well. So you can't have a constantly fills in a contact info section, which you can click into you here. But people need to be connected with you to see that where is this section down here? Actually, anyone connect, click into quite happily whether or not they connect you or not on you can touch file or files to this about section I could be a brochure there, but I think if you're seeking you roll, it makes sense to attach your CV as a PdF on here Now going down articles, Activity which we'll cover later Experience section. So make sure that you dates are actor on here. If you're sending our Sceviour, you've got Seaview touch. Make sure the dates match up with your CV. There's nothing more jarring than looking some of experience, and it doesn't match up with what they're disclosing on the C V, I would say always put a little bio, certainly at least your most recent role. Previous rolls. You don't necessarily need to bother much. It depends how much new stuff you did in those who had a significantly different previous role. That maybe with some details in there. But generally speaking, just a court role, I would say, is fine education section, school and university. I wouldn't be the listening subjected at school just put detail on your most recent on DSA most high profile qualification license Isn't certificates a similar sort of thing? You can lift things off. You don't need to put a huge body tale of those. Just list off any certificates or qualifications you may have. The skills and endorsement section is a little bit dated now. To be honest, very few people are looking at this, so I wouldn't bother with this section between limited fresh now on the recommendation section. She is something that will cover slightly later on that that's more of a concept thing, which is important, but will will cover the off, but we deal with all the content engagements. 3. Your Network: Who to talk to: Okay, so the next thing to talk about is your network. Who should be in there, How you should contact them on how you can utilize that network to leverage opportunities for yourself. So, first of all, who should you be connecting with on linked in? So if you are in a certain industry and there are companies you would like to work for, it makes sense to connect with hiring managers in those industries. I wouldn't necessarily bother with people who are on the same level is you want to be looking at people who are your your direct line managers level or above, plus HR people that So HR Advisors and managers always connect with it, complete how internal recruiters always connect those failing that. Let's say you are a field service engineer on There is a national service manager I would connect with that person may be included message that they look be interested in potentially working with your company. The future can connect, you know, other. Any opportunities that I should be aware off now. Is it worth us? Having a conversation, including a message, is really, really useful because before someone even decides whether to accept your request on us. They can see the message that you've sent them in their in box, so it gives you a surefire way of making sure that at least one of your communications is going to be read by that person. Now what? You're connected. I wouldn't leave it that chances are there'll be a contact information section on this person's profile, and hopefully it will have that company email address. I will be wary of emailing people on their personal email addresses if they're on their. But if there is a company one, there is no harm. It'll in contacting someone who you've connected with a linked in fire email. It's very, very accepted us a common thing to dio and not assault this curse used to do so. If someone has collected with you already, I would also connect with recruiters in your marketplace. These usually reasonably easy to find because they tend to be the high profile people on your news feed. They'll be posting a lot of content. They will be connected with a lot of people in your marketplace. Already, the final group of people to network with is your existing contacts so people you already know. Make sure you're connecting with them on linked in now. One really good thing you could do here is ex colleagues, current colleagues, people that you've worked with out of their organizations. You can ask them to write you a recommendation. You send them a tailored message that does this automatically through linked in when you can invite him to write a few paragraphs recommending you having recommendations. Incredibly powerful people trusted, like to buy from people. If you're trying to sell yourself having several people doing that for you in a content driven structure away on your profile is very, very useful indeed, something that I would recommend. Absolutely everyone tries to get at least a few recommendations off the profile. 4. Content: What to post and engage with: now, of course, the contents on linked in particular as a job seeker. I think the important thing to do is make yourself really, really visible with consistent, good quality contents relating directly to the outcome you want to achieve in this case, getting a job, people say. Is it acceptable to post a status saying, You know, I'm currently looking for work? I would say yes, but make sure it is properly detailed. So I am looking for a job. Does anyone know of anything? Going is completely functionally useless as a status. I am a sales engineer based in London, looking for a new role, paying between 30 and £40,000 a year servicing medical imaging equipments on you know that that's a lot more useful. That gives some real structure to what you're looking for. You can also use hashtag for this. I would have to take your location, your job cycle and probably your industry as well. So, for example, hashtag London hashtag engineer hashtag medical devices, because chances are recruited is particularly will be following these hashtags and you will come up on their news feeds immediately, and I've had things in the past from my business where I've posted about that recovery services on within. I'm not joking. 10 minutes. I've had three or four emails from people who are obviously following that tag and have identified me as a potential sales lead for them. Now the other good thing to do is engaging with the people's content. So whenever you like or comment on something, you will come up in the news feed off people connected to the original poster off that content. So particularly if you start engaging with content from very high profile influences on linked in that will set you in very good stead for being seen by the maximum number of people seeking you commenting relevant things on people, things which is relevant to your job search. So, for example, someone posts an article about the shortage off engineers in London currently used previous example, and you are That's funny. I I'm an engineer in London, and I'm currently looking for a new role. I wonder if anyone would be interested in speaking with me if you are struggling for engineers, that's a really intelligent way to engage with concepts which will get you a lot of impressions in people's news feeds and hopefully get you inference off the right people, even if you haven't connected with them directly yourself. 5. Premium: Leverage the tools available: The final thing to cover is the premium tools available on Linked in Now. Apologies. I did want to show you the subscription screen. You could very easily view this yourself by clicking on the, uh, try premium button on your linked in 40. Because I already have a corporate subscription. I actually can't view personal subscription options, which is a little bit of a design error, I think, from linked in. But there we go. So I can, however, read you out some of the benefits and talk you through. In my opinion, which one is most useful to you? So you've basically got four options as an individual. Now the cheapest option is a premium Korea, which they say is designed for job seekers. Now it actually directly message recruiters. Onda lets you send three in males in a month. Now three in males is really not very many is my first issue. With this, you're likely to want to speak to more three companies and in male, basically allows you to directly message someone that you're not connected with. Already. This subscription, all such review people who have looked at your profile in the last 90 days which might be useful if your friend connect with people on there looking you and either deciding to you connect or not connect. But generally speaking, I think the main thing you want out of this is Thean male credit. So a premium Korea really no, not fit for purpose. In my view, business premium is the next level eso you can contact any linked in user eso. It's not limited to people posting jobs and recruiters like Believe Premium Korea is actually for this. You get MAWR in male credits. I believe it's actually so extreme, but I believe it's 10 male credits you gets in a month. That's 10 people that you could directly message linked. Improved sales Navigator is the third option now. This gives you all sorts of interesting sales, athletic tools and lead gentles. These really great if you work in sales. But to be honest, as someone seeking a job, a lot of this stuff is really necessary is what I would avoid this war. Now the final option is at Lincoln. Recruits of Lights Now Recruit Light is nominally speaking, designed for recruiters, but its most powerful package available on linked in it sits his own interfaces, little bit clunky to use versus the standard lengthen bought. Most crucially, it gives you 30 in males, which is significantly more than the lower cost packages. Now the great thing about the free trial is that you could be any one of these. Four on your 1st 1 is still free, and what I would recommend doing is taking a free trial that as soon as it's gone through immediately counseling, you can still use it for 30 days. You don't risk being accidentally built if you forget to counsel it. Prices If he did want to continue about £25 a month for Korea. About £40 for business, 50 for sales navigator and 84 recruits lights. So with regret like you're getting a free trial of an £8 provoked on the ability to contact 30 hiring managers or recruited off your choice instantly and guarantee that those messages are going to be delivered. So that's something that I would definitely recommend anyone does. You know there's no harmony to free trial, and it just gives you a little bit more pulling power in terms of getting your messages, saying versus just kind of hoping that people are gonna connect with you