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16 Videos (55m)
    • Introduction to LinkedIn as a Business Tool

    • Who is Teddy Burriss?

    • Why is LinkedIn a Business Tool

    • The Top 6 Areas of LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn Profile Best Practices

    • Building a LinkedIn Network Best Practices

    • Building a Professional Reputation on LinkedIn (6)

    • LinkedIn Search Tools

    • LinkedIn Groups

    • LinkedIn Company Pages

    • Summary Top 6 Areas of LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn Business Process

    • Practice and Commit

    • I create Value using LinkedIn

    • Success using LinkedIn Stories

    • Closing Remarks


About This Class


More than 450 million people have created a LinkedIn Profile, there must be some value using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become much more than a placeholder for a resume. Today LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking social media site.

In this course you will discover the top 6 areas of LinkedIn, which when you use them properly you can create opportunities for your business, or your career. We'll help you understand the purpose of using each area.

You will also learn about the 4 key tasks you need to perform in order to regularly get value from using LinkedIn as a business tool. Understanding the best practices of these activities is how you can create meaningful business value from your use of LinkedIn.

We will wrap up this course with three real life examples of how other business professionals have successfully used LinkedIn as a business tool.

You will take away the best practices and enthusiasm you will need to move your business goals or career goals forward using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

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If you are unsure of the value LinkedIn presents, then take this class to get a good idea of how LinkedIn can be an effective business tool to grow your business and attract opportunities or that next role. Teddy Burriss shares his expertise and best practice at a high level in this course. He is a generous and knowledge expert in the practice of using LinkedIn effectively and efficiently, and I highly recommend his work.
Jo Saunders

Australia's LinkedIn Demystifier





Teddy Burriss

LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

I am a LinkedIn Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker. I have been training on the best practices of LinkedIn as a business tool since 2010.

As an accomplished author, public speaker, social media engager and blogger, I have mastered and now share the best practices and principles of using Social Media for Life, Business and Career.

I love sharing the message and best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business tool through my LinkedIn Professional Development Program, wor...

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