Using Instagram to Promote Your Photography, Your Business, or Yourself | James Gordon Patterson | Skillshare

Using Instagram to Promote Your Photography, Your Business, or Yourself

James Gordon Patterson, Photographer

Using Instagram to Promote Your Photography, Your Business, or Yourself

James Gordon Patterson, Photographer

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Instagram Course Intro

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    • 3. Instagram Lesson 2

    • 4. Instagram Lesson 3

    • 5. Instagram Lesson 4

    • 6. Instagram Final Project

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About This Class

Instagram is a popular social media platform used to share photographs and videos primarily from your smartphone in a square format.  Learn who uses Instagram.  Discover what benefits Instagram can be for yourself or your business.  Establish an Instagram account.  Post photos or video to Instagram.  Post either through your smartphone or Adobe Lightroom on your main computer (allowing you to get around the square format requirement).  And add hashtags to target market your content.

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James Gordon Patterson



Hello, I'm James Gordon Patterson.  You can call me Jim.  Welcome to my page!

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1. Instagram Course Intro: Jim Patterson. And today we're going to talk about using Instagram to promote yourself, your business or your photography. I use it on a daily basis. Now let's get started. Hi, this is Jim Patterson again. And welcome to using Instagram to promote your photography, your business or yourself. This is the introductory part of the class, so let's take a look at a couple of items first. Who am I? I am a photographer. I use instagram each and every day to look for other people to follow and hopefully have other influencers followed me back. I'm also a retired college professor. So what are we going to cover? Lesson one? Why use Instagram to pay off in the benefits lesson to marketing with INSTAGRAM. Lesson three tips for using INSTAGRAM Lesson four will be the conclusion. And then we'll set up your class project where you'll actually set up an INSTAGRAM account and post a few photos. So let's get started with less and want 2. Instagram Lesson 1: I again, This is Young Paterson and welcome toe Lesson one. Why use Instagram and the payoff or another way to look at it? What's the benefit of using instagram? First, let me define what Instagram is. It is primarily a mobile platform for sharing photos and videos. And frankly, if all you do is take photos and want to share those photos from your iPhone or other kind of cell phone, that's fine. You can use it with Instagram. I take most of my photos that I want to show off with a professional camera, and I use instagram primarily through my desktop. It's kind of a Facebook light. So if you know what Facebook is with a lot of discussions given, take back and forth. You can follow people, they can follow you. Then you have a better idea of what Instagram is all about. Instagram is primarily the sharing of photos, but you can also share short videos. You can follow people, or you can follow companies. You can be followed. In fact, most people that use instagram want to be followed. You can comment on your photos or videos that you post, and you can also comment on other people's work, and when you do that, you get a greater chance of them following you back, which is a good thing. You want as many followers as possible. And in a later lesson, we're really going to get deep into Hashtags as a way of meeting specialized audiences that might be interested in you, your business, your service, your product and Instagram is all about it allows you to show off your work coming up next Lesson two and marketing. 3. Instagram Lesson 2: Hi there, Jim Patterson again, this time with lesson to marketing with Instagram. We've already talked about whether or not you want to promote yourself, your photography, your service, your business, your product. Now let's look a little bit Maurin depth with marketing. Instagram should be but one part of your social presence. For instance, I have a Facebook account. I have a Twitter account. I'm on flicker and I also have a block with blogger dot com, which is free, and I promote anything that I post up on Instagram. My best work. I'll promote on all of these, so there's gotta be a lot of cross promotion going on. You should start with a good introduction on instagram limits You about 150 characters with your website email your picture. Make it easy for anybody that sees your postings to get a whole of you because you want to get noticed and maybe you want to get discovered. Let me go to my instagram account and show you what I mean. This is the latest feed from my instagram account and let me get over to Here we go. That is what people will see when they get to me and you can see some of the photographs that have already posted. And if you put your cursor over any of these photos, you'll see how many people liked it and how many people made comments which are great. Uh, and again, the idea is to get more and more and more followers. In fact, looks like somebody has recently posted something for May. Let me take a look and somebody by the name of Joe Torre. Bella started following me. OK, great. There's another follower, which is a good thing, and let me go back to that for a minute. I have my website here, and it's a clickable link. So if anybody clicks on it, they will see all the pages of my website and my Facebook account, my Twitter account, my my blogger account and several other places that I'm on the Internet. You might also want to consider a business account. When you sign up for your own instagram, you get slightly better analytics or statistics that comes along with your instagram activity, and there is a great Web page out there. If you do a search for with your favorite search engine like Google or whatever. Look for Instagram insta school for business, and it will get you deep in the weeds on the proper way to use a business account on Instagram. And I said before I personally cross promote everything I put on instagram using Facebook, Twitter, flicker, my block, etcetera, etcetera. In fact, when I am done doing this course, I will do the cross promotion of the course. I'll do a block on it. I will mention it on Facebook and Twitter and maybe a few other places I haven't even thought off. That's enough for Lesson two now on the Lesson three. 4. Instagram Lesson 3: I again Jim Patterson here with less and three tips for using Instagram. And most of the tips that I'll give you have come from many, many mistakes, and I'm still making mistakes and trying to learn from them. So first off, there's no need. Toe Onley post square images. When Instagram first started, it was on Lee used on cell phones on smartphones and you had to post square images. Now they've done away with that limitation, which is really nice, because most of the images that I capture on my camera are not square now. I'd like to give you a little demonstration from your computer about your cell phone using light room download and install a little plug in called L R Instagram. You could do a search on any search engine to find L. R. Instagram, and then you install it, and from the plug in manager from light room, you can set it up and I'm going to show you exactly how it works. So let me get into a light room, and this is the photo that I want to get in the instagram. This is a photo I took off a interior of the house. And so what I'm going to do? I'm in the library section of light room. I'm going to scroll down to this area right here called LR Instagram with my name and I earlier set this up so that it would communicate with Instagram on the internet. So let me drag this over like this and drop it and then I'm going to show you This is the photo right here. I I went to the collection for Instagram and it is in that collection and it's highlighted now, another tip you can Onley upload five at a time, no more than five at a time. I'm just gonna upload one and then you look down here and it says Publish. That's exactly what you want to do. I'm going to click on it and hopefully in just a second that will go over to Instagram. Okay, let me minimize light room and I am going to go to my instagram account by clicking here and there it is. It popped up already so you can see that on the main instagram panel. They do look square and you might be thinking Jim, you lied to us. Well, not really. Let me just show you one right here. When you click on that, it will open up and you can see that it's not square. And in fact, this photo that I recently uploaded, I'll click on it and it's not square now in here, you can also, In fact, that's what I want to talk about. Hashtags. What Not, um, What I'm going to do right now is show you what you also should do. Once you upload a photo with an instagram, you should write a description of it. So what I'm going to do is right home interior shot using flash done with Canon five D Mark four and 600 x r t two flash unit and then hit Enter. And it's always a good idea to put a description of the photos so people know what it's all about. And also in the comments section is where you I would write your hashtags and I suggest that you have a file like I do. I have a word file with various categories of the hashtags for instagram that I collect. That way, it makes a lot easier when I post a an interior of the house. I have real estate hashtags that I could add to it if I am in Iceland taking landscape photos. I have hashtags for landscape photography and Iceland and travel that sort of thing. Um, the number one place to get started looking for tags would be something called tag blender dot net. Now let me show you that one too. Let me go to my safari here. Tag blender dot Net. And here are some already set up for you. So if you wanted to go to, um if you had some art, click on art and you see ah, whole bunch of tags and all you have to do is copy and paste and put in the comments section. So let me, Let's try something and I'm going to do some tags. Four. The one that I put up. Let's see, let's go to popular and I'm going to They say that you can only put in 30 hashtags, but if you get air messages, then do about half that. Try a lot half that which is what I'm gonna do right now. Let's see. Okay, lips copy. Let's go toe instagram. Click on this photo and I'm going to paste that list in and I'm going Teoh, delete some just to make sure that it works. I'm gonna get better and hopefully that will work. And it did. Okay. And what that does is people that are following these Various hashtags will see my photo come up, and that's a good way to get attention. Okay, there is another site that you might want to try called right tag dot com, right tag dot com and again, What you ought to be doing is you ought to be collecting hashtags that have something to do with the kinds of photographs or videos that you're gonna put up on Instagram. So that does it for less than three. Up next is less and for 5. Instagram Lesson 4: again. Jim Patterson with lesson for the conclusion. Here's what we covered Way talked about the advantages of an INSTAGRAM account to promote your business, your service, your product and your photography. We looked at how the post from a mobile device, which is the most common way to do it. And through the computer, which is theme method that I like to use most. I gave you a bonus tip on how to post from a program like Light Room and l r slash instagram plug it. We looked at how to find and use Hashtags within Instagram, and I told you that you should include no more than about 30 in your post, maybe sometimes a little bit less. And you can also invent your own hashtag like I did with hashtag James Gordon Paterson and will flip over to my INSTAGRAM account and I'll show you how that works within light room. This is the photo. You may remember that I posted earlier and I included in the comments. My hashtag watch what happens when I click on it And there you go. There's a couple of photos already in my personal hashtag. All you have to do is just make it up and it's yours now on to your class project 6. Instagram Final Project: and I again Jim Patterson here with your class project. First, establish an instagram account with your photo and biography with the website and email list it make it easy for somebody who finds your INSTAGRAM account to get a hold of you. Pick at least three photos to upload to Instagram. You could do that either through your phone or through light room, using LR slash instagram. Plug it at a good description to each photo that you upload. Then add 10 to 30 hashtags in the comments section, then post your instagram in the Class Project gallery. It may be helpful for you to take another look at my INSTAGRAM account, and I have listed the address there. That's it. I hope you enjoy the class. This is Jim Patterson saying Good night or good morning or good bye.