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Using Instagram to Grow your Business in 2020 - ULTIMATE GUIDE

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. How to Grow your Business using Instagram

    • 2. Business Account vs. Personal Account

    • 3. Optimizing your Instagram Bio

    • 4. Posts to keep Engagement High

    • 5. Using Instagram Stories Like a Pro

    • 6. Instagram Live

    • 7. Posting on IGTV

    • 8. Influencer Marketing on Instagram

    • 9. Using Ads to Drive Traffic, Leads & Sales

    • 10. Utilizing DMs

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About This Class

The ever-changing landscape of Instagram still remains one of the greatest ways to grow your Business on Social Media in 2020. 

I talk about what to posts to keep engagement rate high, utilizing the IG LIVE function, advantages of Business Accounts, Optimizing your Bio and running IG Ads. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. How to Grow your Business using Instagram: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine, and today I'll be talking about how you can utilize your in certain account for your business in 2020 now in 2020 with all these new things coming in like tic Tac, you may think Instagram has taken a back seat. But in actuality, Instagram, it's still one of the best ways to push your business on social media. So knowing how to use that knowing how to use it lives, it's all its tools. It's definitely of utmost importance. So I'll be talking about all these things, as you can see on screen business Account vs Postman Profile. How to optimize your Bio? How do make posts that keep your audience engagement? Hi, how to use instagram stories like a pro, engaging the followers on your instagram live, posting longer videos on the new G TV and hacking your influence on marketing on instagram . Of course, also using this room adds to drive traffic leaves and sales and then a final point with using Facebook Messenger pots for re marketing and engagement. So there's gonna be a menu on the side here. You can click all these videos if you just want to watch certain ones, or you can just sit back, relax and watch the whole thing and just, you know, put your questions in the comments below if you have any of them. But other than that, enjoy the course, and I will see you in the first unit here. 2. Business Account vs. Personal Account: So first of all I will be talking about the differences in advantage is that you can have with a business account versus a personal instagram profile. So as you can see, the main benefits of a business account is just honestly a bunch of extra features, which are really, really useful if you want to push your business. So one of the first ones, one of the most important ones is, of course, insights or alter called analytics. Basically, they show you who your followers are, where they come from, how old they are and so on. And that, of course, is hugely important because that can dictate when you posed. It can dictate what you post a convicted, who you can address and who your audience really is, because sometimes you might think you have a target audience. When you start posting on Instagram, you have 10,000 followers, and all of a sudden 80% of your followers are, you know, male or 80% of your followers a female, and we thought it would be the other way around, so having insights is very, very important. And, of course, one of the key components off Instagram business. The next step is Instagram and Facebook ads. You can use promoted posts now if you just have a personal instagram profile. I'm sure you know you could dispose you follows, concede it, and that's it. But when you have a business account, there's actually a little button on the bottom that says, Promote post, and you can choose specific posts or even stories and run Facebook ads or, in this case, instagram ads and push those posts to promote those posts. If you think you have a particularly good post, or maybe it's just an actual advertisement, you can use that post to push it, run some ads and get some more sales. Get some more followers and so on. Also, what you can do is adding links to instagram stories now that, of course, is also very important, especially when you have more. Followers might not be that important in the beginning, but as you rack up your followers, it's just a huge advantage because you could just have call to Action's where you can literally just show off your new collection for a clothing, for example, and you can ask people to swipe up and then they can just, you know, get straight to the website rather than going on your profile for a link or having to follow linger, having to google something and type in something by hand. This is very, very simple and easy, and people like to be lazy and just click links. Of course, the next point is that the industry will show now the industry. What that means is that if you go in the profile, I'm sure you can just check it out in a stream right now. If you go on instagram, let's say, like Starbucks or something or a clothing brand. There is a little text that's a little bit more lighter. It's not completely dark that just says what kind of account? Your, you know, clothing, apparel, science, charities so on. So there's an industry that you could select that will also help people immediately figure out what you are about. You know, if you have an instagram profile with a lot of pictures that don't necessarily show off for your products, you know every single post and people might not immediately So what it is, is it condemn? It would be an advantage to show what kind of account what kind of business you're. And of course, another very important button is the contact button that gets added on your business account because A gives you more space in the bio and be again. It's just a very easy click for customers and potential, you know, future customers to get in contact with you, especially also if you're an influencer, for example, of people to get in contact with you for business and sponsored coasts. So it's just a very good opportunity for you to grab the followers attention and make it easier on them. Because if people want to contact you for business and for, you know, opportunities like that, the best thing you can do is make it easy for them. So having a contact button is a huge advantage is that you can have on your business account 3. Optimizing your Instagram Bio: So now in Unit two will be talking about optimizing your instagram bio. And that means, of course, making you buy or the best that it can possibly be. So, first of all, let's start ups some basics. Obviously, you're gonna want to put some very basic information about your business, who you are, clothing and so on. As I said earlier, you can use that industry button that might help. But if you want more clarification, definitely righted in your bio. What you can also do is use emojis for shortcuts. As a said on the screen here, if you have closing or opening times, you can use that little clock button. If you have a phone number, use that if you have a location. If it's a brick and mortar store, you can use that little pin. Emojis just grabs people's attention right away. If you just have a wall of text and just a bunch of things listed, nobody is really going to want to read that, and nobody's going to really pay attention. But if you have emojis it, definitely just add some more flavor to it because you know that's the only color you can sort of add in that text because emotions are the only thing that's allowed. So obviously, if you use those right, you can definitely have a little shortcut. And, of course, you can also portray the information with better. You know, having a clock time with every day 11 to 11 PM seems very straightforward and very understandable. Rather than writing opening hours, which may take up way more of space, so it just gives him or in place and more space to write more information. So what you can also do in the by basics here is have clickable hashtag, which could be used for user generated content. So by that I mean, if you are a clothing brand, for example, you can create 1/2 take with you know where our clothing, whatever your name is. Let's say your name is, you know, stickers. You can make your name where stickers and then whenever you click on halftime, you can see all of the posts and all the content that other customers and so on used to post pictures. And with that, of course, you can create some more hyper undermanned brand. You can create mawr interaction with the users and the followers and the customers. And of course, it just gives a whole sort of, you know, ecosystem of your brand with the hashtag. And the second most important thing is, of course, a clickable link in your value. Most of the time, If you haven't online business, you just want to put your website there because obviously you just want to get people to click on that right away. People want to know who you already click on your instagram profile, and they see that website right away just very easy and so on. If you have a restaurant and become more in store, for example, you can put the menu because, you know, the main thing that people want to see when they see a restaurant on Instagram is, of course, the menu. What do they have to offer Hallway the open? Where are they and so on? And that's where the emergence coming from earlier. But of course, menu is very important as well. But you know, if you run your restaurant, you can make your own decisions like that. This is just an example you can also do is use APS like link tree. Um, I've, you know, showed it on screen right here. Link tree is something like this where you can add multiple links in a website, and basically it just links to a website with all your accounts. You know, all your social media accounts, Facebook page, your website, a film, YouTube channel, whatever. And that way you can add way more things in there and just you buy it because of your by of course, only accepts one website. So in that way, if people click on it, they can, you know, see all your links and everything that you're about. As you can see here, the Red Bull example. No download the red will app. You can have a film. You can have an interview of Red Bull Street style. You know, they'll link to the clothing, discover the world of Red Bull, but calm. So they have all their links here. And that basically allows you to have way more reach with just one nick and the third tip that I could give this update your bio regularly. You know why you want to keep it consistent? Of course you don't want to update it. Every three weeks. But you do want to sort of keep it, you know, up to date, keep it trendy. And, you know, don't leave it like that for two years in a row. It you're gonna want to regularly update your buying. Let's say every few months, every six months, just have some new stuff, you know, up to your website, maybe update your ling's update. Whatever it is that you want to do. Of course, if you have the same opening and location and four number, of course, you can't really change it that much. But what you do want to be doing is just keep it fresh. You don't want to get it wanted to get stale. So, um, just have some new ideas and you considered response around with some ideas and see what you can come up with. And if your content created, for example, here, as I said as an example, you can always keep you in newest YouTube video as a clickable link. You're gonna want to be updating that, you know, if your YouTube people are gonna want to see what you're about. So if they click on a link and it's a video from six months ago. That's gonna be a problem. So you want to keep your keep it up to date. Keep up upcoming event, for example, if you're, um, event company and someone so just keep that in mind. Also change the brand hashtag. Of course, what you can do is keep consistent and, you know, maybe tamer times. But if there's some are or there's winter deals and so on, you can have a hash sticks like John Summer drinks and just make it current. You know, keep a trend. Do you want to stay in the loop? You don't want to, just it's tail. You don't want to keep it just like that forever. You do wanna, you know, stay up to date on the trends, and you can use that to promote current sales, promotions or whatever. So just great creative with that. There's a bunch of options you can do when it comes to Instagram bio, so just keep that in mind. But these are some of the basics that I recommend for sure 4. Posts to keep Engagement High: Now I'm going to be talking about what you should pull us in order to keep your audience engaged. Now when it comes to Instagram, of course, is a bunch of options. You can post photos videos as slideshow of up to 10 photos or in i g TV video. Now there's a bunch of content that could do well for business. Of course, it depends on what kind of business you are, but these were Some of the general idea is that businesses and in stream accounts for businesses generally do well. So what you can do is, for example, behind the scenes post people love to see behind the scenes. If your clothing company, for example, show your clothes, I mean, you know, go to the factory, take some photos, take some videos, see how it's stitch. See how it's done. There's really a bunch of things that you can do with behind the scenes, you know, if your youtuber filming a video, you know, making edgy TV video or making video on Israel and to say, Hey, guys filming a new video, How's it going? Whatever. So it is really a bunch of options that you can do when it comes to that, and behind the scenes are very, very popular because people like to see what goes on behind the real business. They don't want to just see that image. So it's definitely a good idea to do that. Um posted also do really well, you know, statistically our post that show volunteering, leading classes and just involvement in the community. You know, people like businesses. Sick care. If you're a coffee company, for example, you know you can show you how you can volunteer in certain events. So are you giving out food? You know how you're getting out for a coffee, how you're hosting events and so on. Just your involvement with other people and involvement with groups in your community is really what people like, and so you can show that, you know, like I said again, if your clothing company, you can show you how you are interacting with your customers in the store if you have a store, if it's all online, of course it's different. But maybe you have events coming up. There's really a bunch of options that you can dio but thes three that I've mentioned here are definitely most important. And of course, the 3rd 1 is action posts. But action posts, I mean, you know, things that are informative, like tutorials and structural videos device etcetera. So if you're a clothing company, you can, for example, do opposed on how to style for this summer. You know, if you have a shirt, you can show a an outfit that people can aware with your shirt and stuff like that if you are cooking YouTube or you can have instructional videos. So this is an example. For example, here, if you have a cooking YouTube channel, you can post progress of making a video, and it can show you handing out the food to a homeless shelter. You can post a graphic of your recipe for your newest video, and then you can post a nice TV video off your YouTube video and then, of course, at the Link and say, Click a link Empire full full video on YouTube. So this just involves all the examples that I said before here, and this is a very, very good example of how you run a successful Instagram channel, you know, and related to other content to your Instagram. And so it's a two year YouTube insulin, so you can really connect everything and just make a content farm almost off creating all of this interactive material. So, like I said before behind the scenes material posted, show you involvement in the community and volunteer and so on and action posts, you know, like to Torrance instruction videos. And, like I said here recipes. So this is a very good example of how you run a successful channel. Anek successful insert account for high engagement posts and posted the audience Lexus E. And also additionally, where you could do is post user generated content. So there's gonna be a bunch of content out there, especially the big grow, of course. And that relates to the point that I made before with the Hashtags so you can find content through hashtag campaigns, you know, encourage users to user hashtag in a certain post, and then you can repost people's post. Did they have? Let's say you bring on a new shirt and say, you know, posted with the hashtag our new shirt and then you can find post that people use that hashtag and repost him on your story or even on your posts. People like, you know, seeing that seeing you interact with your customers. It really shows how you care about your customers. It shows how other people are satisfied. Video product. You know, it's social proof. If there's a bunch of groups seeing how you can, how they're wearing, you're sure they're going to think, Oh, a bunch of people bought it. You know, I must buy it, too, so you might not think that works. But it really does, because people like to see other people also by nobody wants to buy something that nobody else wants. So it really shows how you can interact with your customers, And it really shows that people actually like your product. And so this is also a very good example here for user generated content and just also a very successful INSTAGRAM account. And it's Starbucks now. Of course, there are huge company, and they're gonna want to do it right. But it's just a very good example. You can go on your instagram right now and check out How are they doing that? They're really doing everything that I mentioned here. They have no pictures of the products. They have pictures of them interacting with people that pictures with them, doing events. I have pictures of their baristas in their store making the coffee they consistently have, you know, instagram stories and videos of them, you know, creating new drinks, making new recipes, you know, showing them how they're drinking their Starbucks coffee out in the sun during the summer or no drinking a nice hot chocolate inside when it's during the winter. So they have a very successful content strategy and deployment. And, you know, they have a bunch of things that I mentioned here. So it definitely check them out if you want to sort of emulate that and get an idea if you really don't know how to, you know, start off and how to get all that product. But that's very good product photos, you know, community engagement, user content, home recipes and so on. So check it out and, yeah, it's definitely a very good example. In a very good model to look after 5. Using Instagram Stories Like a Pro: So now I'm going to be talking about how you should use your instagram stories like a pro. Now, as I said before, if you have a business account, what you can do is have a swipe up to now. What I didn't mention earlier is what that Onley accounts with 10,000 and plus followers have this feature. So if you have 10,000 more followers, you will get the swipe up tool. If you don't, you won't get it yet, so don't be confused. If you open a business counting, you can see that option. It does require that many followers, but if you do have, it is a very great call to action. You know, you could have new products, you can have a sale, you can have sign up, you can have a newsletter and so on. It's just a very, very great and add on for your instagram business account because stories are actually one of the most interactive items on instagram. You know, people love to see stories and people love to see stories more than posts, so that's very, very important to get that going. As soon as you reach 10,000 followers now what is also great for follow engagement in instagram stories questions so pulled because you know, people straight through they see post. They see other things that people post. But what they like to do is get engaged. As soon as you have a poll people can't resist, they want to click it. They want to give their opinion and so on, so you can really have a bunch of different things. You can just check it out on INSTAGRAM their in laws options. You can have polls like, you know, do you like this? You can post a picture of if your clothing brand and post two pictures off two shirts. You could say, Which one do you like better left or right? You know when people like to get engaged there, If you have a Q and A go, you could just add a question. But I asked me a question. You know what? What? What's your go to summer drink? What game you want to see me play next. If you're like a YouTube gaming youtuber, there's really endless options you can choose on Instagram. You can check it out yourself when you make a story There's really a bunch of things that you can use to increase brand engagement, loyalty and awareness because as soon as they enter interact with it. As soon as they see it, they're going to interact with it. And when they do interact with that, they're going to see your name. They want to see who asked this question and so on. So it's definitely a great, great idea to grab your years attention If they're just, you know, flipping through stories and flipping through everybody's post and then they see a pole. It definitely always grabs the stories attention. So what can also do with stories? Eyes is story highlights. Now those are the little bubbles that you see. When you go on to a profile, you might see archived posts, and this is basically what it is it allows you to add. Are kept stories to your profile? A permanently. So even if you post a story, really, they disappear after 24 hours, but if you add them to a highlight, they will stay there just like Instagram Post. They will stay there forever, and you can put them into groups. So let's say or closing the rand again, you can have one archive. You can will have one store highlight off Season one look books, and you can just, you know, completely post your pictures. You're sure it's your pants, whatever is. And then you can post your season to look book. If you influence or you could do a trip to NYC, you could do trip to San Francisco trip to Europe, whatever it is. So having story highlights is definitely, definitely a great idea to also create not just sort of more engagement, but also when people go in your profile and they want to Seymour what you're about instead of just scrolling down through your entire feet of posts, highlights are a great way to sort of explain what you're about. So, like I said, if your clothing brand, it's very easy to just have highlights and then see all your look book all your posts, whatever, already products and so on your influence there you could. You travel influence here. They can see what you've done in the past year or whatever, so it's definitely a great, great add on that you can use in order to not just drive engagement, but also just describe who you are as an INSTAGRAM account 6. Instagram Live: so going live on Instagram engaging with your followers on in certain life is definitely definitely a useful tip to drive engagement, build brand awareness, build brand loyalty. So, first of all, and you know it has a little algorithm trick because being live and going live on the instagram puts you at the front of the line. It puts you at the front of stories. If you look at your list of stories at the top, when you open up your instagram, if people are alive, they're going to go all the way to the left and you're just gonna go right at the front. So going live often definitely puts it at the front of the stories. If your account is being pushed towards the end or in the middle, or gets lost somewhere in the stories of, you know, people that are falling, so going live every now and then definitely helps you get that awareness and remind people that you were there. And of course it helps with, you know, your Rachel role. And, of course, one of the most important things. If people have their notifications on, not for your account, but just in general it gives a notification to all of your followers so you don't have to be subscribed in terms of notification to year account, too. Get a notification. No matter. You know, if your ah have that on or not, you're going to send a notification to all your followers. So that's also in very, definitely useful feature because it, you know, not just puts you at the front of stories, but it also lets them know that you're alive right now. A lot of people might miss it if they didn't get the notification. So stuffing a very useful tip and, of course, going live. How does it use it for business? Well, there's a bunch of things you can do when you're on instagram. If you run a business, you can have a live Q and A. People can ask questions to your products to your business. Just about you. There's really endless options you can do. You can have a webinar you can have. So not just a CUNY, but let's say you're an influencer and you want to talk about a certain thing. Let's say how to travel for free. People can ask you how all these questions and how you, you know, financed your last trip. You can have an explanation, and you can have a casual chat with their followers. You're going to see what's up. There's really a bunch of different reasons you can go alive when Instagram also for your business. You know, people. I want to see a live behind the scenes Look, maybe you're at your office. You can show around your office. Maybe you're at the factory if you have a clothing company, for example, and you know you can't don't just want to take pictures and instagram stories, but you want to go live. You want to say, You know, show them all what's going on in real time. So there's definitely a bunch of different options you can do. And, of course what? You can also just collaborate with other accounts because you can join other people's lives and other people conjoined your life. So if there's other people that you know, or even if you don't know them, people conjoined your live, you can interact with them. You know their viewers are going to see you. Your viewers are going to see them is really just interacting with other people that can help you again. Build that brand, build more awareness and make more reach on what you want to alter. New If you want to go, have, you know, consistent Q and A's and Webinar is create a schedule. Of course, going live often is, you know, just kind of spontaneous and stuff like that. But if you do have a schedule and people enjoy your lives, you can definitely do that and create a Let's say, there's Q and A Sundays at 4 p.m. People are going to look forward to that. They're gonna think of questions. Maybe they want to ask you and so on. So it's definitely an awesome way to build that awareness and build that bond with your customers, your followers and so on. And so it really helps a business to customer relationship because you know, helps connect often, especially if you're not an influencer but more like an actual business. Let's a clear, then ran to something. It helps connect a faceless, nameless brand to really humans, and it gives, you know, the business of face so often, you know, people forget that there's actual people behind a business. It's not just a robot completing all their orders, so it really builds that human connection and it builds brand loyalty. So think about going live and there's really a bunch of different ways you can go live. It's definitely a useful idea. 7. Posting on IGTV: So one of the more recent additions to Instagram is, of course, I do TV. It's been around for a couple of years now, but ah, I Drew TV can be very, very useful, especially if you're a content creator on other platforms such as YouTube helps you post longer videos, and it really helps you. You know, just get that reach with all your followers when you want more than just a little instagram post or more than just a little, you know, photo, whatever it ISS, um, so it's going to hear the maximum is 15 minutes when you uploaded from the iPhone. But if you have it on your computer or your Web, you can upload up to 60 minutes so you can upload up to an hour content on instagram. Eso people really actually like using and started off kind of slow, but as you can see, I'm sure you've used it on your instagram profile as well. People tend to post almost like YouTube videos and stuff like that on there, and then if you want to see the full video, you can go on YouTube. So it's definitely not a bad idea to post videos in there as well, especially because it gives people a kind of insight into into it. When you post, it gives people a small preview as you consume your posts, and then when you want a much more, you can just go on I g TV and you can get that longer video. So what you want to do if you do one of post longer videos is grab the viewers attention right away because, um, it's not gonna, you know, show the best part is going to show the 1st 10 seconds and then asked them if they want to keep watching it and then you have to press, keep watching on I do TV. So get the viewers attention in the 1st 5 seconds, and then if they do keep watching, they're going to be there. So it's definitely a great idea to do that. Um, you know some of the business benefits for your business, of course, and allows you to post full videos, not just on any other channels bottle on instagram as well, especially if you're very instrument centric and has called her actions. You know, check out the full video on YouTube channel you can carry webinars educational content and so on. Whatever you post on relating to your business, there's just allows you to expand with, you know, Bill on a 15 2nd post on URA on your video on Israel's. So what it also does is your lives. It allows you to record and save your instrument live appearances to reviewed later on on HGTV. So let's see even our long Q and a session you can actually posted on there as well, if you want, because people might want to see that in the future. You know, it's definitely, definitely very interesting. So there's a bunch of different options you could do with HGTV. Um, you know, I suggest not posting when every day, because people are, you know, might get annoyed that you post along content on the every day, But, you know, post in there once we a couple times a week, whatever it is, depending on how people respond to it itself, a very good idea to post some kind of long form video on I Do TV 8. Influencer Marketing on Instagram: now, of course, I also briefly want to talk about influence of marketing on Instagram. I will be dropping a separate video completely on influence of marketing on Instagram and take talk on my channel. So make sure to follow my channel or just keep a lookout. With that, I do want to sort of touched on it briefly. Because, of course, influence of marketing on Instagram is one of the most, if not the most important thing in marketing and in digital marketing on social media right now. Because Instagram, it's still a stable in Syria is still the best place to do that. So ah, social media influence exist, of course, in every specific niche on Instagram, you know, whatever you can think of fishing, soccer, YouTube, fashion, beauty, whatever is, you can have specific targeting marketing with a riel people. You know, there is a follow reach and personal endorsement at the same time because let's say there's somebody with a 1,000,000 followers and they're, you know, a soccer player, and you wanna push a new soccer shoot soccer boot. Well, they're not just gonna advertise the two million people, they're gonna endorse it at the same time. So it's not just a billboard that standing there with no face behind it. You know, people are just going to see it, but it's also going to get endorsed by that soccer players. So people might think 1,000,000 people might see it and think, OK, it's not just being seen with me, but also this guy's using it that I should use it to. So since a marketing is definitely a huge tool you can use not just for yourself, but with other interim accounts. Of course, using that is a whole different idea. That's why I said, I'm gonna drop a different video. But influencer marketing is a huge thing on Israel, of course, and not to be underestimated. And the R I is actually $6.50 for every dollar spent on average, and the inference marketing industry is gonna hit 10 billion by 2020 and 15 billion by 2022 . So it's actually over 10 billion right now, as a statistic is from last November. But there's an estimated 500,000 influences on instagram right now and combined with I G as you can hack influence so you can not just push your product, but you can also push your account. So, like I said before, it is a bunch of different options that you can use that going live with other people were collaborating with them. But you can also use influence on marketing to push your own account. You know you can buy shout outs from other bigger influencers and so on through that, because it's just a very good way to grow your business and your can't so keep a look out for that and I will be talking about more than in the future. But for now, that will be it about influencer marketing on this room. 9. Using Ads to Drive Traffic, Leads & Sales : No. You can also use Instagram and to drive traffic leads and sales. So, like I said earlier, there's a bunch of different options you can use. You can advertise your pose through promoted posts, and you can use your stories. And it's definitely one of the most important areas to master for successful ads, our sales final strategy on his targeting tactics and add creative strategy. Now I've uploaded a few videos relating to Facebook, and answer comes there very similar, obviously, because Instagram is owned by Facebook and so you can run instagram as through the Facebook and manager if you're not aware of it. But recently, Facebook launched the Power five, which is a I. It's a machine learning algorithm that focuses on bid optimization and audience targeting, basically meaning that it does the work for U. S. O. For example, instead of picking one ad placement, you can select all possible and places across Facebook and Instagram, and then let Facebook Saleh ground calculate which one is the best. So basically you can let the face what did I do? The work for you? It will test which add works best. It will cut the budget on the other ads, and it will end up running on Lee. The ad placements, the delivering results at the right cost per action. So, like I touched on what the influence of marketing power five is a very, very complex topic Now. I broke it down pretty simply here, but that's basically the gist of it. Basically, it's elects what works and what doesn't. And then whatever does work, it will push for you automatically and spend more money on that. So you can see here. It's just here. Graphic auto invents matching with account simplification, campaign budget optimization, then automatic placements and dynamic adds the power five because you know five powerful mechanisms of creating very, very effective ads and Facebook ads. And of course, Instagram ads are extremely powerful, and the first step here is, you can see is basically correctly structuring your AG at account because you want to, you know, set it up in the right way to do that. And then you can create separate campaigns for each step of the process. You can do awareness, interest, consideration, evaluation, and then the second step is, of course, when add account is optimized, you can let pal if I do the audience targeting invaded strategy for you so you can focus on the ad creative. You know basically how it looks, which is very, very important for Instagram because that's all it basically is. Based on Instagram is all photos, videos and all creative. So you want to focus on that to have the most impactful graphics in order to grab the view's attention. And then, of course, you can let the I do the rest for you because specializing in ad creative to match your viewers point in the bias. Funnel is very key when it comes to power five, when it comes to Instagram ads and in this case, Facebook as well. So, yeah, it was definitely a bunch of different things you can do with that and just continue with the PA five. There's Instagram story adds Instagram stories, for example, have the lowest CPM and CPI C by placement in the Facebook ads, so story creatives can be up to 45 seconds or 15 seconds three times. As you know, there's Aiken. Three different buttons taken. Flip through. You composed three things each by 50 seconds. Someone told you can have a 45 2nd ad. You could have called actions in a swipe up function. And when you do run ads on its horrendous A very important you can have a swivel function and you don't need 10,000 followers. So ah, normally, if you post a story in your account, you do need 10,000 followers to post a swipe. But if it is a sponsored post, if it is a Facebook ad, an instagram at that you are running, it will do this swipe of function for you and you do not need 10,000 followers on your account, even though you get that function is just gonna run for you because basically, you're paying for it because it's an advertisement on. Of course, Instagram story, as what you're going to keep in mind is that organic looking content performs better because what you basically want to do is make it look like it was filmed by a friend, you know, to, um, professional ads might, you know, stand out too much because people are just gonna keep going, you know, just imagine you're going to five stories. You're going to see an ad just going to keep going. But if it looks very natural, if it looks like it's just another one of their friends that posted something they're not gonna have notice right away. That is just an advertisement, and it's gonna blend in with people's stories. And that actually does give better results than high product value because it takes viewers out of that story experience, you know. So if you do five clicks in a row, you see your friends running around. Whatever eating at restaurants Nelvis on you see in a completely orange screen with just a bottle on it that says, You know, on sale bite Now people just gonna get taken out of that experience and just see it right away and just keep swiping. But if you see concede on screen, if it's just a picture of somebody singing a restaurant and then in the bottom, it just says, you know, new restaurant opened Now, whatever swipe up to get the location, then it comes very natural, and it's very organic, so just give them the mind when creating story adds a swell. But yet like I said, this is a very, very complex topic and followed power five I could go on about hours about it, so I won't. Most like you. Take a state, you know, make another video just on power. Five Instagram ad optimization guide. Just a complete video on that. So also follow and stay tuned for that. 10. Utilizing DMs: And now, lastly, I just want to talk about using Facebook messenger bots for marketing and engagement. Now it just right away you might hear pots and thinking negative. But chatbots on Instagram and Facebook actually are very useful. It can be very powerful tool when it comes to brand awareness, engagement and just overall reach. And direct messaging for instagram is also very important. So first of all, let's talk about D. M's on instagram. And basically, according to statistics, 65% of people feel a greater loyalty to brands when they receive a personal response of a social media and basically, what you can do. For example, let's say somebody buys a T shirt from you, your clothing company, and they send you a message was just got my shirt. It looks great or whatever. You definitely want to respond to those kind of messages. If you have an de m from other customers, you don't want to just leave them open. There's honestly, at no point in you just leaving them there for you to just be delivered. You want to respond to your customers you want engage with them. You know people care if you care. So get their attention by, you know, answering them. You're thanking them for their for their purchase and so on. And teams are critical for not just new customers but also maintaining customer relationships. So, you know, people interact with them, even if they don't write you first. If you see somebody post anything related to it with a hashtag or whatever, thank them for the purchase. Thank them for their engagement with your company and so on. So Diem's can be very, very important when it comes to building that relationship with your customers. And, of course, we're going to use them for new customers. Of course, no money be spent spamming other people. But you know, if somebody is a biking influencer, for example, and you don't want to just hit them up for advertisers, you can also just, you know, engage with them, be like tried of product. They might actually give it a shot. So there's a bunch of different options you can do for D. M's. And direct messaging are definitely definitely undervalued. I don't see a lot of people using them, and I've had a bunch of people ask me how to correctly use them. Of course, there is a specific way that you want to go about, you know, messaging people first. You don't want to be spammy. And second, of course, you don't want to come off to fake just, you know, engage with the people and have a real conversation. Thank them for the purchase, whatever it is, but definitely definitely used him on Instagram. Direct messaging are definitely undervalued. And now, when it comes to Facebook, chat bots stare a little bit of, ah, different topic, but you can use them for a bunch of different things. You can use order updates, have sales promotions, often for updates and, of course, just like the other topics. When it comes to Facebook, they're very complex. So stay tuned form or in front that I might do a video on just Facebook messenger bunts, but other that you can also do additional research. I just wanted to note that because Facebook answer, I am always go hand in hand, and you can use them for instagram messaging as well, not just on Facebook, even though their Facebook chat bots, but just make you into your receipt. If you want to do that because, like I said, they're very different topic and we would be here for two more hours or to talk about Facebook chat bots. Um, but when it comes to direct messaging by yourself just by and it's also a very, very important thing that issues on. It's around because, like I said, it's critical for having not just new customers but maintaining that relationship, that loyalty. So, yeah, thank you very much for joining me today. I hope you learned a lot. Like I said, you can check out the menu on the right and just rewatch certain parts of the videos if they're, you know too fast after to complicate and so on. Any questions that comes down below my name has been John Valentine. You could drink much Allah from where Facebook, Dick Dog and all those kind of related digital marketing videos. Like I said, I will be bringing out more content on the weekly. I'll be pushing out almost one video week in the future, So stay tuned for that and thank you very much for joining me today and my husband, John mounting and have a good day. Thank you