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Using Instagram Reels to Sell Products | Instagram Marketing Guide

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Mastering Instagram Reels - Introduction

    • 2. Why use Instagram Reels?

    • 3. Montage New Products Launch

    • 4. Creating Teasers

    • 5. Behind the Scenes

    • 6. Handling Products

    • 7. Final Tips and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I break down the newest feature on Instagram, Reels. Reels are a short form video content feature similar to TikTok. Reels are dominating the organic algorithm of Instagram and are a huge opportunity for natural growth. In this class, I break down exactly how it works, how you use it and how you can fully utilize its functionality for maximum reach in order to market, show off and ultimately sell your products on Instagram.

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Mastering Instagram Reels - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine and today I'll be talking about how you can use Instagram reels in order to sell your products on Instagram. So I'll be talking about all these different topics. First, I'm going to be talking about why you should use wheels. I'm going to be talking about montages, teasers behind the scenes, handling of products, and then finally, the conclusion and some final thoughts. So basically I'll be going through all the different ways that you can use the new feature of insulin rails. And in order to attract more customers, grow your following and essentially sell your product. So if you feel free to just sort of sit back and relax and watch the whole video and go ahead and do that. You can also just skip around on the right side here to the different topics as they are listed. There'll be available and nicer and videos. But other than that, yet just sit back and enjoy this video and for free to put any questions in the discussion section below. Other than that, let's get started right away. 2. Why use Instagram Reels?: So first of all, let's talk about why you should use reals. Well, reals are the new feature on Instagram. They're basically their version of Tiktok and they allow for videos shorter than thirty-seconds. And the reason why you should reveal to us, because it's a new feature and it is a great opportunity. The organic growth on Instagram with Rails right now is amazing. As you know with Instagram or even with a lot of social media platforms, whenever they have a new feature, they try to push it as much as they can. So right when Instagram stories came out, their new shopping tags nowadays, and then they have the new shopping tabs we can go in and just shop on Instagram. They're sort of advanced explore function and so on. And so reels is also one of those new features that they have on Instagram. And of course, they push it as much as they can. If you generally use Instagram, you can see that they are reals just along your feet. Just sort of pop up from users that you've never even seen before and that you've not followed anything. They just are reels from the theme and sort of categories that you most engaged with and that you like. And they use some kind of algebra in order to determine that. So if you go in and sitting on right now and just scroll down on your main feed, you will just see a row of results come up and they basically represent what they think you like, and that's how it works. So you could use that to your advantage in order to push whatever it is you want to do it, your product, your brand, and so on. And of course you can, as I said, just sell specific products with that as well. By making real center appropriate, you know, relative to whatever subject matter that you're focused on. So Reels is a very good opportunity right now. The organic growth is amazing, so it's definitely a feature that you have to use and should definitely look into making part of your general content marketing. 3. Montage New Products Launch: So now let's talk about the various things that you can actually do with rewards or some more direct marketing examples of things you can cooperate into your result. So first of all, you can do a montage of new product launch. So let's say you bring out a new t-shirt. You can use that in order to show off to product. Of course, this is especially great for physical products because you can actually just use your phone and make these reels with the inner products in hand. And of course makes it very, very easy to create a lot of reasons in the mantissa sections. You can just really get creative and showing it off. Let's say you have a new t-shirt and is a beach theme t-shirt. You can just throw it on some sand, you can throw it on some white background and so on. You can use various backgrounds and themes in order to show off this new product is of course just very crude examples you have to sort of get creative on and that sends, but these are, there are various things you can actually do with creating these variables and creating a montage of a new product launch is just a very good example that you can use in order to show off your products and also be creative. And of course, the double feature in this is that you can not only use it for your Instagram Reels, but you can also use them on tiktok. So you can just upload the same thing that you upload on Instagram reels to your tiktok and so on. With these new features sort of becoming very equal, equivalent on all platforms, you know, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and now of course also Snapchat. You can just start uploading the same content on all these platforms, of course, perspective with how they are regarded to in terms of spam and so on. So of course, be careful to not make your social media to monotone and all aspects. But there are very good opportunity that you can use to make montages and then sort of maybe even differentiate them on the different platforms. But when it comes to Instagram Reels, the general idea of creating montages of your new product launch is a good idea to get started on some reals. 4. Creating Teasers: And now the next idea that you can have a four-year in certain reals is to create teasers. You can have small teasers of your products. And these are of course, applicable in all ways because they can get people's interest and make them one more. So what I mean, But Jesus is you can have small snippets of new products or existing products. You can have behind the scenes content with teasers in that aspect. Basically craving something that and makes the viewer want more. I want to see more of whatever it is that you're promoting, whether it is actually a product or service, or maybe even just you as an influencer or as a personal brand as well. Creating these teasers is a great idea to engage more with your audience and create some more interest and intrigue also for your followers and of course also for new people are coming in because as I said, it's real is a great opportunity to get new, actually new followers and new people interested in your content. So one of the things that you should keep in mind is creating content that also sort of appeals to people that don't know your brand and don't follow you. So when they are teasers, you can use that to your advantage in order to show off whatever it is products you're doing and so on to create that entry where people are like them. That seems interesting, Let's check out their actual account and see what's going on. What are they about? What is this? This looks very well done. This is a neat teaser. This looks cool, whatever it is. If it looks intriguing and not only grabs the attention of your already existing followers, but even more importantly, the people that are exposed to your product for the first time because this organic growth is, as I said, insane right now. So of course, this is a great way to attract all these people. So definitely a thing to think about when it comes to its reels. 5. Behind the Scenes: So the next great idea that is for inserting Rails is behind the scenes content. People love behind the scenes content, especially when it comes to bigger companies, but even just any kind of company behind the scenes content can be very fascinating and interesting to people who actually care about your brand and even to some people who are just sort of medium they invested. But basically it gives viewers and insight and to how you create and what you actually do. It creates interest and shows also the effort. Let's say you run an Etsy store that does handmade wedding cards or handmade wedding invitations. If you show the whole process of actually creating that invitation, I'm printing the paper or drawing your pictures, creating your digital designs, printing it out, sticking and gluing it together, whatever it is that you do when creating these invitations, or whatever product that you actually have. It really shows how much effort it actually goes into that. And people appreciate that and we'll appreciate them more or would they like, Wow, I didn't know it takes 40 minutes for you to create one invitation. And so you can really show that in the behind the scenes content, of course, shortened in 15-second bits, but that really generally still shows how much you actually put into it. And it also just a means of production. You know, maybe if it's not handmade wedding cards, maybe you have a online t-shirt business or you have a some kind of digital print business where you actually have t-shirts, pamphlets, posters, whatever it is that you do, then you maybe you can do a tour of the factory or you can do a 90 day in the office day in the life of your office, if you do you know if your, if your factory is not close to you or overseas or something like that, then maybe you can just show your day in the office, see how you come up with new designs, how you talk to your customers, how you talk to so-and-so people. Of course, this is shortened and a 15, 20, 30 second montage, or just sort of little bits, but you can easily do that if you get creative on also just show a little small bits of Europe behind the, behind the scenes seen on Day in the Life, day in the office, whatever it is that you do, it really shows interest and a builds a greater connection with your followers and your fans because people sort of get that personal touch when it comes to your product and your overall brand. So that's definitely a great thing to think about when, again, it comes to Instagram reels. 6. Handling Products: So the next thing would be the handling of products when it comes to Instagram Reels and creating some rails and similar to the behind the scenes look, this gives a personal touch and a kind of behind the scenes look. You know, if you are again making, let's say, personal invitations on Etsy, you can show the shipping process as well. You can see, and you can show people overlook, I packed up a 100 of these. Let's go to the post office together and then you show a 5 second clip of you walking to the post office. 5 second clip of you hanging them in. Before that you have a 10-second clip of you packing them up into envelopes and so on. So these are a great opportunity to, for you to also again show that behind the scenes look and you actual hadn't them to products. And not only does it show the actual shipment process and also your effort, but it also gives people a sense of security of how your products are actually handled. Let's say they didn't know that all your invitations or hand packed or something like that, they thought you just print them and ship them off by someone else. And, and if it's something else such as creating t-shirt designs, then maybe they didn't know that you personally create your design. And then even if you don't, then you can show your team meeting with people who create your designs. You can show your 10-second clip of you having a conference call with five-year designers or something like that. So it's just you can really get creative and all sorts of ways to show the handling of products. You can show your logistics behind it. You can show your actual team. You know, if you're in the office, of course, with COVID-19 and everything, that's probably limited. But if you do have a team and when things are back to normal, you do have your team. You can show your office, you know, you can just show the three salespeople sitting in the bullpen. You'd be like, these guys, do all the sales for our team and you can show up your workstation if you're the CEO, if you're the assistant, if you're whatever that you're doing, you can just show off everything and really get some more behind the scenes look and also again, handling of the products. And this creates a personal touch and that greater connection to the actual accompanies. So it's a great idea to think about when it comes to Instagram Reels and a definitely a great idea when it comes to content creation. 7. Final Tips and Conclusion: Now, the last thing that I just wanted to touch on and talk a little bit about, it's just getting creative. Now of course, this seems very general, very broad, and very easy to say. But when it comes to any kind of content marketing, getting creative as key, and also not being bound by some kind of perfectionism. A lot of the times, more content, even if it's not as good as you think it is, It's better than just having little content debts that you think is excellent because you never know what actually might work and what might not work. Because sometimes you think content is good and might do well, and it just doesn't do anything. And then sometimes you think, okay, this is just a quick video, this is just this. And then it actually explodes, goes file or even just it comes off really well. You never really know what might take off. So I think the general idea to keep in mind is that, you know, a 100 pieces of good content is better than 10 pieces of amazing great content to a, because the amazing great content probably takes way more time and effort on your part. And these are, you know, 10, 15 second videos. These are not full-time movies. Elvis shown on the sentiment is at 10, 15 second reels and little videos. Of course the, you know, the better they are, the better it is. But also don't be bound by this idea of perfectionism. And you know, high-quality and so on, of course, high-quality and a good idea to stand out. But sometimes it's better to land a 100 Good pieces of content than 10. Really great content. Because even if it's great and might not always line in the right-hand side, it might not do well. You might just get swallowed by the algorithms. Sometimes you posted the wrong time and it doesn't do well, like there's so many variables that come into that factor as well. The idea of just creating more content that's good enough, I would say is also good. So of course, to get the wrong idea that, you know, just want to throw out everything out there. But I just wanted to also just sort of touch on the fact that I think a lot of people just sometimes get, as I said, limited by just having to create this amazing content away. They think that might stand out. And then other people and you know, just have whip out their phone, tick up something recorded in the next minute. And that gets, you know, 500 thousand views because sometimes that's seems more authentic. What you also want to do, of course, is it's a social media platform. And even though your companies sometimes being more authentic and original and with these ideas can make you seem more relatable. And of course, this is better for people who, for you to connect with them. And so sometimes these extra high-quality, just very, I don't want to see disingenuous or fake videos, but these very sort of stage videos can sometimes just come off too corporately or even to businessy that just might not really work that well on the crowd, like social media, especially for younger people, because they can see through all that, of course sometimes and generally it works and it's good and it's good. But just this idea of creating originally good content as sometimes better than creating these high piece of content, especially if you're a small business, it's also way more efficient for you on a daily basis, just cost-wise and time-wise to pump out that kinda content. But yeah, just honestly think about see what works tests. As with every new feature on social media, you have to test, test, test, trial and error. See what works for you. See what doesn't. Maybe something surprises you. Maybe something doesn't. Because after a while it is social media and he never know what might work and what might not. So just creative and get creative in that sense. I hope you've really enjoyed these sort of ideas. And I just want to sort of go into my conclusion of final thoughts here, but that's basically it. So I really hope you enjoyed this video and learned a lot. And if you have any questions, just put them in a discussion section down below. If you want to just re-watch any part of the video, feel free to jump around. On the side here there's a bunch of different topics. But if you're also not satisfied with the John Valentine content, make sure to check out my channel. I have a bunch of videos around digital marketing and all factors. When it comes to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, whatever it is, Twitch, I will be talking about all of it. I have already a bunch of videos and all kinds of topics, Facebook ads and so on, all things digital marketing. And for the year of 2021, I'm actually putting out one video a week. So make sure to follow the channel. I'll be talking about everything new that's coming out, new features, new things, clubhouse and everything. I have a clubhouse video coming up next week if you're interested in any of that. So make sure to follow and also check on the YouTube channel, Of course, John Valentine. But yeah, that's pretty much all here for you. All my digital marketing content for you. But yeah, I hope you learned a lot and hope you enjoyed your say. Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one. Goodbye.